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 Chapter 822: Void Dweller, the Crosser

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The two Phoenix pets opened their mouth wide at the same instant. They began to spit their blazing flames 15 meters across the area in different directions.





Each of the monsters received over 300,000 damage. The damage values popped out right on top of the monsters that were packed together. Under the bombardment of the flames, all the Normal Tier monsters were killed instantly. The Elite Tier monsters remained because they were tougher.

Zhang Yang and Fatty Han stood on top of the castle wall. By blocking a part of the Phoenix pets' sight view, they were able to keep the two Phoenixes to the task of sweeping the monsters on the ground. The gigantic birds spat their flames in an attempt to pull as much aggro as they could in hope to reduce as much stress as they could for the other players.

Although Tanks could allow players to have a Shared HP while everyone was on board of them, however, one Model 4 Tank could only stack up to a Maximum HP of 50,000,000 even though Lone Desert Smoke was known to be one of the top-notch guilds. Well, having 100 monsters attack one Tank at the same instant would deal 10,000,000 damage to the Tank in an instant. Under that circumstance, 5 rounds of attacks from the combined attacks of 100 monsters would be enough to blow the Tank to kingdom come!

Therefore, it was utterly necessary to let the Phoenix pets to get the aggro from the first wave of the monsters.

Of course, Tanks were not useless in the first place. The Tank would be able to provide a decent AoE firepower when 40 players on board could activate their AoE Skills at the same instant! Furthermore, each Tank would be assigned to 10 Healers on board. Even if the Tank was destroyed, the players on board would still be alive at least.

Well, the captain of the Tank would only need to take the broken Tank back to the city for repair. That process would only take a few minutes before the Tank could be brought back into the battle.

--- That was just the way the Lone Desert Smoke would do it. Zhang Yang had no idea how the other guilds would play at it.

Even though the two Phoenixes had lured away the aggro of a lot of monsters, but the number of monsters in the vicinity was just too great for them to handle. Countless monsters had swarmed the Tanks at the moment.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The players on board of the Tanks did not hesitate to use their AoE Skills at the monsters. Countless fire missiles and fireballs were being thrown at the monster horde.

The Normal Tier monsters only had approximately 300,000 HP on each of them. Under the showering of the players' AoE attacks, they were like pitiful beings dying upon a single touch from any of the attacks! On the other hands, the players were utilizing the feature of the Tanks. Taking advantage of the Shared Life feature of the Tanks, the players managed to get enough HP to tank against the monster horde's unified attacks for a couple of rounds.

While the Tanks had gotten the aggro of the monster horde, the remaining players standing by at the rear charged into the battlefield and launched their fiercest attacks at the monster army.

Even if the players were just Level 80, Level 50 or even Level 30, they did not falter when it was time to charge forward. Although they could not really provide much damage power to the monsters, they were able to block the monsters for a brief moment. Well, that was because the fall of the main city would 'bestow' everyone from the same Region a penalty that no one could afford to receive. Everyone's interest would be at risk. So naturally, everyone would be willing to get together and risk their lives in defending the main city to prevent that from happening. Only the top Tier players had managed to stay alive till the very end so that they could contribute as much as they could during the battle. Well, that was the key to the final victory after all. The unity had cast aside the pride and prejudice of all players on the battlefield. Everyone learned to work together with each another for that moment.

The impact of having Tanks on the battlefield was obvious in a large-scale battle. The monsters could not even lay a finger on the Tanks before they were blown into bits and died by the bombardment of the players' AoE attacks.

Meanwhile, the Tanks had been categorized into several levels, remember? For instance, a Model 1 Tank could only carry 10 players. So, the Tank itself could at most, have a total of 10,000,000 HP. It could be easily destroyed by the monster horde. The 10 players that got thrown out of the Tank upon its destruction would look pathetic and sad.

Well, that should obviously show the theory of 'Every extra penny deserves its value'. The Model 4 Tanks would not be destroyed so easily. They would be much tougher than the other Models.

Under the support of the Tanks, the morale of the players was soaring to the skies. They were harvesting the lives of the monsters without any sense of mercy. They were currently the 'masters' of the battlefield. Although the fact that they could not run back to their dead bodies was a disadvantage that could not be ignored, at least they could just run back into the main city to get their Tanks fixed once the Tanks are destroyed. Well, that was one privilege that one could not enjoy on the attacking side of this battle.

