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 Chapter 685: Legendary Tier

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The shield alone had provided a total of 26,000 HP. With the {Vitality Aura} stacked with the shield's HP bonus, the total HP it provided was 36,000! Right then, Zhang Yang had over 510,000 HP, giving him a significant boost of HP!

What a loot! Sadly, Zhang Yang would have to wait until he reached Level 150 before he could equip it. Right then, he was Level 144, with a little push, Zhang Yang could reach Level 150 in just one month's time!

"Little Yan Er's hands are really lucky! Two weapons and a shield? That's better than striking the lottery!" Fatty Han gave her two thumbs up. "It's a shame that there's no Hunter's EQ though."

Zhang Yang pretended a cough. "Giving you a weapon would be a major waste."

"Hey! I heard that! How could you say this to a bro!" Fatty Han puffed.

Everyone ignored the fatso and paid their attention to the last dagger.

[Shadow Totem's Dagger] (Holy, Dagger)

Weapon Attack: 8,465 - 12,465

Attack Interval: 1.9 seconds.

DPS: 5,508

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage dealt by 40%

Equip: Increases Critical strike rate by 8%

Equip: Grants a chance to reduce a target's movement speed by 50% after a successful strike. Last for 8 seconds.

Level Requirement: 170

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

Ever since Sin Xin Yu had acquired the Shadow Dancer S class Inheritance, she had changed her weapon of choice to swords. Hence, with no competitor around, the dagger fell into Lost Dream's hands easily.

"It's sad that the dagger normal attack would be affected by strong Defenses. If only Lost Dream could learn the skill {Eagle Eye} as well...." said Zhang Yang.

"Ooi! I want that as well!" Wei Yan Er jumped up like a bunny. She was afraid that Zhang Yang might steel his decision to let Lost Dream have the next {Eagle Eye}.

Everyone finally laughed as there were no more equipment for them to feel anxious about. Still, excitement remained in the air. Weapons would be the greatest buff to any players, while Shields would be the greatest asset to a tank! Souron might be an enemy, but he had been generous enough to reward his killers with awesome equipment!

The next person to receive the [Skill Point Crystal] according to the cycle, was Hundred Shots. There was no rolling needed, for there was a 100% chance for all of them to receive it in the end. It was not that difficult for them to find and kill an open-world boss! Especially when Zhang Yang is known to be a boss fight magnet!

Amongst the books found, one of them was a recipe. Wei Yan Er straight away threw the book at Zhang Yang for him to learn. It was an Alchemy recipe. Even though many players in the party had learned Alchemy as well, they did not possess the Alchemist Intuition. For them to learn new recipes would be a waste since Zhang Yang could concoct potions with Transmuted grades!

Zhang Yang took the recipe and learned it immediately.

[Temporary Invincibility Potion] (Usable)

Use: Gains Invincibility to all attacks, skills, and disabling effect. Last for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes. Using this potion will place all other potions into the same cooldown time.

Level Requirement: 120

Invincibility Potion!

Everyone widened their eyes with delight. If it is a Transmuted grade, it would increase the duration length! Even though it was just a second long, it would be the thin line between winning and losing! Furthermore, this potion is incredibly useful in boss fights! For example, if they had already possessed this potion during the fight with Souron, they would not have needed to fear him in his {Demon Unleashed} status.

"Jackpot!" Everyone screamed in delight. Zhang Yang had the [Herb Foraging Familiar,] he would never be short on materials, ever!

"Hehe, I'm going to show this to Snow Seeker! We'll sell her all the normal potions and keep all the Transmuted grade for ourselves!" Zhang Yang snickered evilly. Others joined in on the evil masterplan!

As expected, Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince and other guild masters quickly begged Zhang Yang for all his supplies of the potions! With a large demand and low supply, Zhang Yang could be monopolizing the potion, for good!

Wei Yan Er took out the second book and displayed it. It was not a recipe, but a skill book.

[Indistinct Skill Book: Fake Death]

Use: Teaches you {Fake Death}

Class Requirement: Unrestricted

Level Requirement: 30

Bound on Obtained.

Everyone gasped with both surprise and joy. Since the start of the game, up until that point, the only Indistinct Skill Book they knew was the Beast Taming skill of Zhang Yang. It allowed Zhang Yang to use his battle mount as a Hunter's pet, giving him the upper hand in battles, dungeons, and PvP Arenas!

"Tch! I already have the skill!" Fatty Han puffed disgruntledly.

"Indistinct...That means that skills from other job could be learned by other class without any restrictions! It would be incredibly game-breaking if the skill is OP!" Zhang Yang smiled with satisfaction. "Little brat. You take it. Everyone here has skills to clear their aggro easily. You would benefit best from it!"

Hunters had {Fake Death}. Thieves had {Vanish}. Although Spellcaster had no skills of that sort, they could at least use {Ice Barrier} to gain 10 seconds of Invincibility to allow tanks to grab the aggro back to them. Berserkers were different, if they are not careful enough, the boss would come after them whenever they go OT, with no way of rectifying the situation themselves. When that happens, strong bosses could easily wipe them out with a single puff.

Now that Wei Yan Er has the skill, she can kiss goodbye to the fear of OT'ing Zhang Yang!

The little girl patted the skill book on her pitiful chest and jumped around joyfully. The next second, she screamed "Ack!" and fell to the ground lifelessly.

