Chapter 699: Newbie

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"Yea, I'm just messing around in the game, just for fun!" Zhang Yang said. Right after he came into his office, he had taken out his game helmet straightaway, ready to plug into the game. Before he could do that, this mesmerizingly disastrous new girl had walked right into his office.

"Mr Zhang should have reached quite a high level in the game, I assume." Chen Xue Yao was a little surprised to see that Zhang Yang was also a player for the game, "I just started playing the game a few days ago! I'm just Level 9. Please teach me how to be a good player!"

Looking at her eyes filled with excitement and expectancy, Zhang Yang was moved. So he nodded. However, she would surely become another popular female player among the men in the game. They would surely fall for her, even if she was just walking around in the game. Only if she used her real-life appearance in the game, of course. Well, she could just ask those men to help her. So why would she still need Zhang Yang's help then?

Could it be, that she knew Zhang Yang was Zhan Yu in the game?

Unlikely! Only a minority knew his true identity in real life. Well, only those who went to join the Soaring Swords competition in Shang Hai would have seen his face in person anyway. As he recalled back throughout his entire life, he did not get so bored that he would go to tell anyone about his life and his game life, at all. Wait a minute... Could this be a scheme from Liu Wei or Zhong Xiu Hua?

It was unlikely that Liu Wei would do such a thing. The reason was simple. Look at her appearance! Even Zhang Yang felt 'heaty' upon taking a look at her! Not to mention that Zhang Yang himself felt the urge to loosen his 'brother' from his pants! Well, he almost did! Would Liu Wei be able to resist at all? Liu Wei would have 'collected' this girl as his own, instead of sending her out to be a spy.

On the other hand, things would be a little bit different for Zhong Xiu Hua. His capability was far beyond Zhang Yang's imagination. He might be determined to destroy the relationship Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu had now. And the easiest way to do it was to make known to the girl that his man cheated!

Not many men could have resisted the 'temptation' that Chen Xue Yao wrought onto them. If he really did get touchy with her and she happened to have a camera somewhere to record everything, then Zhang Yang would be done for!

So could it be real, then?

Zhang Yang fell silent for a brief moment as he went into deep thought about the situation. Well, he had been through a lot just to get together with Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. They had also been through so much together that he no longer craved just for their bodies. Even though this Chen Xue Yao looked honeyed and ready for him to 'taste', but Zhang Yang believed that he could get himself in line to not turn himself into a horny beast.

If Chen Xue Yao was really sent here by Zhong Xiu Hua, then he should be able to use her to get back at Zhong Xiu Hua! Furthermore, that accusation was just in his head alone. Maybe this girl was innocent, after all? We shall see about that.

Well, coming from another perspective, even though Zhang Yang did not have any thoughts of getting in bed with Chen Xue Yao, but the love for appealing aesthetics is native to humans, afterall. There was no denying in that. Zhang Yang could have an extra eye candy to himself by keeping her around the office. Other than that, if Zhang Yang decides to fire her right away, her next boss might not be a decent boss. Her future boss might use all sorts of methods of getting her to submit to him. It was infuriating even to think about that!

A while later, Chen Xue Yao brought in another brand new game helmet with her when she walked back into the office. Her round, peachy buttocks rested on the sofa and she crossed her long fair legs, sitting down on the sofa elegantly. That sexy hot movement could really get a thirsty man to drool!

"Mr. Zhang, just add me as your Friend after you log into the game!" Chen Xue Yao said.

Zhang Yang nodded and put on his game helmet. He signed in and arrived at the Souron's Castle.

"Mr. Zhang, my in-game name is just 'Xue Yao'. Remember to add me!"

Zhang Yang brought up his Friend-list. Then he entered the name 'Xue Yao' into the system to search for her. A Friend Request was sent to her and in just a blink of an eye, she accepted his Friend Request.

He looked at the Friend-list to have a look at her avatar information: Xue Yao, Level 9, Female Elf, Cryomancer.

She really did tell him the truth. She was currently Level 9! That meant that she really did join the game very recently! The game rule have stated everyone could only have one account, one character in the game. Well, there was also a possibility to ignore a dummy account sometimes. Of course, it might be because she deleted her old account and started a new one. However, Zhang Yang could not understand her true intentions just yet.

