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 Chapter 698: Cheng Xue Yao

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The three Cloth-Armor oriented Class players rolled for the equipment. The first equipment was claimed by Han Ying Xue. The moment she took it up, she immediately equipped it to try it out. However, her previous hat was much more attractive than this piece of a hat. Therefore, she had chosen to show the appearance of her previous hat. However, when she switched the new hat onto her head, she forgot to disable the function that would show the appearance of the hat she was wearing. Instantly, a weird lady, looking like a while gargoyle stood right in front of everyone. Everyone burst into laughter upon seeing a ridiculous hat on her head.

"Sis, let's make some more of this kind of hats and go back to your old apartment to scare some people during the night!" Wei Yan Er's eyes began to glow again. Whenever she had some weird evil plans in her mind, her eyes would glow that way. After all, she had always been into such weird things.

"What the hell is in that brain of yours!? Are you out of your mind?" Zhang Yang sighed again and again, "Post the last Skill Book now! Quickly!"

"Okay!" Although Wei Yan Er nodded, her eyes were still spinning around. It was obvious that she was still thinking about the 'sinister' plan that she mentioned, just now.

[Skill Book: Riposte]

Use: Teaches you the Skill {Riposte}.

Required Class: Warrior, Knight, Thief, Hunter

Required Level: 100

Everyone fixed their eyes on Zhang Yang after reading the name of the Skill. They were looking forward to Zhang Yang's explanation on the Skill.

Zhang Yang shook his head and told the 'truth', "I've only played the beta server this far. So I no longer have any idea about anything else in the future. Stop asking me questions already!"

Everyone said 'Oh' at the same time to express that they understood.

Without knowing the contents of the Skill, everyone rolled to see who would get it. By the end of it, Lost Dream claimed the Skill and learned it. Then he posted the Skill's description on the party chat for everyone to see.

[Riposte]: Cause 200% of both damage of the Primary Weapon and damage of Secondary Weapon combined to the target. Only can be activated when the target is blocking or dodging your attack. The effect can only last for 4 seconds or will fade upon fighting back.

"This is a very suitable Skill for taking on Tankers!" Lost Dream was filled with joy. Guardians had their {Block} while Knights had their {Holy Shield}. Both Skills were able to create a blocking effect. Now that Lost Dream had {Riposte}, he could give a big surprise to any Tanker that he might encounter during PvP matches in the future.

"Lost Dream, do you want to try out your Skill on me then? It'll be just like exercising!" Zhang Yang waved his [Sword of Purging Devourer] around and smiled.

Lost Dream was in a dilemma to whether he should accept the challenge of Zhang Yang or not.

"I won't use Felice and the Phoenix! It'll be a fair fight!" Zhang Yang attempted to tease him a little more.

"Alright!" Lost Dream had finally tightened his teeth and agreed to accept the challenge. As a top Tier player, he also had a personal degree of achievement he would like to attain. No one would be happy to always stay under the shadow of someone greater after all. Even though Sun Xin Yu and Zhang Yang slept on the same bed every night, she would not hesitate to do what's necessary to win when it is time to compete. So what about the others, then?

By the end of it... Lost Dream became a tragic story.

Although the {Riposte} was really powerful and practical in many aspects, Lost Dream had only acquired one additional Skill after all. Furthermore, Zhang Yang's super fortified Defense was not weakened at all! It was true that both of them were in their Transformation mode, the amount of HP they had on them was extremely abundant. Also, there was no sign of which one of them was capable of finishing the other. However, Lost Dream was still tortured by Zhang Yang pretty badly. He only had approximately a thousand points of HP when the battle ended. Zhang Yang stopped because if he continued, Lost Dream would have been killed by him. By doing that, Lost Dream would lose Experience Points for a stupid reason.

Well, one player had a Class S Inheritance while the other only had a Class B Inheritance. It was true that there only was a 5% difference between the Attack powers of both sides, before both of them activate their Inheritance Transformations. Practically speaking, the DPS of Lost Dream was just 5% weaker than the DPS of Zhang Yang in that sense. However, when both of them activated their Inheritance Transformations, the difference between the additional boost on their Attack powers became 500% and 300%. The difference was so much bigger, that it became a significant factor that led Lost Dream to his 'demise' for accepting the challenge.

"What the f*ck! Let's battle again after our Inheritance Transformations end!" Lost Dream was irritated.