{Fake Death} allows the caster to mimic a real death animation to allow monsters to ignore your presence and to break free of the battle.

Everyone waited for the little girl to get back up, but she continued to lie there.


Han Ying Xue walked over to Wei Yan Er and gave her a tight slap on her butt. "Enough! Get up you stupid, flat chested girl! People are still waiting for you to show them the loots!"

"ARGH!" Wei Yan Er finally got up to her feet and screamed at Han Ying Xue for calling her a flat chested girl. They fought for a little while and Zhang Yang had to separate the two females.

The third book was weird. It was neither a recipe nor a skill book. It was a whole new item that no one, even Zhang Yang, had ever seen.

[The Book of Revelation: Third Chapter] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: The holder of the book shall grant a 100 meters range 5% damage buff to all players. Similar effects do not stack. If the holder of the book is killed, he or she can choose revive at the same place with 10% HP and MP. The effect can only be used once every 10 hours. Similar effects do not stack. If the holder of the book is killed during the revival cooldown duration, the book will drop with a 100% rate. This item can only held in the holder's inventory. Cannot be destroyed.

Use: Combines this Chapter with [The Book of Revelations: Chapter 2] or [The Book of Revelations: Chapter 4].

"Legendary tier? What is that?" Everyone started to asked question and directed their quirk looks towards Zhang Yang. Were not there only 10 tier? Black-Steel, Green-Copper, Gray-Silver, Yellow-Gold, Violet-Platinum, Mythical, Ethereal, Holy, Ascended, and Celestial! When was there a Legendary tier!?

Plus, the thing could not be equipped. Like an Inheritance Fragment, the item could only be stored in the inventory.

However, the item tier aside, the item effect was truly strong, it could provide 5% attack boost to all players around. It was almost similar to that of a damage buff aura effect. Furthermore, the item could grant the holder the ability to revive at the same spot after death! It could be extremely useful in a boss fight when it comes to landing the killing blow!

On the other hand, it could be extremely dangerous to use it during a PvP session. If the holder is killed once during the PvP fight, the next imminent death could result in the loss of the item. If the player is truly killed twice in a PvP Arena, it might be a center of attention. A laughing stock!

The item had an additional tag. A Chapter to be precise. Based on the item description, there could be more than three chapters left to be found! Even though it was not stated that the effect of the Chapters could be stacked, that glimpse of oppression still lay at the end of this path!

If the complete book is assembled together, what would the effects be!?

"Don't look at me. I have no idea what is this!" said Zhang Yang when he noticed that everyone was waiting for him for a response.

Truth be told, all of Zhang Yang's experience that had been brought forth to this lifetime had almost been used. That aside, the item was extremely useful, for it could be used as a secret trump card! Secondly, the item had never been announced to the whole world! Who would want to let anyone know about the item - they might be hunted and killed for it!

That was probably the main reason why Zhang Yang had never heard of the item before, in his previous life! Then again, he had never been able to "mingle" around with pro players, back then...

"If the effect could stack on each other after combining...this item might be able to live up to its Legendary name!"

Still, just having one Chapter was not truly a whole 'Revelation'. It was still a helpful hand. A 5% attack boost might be tiny, but it was still an aura effect; everyone could gain from it. In the end, the book was thrown to Zhang Yang for safe keeping. The man was a walking boulder! No one could kill him!

With {Burrow}, {Shadow of the Void}, the man was practically un-killable! If someone is still able to track him down, Zhang Yang's Turtle shell defense could defend him, and paired with his world destroyer-like attack, he would kill anyone before he is killed!

The last item was the black command order.

[Territory Command Order: Souron's Castle]

Use: Incites a Territory Conquest War on Souron's Castle.

Level Requirement: 100

Zhang Yang panicked for a moment there when he saw the Territory Command Order. He thought that the bastard system will announce it to the world again! However, after what seemed to be the longest one second ever, the channels were still empty. The system did not announce anything. Perhaps, the developers had already patched it to help players. To be able to hunt this Command Order, players would most likely have used their Transformation skills to defeat the boss. Hence, considering the fact that many players had already obtained their Inheritance, the developers decided to provide players a breathing room to allow players to make preparations for the war. Since it has come to that change, the Command Order was changed from interact to activate, to manual activation. Zhang Yang could now make proper preparations! Since the Command Order was found by Zhang Yang party, it would be fair for them to have the upper hand as a reward!

Zhang Yang then switched to the guild channel and commanded all players with Inheritance Transformation skills to not use their Transformation skill for the next three days. He announced that there would be a special guild-wide event where he would require the support of all players with Inheritance. He had not announced that it was a Territorial Conquest War since he was afraid of spies. Instead, he had fed them hints of fighting something else. If the real news about the new Territory is leaked, other players from other Regions might rush in to start another Nation War!

Alone, Lone Desert Smoke could never handle the simultaneous attacks from all Regions! Luckily, the number of players that could set foot in Mar Gaia Forest was not many. Hence, the estimated number of participants in the upcoming war should be not more than the war in the canyon some days back.

After careful consideration, Zhang Yang decided to ask for Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince, and other local guild masters for their help. Although Lone Desert Smoke would be the guild and Zhang Yang would be the owner collecting the transport fees, the ones that would also gain from it would be the players of China! It was a matter of Regional pride and glory. He believed that the fellow guild maters he trusted would not let this chance slide.