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 Chapter 807: The Spectre's Heart

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"So, what's next?"

Baa'ljilr did not answer Zhang Yang immediately. He gave Zhang Yang a quick glance before he slowly said, "The Spectre's Heart of 'Evil Necromancer Cheryl'!"

He was obviously worried that Zhang Yang might ask for the reason as to why creating a sacred enchantment would require an evil and tainted Spectre's Heart. However, as a player, one should just dedicate oneself to completing a quest that NPC provides in order to get the rewards for completing it. That's the natural order in the game. So Zhang Yang had no reason to ask much of it!

Therefore, Baa'ljilr's worry was for nothing. Zhang Yang nodded and said, "So where's Cheryl?"

Baa'ljilr was relieved as he let out a heavy breath. Then he said, "Cheryl is located at the far side of the Wens'g Kingdom. She's known to live in The Dark Castle somewhere in that Kingdom. Take her out and bring her Spectre's Heart back to me!"

'Ding! Baa'ljilr the Imposter had given you a quest: The Spectre's Heart. Do you accept?'


[The Spectre's Heart] (Difficulty: Rank-A)

Description: Baa'ljilr wants you to acquire The Spectre's Heart in order to progress with setting up his Sacred Enchantment. You can find the Evil Necromancer Cheryl in The Dark Castle located by the southeast side of the Wens'g Kingdom. Young man, you better bring along a bunch of friends for this. Cheryl is not an easy foe to take on.

Completion: Acquire The Spectre's Heart 0/1

The Wens'g Kingdom is a Level 210-240 map. It's located quite far away from Kanjar. Zhang Yang had to use a Teleportation Scroll to get back to the Holy City. Then he summoned Phoenix pet out and headed straight towards his destination.

The difficulty of the quest was Rank-A. It seemed that Cheryl would probably be a Holy Tier boss. Furthermore, Zhang Yang still had his {God of War Transformation} ready at hand. So, it would be possible for him to take out the boss all by himself. Also, he could still use his [Party Summon Order] if things do not go the way he expects it to be. He could still summon Sun Xin Yu and the rest of his gang over to support him in battle.

Along the way to his destination, after flying across the sky for over 7 to 8 hours, Zhang Yang finally entered the Wens'g Kingdom. He spent another 2 hours venturing further towards the southeast of the map. Finally, he could see 'The Dark Castle' right on top of his small map. At the same time, Zhang Yang could see a magnificent ancient castle in front, not far from him. The appearance of the castle seemed anciently vicissitude. Zhang Yang could not help to feel a sense of misfortune and dread creeping through his spine.

Well, there were also dark clouds shrouded over the castle. The gloomy and creepy sense of the atmosphere had completely destroyed the magnificence of the castle. The appearance of the castle was currently ghastly.

Zhang Yang flew straight into the castle. Because the interior of the castle was an indoor environment, he could only leap down from the back of his mount and venture deeper into the castle on foot.

"Living human! It's your doom for trespassing into this land!" an insidious voice was heard across the hall. Two beams were shot right at Zhang Yang without any warning. The beams turned into two dark skulls and flew towards Zhang Yang at high speed.



Two damage values popped right on top of Zhang Yang's head almost at the same time. Right after that, Zhang Yang noticed that two monsters wearing dark wizard robes suddenly appeared right in front of him. Their hands were the only body parts that were exposed. They were so dry and skinny that they looked like the claws of a chicken.

[Shadow Wizard] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 230

HP: 115,000,000

Defence: 14,270

Magic Attack: 66,112 - 86,112


[Shadow Bomb]: Causes 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to the target. Chanting: 2 seconds.

Note: Shadow Wizards are the loyal servants to Evil Necromancer Cheryl. Their strength is so powerful that even the expedition forces of the Wens'g Kingdom could not do anything to cleanse The Dark Castle from the corruption of the Evil Necromancer Cheryl. So far, none of the expedition forces have managed to return alive.

F*cking Magic type monsters!

As a Guardian warrior, Zhang Yang had hated these Magic Type monsters the most. They always rendered his Defense useless. Zhang Yang let out a clear roar and charged forward at high speed. Upon reaching the effective range of his {Charge}, he immediately activated it and dashed forward like a piercing arrow towards one of the wizard monsters.

