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 Chapter 784: Armadillomon's Leash

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After wiping out every single one of the members of Eternal Flame, Zhang Yang immediately drew the boss over to him. Then, he quickly led the boss away from where it was initially spawned. He led the boss deeper into the forest.

Hundred Shots was providing the new coordinates of the boss to the 18 parties of Lone Desert Smoke. He wanted the others to reroute so that they would not end up at the wrong place later on.

Zhang Yang's movement speed was unbelievable fast while he was under the boost of his God of War Transformation. After all, the movement speed of a Class S Inheritance Transformation is much faster than the movement speed of Inheritance Transformation of the other Classes below it. If he did not have to wait for Lost Dream, Endless Starlight and the others who only had a Class B Inheritance Transformation, he could have lead the boss to other spots that were at least 10 kilometers away from its initial spawning spot in a short amount of time.

While they were moving the monsters, the others did not just follow. They were launching their attacks at the boss. It did not take long for them to lure the boss far away from the initial spot. Meanwhile, the surroundings that got destroyed due to the fierce battle between the players and the boss would recover over a short period of time after being destroyed again and again. Therefore, when the other players arrived, the surroundings of the battle had already recovered back to their initial states. There would not be any signs of battle left in the vicinity by the time they get there --- the members of Eternal Flame had chosen weak resurrection, so they were resurrected back at the Graveyard. Their dead bodies had vanished from the initial boss battle spot.

Zhang Yang was acting extra cautious. He only stopped after flying at a high speed for 10 minutes. Well, he managed to lead the boss very far away from the initial spot.

Zhang Yang and the gang no longer move forward. They turned around and fought the boss. Every single one of them was throwing their attacks at the boss like madmen on steroids! A while later, their Tanks arrived one after another. So, Zhang Yang quickly implemented the ladder-shape tactic into the boss battle. They divided the 18 Tanks into 6 batches. Each batch would take their turn at the frontline to tank against the boss. They would retreat whenever the HP bar of the Tanks are about to deplete. Each batch of the forces could stand their ground against the boss for up to 8 minutes. Under those circumstances, the 6 batches of Tanks would be able to tank against the boss for 48 minutes. After that, those who were not on any of the Tanks would have to start dying and keep running back to their corpses.

In other words, even if Zhang Yang and the gang could not take out the boss in 2 hours, the Tanks could still tie the boss down at one spot while the others slowly slay it. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and his gang would be able to just hop onto any of the Tanks to slowly deplete the HP bar of the boss even if their Inheritance Transformations are over.

Of course, they could only have that kind of luxury under the circumstance that no other parties or guilds interrupt them.

At the same time, Zhong Xiu Hua was leading his men in search of Zhang Yang's whereabouts. He swore that he would repay Zhang Yang for what Lone Desert Smoke did back there. Unfortunately, the forest was too huge. Only hundreds of them were searching through the forest after all. So, it would not be possible for them to locate Zhang Yang and his gang within a short period of time.

Other than that, many players did not find the boss at the coordinates that Zhong Xiu Hua mentioned in the public chat. They thought that the Eternal Flame was really using lies to mislead the others. So whenever they saw some members of the Eternal Flame roaming off their main forces, the players would just slaughter them up without saying anything. Because of that, Zhong Xiu Hua was having the headache of his life in the game.

Back to where Zhang Yang and the gang was battling the boss. Although each batch only had 3 Tanks to support Zhang Yang and his gang in attacking the boss, the Model 4.0 Tank could fit up to 50 players. Furthermore, the Defence of the Tanks was a little bit unique. Only DPS players and Healers were on board the Tanks. There were no Tankers on any of the Tanks. Each Tank was assigned to have 10 Healers and 50 DPS players. Therefore, the entire force had over 120 DPS units on their side.

Everyone had reached Level 180 and beyond. So, there was no Level Gap Suppression whatsoever. Even if these DPS players could only deal 20,000 damage over each passing second, all 120 players would be able to deal a total of 2,400,000 damage to the boss. Adding in the DPS of approximately 3,000,000 damage that Zhang Yang and the gang could deal, the entire force of Lone Desert Smoke could deal approximately 2,000,000 effective damage to the boss over each passing second.

