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 Chapter 701: Book of Revelations - The Eighth Chapter

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Even though Snowbark was already a Level 142 high level player, he would not be fast enough to stop SuikoTaro and his party members from getting away through the entrance of the dungeon. For that, they could only sigh heavily, to express how unfortunate it was for them. After all, it was really a rare opportunity for them to gaze their eyes upon a rare specimen of beauty like Chen Xue Yao.

However, there was one person who stayed behind instead of running into the dungeon like the other 5 of his party members. Snowbark burst into laughter when he saw that. Since that the pretty lady had escaped, they decided to have some 'fun' with the idiot who stayed.

"You swine! You're quite daring yourself, aren't you?" Three of The Myth players blocked off Zhang Yang's escape route so that he could not escape later. The remaining players in front of Zhang Yang were staring at Zhang Yang with their arms folded. They looked like they were waiting for something 'interesting' to happen.

"Alright, take off all your equipment and bark like a dog, now!" Snowbark laughed continuously.

"Take them off now! Take them off!" the others were beginning to hustle Zhang Yang up.

Zhang Yang pulled out his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and smiled vaguely. Then he said, "I'm not like you. You guys rather act like animals while you can act like human beings!"

"F*ck you! How dare you scold us!" one of them who was only Level 10 pulled out his blade and pointed at Zhang Yang. Well, he tried to act tough because Snowbark was there.


Zhang Yang was not in the mood to play around. He stabbed his sword hard into the chest of that player. His sword went through the chest of the player clean and caused 100,000 damage to the arrogant player. It was just a regular attack which caused an immensely terrifying amount of damage! That attack had completely killed off that player. With a powerful swing of his word, the dead body of that player spun midair and dropped heavily onto the ground.

Most of the players had experienced a PvP match. However, not all of them would have the opportunity to see such a bloody scene. In an instant, other than Snowbark himself, the others were terrified to the point that they froze. They were all just Level 10+. It was a coincidence that Snowbark brought his little brother along to grind their levels. So, they came here together to farm for Experience Points and Equipment.

Well, the player that got slaughtered by Zhang Yang was in fact Snowbarks's little brother. He just joined 'God's Miracle' a couple of days ago. Because he had an elder brother who had reached Level 142, he thought that he could act like a boss in the game. Even though he saw that the equipment on Zhang Yang and flashy as f*ck, he still taunted Zhang Yang. Judging by the appearance of Zhang Yang's shiny equipment, anyone should know that Zhang Yang was definitely not a low level player.

Of course, Snowbark could not bear to see his little brother killed right in front of him. So he raised his staff and shot out a blast of flame towards Zhang Yang.


An insignificant amount of damage was dealt on Zhang Yang. That only moved about 1% of his HP bar. After all, Zhang Yang's Maximum HP had increased up to 950,000 HP.

Including Snowbark himself, everyone dropped their jaws, staring at Zhang Yang! They were all on the same party as Snowbark. So they could clearly see the amount of damage Snowbark caused on Zhang Yang. He had only dealt approximately 9,000 damage to a player they had thought weak. Judging by that, they could deduce that Zhang Yang had over 1,000,000 HP!

He must have activated his Transformation Skill!

Snowbark had more experience and knowledge than everyone in his party. He immediately made an assumption based on his own logic. He quickly took a few steps backward so that he could defend himself against any surprise attack form Zhang Yang. At the same instant, he also activated his own Transformation Skill --- Class C Infernal Wolf Inheritance!

Zhang Yang staggered for one brief moment upon seeing that. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Zhang Yang had not revealed his true identity yet, and this guy was already acting extra cautious. He even activated his final triumph card! However, Zhang Yang would never waste his {God of War Transformation} on a small fry, like Snowbark. So he charged towards Snowbark without activating his Inheritance Transformation.

"You prick! How dare you kill my little brother! I shall tear you into pieces!" Snowbark became more confident than before after he activated his Inheritance Transformation. He raised his staff and pointed its tip at Zhang Yang. Then he began to chant a spell.