Upon stunning the monster he clashed into, Zhang Yang swung his axe and acquired enough Rage Points. Immediately, he turned towards another wizard monster beside him and activated his {Crash Magic}. The chanting of the monster was interrupted immediately.

Truth be told, even though the Attack power of the monsters were not weak, Felice could easily heal up Zhang Yang, maintaining his HP bar at its maximum level. However, Zhang Yang had gotten used to playing safe. He would use the methods that could minimize his damage received in order to win the battle. So he could not help himself but try limiting the damage output of the monsters.

With his current Attack power, it would not take long before he could slay the two monsters. So after a brief moment, he managed to empty out the HP bars of the two monsters. By doing so, the two monsters instantly turned into a pile of bones, clattering down to the ground.

The entire castle was filled with similar types of monsters. Zhang Yang could not afford to lure too many of these monsters at the same time. After all, the damage that these monsters could deal to him was a little too painful for him to take them all on. Once the number of monsters become too many for him to handle, he would be in deep sh*t.

With no intention of wasting so much time on the monsters, Zhang Yang activated his {Burrow} and {Shadow of the Void} in order to go deeper into the castle without having the need to fight the monsters. However, he still had to battle some of them though. So he slew quite a number of monsters as well as he was making his way deeper into the castle. 4 hours later, he had finally arrived at the deepest area of the castle.

There was a gigantic pool in the area. 12 spectral maids were standing respectfully on the edge of the pool. They were holding jade plates on top of their hands. Right on top of each plate, there was delicious food such as fresh fruit and fine wine. Meanwhile, right in the middle of the pool, a beautiful lady with a long hair was enjoying a swim. From time to time, she would swim to the side of the pool. A maid would get near so that she could pass the food to the lady in the pool.

Well, it seemed that the lady knew how to enjoy her life!

Zhang Yang thought to himself that he could really learn from this lady. He could let Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue serve him like how these maids were serving the lady as well. However, if he ever voices out his current opinion, Sun Xin Yu and Han Yin g Xue would not be the ones serving him by the side of the pool. He would become the one who would serve the two ladies while they are enjoying life in the pool! Furthermore, he would also need to serve that little brat who loved to join in for any occasion!

That kept Zhang Yang thinking. Should he build a pool at his company? Well, watching 6 beautiful secretaries wearing bikinis, while competing against each other to see who would appear prettier would definitely be an enjoyable sight for any man!

Zhang Yang was having some lustful thoughts while he was observing the attributes of these monsters.

[Evil Necromancer Cheryl] (Holy, Spectre)

Level: 240

HP: 2,400,000,000

Defence: 23,330

Magic Attack: 118,744 - 158,744


[Shadow Arrow Barrage]: Causes 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to all targets within the range of 40-meter radius. Casting: 2 seconds.

[Darkness Restoration]: Recovers 10% HP of all her maids.

[Spectre's Constitution]: Recovers 1% HP every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: She's the master of The Dark Castle, the most poisonous cancer to the Wens'g Kingdom! She will consume a large amount of human blood just to maintain her young and beautiful appearance. There is no telling that how many people had died by her hands.

[Loyal Maids] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 230

HP: 115,000,000

Defence: 14,270

Melee Attack: 108,455 - 148,455


[Uppercut]: Pushes the targets away and causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Shared Life]: Damage received will be shared among all other Maids.

[Sacrifice]: Sacrifices own HP to recover 50% of Cheryl's HP. Meanwhile, the monster will immediately die.

Note: They are Cheryl's loyal maids. They will sacrifice everything for their master. That includes their own lives!

If the 12 Loyal Maids were left aside, they could heal a total of 14,400,000,000 HP for Cheryl. So obviously, leaving those maids by the side was not a wise option! He must take out all the maids first before he could focus on taking out the boss!

Because the maids had {Shared Life}, Zhang Yang must deal approximately 1,400,000,000 damage in one shot in order for him to get rid of all the maids in one go. Meanwhile, he would have to sustain the attacks of the 12 monsters and the boss.

Although the monsters could only deal Melee Damage, their Attacks were actually quite high. These monsters could actually deal an average damage of 40,000 with each hit. In other words, if the 12 monsters attack him at the same time, they could deal a total of 500,000 damage under the circumstance that each monster only hit him once with a normal attack! That amount of damage would exceed Felice's maximum healing capacity. Furthermore, Zhang Yang would have to sustain the damage dealt by the boss at the same time. He would definitely not be able to handle the battle.