The party continued on to lure the monsters and slay them to prevent any 'wastage'. After all, their Inheritance Transformations could still last for approximately 30 minutes. After their Inheritance Transformations were over, Zhang Yang and Lost Dream came together and brought on the second round of their match. However, Lost Dream had lost again. He was so ashamed of himself to the point that he did not even dare to look at the others. After clearing up the area, everyone went back to the main city.

After disbanding the party, Zhang Yang took the 4 ladies back to the Spider Kingdom to complete their quest.

It seemed that Andros was still in great sorrow. After throwing a helmet over to them, he no longer spoke to them at all.

The attributes of this helmet would differ according the Class of the player who wears it. If Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er are the ones who pick it up, it would become a Heavy Armor. If Sun Xin Yu picks it up, it would become a Leather Armor. If Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream pick it up, it would become Cloth Armor. However, the equipment would stay as an Ethereal Tier equipment.

[Demon Slaughterer's Helmet] (Ethereal, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +320

Vitality: +7,557

Strength: +2,539

Agility: +1,102

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 15,110 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 8%

Equip: Absorbs 1,078 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 170

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

"Why did the system give us another hat?" Han Ying Xue was dissatisfied with what she got as the reward of the quest. She had just acquired a Holy Tier hat, after all. So this hat would not catch her attention at all. Instead, Daffodil Daydream was very interested in acquiring it. Although her current helmet was also an Ethereal Tier equipment, the equipment was only Level 140. Her current helmet was slightly weaker than this new helmet.

After completing the quest, the five of them went back to Souron's castle. Then, they made their way back to the main city so that they could socket in the Level 6 Gemstones they had acquired earlier on into their equipment sockets.

The attribute boosts that a Level 6 Gemstone could provide to a player was astonishing! Other than the cheap 400 points of Vitality, players would get additional 200 points for other attributes such as Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Spirit. Zhang Yang had inserted a total of 3 Level 6 Strength Gemstones and increased his Strength by an additional 50%! With just Level 5 and Level 6 Strength Gemstones, his Strength had reached up to 2,100 points!

Currently, his lowest Attack would also exceed 100,000 damage. Upon activating his {Vitality Aura}, his Maximum HP had reached up to approximately 950,000 HP. He could be deemed as a humanoid monster now! If he ever wants to show off his attributes in the public channel, 99% of the players would definitely rub their eyes in disbelief.

In the eyes of the public, a top Tier player would only have a set of Level 140 Mythical Tier equipment. They would be so shocked that they would drop their jaws even if they only see a player with a total amount of 200,000 HP. If the high Tier player was holding a two-handed weapon, that player should be able to deal approximately 40,000 to 50,000 damage. There was no doubt that others would not be able to match such a high amount of damage.

That was the advantage that high-Level players would have over the other players who were lower in levels. They could wear equipment of higher level and insert gemstones that were higher in grade in their equipment as well. They could also learn Skills of higher level and drink potions of higher grades! These advantages could be combined together to create an improvement in the quality of a player.

For instance, even if Zhang Yang had a Class C Inheritance, he would have over 10,000,000 HP after activating his Transformation Skill. His Attack power would still exceed a basic damage of 200,000 because he was currently beyond Level 150. On the contrary, as the player mentioned above, even if the Level 140 player activates a Class A Inheritance Transformation Skill, the player's total amount of HP would only hit the cap of 6,000,000 HP. The player would only have over 130,000 basic damage!

In that sense, the power level of a Class C Inheritance Transformation would actually be enough to defeat a Class A Inheritance Transformation.

Therefore, the most important aspect of online games was still 'Levels'! Players could only battle on the same ground, only if their levels were on similar par. Then only, could they compete against each other in terms of Skills and equipment.

Zhang Yang was content with his current attributes. After all, he only managed to attain such powerful attributes back in his previous life when he was at level 179. Back then, he did not have any equipment with the Special attribute that allowed him to equip the equipment 20 levels before he reached the Required Level for those equipment. Currently, he had a full set of Level 170 equipment. Two of the equipment were Holy Tier equipment, while the rest of the equipment were all Ethereal Tier.

However, because Zhang Yang only had a Class B Inheritance and a one-handed weapon in his previous life, his Attack power was far lower than the Attack power he had in this life currently. Speaking of his HP, he already had equipped himself with defensive equipment that were most important to Tankers. Furthermore, his shield was a Holy Tier equipment. In a nutshell, he is now far more powerful than he was in his previous life!

Haih... the old days were not meant to be brought up ever again!

