Chapter 610: Level 120

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Zhang Yang continued to smack the little brat without any restraint whatsoever. Then, he stopped and said, "Now do you know what would happen if you ever do this again? I care about you. I came all the way back here like a crazy person just to find out that you were just fooling around with me? One time, two times, three times! When you're really in great danger and you're in need of desperate help, would anyone still believe you and come for you?"

"Yan Er, ever heard of the boy who cried wolf!' huuu..." Han Ying Xue snickered.

Wei Yan Er looked more like a panda more than anything now. Her eyes were teary, while her expression was pitiful and yet funny. Furthermore, she kept blinking her huge eyes as she said, "Wu wu wu... noob tank... I was wrong! I'm sorry! Please don't hit me anymore... my buttocks are going to be split into four if you keep hitting them!"

Look at her pitiful face, Zhang Yang almost lost his composure to start laughing! However, he did not laugh. He fought the urge, as he needed to show the little brat some seriousness in this. He was trying to get rid of those weird immature things that were kept in that little brain of hers all day long.

On the other hand, Han Ying Xue was giggling while watching the drama between Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er. She even reached out and pinched Wei yan Er's cheek, saying, "Yan Er, you're so cute! Quickly, pass me my phone! I need to take a photo of you like this!"

"Wu wu wu... Han Ying Xue you big 'milk cow'! I hate you! I curse you to drop your boobies into the wok when you're cooking!" Wei Yan Er tightened her teeth as she spoke.

"You too! Have some self-reflection and carefully think about your own behavior!" Zhang Yang also gave Han Ying Xue a glare. This woman had actually allowed that little brat to act so recklessly. Zhang Yang thought of teaching her a lesson as well!

Han Ying Xue looked at Zhang Yang with her sexy eyes and giggled, "Silly Yu... do you intend to beat up the elder sister as well?"

"You will not remember if I don't!" Zhang Yang pulled the blanket away and he exposed Han Ying Xue's body in the open. He was shocked. The little brat was wearing a body-warming-type of pajamas which had long trousers and long sleeves, an appropriate set of standard sleeping attire. On the other hand, this witch was wearing some sort of two-piece negligee!

On her upper body, she was wearing something that barely passed as a laced bra. The bra was pushing up her round and massive 'peaks' so tightly together that a long, deep line of cleavage was seen between the two boobies. Her lower portion was barely covered in a string. They had really saved the fabric materials on manufacturing this set of bikini-like network of strings! Right at her 'triangular zone', Zhang Yang's sharp and observant pair of eyes could make out the lovely mound. Some of her bush had even slipped out the skimpy sides!

Holy molly! Zhang Yang was rendered totally speechless at the fair and smooth-skinned body of the witch. The parts that were supposed to be small would comfortably fit in the palm of a hand. Meanwhile, the parts that were supposed to be large threatened to spill out even if two hands were used! Her legs were long and slender, just the type of legs that a top Tier model would have! Her white legs were fair and alluring!

Zhang Yang stared at it, frozen in wonder. Then, he pulled her onto himself, facefirst, so that he had access to her rear, and smacked that booty with all his might!


His palm landed solidly on her buttocks as the sound of a loud slap was heard across the entire room. The surface of Han Ying Xue's meaty buttocks took such great impact that ripples went across the surface. It was hypnotic! Therapeutic! A new religion, perhaps?

What the hell! If her front was barely covered by a tiny piece of triangle, nothing covered her rear whatsoever! A string ran between her butt cheeks. Her round and fair buttocks were completely exposed to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang could feel a heatwave rushing to his chest as he stared long and hard at her buttocks. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue could not stand pain. She was letting out something between a moan and a cry. It triggered him, alright! She was still lying against him, her puffy marshmallows against his nether regions. Something hard started rising up, threatening to tear through his trousers, wanting nothing more than to nestle itself between the grand canyon!

He raised his hand up once again. The sound was loud but the slap was not. It was just like giving the buttocks a gentle tap! His palm slipped this time as he involuntarily gave a stroke on her soft and extremely elastic buttocks.

Han Ying Xue propped herself up and looked at Zhang Yang. She gave him a lewd, dreamy gaze as she licked her lips. Although they did not exchange words, they understood each other very well.

Zhang Yang said, "You disobedient woman! Get back to your own room! Now! I must teach you a lesson today!"

That was for Wei Yan Er to hear.

The little brat had no sympathy for the witch at all. She wanted the witch to suffer as quickly as possible! So she said, "That's right! It was cousin sis who persuaded me to call you, noob tank! I'm innocent!"

"You little brat --- argh!" Han Ying Xue could only make a scream before she was pulled into Zhang Yang's arms. Then, the two of them attempted to stumble out of the room without tripping each other over.

"Noob tank ---" right before Zhang Yang could set his foot out of the room, he heard the croaky voice of Wei Yan Er summoning him. He stopped, and the next thing he heard was Wei Yan Er saying, "Since you're back already, help me change the disc!"

Zhang Yang almost popped. This little brat had not reflected on her own actions at all! He had smacked her buttocks for nothing!

"You! Continue with your self-reflection! Now!"

With large, haphazard steps, the two of them found their way to Zhang Yang's room. The moment the door was shut, he lifted her up by her buttocks, sandwiching her between the door and himself. He kissed the red, seductive lips of Han Ying Xue with passion and fire.

When their lips parted and their tongues met, sparks coursed throughout their entire bodies. After kissing aggressively for 3 to 4 minutes, Han Ying Xue was already in the mood. She tugged down Zhang Yang's zip and said, "It's time for the main course after the appetizers."

