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 Chapter 634: Full Recovery Potion

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{Destructive Smash}!

Savage Lord did not slow down at all. He swung another Skill attack that could potentially damage Zhang Yang. {Destructive Smash} only has 8 seconds of cooldown. On the other hand, {Shield Wall} could last for 10 seconds. Therefore, his {Destructive Smash} would be ready for dispatching again when Zhang Yang's {Shield Wall} fades.


That attack of his had finally dealt some damage to Zhang Yang! However, Zhang Yang had over 350,000 HP. It was like a mosquito bite!

Truth be told, Savage Lord still had a Skill called {Double Slash} which could potential deal much higher damage than any attack he launched at Zhang Yang up to this point. Upon equipping his secondary weapon with a similarly powerful weapon as his primary weapon, he could deal an additional 200% of his initial damage with each of his weapons in each of his hands. Furthermore, the Skill would ignore all Defense as well! It would totally pack a punch in the gut! However, the cooldown of this Skill was 1 minute long. It would be a waste if he uses it on Zhang Yang while his {Shield Wall} is active.

Savage Lord was still in a state of invincibility. So, he switched his shield off from his secondary slot and equipped it with another battle sword. Then he began to launch a flurry of attacks on Zhang Yang.

Slash! Cut!

Savage Lord threw {Cripple Defense} on Zhang Yang like any Guardian would. It would not be a waste when he is encountering a Tanker with super high Defense. Also, because Savage Lord was using one-handed swords to attack, the Defense of his target affected him significantly in this battle. It was actually a wise move to reduce the Defense of his target before attacking.

Upon throwing 5 layers of {Cripple Defense} onto Zhang Yang, he managed to reduce Zhang Yang's Defense down to 2,820. That brought down the minimum amount of damage he needed to deal before he could begin causing effective damage to his target. It was quite a remarkable achievement for him.

The powerful Skill {Twin Blade Devastation} could last for 8 seconds. Right before the flashing strikes came to an end, Savage Lord struck out with his {Blast Wave} and stunned Zhang Yang!

{Warrior's Will}!

Zhang Yang immediately broke out of the Stun Effect and took down a [Beginner Mobility Potion] almost at the same instant.

{Brutal Smash}!


Savage Lord repeated what Zhang Yang did to him earlier on. However, he did not expect Zhang Yang to be so swift in taking out a potion from his inventory and gulping it down! Therefore, every strike that could potentially cause a Status Restriction Effect on Zhang Yang went to waste just like that!

He could still hit Zhang Yang with his {Heroic Leap} in an attempt of stunning Zhang Yang. However, he knew that it would go to waste as well, as the effect of the potion was still alive and kicking!

"Big brother! Felice has reduced half of his HP bar! You're falling far behind! Haha!" Felice spoke from the other side of the arena.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Don't worry! I'll be able to end the battle very soon!"

"Zhan Yu! You little shit!" Savage Lord let out a raging roar. Of course he would get mad! Zhang Yang was actually treating him as a means of winning a wager that Zhang Yang had with his Battle Companion! Was he treating him as an entertainment instead of an opponent? Does Zhang Yang think that Savage Lord is that easy to defeat? Did he not take him seriously? Who could have endured such an insult!

Zhang Yang swung his sword swiftly as he continued to deal damage on Savage Lord while Savage Lord did the same. After all, he was competing with Felice! He had no intention of using any of his Status Restriction Skills as using them would slow his assaults down. He only wanted to take out his target as soon as he is able to.

{God of War Devastation}!


A terrifyingly high damage was dealt upon Savage Lord and that hit almost took him out! He only had approximately 3,000 HP left on him!

Savage Lord frowned intensely. After throwing two quick slashes at Zhang Yang, he quickly switched back to his shield and gulped down a bottle of Potion. His HP bar was miraculously restored back to full!



That two consecutive slashes were actually the Ultimate Skill of the Twin Blade Inheritance. It was known as {Double Slash}. The damage this Skill could deal supreme damage to the target. That two slashes had taken out more than 60,000 HP of Zhang Yang!

Furthermore, Zhang Yang realized that Savage Lord had used a potion called [Full Recovery Potion]!

He frowned.

A [Full Recovery Potion] could restore a player's HP (Health Point), MP (Mana Point), RP (Rage Point), EP (Energy Point) and FP (Focus Point). All of it! Thus the name of it! This should be the most powerful potion there is in the entire game. However, this potion could not be made or crafted by Alchemists.