Zhang Yang did not go lenient on himself when it came to grinding his level. One of the main reasons was that those few maniacs from the Eternal Flame were getting much more efficient in grinding their levels up for some reason. They were expressing their intentions clearly enough for everyone to know that they wanted to become Number One on the Leaderboard! Meanwhile, the other players from other Regions did not slack off either. If anyone would allow themselves to have any self-satisfaction upon their current achievement, it would only lead them down to a path that they could just stare at others overtaking them.

It was already July before anyone of them knew it. The summer in Zhou Su City has always been humid. Zhang Yang woke up early in the morning. He was already sweaty the moment he stepped foot out of his house. Upon completing his morning training, his sweat was pouring down his six-packs, making them glisten in the sunlight like shining jewels. After he took a bath and had his breakfast, Zhang Yang went to work as usual.

He walked into the company and went into the elevator. Then he took a turn towards his office as usual. However, Zhang Yang had a weird feeling today. It felt like everyone was looking at him with weird eyes today.

Did the little brat stick another note on his back again?

Zhang Yang reached out his hand to touch his back. Well, he did not find any notes. Could it be that the little brat had put something on his handkerchief so that when he uses it, his face became 'flowery' and all? That was not possible! The little brat was not at home yesterday. She was at university all the while!

Pressing on with his suspicion, Zhang Yang walked right into his office. A few minutes later, he heard some gentle knocking on his office door. The door was pushed opened and a tall girl walked right into the office with a cup of hot coffee in her hands.

Zhang Yang's sixth sense was incredible!

This tall girl had the appearance on the same level as Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. She was definitely a 'disaster level' beauty. Sun Xin Yu was a cool beauty. Han Ying Xue was just plain freaking sexy. This girl looked like a juicy honeydew. Any man would feel an itch in their hearts and they would desire to rip off her clothes from head to toe to conquer her sexy hot body.

This girl was in her Office Lady uniform. Right between the opening of her collar, her fair skin, with a perfect complexion was revealed. Her bust was so compressed that her buttons were about to blow! It obviously exhibited her prideful assets. Any men in the room would have fallen into the honey pot trap!

Even though Zhang Yang's pair of eyes that had been fed with a lifetime of beautiful 'sights', he was still distracted for one brief moment by her appearance.

"Mr. Zhang, I'm a new secretary. My name is Cheng Xue Yao" This 'disastrous level' elf was putting the cup of coffee onto Zhang Yang's table. Her eyes were so mesmerizing as they revealed a diverse and complex mental apparatus.

Zhang Yang had a total of 6 'daily' secretaries. They were all basically flower vases in the office. He could still recall that there was indeed a secretary with the surname 'Lee' coming into his office to resign. She informed him that she was going to marry someone. She even dared to ask Zhang Yang if he wanted to have a 'friendly match' with her to make her last day in the office memorable.

Zhang Yang did not fire these flower vases, mainly because he was not a cold-blooded son of a b*tch. Secondly, it was because he could use some eye candies in the office. After all, they were all considered as beauties in the office. He could feel satisfied even though he does not 'eat' them. Well, he also did not plan to hire another secretary to fill in her place so soon. He did not expect the people below him to be so persistent in filling up the empty slot in the office. It only took them two days to find a suitable candidate.

So now, Zhang Yang had finally solved the mystery. No wonder people were staring at him throughout the entire morning. Apparently, it was all because of the new girl Cheng Xue Yao. Yes, it would be true that such an angelic girl would become the center attention of many people. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had been well known to a collector of pretty women in his 'Doll House'. Hence, it made perfect sense that everyone was staring at him with strange looks.

"Mr. Zhang, I heard that you're playing 'God's Miracle' too!" Cheng Xue Yao was quite passionate in trying to make a conversation with Zhang Yang. She was giggling softly while talking to Zhang Yang. Her mesmerizing eyes were as if they were able to whisper. It was seductive.

How electrifying!

Zhang Yang was mesmerized by her watery eyes so badly as if there were countless ants crawling in his heart. The ants were really biting through his heart from inside out right now! However, this girl seemed to know how to protect herself even though she seemed so effortlessly seductive.

For example, when she was leaning over to put coffee on the table, her other hand was placed cleverly to shield Zhang Yang's eyesight from staring straight at her busts and cleavage. She did maintain a subtle distance between herself and Zhang Yang as well. The distance was just perfect, that both of them did not feel awkward at all.