Therefore, everyone knew that defending would be much easier than attacking. If they could not even defend the castle against the monsters, they shouldn't even think about taking back the lost territories!

Meanwhile, these demonic monsters were merely the first wave of the demon's assault army. They should naturally be the weakest and lowest Tier of the demon realm. The most troublesome part about them would be their ranged attacks. If the monsters united their ranged attacks on one target, they could instantly take out their target without ease! However, the Tanks and two Phoenix pets had succeeded in getting most of their aggro over. Because of that, the death count on the players had been minimized.

Well, the number of players were not lesser than the number of monsters. Their Attack power was not weak as well. Therefore, as the battle dragged on, the Normal Tier monsters were wiped out clean, leaving only the tens of thousands of Elite Tier demonic monsters behind.

These Elite Tier monsters were able to survive for so long because they were harder to deal with. Furthermore, each of them had over 100,000,000 HP! So it would take quite some time to take them out.

However, these Elite Tier monsters were only Level 200 monsters. As long as players are at least Level 170, they would not be restricted by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game while taking on those monsters. They would be able to deal 100% damage to the monsters. Furthermore, there were only approximately 10,000 of them left on the battlefield. Mathematically speaking, to instantly kill these monsters, only a few hundreds of players needed to focus their attacks on one monster at the same time. With the number of players in the vicinity, they could wipe out the remaining monsters by repeating what they did for a few dozen times.

If those monsters were smart enough to think, they could have pushed forward by bundling up together before pushing forward towards the city walls. Although they could not change the fact that they were losing, at least they could still increase the casualties on the players' side. Killing one would be good, killing two would be a 'profit'!

Unfortunately for them, monsters would remain monsters. They were slaughtered up by the players big time. The monsters were divided and conquered easily by the players by the end of the battle. The players did not lose much before they wiped out the monster horde entirely.

Because the two Phoenix pets were there to reduce the casualties over the north castle, the players at the north castle managed to wipe out the demonic monsters in the shortest time. The moment they came out from their battle mode, the Priests and the Knights began to act. They tried their very best to save as many dead players from their deaths as possible. By doing so, they could maintain the number of players on the battlefield for the battles yet to come.

There were a total of 200,000,000 players in the China Region itself. However, players would have to reach at least Level 170 before they could become useful in such battles. Well, the number of players who attained at least Level 170 were only approximately 70,000,000. However, it was believed that the more powerful monsters would only be spawned later in the battles. When Level 210 monsters begin to appear, those Level 170 players would become useless in the battle!

Meanwhile, when Level 220 monsters begin to spawn, the Level 180 players would become useless.

As the battle progresses on, the effective battle power would become weaker and weaker. Therefore, the players must reserve their best fighters until the crucial moment. Well, {Resurrection} had a 50minute cooldown after it has been used. Meanwhile, that Skill could not be used when the user was engaged in his or her Battle Mode. So if they don't do it now, they would have to save more players in the next round.

A few minutes later, the East Gate, West Gate, and South Gate had also brought good news saying that they had wiped out the monster forces. However, 8 minutes later, the second wave of the monster forces had already come.

'Ding! The second wave of the Demonic Army's invasion has begun!'

Upon seeing the system notification, countless Void Dwellers were revealing themselves on the horizon. They were coming strong at the main city like a blue ocean's tide. Just like the normal monsters, these Demon Dwellers were categorized into Normal Tier and Elite Tier. The size of those Elite Tier demons was twice the size of those Normal Tier demons. Well, the Elite Tier demons also had two golded ring around each of their limbs.

[Void Dweller] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 205

HP: 263,850

Defence: 8,080

Melee Attack: 54,447 - 64,447


[Tormenting Torture]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the targets.

Meanwhile, the Elite Tier Void Dwellers had a different name. They were called Void Crosser. Not only they had an extremely high amount of HP and Attack, they also had one additional Skill with them.

[Void Dweller, the Crosser] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 205

HP: 102,500,000

Defence: 12,650

Melee Attack: 92,295 - 132,295


[Tormenting Torture]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the targets.