Zhang Yang waved his hand and activated his Skill. Snowbark could feel that he was being pulled by an irresistible force towards Zhang Yang. The force was so strong that Snowbark almost kissed Zhang Yang's face after he was pulled to Zhang Yang's front, and stopped there all of a sudden. Of course, his chanting had been interrupted, completely.


With a swing across his throat, Snowbark received a tremendous amount of damage. He initially had over 180,000 HP. Upon activating his Inheritance Transformation, he boosted his Maximum HP up to a total of 1,800,000 HP. Of course, he could not afford to receive such a high amount of damage! Furthermore, that was not the only attack Zhang Yang launched. Upon his regular strike which filled up his Rage Bar, he activated his {God of War Battle Axe} closely with his previous attack and dealt '-328,733!' to Snowbark! Zhang Yang had begun revealing his wretched claws at his 'victims'.

Let's just say if Snowbark takes the first hit without dying, the second hit that yet to land on him would be a fatal blow to his guts!

He quickly activated his {Apparate} and got himself out of the danger with the attempt to pull some distance between himself and Zhang Yang. However, Zhang Yang pursued on with his {Charge}. It was impossible to chant a spell in peace when you're confronting Zhang Yang!

"God damn it!" Snowbark began to panic. He gulped down a bottle of [Temporary Invincibility Potion] and a golden light flashed through his entire body. A glittering barrier covered him entirely, keeping him safe from Zhang Yang's attacks. So he no longer feared Zhang Yang anymore. He used the little time he bought for himself to chant his spell.

It was really ironic that this guy was using a [Temporary Invincibility Potion] that Zhang Yang mass-produced in the market. It was like crushing a rock on one's feet. Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at himself. However, the effect of the potion would wear off after 5 seconds. So, Zhang Yang allowed Snowbark to do what he wanted to do.

Snowbark threw out two spells at Zhang Yang consecutively. Each blow caused about 75,000 damage to Zhang Yang. With his Inheritance Transformation activated, Snowbark had acquired a boost of additional 200% damage that almost doubled the initial amount of damage he could deal on Zhang Yang. That had made his attack quite effective on Zhang Yang!

If another regular player without activating his or her Inheritance Transformation was standing there, these two hits would have taken at least half of his or her HP bar! Zhang Yang lost over 20% of his HP. Because of that, Zhang Yang's remaining HP was almost similar to Snowbark's HP now.

After seeing Snowbark performing outstandingly, his 'underlings' were screaming and shouting in excitement. They even tried to butter Snowbark up by saying some nice hearing words. However, good things will never last forever. 5 seconds later, the golden barrier faded. The effect of the [Temporary Invincibility Potion] was over.

1 second before the effect of [Temporary Invincibility Potion] was over, Zhang Yang had activated his {Charge Up Strike}. The moment Snowbark came out of that protective 'egg shell', Zhang Yang's 1-second global cooldown for his Skills was over as well. He struck his {God of War Devastation} right in the face of Snowbark!


Before Snowbark could even react, his HP bar was struck down to approximately 300,000 HP! Meanwhile, he had not realized that his HP bar had reduced so much. He continued to chant his spell in comfort.

On the other hand, his 'underlings' could see everything, crystal clear from the side. They were so shocked that their eyes were wide open, and their jaws were dropped.

One single attack that could cause 1,000,000 damage? What sorcery was that?! In their puny hearts, 1,000,000 damage was so terrifying that even a Celestial Tier boss would be instantly killed!

Snowbark finally threw another {Fire Ball} at Zhang Yang and caused about 82,000 damage to him. Just as he was about to taunt Zhang Yang, he finally realized that his HP bar was about to hit the bottom. His face instantly turned pale.

{Killing Cleave}!


"Argh!" Snowbark did not even get his chance to activate his life-saving Skill or any other accessories that could have saved his life --- only if he ever had an Accessory that could grant him a brief moment of invincibility to begin with, which he did not. Or else, he would not have taken a bottle of [Temporary Invincibility Potion]. One bottle of that thing cost 500 gold pieces! It was extremely expensive! After screaming miserably like a little b*tch, he collapsed onto the ground and dead.

