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 Chapter 649: Mist Death Knight

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Fatty Han suddenly revealed a dreadful expression on his face, and he said, "What a pity that the boss did not drop her clothes and her pants!"

The mind of a wretched one would of course be... wretched. If the boss had really dropped her clothes and pants, she would be battling Zhang Yang and his party with her jiggly tatas and her big badabooms exposed!

Everyone shook their heads at what Fatty Han had to say. Only Endless Starlight sighed along with Fatty Han. After all, he was a feather from the same flock as Fatty Han. During the battle with the boss, Endless Starlight was swinging his hammer so much harder than before, as if he was wishing that his hammer would knock off the clothes and pants of the boss!

Although the boss had gained another new Skill upon her most recent resurrection, the rate of activating her {Blood Shadow Arrow} was now much lower. The threat that she posed to the party had diminished. Zhang Yang and all his party members split out into formation as they continued to launch their assaults on the boss as aggressively as they could.

Zhang Yang managed to secure first place on the boss's aggro list. However, Wei Yan Er came up with her immense damage and snatched the aggro of the boss over to her. One of the reasons being Zhang Yang was afflicted by the {Woeful Wound} which caused his attacks to be weakened a lot. The little brat got another opportunity to taunt Zhang Yang.

However, the boss had also activated her {Woeful Wound} on Wei Yan Er. The little brat's attack was instantly reduced by 10%! 15 seconds later, the effect of {Woeful Wound} on Zhang Yang had faded. Therefore, he slowly made his way back up to the little brat as he began to gain more aggro.

When the HP bar of the boss dropped below 80%, Zhang Yang succeeded in getting the aggro of the boss fixed on him.

However, the moment the effect of {Woeful Wound} on the little brat had faded, her attack power was restored again! It was Zhang Yang's turn to be afflicted by the negative effect of the {Woeful Wound} this time. Before Zhang Yang could even take a clear look at the boss's face, Wei Yan Er came back with her immense power and snatched the boss's aggro back.

It was actually good for the two of them to exchange aggro. By doing so, the Healers could heal them in turn, at leisure.

As the amount of HP the boss is now boosted up to a total of 400,000,000 HP, the amount of HP that she can recover every second had reached up to a total of 130,000 HP. In other words, the intensity of the party dealing damage to the boss had been greatly affected. The speed of reduction of the HP bar of the boss had been slowed down a lot.

"Aiya! The parties that we left behind have caught up!" Han Ying Xue let out a dismayed scream.

Everyone in Zhang Yang's party could not help but stare at each other. At that instant, they were at 60% of the overall progression. The distances between the Stone Bridges are now down to 2 kilometers. Although 2 kilometers is still quite a distance in the real world, players could already see each other clearly on each side of the Stone Bridge in the game.

The progression of the Land of Savages and Blood Alliance were considered to be average. They were beginning to take on the second boss in her first stage.

"Worry not, we're far ahead of them!" Zhang Yang laughed as he said. Although the other parties seemed to have caught up with Zhang Yang and his party by the looks of it, Zhang Yang's party still have 5 players who had not yet activated their Inheritance Transformations. They also had two oppressively powerful Phoenix pets which could also transform into even more powerful states.

At their current stage, they could clearly see their advantage over the other parties that had just arrived. Some of the parties were still engaged with the Necromancers and the other monsters. They had not even met the boss yet. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and his party were almost done with the third boss.

Compared to the boss' second stage, Garces only had one more additional Skill which only could deal damage to one target at a time. She was not that powerful. The HP bar of the boss was reducing at a good speed. However, Zhang Yang could not afford to be careless. Once the boss's HP drops down to 20%, the boss would activate her {Blood Shadow Arrow} more frequently. That would definitely slow his party down in killing the boss.

If the party could not deal damage half the time while battling the boss, the DPS of the entire party would drop down to 200,000 damage only. In the meantime, the boss would recover 130,000 HP every second. It would become even harder for the party to bring down the HP bar of the boss. Meanwhile, the damage that the {Blood Shadow Arrow} could deal to the party was immensely high. Zhang Yang and his gang would have to take out the boss as soon as possible if they do not want to be wiped out by the boss.