There was a rate of this Potion dropping from a super boss on an Open World Map. Other than that, the bosses from Hardcore Modes of dungeons would also potentially drop the potion as part of the rewards for clearing the bosses. However, that rate would be extremely low. After all, the effects of this potion were a little too powerful.

If Savage Lord could have this sort of potion, how about his other teammates, then?

These opponents were really keeping their cards well hidden up in their sleeves. They did not even use this sort of potion during their previous matches even when they were losing! Of course, there were not much of a challenge for them in the previous matches, to begin with. So, they reserved this sort of potion for the finals to create an element of surprise for their opponents!

However, it would be illogical for them to reserve the potions so badly if they had plenty of it. King King Arcane would have used it right before he was defeated by Wei Yan Er. After all, a normal [Level 5 Healing Potion] could only recover 30,000 HP. The effect of a [Full Recovery Potion] was far more advanced than the effect of a [Level 5 Healing Potion]. If King King Acane had this sort of potion and he did use it back then, Wei Yan Er would have been the one losing the match.

Well, the Steely Dang Battle Team was really unlucky this time around. No matter what potions Savage Lord takes, he would still be defeated by Zhang Yang by the end of this match. His fate has been locked in! It would just be a matter of time. It would only be a waste, taking a [Full Recovery Potion] while engaging Zhang Yang.

However, no one would have known who they would be going up against in the arena. All could only blame Savage Lord for being reckless. He could have kept the potion and let his other team members have it. After all, the potions were not bound upon picking up.

Zhang Yang could not help but feel pity for Savage Lord for being so unlucky.

If the standard between the two opponents were almost on the same par, this potion would have worked marvelously in affecting the outcome of the match. Furthermore, the better the equipment on the players are, the more the potion could heal.

Although Zhang Yang had the {Alchemist's Intuition} and he already made quite a number of [Level 5 Healing Potions (Grade 10 Transmutation)], but one [Level 10 Healing Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] could only heal as much as 60,000 HP. It would not even be nearly enough if this potion was used to heal a player who has over 150,000 HP!

"Haha! I bet you have never expected this!" Savage Lord laughed out loud. As he was not afflicted with the effect of {Destructive Smash} at the moment, he had managed to fully heal from it. He let out a roar and continued to launch his assaults on Zhang Yang. However, the effect of [Mobility Potion] on Zhang Yang had not faded just yet. So any Status Restriction Effect that Savage Lord attempted to put on him would not be effective.

"Stop struggling! It's futile to attempt avoiding the inevitable!" Zhang Yang smiled down at Savage Lord. He still had over 300,000 HP while Savage Lord only had about 220,000 HP on him. Comparing the weapons they wielded, Savage Lord was using two one-handed weapons while Zhang Yang was using a two-handed weapon. It was obvious that who would come out on top in terms of Attack. If they were to compare their Defense attributes, both of them were holding shields. However, Zhang Yang's was much higher, because he had two pieces of Ethereal Tier equipment on him to boost his Defense up by a notch!

Zhang Yang did not push his opponent too hard. He commanded Felice to slow down her attack speed a little. He allowed Savage Lord to hold on for a little while longer --- he was thinking of forcing Savage Lord to use another [Full Recovery Potion] - if he still had more with him!

As Savage Lord realized that Zhang Yang had tuned down his attack a little, he switched his shield out and his Defense was increased greatly. He laughed with pride and began to go all out on Zhang Yang.

However, generally, for matters under heaven, those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those outside. Hourglass Figure immediately saw Zhang Yang's intention. However, she could only stare at the match from aside. When a match begins, no outsider would be able to interrupt the match. Public channels, private channels, and even phone calls would be completely blocked off from the players inside the arena.

Hourglass Figure could only stare at the match as she was overwhelmed by anxiety. Well, Savage Lord did still have one more [Full Recovery Potion] with him. Honestly speaking, Hourglass Figure, Savage Lord, and Bloodbath Apocalypse had two bottles of [Full Recovery Potions] each. They meant to win two matches out of three. Even if they were falling behind in the 1VS1 matches, they could still continue on in the Team Battle and turn the tables over on their opposing Battle Team.

However, Zhang Yang was evil. He could have won the match easily. But he was trying to prolong the match. It was obvious that he was trying to dig deep into the sleeves of Savage Lord, trying to find out what else he had up his sleeves.