However, after one brief moment, he stood back up on his feet and both of his HP bar and MP bar went back up to 10%! He did not even look back at Zhang Yang as he began to race towards the dungeon's entrance.


Zhang Yang was shocked to see that. Could Snowbark be carrying a [Resurrection Monolith] with him all the while? That was some great stuff! Zhang Yang was determined to snatch that item from Snowbark.

He immediately activated his {Spear of Obliteration} and threw the energy surging spear straight towards Snowbark! However, Snowbark was agile. He ran so fast that he was already reaching the dungeon entrance. Well, it remained a big question on whether Zhang Yang's {Spear of Obliteration} hits Snowbark or not!

On that critical moment, 4 players charged out of the entrance! It was Chen Xue Yao and the other male players, except SuikoTaro.

Snowbark revealed a relief facial expression when he was just a few steps from entering the dungeon entrance. However, he froze immediately when the 4 shadows emerged from the entrance. Before he could even react, his body had smacked straight into Unkillable Cockroach! That stopped him from entering the dungeon in time. Meanwhile, the {Spear of Obliteration} arrived!


The Inheritance Transformation would be considered over once the player died. Snowbark only had 10% of HP and MP on him when he was resurrected. That being said, he only had approximately 18,000 HP left on him. There was no way that he could have survived that attack. He immediately let out a miserable scream once again and stayed dead on the ground this time! Well, he even dropped a blue covered book on the ground upon his death.

"Get that book! Quickly! Get it back for me!" Snowbark screamed like a little b*tch in his party chat. It sounded like he was terrified.


Zhang Yang widened his eyes as he saw that those underlings of Snowbarks charging towards the book. So he immediately activated his {Horizontal Sweep} and wiped them out like he was cleaning dust off the floor.

Meanwhile, Unkillable Cockroach and the others were staring at Zhang Yang like they had just met a god. Those players that they thought they could never defeat were all lying dead on the ground before them! They had remembered clearly how regretful those dead players looked like.

Could it be really him? After being with him all the while, was he not tricking them from the start? Could he be the real Zhan Yu?

Phew! If he really is, then they would have something to show off to their friends!

Zhang Yang picked up the book and took a closer look at it. He was surprised to have picked up such a unique piece of item! His face was filled with joy, immediately!

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 8] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: All party member within the range of 100 meters from the holder will receive an increment of 5% damage dealt. Similar effects will not stack. If the holder is killed, he or she can resurrect immediately on the spot and have 10% HP and MP. This effect can only be triggered once every 10 hours. Similar effects will not stack. If the holder is killed by other players while the resurrection is under a cooldown period, then this item will surely be dropped from the holder. The item can only be brought along by the player. Cannot be destroyed.

Use: Combine with the item [Book of Revelation: Chapter 7] and [Book of Revelation: Chapter 9] together.

However, it was really shocking to see that these goons were actually capable of getting a Legendary Item!

Furthermore, how would such an item be in the hands of Snowbark? Would Liu Wei really be that generous to let his subordinates keep hold of such a rare and valuable item? Snowbark was not a Tanker like Zhang Yang. Letting him hold on to such item would be disastrous and risky. It would be much safer if Liu Wei holds on to it himself. Well, he had over 12 Tankers on his 'Suicide Squad,' lining up to use their {Sacrifice} on him. Surely the chances of his survival would be much higher than Snowbark!

Then, this item must have been secretly kept by Snowbark himself. Liu Wei must have not known about this at all!

So, this explained why he was so afraid to die. He had immediately activated his Inheritance Transformation was because he was so worried that he might drop the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 8] if he ever dies. Unfortunate, he did die in the end. It gave not only pleasure to Zhang Yang but also a great 'gift'.

Well, Zhang Yang had really earned something really valuable, this time around!