To solve the problem, everyone could only reserve their hard-hitting Skills for the 'Killing Cleave' stage of the boss battle. Of course, if the {Glare of the Death God} is not resisted again, they should be doing fine in killing the boss.

20 minutes later, Garces's HP bar had finally dropped down to 20%. The eyes of the boss turned bloody red all of a sudden as she started hissing and screeching all the way throughout the battle. Although her Attack was not increased, the rate of the boss activating her {Blood Shadow Arrow} became more frequent than before. When her HP bar was dropped down to 10%, she would activate her {Blood Shadow Arrow} even more frequently! That would be pure madness!

18%, 16%, 14%!

Because Zhang Yang and his gang kept getting afflicted by the effect of {Blood Shadow Arrow}, they could not channel their damage output at the boss properly. The reduction of the boss's HP bar began to slow down.

It was about time.

Zhang Yang raised up his hand and threw his {Glare of the Death God} to try out his luck once again.

Phew! A wretched skull began to form on top of the boss!

It was not resisted! Praise the lord!

Everyone cheered, as that had marked the boss's death!

"You stinky boss! Let's see how you crawl back up this time!" Wei Yan Er laughed like a mad lady as she began to feel the rush of slashing the boss up.



Under the affliction of the {Glare of the Death God}, the boss lost 4,000,000 HP each time the special effect kicked in. With her HP bar getting lower and lower every passing second, she also brought the rate of activating {Blood Shadow Arrow} up to a whole new level! Because of the Confusion Effect left everyone unable to attack, the party only managed to trigger the special effect of {Glare of the Death God} 7 times. They were forced to look at the remaining 3 chances go to waste.

It was very unfortunate.

However, the outcome of the battle had been fixed! Nothing would matter anymore at this stage!

4%, 3%, 2%, 1%!

The boss screamed out miserably and collapsed onto the ground for the third time. This time, she did not get back up on her feet. Not anymore.

"Wahaha! I have to admit that you're a strong opponent! Unfortunately, you met me!" Wei Yan Er was spouting out some lines from a movie she saw. No one knew which.

"Alright... stop fooling around and get on with the loots. We need to move!"

"Hehe!" Wei Yan Er quickly went up and picked every single loot on the ground. Then, the gang continued forward.

Because the Inheritance Transformation of the little brat was coming to an end, Hundred Shots had to activate his {Fire Transformation} to maintain their momentum of progressing forward. By doing so, he turned himself into a man on fire.

However, his Inheritance was only Class B Inheritance after all. Furthermore, he did not have any additional Shadow Damage resistance on him at all. Hence, Hundred Shots could not handle the monsters like how little brat did. He could only handle as many as 15 Elite Tier monsters at the same time.

Well, it did not matter much either. Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight could also tank against a couple of monsters. The party could still maintain the rate of their progress at taking on approximately 25 Necromancers at the same time.

"Haih... the boss was so stingy... she only dropped one or two equipment every time she died." Wei Yan Er sighed in disappointment.

"Haha. Well, even if what you say is true, she did drop her equipment three times. So, if we look at the sum of equipment by the end of the boss battle, we still gained a lot!"

"Bingo!" Wei Yan Er bounced up and down as she ran up to the rest of the party members. "This time, the boss dropped a piece of Ethereal Tier equipment, a piece of Mythical Tier equipment which is pretty useless to us, and a piece of [Skill Point Crystal]!"

[Banshee's Howl](Ethereal, Accessory)

Equip: Increases Damage by 8%.

Use: Transforms into a Screeching Banshee. When struck, the target that hits you will be afflicted with Terror Effect and will run around. Terror Effect will last for 3 seconds. Transformation will last for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Required Level: 140

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

"Wow! This piece of accessory can really be useful in a PvP match!"

"It's suitable for those who are ugly and always targeted by the enemies!"

Everyone turned around and fixed their eyes on Han Ying Xue at the same time. Because her healing ability was so ridiculously powerful, she would become the primary focus of the enemy during any Team Battle in a League Championship competition. With this piece of accessory, her survival capability would increase without any doubt.