[Void Cross]: Tear open the dimension of the void. The demon can appear anywhere within the area of 30-meter radius from where the demon vanished.

Although these Elite Tier Void Dwellers were 5 levels higher than the Normal Tier demons, they could not really deal much of a threat to the players. However, because of that 5-level difference, there were at least 5,000,000 players got affected by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Well, that had really bombed the players with a significant disadvantage in this battle!

The Void Dwellers had no legs. They were just floating about like helium balloons, half a foot from the ground. However, they could really float fast. They floated towards the castle as if there was no gravity on them at all! Well, because none of them had any mouth on their heads, the only sound they made was the 'shoof' sound made when they were moving at a high pace.

"Kill them all!"

The players by the outside of the castle were burning with murderous intent. They were hyped over the battle that was coming at them. One after another they let out their battle cries. Some of the captains of the Tanks were very excited to the point that they began to move the Tanks forward. So the second wave of invasion had begun!

"What kind of stingy system is this? They didn't even spawn a boss out yet!?" Fatty Han pouted and said.

Zhang Yang could not help to laugh. Then he said, "Well, maybe some bosses have been spawned by the other gates of the castle!"

"No, there's no sign of any boss at any of the gates just yet!" Hundred Shots shook his head and said, "I've asked around. There's no sign of any bosses at the other 3 gates!"

"So our efforts had been wasted! Pui!" Wei Yan Er was infuriated. Then she patted her Crimson Red Crow and charged down into the monster horde.

"If you think that our efforts had been wasted, then why are you still putting so much effort now?" Han Ying Xue was worried that the little brat would get herself into trouble again. So she followed the little brat into battle.

"Hehe! Well, I'm bored! So might as well do something then!"

"Let's charge together then!"

Zhang Yang hopped onto his Phoenix pet as well. Even though these Void Dwellers had higher levels, they were just a bunch of Melee-type monsters. There was no need for those who had a Flying Mount to worry that these monsters would swarm up to them. Players could just put a little distance between them and the monsters. The monsters would not have any chance to touch them, that way.

However, players with lower levels would eventually become food for powder. After all, they could only deal 1 damage to the monsters. However, the monsters could deal a tremendous amount of damage to them because of the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Well, it might be possible that the monsters could instantly kill the players!

Under the noisy sound made by the engines of the Tanks, the fierce battle raged on. Countless spells were shot across the sky and landed on the monster horde. The scene was gory and spectacular at the same time.

Well, the Normal Tier Void Dwellers would just be food for powder as well. Players with better equipment could have taken them out in a matter of seconds! However, the Elite Tier Void Dwellers, the Crossers, were a lot more powerful than those Normal Tier Void Dwellers. They were fearless in the face of getting surrounded by players because they could shift around freely. Meanwhile, these monsters were quite special. They were actually the rare monsters that were not affected by the aggro system of the game. They were called the random-aggro type monsters. Well, their objectives were obvious. They were aiming their attacks at the NPCs on the castle wall.

Using their {Void Cross} from time to time, players had nothing on them that could stop these Elite Tier Void Dwellers from pushing forward. It did not take long for the Elite Tier monsters to reach the castle walls of the castle. Then, these monsters began to launch their attacks at the NPCs on the walls.

These NPCs on the walls were not like the players. Their attack range could reach up to 100 meters. In other words, they could perform a long ranged sniping attack. Their Attack power was extremely strong and deadly. However, their weakness were glaring as well. Their Defence was extremely weak and their HP amount was extremely low. The Elite Tier Void Dwellers were able to slaughter them up without taking much of their time.

Zhang Yang frowned and said, "Quickly! Get rid of these Elite Tier monsters first! If we are going to encounter some long ranged monsters later on, we'll be doomed!"

Well, because the players took the initiative to launch their attacks on the monsters in the first wave of invasion, they were able to block the monster horde far away from the castle walls. So the NPCs on the walls had not had their chance to show off their usefulness. However, Zhang Yang believed that those NPCs must not be underestimated. Their long range attacks would definitely be very useful in the late battle. So, he cannot afford to let the NPCs die here now!