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 Chapter 652: Ghastly Frost Dragon

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"More fake, shoddy goods again! Pui!" Wei Yan Er was infuriated immediately. While they were back on the mountains of '12 Zodiacs', she had been very eager to get a dragon as her pet. However, after exploring for half a day, she only came to realize that the so-called dragon mountain was inhabited by countless, flightless raptors. She was so disappointed and furious that she had committed it deep into memory. She had brought that grudge along with her ever since.

The two Phoenix pets were performing with great exemplary. The damage they dealt with the monsters were tremendous. These 10-meter tall raptors were considered to be the final line of Defense for the final boss. They were 'trampled' over by the two Phoenix pets with ease. Well, at least the monsters died trying to stop Zhang Yang and his party from progressing forward. Even though they failed, they went down honorably!

Upon activating the Phoenix Transformation Skills, the two Phoenix pets had attained powerful Attacks ranging from 72,882 damage to 82,876 damage. With each fire breath they spat across the hordes, they dealt so much damage on more than 10 monsters at a time. Furthermore, they could attack every 2 seconds. The waves of flames that blanketed the monsters were consecutive and deadly! All that the two Phoenix needed was 1 minute to clean out every single monster in the area.

It was an astonishing sight! They had never thought that these two Phoenix pets could perform so much better than a player with a Class B Inheritance Transformation!

After approximately half an hour of pushing forward, Zhang Yang and his party finally received news that Land of Savages and another unknown party from the direction of 10 o'clock had defeated the 4th boss. The two parties had finally made progress up to 80%, leaving only 20% left before completion. So now, only three parties remained in the contest of becoming the first in getting to the finishing point on the map. Although Zhang Yang and his party were leading on top, they did not dare let up or to make any careless mistakes. Because no one would know what the others had up in their sleeves that might turn the tables around. They could just use their triumph card at the final moment and wrap up the dungeon.

"They're approaching us at a very high speed!" Daffodil Daydream looked at the map. The two parties were progressing at a faster rate than Zhang Yang and his party. It seemed that they might stand a chance of overtaking Zhang Yang and his party, at this rate!

"They should have already activated all of their available Inheritance Skills!" Han Ying Xue made a guess.

"That's right! It's about time for the final showdown!" Zhang Yang nodded. Then he said, "However, we still have 20% to go. Judging from the difficulty of taking down the previous boss, I believe that the next boss will be even harder! They can catch up with us, or even overtake us now. But, how about the boss? When they reach the boss, they will not have any other Inheritance Transformations to use anymore. By then, do you think that they will last?"

"However, if they get left behind, they will not stand a chance to even catch up with us!" Daffodil Daydream said, "They must be wagering on the fact that there is no fifth boss!"

"If that's the case, they would really stand a great chance to beat us to the finishing point." Zhang Yang nodded. Then he continued, "But I think that possibility is unlikely to happen. If there's really no boss number 5, that would really make the contest look lame."

"Haha! Then let them come! We shall make a fair contest out of it with them!" Hundred Shots and the others were looking very sure of themselves.

If they really could not win such a fair contest with an equal number of players, they should only accept defeat gracefully.

The other two parties must have used all of their available Inheritance Transformation Skills in order to keep up with the pace of the contest. Perhaps they were progressing even faster than Zhang Yang and his party now. If that is the case, then Zhang Yang and his party would have a lot of trouble staying ahead of the other parties.

Every single party on the map were basically exhibiting their capabilities to the fullest as they were making their way towards the finishing point. Normal players would have their eyes popping out if they could just look at how swiftly these 3 parties are progressing forward. Their efficiency in slaying those high-level monsters was astoundingly high!

As they were taking out any means that were left up in their sleeves in order to push forward, the three parties were getting closer and closer to the finishing point. Every one of the parties was progressing faster and faster. As they approached the finishing line, the distance between the Stone Bridges was getting narrower and narrower as well. Everyone on the bridge could see everything that was happening on the other bridges. Only the party at 6 o'clock could not see the party from 12 o'clock, and vice versa.

