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 Chapter 840: God Killer Chest Plate

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"Urgh...what is that?" Calina placed down her goblet and leaned forward, revealing her deeper-than-any-canyon cleavage.

"Ah hah!" She squeaked. "It's the warrior from back then! I remember you now! Did you come to join me? Perhaps I would permit you. Only if you can reach me!"

Calina's had only managed to detect Zhang Yang when he was 100 meters away from her. Her level range was not too far from Zhang Yang, hence her aggro range had been reduced, unlike Kenzack or Regalia where their Level gaps were too far apart, causing their aggro range to extend as far 300 meters.

The demonic elf picked up her goblet and took a sip. A small trail of wine dribbled down to her chest and slid down seductively into the creeks of her chest plate. Zhang Yang could not help but stare and trace the tiny droplet with his eyes, failing to notice that Calina was preparing a spell. A cloud of black smoke formed around her hands and solidifies into a long arrow, which she sent hurtling at Zhang Yang.

The arrow whistled through the air and struck Zhang Yang within a microsecond.



Zhang Yang had taken the exact amount of damage to empty his HP bar which incidentally, killed him.

The [Book of Revelation's] revival effect instantly kicked in and revived Zhang Yang with a full HP. Without stopping, Zhang Yang kicked the ground hard and launched himself straight towards Calina.

"Hmph? That's odd. I could have sworn that I kill you. I don't miss. Oh well. There's always a first for everything!" Calina flicked her fingers once more and immediately fired another arrow.

This time, Zhang Yang was ready. The moment Calina's fair little fingers snapped, Zhang Yang activated {Shield Wall}.

The arrow hits Zhang Yang and still deals the same exact amount of damage to kill Zhang Yang, without fail. Zhang Yang frowned. That skill should be an attack that ignored 100% defense and could even pierce through invulnerability effects. It's a skill that will kill off anyone with a single strike. Talk about being broken AF.

Then again, no developers will give such a skill to a boss without proper reason. It must be a skill that is linked to the quest. Due to the plot armor in play, it would be understandable if Calina turns Zhang Yang into a beast.

Zhang Yang crossed his arms in his spirit form and frowned furiously. After cracking his head to think of a plan, he revived himself at the nearest graveyard and returned to Calina for another go. Due to the vast distance between the wooden palace and the graveyard, Zhang Yang had taken up to 5 days to return to Calina. He knew at then that he had to finish the quest as quickly as he could. If he dies repeatedly, he would have spent more than freaking month just to kill Calina! That was even after he has confirmed Calina's exact location, and is able to fly to the top of her palace to reach her directly with the Phoenix.

This time, he had figured out a plan. No wonder the accomplishment of the first quest had given him the skill {Shadow Clone}. It must be for this reason! This was also why a strong boss like Calina did not use her powerful AoE skills when she is fighting Zhang Yang. It must be for the quest! The quest had limited her to only one skill, and that is the point and kill magic arrow!

Zhang Yang returned to the palace and confronted Calina for the second time.

"Little soldier boy. I'm afraid you're far too weak to be here. Leave now. I'm busy enjoying this wine."

Zhang Yang charged forward and when Calina flicked her finger to cast the arrow, Zhang Yang dodged the first arrow by activating the {Shadow Clone}. A total of 11 Zhang Yangs went running towards her.

"HAH! Interesting! Come! Conjure as many of you can, I shall smite you down either way!"




One of the clones turned into a puff of cloud.

"Trickly little mouse!" Calina smiled from ear to ear and fired another arrow.



"A game of chance eh? I like it!" Calina randomly pointed her finger at a random target and fired off an arrow that struck the real Zhang Yang.

Instant death.

"Blast it! What luck!" cried Zhang Yang as he revived at the graveyard for the second time. Along the way back to the palace. Zhang Yang spent his time calculating his chances. Based on the boss' attack pattern, the rate of fire, and the speed at which he ran, Zhang Yang would have to be extremely lucky, 10 times in a row in order to be the last standing 'Zhang Yang' to be in range of Calina to use the device. The chances of him succeeding the quest was less than 10%!