"Huh? Mr. Zhang! You're at Level 153 now?! You're awesome!" Chen Xue Yao spoke in surprise. That really stroked his ego for a bit. However, the fact that she did not know the renowned 'Zhan Yu' had proven that she was really a rookie, a newbie!

"Just call me Zhan Yu in the game. It's a little awkward to hear someone calling me Mr. Zhang!"

"Roger, Mr, Zhang... Zhan Yu!"

Chen Xue Yao did not request for Zhang Yang to aid her in grinding her level. Instead, Zhang Yang was the one who insisted on lending her a hand. He explained to her on how to play as a Spellcaster. Then, the two of them went off separately to grind their levels.

However, Chen Xue Yao would report her progress to Zhang Yang in excitement, every time she reached another new level. It was most probably because she did not know anyone in the game yet. However, her grinding efficiency was not really ideal, to begin with. When Zhang Yang was still at her level, he could have grind 3 levels up with the same amount of time it takes for her to gain 1 level.

Currently, the 4 ladies had become one gang. They basically did everything together. Zhang Yang could not help but wonder, weren't that witchy snow and that ice queen sworn enemies? So, how could they suddenly be able to get along in harmony all of a sudden? They're in the same party in grinding their levels? How odd!

Women's minds are indeed fascinating!

A while ago, he was requested by the four ladies to grind with them. Apparently, they had found a new spot which would spawn a large number of Elite Tier monsters. However, they could not slay the monsters without Zhang Yang shielding them from getting slaughtered by the large horde of monsters. Furthermore, their Inheritance Transformation Skills were still under cooldown period. So, they had to ask Zhang Yang for a favor.

However, Wei Yan Er kept saying that they asked him to come because they wanted to share good 'fortune' with him. They would not have shared such a good spot otherwise.

In other words, the little brat... no, the 4 ladies wanted him to feel grateful for becoming their 'errand boy'!

In that monster area, there was a narrow pathway by the side of it. Zhang Yang and his Phoenix pet could block the entire pathway if they could just stand side by side in the middle of the pathway. Sun Xin Yu and the other ladies were positioned right behind Zhang Yang and the Phoenix pet. They were the DPS players in this battle. In approximately 30 minutes, the five of them had wiped out every existence of monsters in that area. Their Experience Bars grew substantially from that.

If only there were such great number of Elite Tier monsters for them to farm for Experience Points anywhere else on the map. They would have reached a whole new level by the end of the day! Unfortunately, their 'if only' was just a distant dream that could never become true. It would not be possible to do so unless they mobilize the entire army of Lone Desert Smoke out, scouring every inch of the maps in the entire game for similar spots with large number of monsters. Then, they could just travel from one spot to another in order to claim their 'prizes'.

However, it would take quite some time for players to travel around on a large map. Though they would not suffer any loss by the end of it, it would take them approximately 4 to 5 days to grind a level. That should be the maximum speed of current stage players in grinding their level up. However, Zhang Yang and the ladies would be wasting the time of their guild members. It would be a huge loss for Lone Desert Smoke as a whole, because they would be too busy to aid Zhang Yang and the ladies to level up, instead of grinding their own levels up efficiently.

"Master Zhan Yu, can you come over and tank for us in a dungeon?" Not long after Zhang Yang parted ways with the ladies, he received a voice message from Chen Xue Yao. He was shopping at the Auction House.

Tank for them? In which dungeon?

Zhang Yang frowned a little. This girl had just reached Level 12. She could only enter some low-level dungeon at the moment! Meanwhile, even if she is going to challenge the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon, she would only need a Level 50 player with average equipment to clear it without a single problem. Even if it is a Priest or a Holy Knight, she could have cleared the dungeon with only one Level 50 player's help.

Now that she requested Zhang Yang to aid her in clearing low-level dungeons, well... Zhang Yang did not know whether he should just laugh it off or cry it off loud.

Newbie! She's just a newbie!

Furthermore, she is actually the type of newbie that knew a little about the game. She knew that she needed a tanker to tank against monsters in the dungeon. So if Zhang Yang ever tries to show off his 'knowledge' about the game, he might make a fool out of himself without even knowing if he ever misinforms her about something.

So, Zhang Yang smiled it off and decided to help out. He thought to himself, that he had not been showing off for quite a while. If he goes to 'tank' the dungeon for Chen Xue Yao as the Number One Tanker in the entire world, she should get a shock, right?