After giving it some thought, Hourglass Figure started to smile faintly. There were two sides on doing this. Because Zhang Yang had no idea how many bottles of [Full Recovery Potion] Savage Lord had on him. If Savage Lord were to really take another bottle of potion, Zhang Yang would definitely drag the match on for another minute to see if Savage Lord has a third bottle of [Full Recovery Potion]!

If Savage Lord still could not take out Zhang Yang in two minutes time, that would only prove him to be weak.

"Why isn't noob tank defeating that dark charcoal? Shouldn't he be winning the match by now?" Wei Yan Er could not understand why Zhang Yang was trying to drag the match. As long as Savage Lord does not activate {Shield Wall} or any kind of Accessory that may grant him invincibility, Zhang Yang could have taken him out cold within 10 seconds!

"That's really strange... I wonder what is going on with Zhang Yang right now?" Lost Dream and the others were expressing their concerns as well.

"Potion!" Sun Xin Yu was being as concise and comprehensive on her choice of words as always.

Lost Dreams and the others were looking at each other as they did not get what Sun Xin Yu was trying to tell them. However, the person who would understand you most would actually be your enemy. Han Ying Xue immediately got it, then she said, "You're saying that Indian guy took a potion? Hmm... he did take a bottle of potion and his HP bar went back to full."

There were too many life-saving Skills in the game. It was as if everyone already had their own life-saving Skills on them. Therefore, when the HP bar of Savage Lord miraculously recovered back to full state, no one was paying attention to how he did it or what Skill did he use. Now that Han Ying Xue had pointed it out loud and clear, everyone had finally realized the secret behind it.

"So that potion can what? Heal you back to your full HP?"

"That potion is much more powerful than Zhang Yang's [Level 5 Healing Potion {Grade 10 Transmutation)]!"

"However, such powerful potions are usually extremely rare!"

"Silly Yu is trying to drag the match so that he can trick that Indian guy into using all his potions up!"

Lost Dream and the others were not stupid either. They understood the real intention of Zhang Yang in just a brief moment.

Now, the only one who had not realize the scheme behind Zhang Yang's mind was Savage Lord. 1 minute later, his HP had dropped below 20%. The match had entered a 'killing cleave' stage. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang still had over 40% HP on him. Savage Lord suddenly activated his {Warrior's Will} to remove the negative effect that he had from Zhang Yang's {Destructive Smash}. Then he also took another [Full Recovery Potion] to restore his HP bar.

"Zhan Yu! Your time has come!" Savage Lord laughed. He activated a {Brutal Smash} and stunned Zhang Yang. Then he took some time to switch his sword out onto his secondary weapon slot. He slid over to the rear of Zhang Yang before he launched his assaults. He did that to avoid Zhang Yang's shield from getting in the way.

As expected, there was a second bottle of [Full Recovery Potion]! However, would there be a third bottle then?

Zhang Yang revealed a vague smile that no one would spot easily. Then, he activated his {Warrior's Will} and rid himself of the Stun Effect. Then he stomped his legs on the ground and activated his {Thunder Strike}. With that strike, he afflicted Savage Lord with a negative effect that reduced 90% of his movement speed. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang took the opportunity to run from Savage Lord.

--- Zhang Yang intended to delay this match for another minute to see if Savage Lord had a third bottle of the potion.

"Damn!" Savage Lord had just taken the [Full Recovery Potion]. So all his other potions were on Global Shared Cooldown for the moment. So he was forced to walk very slowly!

Zhang Yang took the opportunity to recover as he began to patch himself up with [Bandages].




During the 10-second patching session, Zhang Yang recovered over 100,000 HP all thanks to the double healing effect that was bestowed on him by his title of 'Physician's Friend'. That being said, Zhang Yang now had approximately 230,000 HP on him at the moment. He managed to heal back almost the same amount of HP that Savage Lord did.

Savage Lord was so anxious that he was on the brink of crying! He was capable of restoring his HP back to full because he had taken a [Full Recovery Potion] which appeared to be an extremely rare item! Hourglass Figure had put up the 'honor' of India and a substantial sum of money in order to get only 4 bottles of [Full Recovery Potions]. With the two [Full Recovery Potions] that they managed to keep in their guild's warehouse, they only had a total of 6 [Full Recovery Potions]!

However, knowing that the amount of HP he recovered by using one super rare [Full Recovery Potion] was as much as the amount of HP Zhang Yang recovered by using one [Bandage], of course, he would feel like crying out loud.