"O. Goddess of luck. Please have mercy on me!"

Since {Shadow Clone} had a long 2 hour cooldown duration, Zhang Yang had tried other methods like using {Shadow of the Void}, and {Burrow} to get close to Calina. Somehow, she could even detect him from within the Netherworld and kill him easily with a single blast. {Burrow} was more unsightly. She would laugh and blast the arrow deep into the earth and instantly determine his grave there and then.

It then was made obvious that the developers was testing a person's luck! The only way to defeat Calina was by using the {Shadow Clone} or by bringing in a large army to raid her as a boss. That would not be very efficient. In fact, both methods weren't.

To save time, Zhang Yang had chosen to use the [Book of Revelation] skill's strengthening slot on {Shadow Clone}. Even though the duration of the cooldown was reduced down to only 90 minutes, 30 minutes was plenty enough. Think of it this way, if he fails again and again, the total time wasted would not be as long as not having the skill cooldown shortened.

After being killed, again and again, Zhang Yang suddenly felt the need to wash his feet and visit the nearest shrine to beseech the gods for good luck. He had failed 8 times in a row and his best record was having survived until the seventh clone.

"Aiii! Noobie tank! Where in tarnation are you!?

Every now and then, the little girl would call him and ask about his whereabout. Before he had left the party, he had failed to inform about his quest. After giving her a vague answer every time she nudged him, the little girl had finally left him alone after being bored of his answers.

Again! Die...

Again! Die...

Again! Die...

@#%@$%^#@ AGAIN! @%[email protected]%^#$ DIE!


Zhang Yang had gone mad. He had lost count to how many times he had died to return to try again! In the end, Zhang Yang felt numb. He had lost his mood to even smile when Felice tried to comfort her master.

Three days later...

"Noobie tank! Guess what?" Wei Yan Er shouted at Zhang Yang.


"We found a piece of the staff thing!"

"About bloody d*mn time!"

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Erhm...well. I mean it's time to contact the other guild masters to discuss the next step. Everyone has a piece and cannot proceed with the quest, or the boss, if they do not work together."

"About that. Uncle Hundred had already contacted them and they are discussing it right now! So, when are you coming back?"

"I'm not sure myself. But if you guys have combined all the pieces together. I'll come back to fight the boss, regardless."

Zhang Yang ended the call there and focused on the fight with Calina. For the past three days, he had been using the {God of War Transformation} to gain its speed boost to shorten the time taken to reach to Calina's side. However, the palace itself seems to have placed a speed cap limit on which a player could move. Sadly, even with his radiant wings, Zhang Yang's movement speed would be the same as it is when he is normal.

Zhang Yang then left his Transformation be and put it aside.

At then, after failing the Transformation attempt, Zhang Yang went back to his usual attempt.

{Shadow Clone}!



Pew! Poof!






Pew Pew Pew!


When the eighth clone was killed, Zhang Yang felt a chill down his spine. Could it be, that he might win this round?!



There goes the ninth one and Zhang Yang was only 15 meters away from Calina! With one last strike, Zhang Yang will win!

There were only two Zhang Yangs left on the field and the boss lifted her fingers to take aim.

At that moment, time seems to slow down for Zhang Yang and he could feel his guts tightening up, surprised that he was not vomiting.






Heck yeah! Zhang Yang cheered in his heart and sprinted as fast as he could with the quest item in his hands directed at Calina.

10 meters...5 meters...3 meters...!


The small like pendant flung opened and unleashed a powerful bright light that surrounds Calina and engulfed her in a cocoon.

"What is this!"

Calina tried to struggle free from the light. She spread her wings and randomly flew around the room to get rid of the light that surrounded her. She struggled on and on but eventually, the blinding light was all too powerful for her to get rid off. She crashed landed on the wooden floor and writhed in pain. She clutched her head with her hands and began to scream in pain.