In that case, the Lone Desert Smoke should be able to take out the boss in 85 minutes!

Everyone was going all out on the boss. They had maximized their damage output to ensure they were performing at their best. After all, anything could happen as long as the boss is still standing. If they are ambushed by the other parties or forces when the HP bar of the boss is at 10%, then they would suffer a great loss!

"These Tanks are really useful in battles such as this one!" Everyone was surprised.

Without the Tanks supporting them, players who do not have Inheritance Transformation would not be able to survive for more than 10 seconds, if each of them are not healed by one personal Healer! However, these players managed to survive up to 8 minutes after they had the Tanks!

As long as the players were able to stay alive, they would be able to deal damage to the boss.

"Without the Tanks, we would need at least 10 more players who can activate their Inheritance Transformation. Their equipment must be top Tier as well! Then only it's possible for us to kill the boss within 2 hours!"

"How good would it be if we can get a few more Tanks!"

{Glare of the Death God}!

Shoof! A dark skull began to form on top of the boss's head. It was not resisted!

Everyone was cheering in joy. A series of 100,000,000 damage values popped right on top of the boss's head. In merely 3 seconds, Sandra had lost over 1,000,000,000 HP while it was roaring in pain. Well, Zhang Yang's DPS had been boosted up to 700,000 damage while he was in his God of War Transformation form. Furthermore, he also had the special ability to get additional aggro values. It was enough to fix the aggro of 1,000,000 DPS on him. Therefore, the 3 Tanks had not taken a single damage from the boss up to this point.

Truth to be told, when the first batch of the Tanks were retreating from battle while the next batch were coming in, they were considered to be not engaging the boss. There, they lost a small amount of time. Therefore, it would not be possible for them to get the aggro of the boss.

On the other hand, Zhang Yang was lucky as f*ck today. One hour later, he made another attempt to cast his {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss. It was not resisted as well! It was another successful attempt! Holy sh*t! When the first one ended, Sandra was only left with 20% HP. Because of that, the boss's HP bar was reduced to 10% left right after that. 8 minutes later, the mighty Ascended Tier boss had collapsed to the ground and died. Upon the heavy fall, it dropped quite a number of loot across the ground.

Of course, it would feel safer to keep all the loots to one's own pockets. So, Zhang Yang acted f*cking swiftly and picked up all the equipment. Because the items and equipment were not 'bound upon pickup', Zhang Yang put everything into his inventory first. Then only did he put up the items and equipment up in the guild auction. Whoever who had enough points would be able to exchange the items and equipment with their available points.

Because most of his guild members had spent their guild points on the Holy Tier equipment that Lone Desert Smoke managed to retrieve from the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon, Zhang Yang and the gang had more guild points to spend. So, the group of 10 managed to secure 8 out of 11 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment. Because of that, many of the guild members were crying out loudly. They now regretted not saving up the guild points for the auction of Ascended Tier equipment.

[Heavy Rock Ring] (Ascended, Ring)

Vitality: +9,802

Strength: +1,752

Agility: +1,752

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 19,600 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,535 damage when hit.

Use: Summons a Stone Giant to fight for you. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Required Level: 200

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

The lucky part about it was that the boss had also dropped a Holy Tier Pet Mount. The officials stated that the boss only had 10% chance of dropping the Pet Mount. So, it seemed that they had just hit the jackpot! Zhang Yang's luck was oddly lucky today! His previous two attempts of {Glare of the Death God} were successful as well! Damn!

[Armadillomon's Leash] (Holy Tier Ground Battle Mount)

Use: Summons or unsummons an Armadillomon.

Required Level: 30

Bound upon pickup.

"Argh! Why can't it be a Flying Mount!?" Wei Yan Er was extremely disappointed by what she found. Although the mount was also a Holy Tier, having a Flying Mount would also grant the person with higher agility and convenience. Unlike ground pet mounts, Flying Mounts could just fly over any valley or obstacle.

"A Holy Tier Mount! Although it's not a Flying Mount, its Attack power would surely be very powerful! Just take a closer look, everyone. The auction for this leash will start at 2,000 guild points. So be aware. Don't shout if you don't have enough guild points on you. That's because you'll lose your guild points based on the number you shout!"