"... is my face... that ugly...?" Han Ying Xue cried in misery.

"Enough of this nonsense! We're giving this to you for free! You should be happy!"

After shoving the accessory piece over to Han Ying Xue, everyone turned their attention over to the [Skill Point Crystal]. Everyone argued that they should be the one who gets the item. So by the end of it, everyone rolled and Wei Yan Er won the bet. She shoved the crystal into her inventory with that cocky face of hers.

After pushing forward for another 20 minutes, they were very close to engaging the third boss. On the other side, although the first stage of Garces was very simple, the second stage and the third stage of the boss made the boss battle extremely difficult. It was all because of one additional Skill called {Blood Shadow Arrow}. Even Zhang Yang and his party had trouble dealing with the waves of attacks from that particular Skill. It would be perfectly understandable for the other parties to struggle against the boss.

It was clear in the map that 7 parties were being sent back to their beginning points. In other words, they would need to go through everything from the start all over again. Now that they had been in the mist for almost 8 hours, and most of them had activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills, so it would not be possible for the parties to start all over and catch up with the parties who were still in lead. They were all as good as being eliminated from the 'contest'.

There were only 5 parties remaining in the lead. Meanwhile, only three parties could pose a threat to Zhang Yang's party. The parties were would be the party of 20 coming from 3 o'clock, Land of Savages coming from 7 o'clock and an unknown party coming from 10 o'clock.

The number of Necromancers began to decrease as Zhang Yang and his party proceeded on. Instead, more and more Death Knights appeared in the surroundings. They were all riding on their battle horses of death. They were wearing metal plates and pitch black armor. They were holding long swords as well, ready to engage in any battle with anyone who comes for them.

[Mist Death Knight] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 145

HP: 2,900,000

Defense: 3,780

Melee Attack: 52,980 - 62,890


[Death Strike]: 10% rate of the Death Knight dealing double damage.

[Death Blow]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. 100% of the damage will be converted to HP and heals the caster.

Note: Death Knights are the most dreadful monsters on this land. You're as good as dead when they shine the reflection of their swords upon you!

Looking at those monsters, Zhang Yang and his party did not dare to lure too many of them over. Zhang Yang only lured 7 Death Knights over to him. Meanwhile, Endless Starlight only lured 4. On the other hand, Hundred Shots could only lure 7 to 8 Death Knights, even with his boosted amount of HP. Any more than that, he might not survive.

It was a thrilling experience to battle against the Death Knights. It could cost a life if players are not careful when Death Knights started directing the reflections of the swords upon them. However, despite the fact that these Death Knights were a nightmare to deal with, their drops were not bad at all. Violet-Platinum Tier equipment dropped, one after another. Some of them were even Set pieces. They could be sold at hundreds of gold coins in the market, each. Fatty Han, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue were very joyful as they continued slaughtering. After all, these three could only see money in their eyes.

Zhang Yang and his party pushed on forwards for tens of minutes before they received news that the party of 20 coming from the 3 o'clock direction had finally taken down the third boss in her third stage. They began to move forward in an attempt to catch up with Zhang Yang and his party. Not long after that, the Land of Savages party coming from 7 o'clock and the unknown party coming from 5 o'clock also managed to kill the boss and continued forward with their progress. Meanwhile. Captain America and his party was wiped out by the boss.

And then, there were four...

"They really are persistent!" Zhang Yang brought up the map and glanced at it. Then he said, "Brothers and sisters, pick up the pace!"

"Noob tank, should we activate another Transformation Skills to speed things up?" Wei Yan Er was a little worried.

"No need for that, yet. We shall wait until Hundred Shot's Transformation Skill is over before letting Daffodil Daydream activate hers. After that, we shall take out the 4th boss. When that boss goes down, we shall open the floodgates and activate all available Inheritance Transformation Skills. By then, the other 3 parties will only be able to stare at their maps as we vanish from their sights! It's pointless to move fast now, we should give the other parties some hope first!"

"Sigh... you're so evil, noob tank!"