Image of her past memories when she was still an elf was projected in front of her eyes. Zhang Yang could see the images around of her when she had a fair skin and radiant complexion, laughing and cheering with her companions.

Zhang Yang finally relaxed and fell to his knees. Calina's struggling stopped, yet she was still writhing in pain, just not as loud as the beginning. Her internal struggles continued on for a least 10 minutes before she finally came to. Her demonized features were gone and her calm, kind, and gentle appearance returned to her.

"I...I....what have I done!" Calina cried and Zhang Yang went to comfort her. When Zhang Yang came to her, she immediately cast a magic spell that clad her back in a tight hunter's outfit. Decent yet sexy.

"It's fine now." Said Zhang Yang.

"I...I was betrayed! You have to understand! I didn't have control over my rage and when the Demon King took over my soul, he only made the rage burn even more violently. He made me a demon!"

"No. You're not a demon. That's why I had faith that I can rescue you."

"I...I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for restoring me. I am finally back!"

Calina got back to her feet and wiped away her tears. "I swear. In the name of a Hunter, I will kill all the Demons until the Demon King himself is slain!"

Zhang Yang checked her status and saw a change to her properties.

[Calina, The Reborn Wind Ranger] (Celestial, Half Elf - Half Demon)

Level: ???

Note: The soul of Calina, the true Wind Ranger has returned, stronger than ever!

Nothing was showed. Not even her level! Just how powerful is she now?

Calina's name tag was now a green name NPC. She walked slowly towards Zhang Yang and took his hands, and cupped it against her chest.

"I, Calina will forever be in your debt, young warrior."

"Don't mention it."

"Theirs is still some demonic blood within me. I must go back to the Pool of Life to purify myself in order to become a true elf. Warrior. I will rest in Athuran, the Sacred Land of the Elves. Normally, no humans are allowed to set foot on the land. But I'll make sure that you will be treated as our honored guest. Please visit me when you have the time."

The beautiful Celestial tier boss spread her half-angelic, half demon wings and shot into the sky, breaking the wooden palace ceiling and disappearing into the bright horizon.

"Well...d*mn." Zhang Yang sulked. It's not like he could not enter Athuran without invitation. That sort of reward was not the reward he wanted. Might as well give him her weapon or some Celestial tier equipment as a reward!

Zhang Yang sighed heavily and returned to the Holy City. After that, he traveled all the way to a Territory and beamed back to White Jade Castle to talk to Felon.

"Good job, young warrior!" The old wizard praised Zhang Yang. "Calina is finally back to our side! You have done well! Not only have the Demons lost one of their great Generals, we have gained one powerful ally! This might turn the tables around!"

'Ding! You have completed the quest: Quell Thy Rage. Obtained 2,000,000,000 Experience Points!'

"Here. Take this. I found it when I was cleaning my old armor collection. I have no use for this." Felon gave Zhang Yang a radiant chest plate to Zhang Yang.

Nonchalantly, Zhang Yang took the chest plate and inspected it.


[God Killer Chest Plate] (Celestial, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +2560

Vitality: +102919

Strength: +13249

Dexterity: +5468

{Level 8 Socket 1}

{Level 8 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 205,830

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 15%

Equip: Absorbs 5,835 damage on attack.

Equip: Grant a chance to invoke the power of the Death God. Chance to inflict 1,000,000 Chaos Damage to a target that attacks you.

Class Requirement: Guardian

Level Requirement: 250

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 30 Levels.

A third set equipment! What a wonderful and worthwhile reward! No wonder Calina had nothing to give him when he managed to restore her "sanity".

All in all, the chest plate's properties were powerful in terms of defense. It had increased Zhang Yang maximum HP by a total of 1,000,000! Paired with the {Vitality Aura}, he had gained a total of 1,400,000 HP! Hence, with the third Celestial tier equipment in hand, Zhang Yang's maximum HP was now 6,271,790!