Well, 2,000 guild points could only be earned back by completing the Hardcore Mode of a dungeon for over 5 times. Furthermore, they would not be able to get any equipment while they were at it! However, things such as taking equipment into own pockets were pretty common in the game. Zhang Yang and his gang had been doing that all this while, because most of the equipment they had were dropped by Open World bosses. They did not have to get the equipment by spending guild points. That had really saved quite a number of points for Zhang Yang and his gang.

Finally, this Holy Tier pet mount was claimed by Sun Xin Yu. It was like adding wings to a tiger. Sun Xin Yu's Attack power had once again rose tremendously.

After distributing the loots among themselves, the party was dissembled for the moment. However, the f*cking system did not announce anything about Sandra's defeat. Countless players were still searching through the forest, without knowing that the boss had been defeated already.

However, there were also some clever players in the area. When they realized that the core players of Lone Desert Smoke were leaving the area, they knew that the boss Sandra must have been taken out already. Although they couldn't do much about it, it would be so much better to leave than to stay and do something pointless. So, the other players were beginning to leave the vicinity one after another.

A short moment later, Zhang Yang just only realized that he had not gone back to the God of War to learn his new Inheritance Skill for attaining Level 180.

Firstly, it was because leveling up required much more time than before. Meanwhile, the God of War Inheritance would only bestow the player a new Skill once every 20 levels. Therefore, Zhang Yang could only learn one new Inheritance Skill every half a year. So, sometimes the thought might have slipped his mind for a little while.

So he quickly traveled back to the cave to meet Ares. After talking to Ares, Zhang Yang learned a new Skill --- God of War Restoration.

[God of War Restoration]: Deals 200% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. At the same time, turns all the damage received into HP. The amount of HP recovered will be the same as the amount of damage received. Cooldown: 1 minute. Consumes: 50 Rage Points. Required: Melee Attack.

This Skill would provides Zhang Yang with another 200% additional damage which was similar to Zhang Yang {Horizontal Sweep} and {Destructive Smash}. However, this Skill would be outshone by Skills such as {God of War Devastation} and {God of War Battle Axe} because those Skills provided Zhang Yang with 300% additional damage. This Skill can recover HP based on the amount of damage received over 6 seconds. It could be a very useful Skill for Zhang Yang, after all.

Theoretically speaking, that would provide Zhang Yang similar ability of 10% Damage Immunity. However, if the Skill is timed and used accordingly, the effect could be amplified up to the equivalent of 15% to 20% Damage Immunity!

The equipment given by the two Ascended Tier bosses had really got Zhang Yang and his gang boosted up big time. The power level of the entire party had increased tremendously. 3 days later, the Inheritance Transformation of everyone was cooled down. Under the command of Zhang Yang, the gang turned their attention towards the Hardcore Mode of the Spectre Cavern. They pushed through the dungeon to the score of 8/9 in one shot. They only needed to take down one more boss before they could take down the 'First Clear' of the dungeon.

Currently, everyone's will was united. They were busting their *sses, trying to get familiar with the final boss's behavior and attack patterns. They wanted to make good use of the next three days where their Inheritance Transformations were under cooldown again. They wanted to take down the final boss in one go.

The tactic of countering the final boss was extremely complicated. There were a few stages in the tactic. Every stage of it required players to run around in different patterns and formations. At the same time, players would need to handle the substantial number of summoned monsters. Well, everyone was putting so much effort that they even forgot to rest and eat. They only could not make up for the shortage in firepower.

After all, the bosses in the game were designed by someone. As long as the players could find and implement the correct tactic to use on the boss, it would only be a matter of time before the players could slay the boss.

Within a year, Lone Desert Smoke was able to take down the 'First Clear' title of the dungeon. When the system announced it, every other Top Tier guilds were very shocked. Well, most of them only managed to reach 6/9 throughout the entire dungeon. The difference in their progress and the Lone Desert Smoke's progress on the dungeon was huge!

Zhang Yang used the additional Skill Points onto his {Force Strike} and enhanced it to the max. It was now Level 10, giving Zhang Yang a 100% rate of dealing one additional attack. Furthermore, the additional attack would definitely be a Critical Hit!