The only thing that remained uncertain was the cooldown period for the boss's {Darkness Restoration}. If the boss could use the Skill frequently, then he should consider killing the boss first instead of focusing on the monsters.

Zhang Yang kept Phoenix pet into the inventory. He decided not to use any Transformations to fight the battle before him. He wanted to at least know about the cooldowns for the boss's Skills before doing anything rash.

So, time to rock!

Zhang Yang immediately charged forward in huge pace and dashed towards one of the maids.

"You arrogant mother*cker! How dare you trespass into Master Cheryl's resting ground! You shall pay for your crime with your blood!" The maid screamed in a screeching tone and raised her two fists up towards Zhang Yang.

The aggro of these monsters were chained together. The moment when the maid detected Zhang Yang and engaged in battle with him, the other 11 maids and the boss also sensed Zhang Yang's presence and joined the battle. They also roared in rage and charged towards Zhang Yang. Because the boss was a Magic type monster, she only stood up in the middle of the pool. She took out a staff out of nowhere and started to attack Zhang Yang with her spells. A dark flashed across the sight of Zhang Yang, followed by countless skulls flying right out from the tip of her staff.

If Fatty Han was there to see what that had happened, he would definitely have smiled wretchedly and said that the boss was rather hardcore. He would say that the boss had been using the staff as her 'rod' to please herself... she had been sticking the staff into her... eherm! Or else! Where would she keep that staff then? How could she keep such a thick staff from everyone's plain sight. then?


Zhang Yang activated his {Thunder Strike} to slow his enemies' movement speed. Then, he began to kite them around!

This would be a battle for him to test out the cooldown period for the boss's Skills. Zhang Yang did not stop to see whether he was dealing high damage to the monsters or not. He only intended to drag it long enough for the boss to use her Skills. Of course, he would need to deal a certain amount of damage to the boss in order to get the boss into using her {Darkness Restoration}!

After battling for 30 seconds, Cheryl used her very first {Darkness Restoration}. She was spamming her {Shadow Arrow Barrage} throughout the remaining time, shooting Shadow Arrows into the surroundings. The arrows were so frequently fired that they were like raining down into the surroundings.

Zhang Yang had acquired his first conclusion after observing for a while now: The {Darkness Restoration} would be affected by his {Destructive Smash}. However, the boss could still heal the 12 maids. Meanwhile, his {Destructive Smash} would theoretically affect only two targets at a time. Therefore, it would not affect the boss significantly.

60 seconds later, the boss had activated her {Darkness Restoration} for the second time. 90 seconds later, she activated her {Darkness Restoration} for the third time.

Before Zhang Yang could wait for the boss to activate her healing Skill for the fourth time, Zhang Yang quickly kept Felice back into her slot. Then, he quickly used his {Shadow of the Void} to disengage from the battle --- his HP bar was about to get emptied out! If he stays, he would be as good as dead!

With his calculation based on the battle, Zhang Yang could confirm that the boss would activate her {Darkness Restoration} once in every 30 seconds. In other words, the boss could heal over a total of 138,000,000 HP for the 12 monsters. The boss could heal an amount of 4,600,000 HP in each second.

Meanwhile, when Zhang Yang activates his {God of War Transformation}, his {Horizontal Sweep} could deal approximately 440,000 damage to each monsters in each passing second. Meanwhile, he could deal a DPS of 45,000 damage to each monster with his {Thunder Strike}. Then, he could deal a DPS of 18,000 damage to each monster with his {Blast Wave}. He could deal a DPS of 13,000 damage with his {God of War Crushing Strike} as well. On the other hand, the Phoenix pet could deal a DPS of 340,000 damage upon activating its Transformation Skill. All these were AoE Skills that could spread damage to all targets within the effective range of the Skill attacks. Therefore, Zhang Yang could actually deal (44 + 4.5 + 1.8 + 1.3 + 34)*12 = 10,270,000 DPS. That amount of damage had exceeded the amount of HP that the boss could recover in each second.

Theoretically speaking, it would only take approximately 4 minutes to slay these monsters!