The mysterious party that was coming from the direction of 10 o'clock finally revealed themselves. It appeared that they were from the Hell family in the Europe Region. Of course, one of the members of the party was that royal princess --- Dusk Phoenix. At the same time, that black Phoenix had also noticed Zhang Yang's presence on the other Stone Bridge. She began to wave at Zhang Yang in excitement. The other 9 members of her party revealed a sense of scorn on their faces. It seemed that they were rather envious or jealous of Zhang Yang.

Dusk Phoenix was true royalty. Her appearance was divinely beautiful, just like an angel that came down from the sky. Whoever gets to marry her would be showered with luxury beyond one's wildest dreams --- Well, that man would become the 'future' king of Luxembourg. Although it was just a title by the name without any real power, how many people in the world would have the luxury to enjoy having that title?

Therefore, upon seeing her wink at Zhang Yang ever so seductively, these men could not help but feel envious of Zhang Yang. They were on the verge of losing themselves. The idea of jumping over to the next bridge to duel with Zhang Yang definitely crossed their minds. Well, no one could blame them for having such thoughts on Dusk Phoenix.

"That horny Phoenix! Pui!" Han Ying Xue spoke coldly.

Now that the three parties were able to see each other clearly, that meant that each of the Stone Bridges were reaching its end.

A gigantic creature was seen blocking in the middle of the Stone Bridge. Although the creature was nothing but bones, it was simply gigantic! It was astounding!

It was a gigantic, Frosty Ghost Dragon!

Gigantic dragons are considered to be the most powerful beings on earth, known to mankind. Meanwhile, even though this creature no longer lived, it would still be extremely powerful. The eternal resentment had turned this Celestial beast into a Ghost Dragon! There were 3 types of different attributes among the species of such dragons before they died. They were known to be Frost, Flame, and Shadow. The attributes of Natural-types and the Celestial-types were like fire and water. Even if the dragon had turned into Ghost Dragon, it would only possess only one attribute. It would either be Frost, Flame or Shadow.

[Misty Frosty Ghost Dragon] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 150

HP: 1,000,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Melee Attack: 75,409 - 95,409


[Frost Breath]: Spits out a breath of the dragon in a conical area, causing 80,000 Frost Damage to all targets within the effective area of the Skill.

[Spectre Build]: Recovers 1% HP once every 30 seconds. The recovery rate and amount will not be affected by any other effects.

[Dragon Wing Strike]: Flaps both wings and causes 100,000 Physical Damage to all targets within effective range. The targets will be blown away by a certain distance.

Note: The Frosty Ghost Dragon is guarding the final stage in the mist. However, throughout the countless ages, no warrior or adventurer had ever gone past it. They descended as Spectres upon their failures.

On every Stone Bridge, there was a wall made of air that looked a lot like a door in a dungeon. It was just right behind the Frosty Ghost Dragons on every Stone Bridge. Everyone could see the finishing point right behind that transparent air wall. The finishing point was the one point that connected all 12 Stone Bridges right in the middle. That finishing point was a round stage, as large as a basket ball court. There was an ancient-looking chest placed right in the middle of that stage.

Everything was so clear now. No doubt, the parties had to kill the Frosty Ghost Dragon first before they could walk through the invisible air wall and see what's being kept within the ancient-looking chest.

So whoever who could slay the Frosty Ghost Dragon right in front of them would get that treasure chest! However, if two or more parties got to slay the dragons at the same time, an all-out chaotic PvP would occur. Only one winner would emerge from that!

If the treasure chest is not there for the claiming, everyone would have chilled down a little. It would be the same if you are the first party or the last party because there would not be any special rewards. However, the situation is different when there is a final reward placed right in the middle of everything! The map had arranged 5 Ethereal bosses to guard that chest --- of course, it would not be easy at all because a party must take out all 5 Ethereal Tier bosses before reaching the chest. No ordinary party could accomplish such a thing in the game --- the one and only final reward would definitely be unique and super rare!