Another reason was because he had been farming for quite a while now. Trying to do something different was what he needed. So, he accepted Chen Xue Yao's request. Upon finding out which main city to go, Zhang Yang teleported over to the main city and summoned out his Phoenix pet. Then, he flew right away to the location where Chen Xue Yao was. However, his Phoenix pet would give up his identity. It would be impossible to keep his identity as a secret if Chen Xue Yao ever sees his Phoenix pet. So, he went to the ground and switched out Whitey, long before he reached her. Then he hopped onto Whitey and the two of them raced their butts over to the girl.

"Here! Over here!" right by the entrance of the dungeon, Chen Xue Yao was waving her staff, trying to get Zhang Yang to see her. She was wearing a set of shabby equipment from head to toe. Zhang Yang felt sad for her. Other than the cape and the staff, everything was just White-Wood Tier.

Small maps would clearly show the positions of every player within a certain distance from the player in the map as long as they are not too far from each other. She was obviously a newbie, because she actually did not know about that function of the game. Instead, she was yelling and waving at Zhang Yang from afar. Obviously, she had never played 'God's Miracle' or other games that are similar to this game in her entire life.

Because of that, she did not even try to change some settings on her appearance at all. Her face was the exact copy of her real face in real life. It was enchanting to look at. Zhang Yang could not even look at her in disdain because of her face. He only knew how to stare at her without a blink of his eyes.

"Ms. Xue Yao, is this the tanker that you summoned?" There were more than just Zhang Yang and Xue Yao on the party. There were other three male players. However, the player with the highest level was at Level 27. The other two players were only Level 22 and Level 16. Well, at least they met the requirement to challenge the dungeon that they were going into.

The player who spoke was 'Unkillable Cockroach'. He was the player who had reached Level 27. At first, he was farming equipment and Experience Points together with his colleagues in Marzerway's Lair. After hearing about a pretty low-level lady player wanting to go into the Banka Underground Tunnel, he quit Marzerway's Lair and joined Chen Xue Yao's party.

After seeing Chen Xue Yao with his own eyes, he instantly got electrocuted. Why would he want any equipment when a mesmerizing existence like Chen Xue Yao is standing right in front of him? If the system did not have the Anti-harassment System, he would have satisfied his itch by pushing himself onto her, even though they were in the game.

To get the attention of Chen Xue Yao, he even purposely brought along another low-level player with him. However, it was really hard to get a high-leveled player, these days. Same goes for locating low-level players. It was not because the number of low-level players was too small. It was because normal guilds normally do not recruit low-level players. That was because the player's standard could not be determined when their levels are too low. Furthermore, it would be uncourteous to kick people out of the guild once they had joined.

Even though the three of them were also newbies in 'God's Miracle', but they seemed to have played other similar games, just that their levels were a little low for now. They were not really newbies to begin with. They had never expected Chen Xue Yao to find a super high-level Tanker to join them.

Players could only get a pet mount once they attain Level 30. None of them believed that Zhang Yang was just Level 30, even though he had hidden his character information. Well, they could tell that Zhang Yang could crush everything in the dungeon all alone. There would not be any 'tanking' or whatsoever!


However, the three male players were much happier when Chen Xue Yao was much more noob. That being said, they could show off quite a number of things in front of her. Unfortunately, they were irked by this 'newcomer' that Chen Xue Yao summoned over. He actually hid his character information from them! Pui! Was he trying to act like he was some sort of professional player? Not to mention that Level 100 players were all over the place now. So, what was his true intention in trying to hide his information from the others, then? Beware getting struck by lightning for trying to act cool! Those were the thoughts that ran through the minds of three jealous male players.

At the earlier stage of the game, players would be able to see character information of other players when they were joined into the same party. Their Names, Races, levels, and Classes were all visible to their own party members. However, ever since the Chaos Realm had been unlocked, the game had changed some of its functionalities. Now, the character information of a player would only become visible when he or she enters the land of their enemy Regions. Or else, the character information of a player would stay hidden even after they were join the same party. Only friends on the Friend List could see the character information of the player or the other way around.

Therefore, Zhang Yang's character information remained hidden, even after Chen Xue Yao added him into her party.