Zhang Yang and his party swore that they would get the rewards, no matter the costs!

"That HP... is too much!" Lost Dream squeaked.

They had encountered a boss with 1,000,000,000 HP before. However, they had managed it with over 50 players in one party! Furthermore, the most resentful fact was that the boss has {Spectre Build} which would allow the boss to recover its HP! With an amount of 1,000,000,000 HP, the boss would be able to recover 330,000 HP in each second!

The current formation of Zhang Yang party was considered grand and powerful. The entire party could deal a DPS of 350,000 damage even without a single Inheritance Transformation active. With the {Spectre Build} on the boss screwing things around, the party's effective DPS had been brought down to only approximately 20,000 damage. So, in order for the party to clear out the entire HP bar of the boss, it would require... 14 hours at the very least!

The boss would have a terrifying array of AoE assaults. Could Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart and the Healing-type Battle Companions maintain their healing efficiency all the way for 14 hours?

This was a final boss worthy of being the final 'obstacle' on the map. Its might wrought nothing but despair!

Fortunately, Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had not activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills yet. Zhang Yang would greatly boost the firepower and survivability of the party while Han Ying Xue would keep the party practically immortal. Therefore, the two large problems for this boss battle had been solved!

At that instant, the Transformation of the two Phoenix pets were about to come to an end. Zhang Yang was the only hope that could boost the damage output of the party.

Before Zhang Yang activates his Inheritance Transformation, he could deal approximately 60,000 damage in each passing second. When he activates his Inheritance Transformation, he could actually deal up to a total of 200,000 damage in each second! An increment of 140,000 damage on Zhang Yang's initial DPS could increase the total damage output of the party from dealing 20,000 damage to dealing a total of 160,000 damage in each second!

Based on this, the party would actually take out the boss in approximately 104 minutes! An Inheritance Transformation would last for that duration.

However, the party could only take out the boss within that amount of time if they performed at their very best. It would be far easier said than done. The boss had a Skill that could blast players backward and stagger them for a brief moment. As players stumble about and struggle to regain their balance, DPS would almost halt completely. Other than just dealing damage to the boss, the players would have to deal with the shockwaves that would push them back once in a while. The amount of damage the party could deal within a set period of time would surely be reduced!

Meanwhile, if the party could not take out the boss within 2 hours, they would have to suffer the fate with a DPS of 20,000 damage. When that happens, the {Dragon Wing Strike} of the boss, would completely halt the party in its tracks!

Therefore, the party must take out the boss within 2 hours!

However, Zhang Yang still had his {Glare of the Death God} ready. Therefore, as long as one out of three throws could trigger the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}, Zhang Yang and his party would be able to kill the boss.

Zhang Yang and his gang exchanged looks. Then they nodded at each other together. "Alright, let's move out! Chop chop!"

The Transformation Skill of the two Phoenix Pets would last for another 10 minutes. They could still provide some additional damage.

It was time. Zhang Yang activated his {God of War Transformation} without any hesitation. The colorful radiance streamed across the surrounding and caught many people's attention. He flapped his wings and flew towards the boss at a high speed. Then he crashed into the boss. Han Ying Xue had also activated her {Milkmaid Deity Transformation} at the same instant. Her pair of round and full breasts swelled out even more as the Transformation Skill activated. Apparently, the person who designed the visuals of this Inheritance must be a wretched, horny man!

Everyone got into position. Zhang Yang threw the first {Glare of the Death God} at the boss. The sooner he throws it out, the sooner it would become available again. By doing so, it would be possible for him attempt the skill three times.


Everyone cursed deeply in their hearts They got over it pretty quickly because they were used to such disappointment. They could only pray that the other two times would not be resisted as well.


The party began to launch their aggressive assaults onto the boss. They even began drinking potions just to get their Attacks up! Well, it was now or never!

Having similar thoughts in their mind, Land of Savages and Hell Family were also starting to launch their assaults as madly as they could. The decisive battle was just beginning!