Upon unleashing the Zhang Yang 'cannon', he no longer bothered to 'disarm' Han Ying Xue. He pulled off what little cloth that stood in the way and ventured straight into the flooded swamp. He did not hold back at all, offering no quarter as he began his conquest. It was a brutal, violent, jackhammering!

The witch's eyes rolled into her skull as she could only hold on to Zhang Yang's neck and shoulders for the ride that shifted the tectonic plates. She was worried that her heart would pound out from her chest as the sensations overwhelmed her body.


Tens of minutes later, the storm came to an end. Zhang Yang now had his back against the door, using the contact point where his shoulders and the surface of the door met as a fulcrum for his shoveling, while Han Ying Xue leaned on him, her feet not touching the ground once. Although the 'battle' had only gone on for tens of minutes, the two of them had never had such an intense session. The two of them were extremely exhausted to the point that they stood in silence for a time, doing nothing but to pant together.

"It felt different today!" Han Ying Xue drew circles with her finger on Zhang Yang's chest. With the touch of her gentle and soft hand, Zhang Yang felt like he was being a little reignited even after he had already let his cannon loose.

Zhang Yang did not say anything.

He had many thoughts in his mind as he was rushing back to the house, He could not imagine how a day would go by without Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. His life would become empty and lifeless! Although it was just the little brat's false alarm, Zhang Yang had clearly seen how much the two of them meant to him!

"But, I like it! This time, I could really feel that thing there really, really loving me!" Han Ying Xue directed her seductive gaze into Zhang Yang's eyes. Her eyes narrowed with clear intent as she bent over so that her massive chest flooded over Zhang Yang's rock-hard pectorals. Her perfectly shaped torso came to rest upon his body. It was like how a female knight would lean on the back of her horse as she gallops through a battlefield, lance lowered and ready. Such an aggressive stance!

Zhang Yang frowned intensely. Men and women were not the same at all when it came down to having sex. He was exhausted after having to 'feed' two ladies last night. He had just fired another shot a moment ago. So it would take a miracle for his 'cannon' to operate again anytime soon!

"Aiyo... you were so fierce just now... now you're making a pitiful face to get my sympathy?" The witch began to toy with Zhang Yang's 'cannon' again as she revealed a sense of on her face, "In the name of the moon... I'll punish you!"

"Witchy Snow! Let's get married!"

"Oh! You have finally become determined to take me as your lawful wife?" Han Ying Xie was feeling surprised.

"No! We can find a country that allows a man to have many wives. We can go there, get married and come back here!"

The expression on Han Ying Xue's face instantly changed from sunny to rainy. Her soft carress turned into a violent, twisting grip. Zhang Yang felt an excruciating pain and he jumped up to the air!

"You witch! Stop! Let go!"

"Pui! You're such a horny big bastard! Are you still thinking of having women on your left and right? Humph! There's no way for me to be on equal footing with that cold and ruthless b*tch! No way at all!" Han Ying Xue snarled as if the Ice queen and her were sworn enemies.

"Argh --- you're killing your husband!"


These two women were very odd creatures. They did not mind having a 3P sec together. So why would they still fight over for a 'status' like their lives depended on it?

Zhang Yang did not go back to the company. He was persuaded by Han Ying Xue to stay. After changing the disc for the two ladies, he accompanied them to watch the horror movie. He could not help but laugh at the two ladies' various reactions.

After logging into the game, Zhang Yang only focused on two main tasks. The first was to make tons of potions for selling. The next task was to focus on aiding Fatty Han and the others in grinding their levels and help them achieve Level 120. Although the special effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] had been greatly nerfed, Zhang Yang could still deal deadly AoE attacks to all his targets. His {Thunder Strike} and {Blast Wave} had become even more powerful thanks to the boost that his attributes had.

Meanwhile his {Horizontal Sweep} was even more terrifying! He could activate his {God of War Transformation} once every three days. It would let him slaughter with even more joy when he does so. Furthermore, his most powerful monster-slaughtering Skill was actually his {Dragon Rising Strike}, which he had no control over. It could allow Zhang Yang to deal a damage 10 times higher than his initial damage. His {Horizontal Sweep} could cover up to an area of 100-meter radius. If the effects of {Dragon Rising Strike} kicked during a {Horizontal Strike}, even elite Tier monsters would lose approximately 25% to 35% of their HP in one hit!

Zhang Yang had spent all his energy and mind in aiding the others to level up. He would not party with anyone, simply tagging along. He would allow the others to have the final strike on the monsters before they die. By doing so, the players who gave the last hit to the monsters would earn 50% of the total experience that the monsters would give!

Under his strong support, Wei Yan Er was the first to reach Level 120. Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, and Daffodil Daydream were the next to follow. In just a short while, the rest of the party members had also reached Level 120. By the end of December, all members of Zhang Yang's regular party, except for Endless Starlight had reached Level 120.

Zhang Yang had only leveled up by 2 levels. It was slow progress, as he had spent more time helping his party members instead of focusing on his own levels.

Upon reaching Level 120, the most significant change was actually done to everyone's Battle Companions and their Pets. The initial equipment on Pets and Battle Companions would level up automatically as they level up. That alone had made them so much better than the players in terms of leveling up.

Currently, Felice had over 267,480 HP (With Vitality Aura) while she is in her humanoid form. Her Attack ranged from 31,397 to 41,397 while her Defense was 5,200! When she transforms into her Dragonhawk form, her HP would reach up to 168,740 HP (With Vitality Aura). her Magic Attack would range from 19,502 to 23,502 while her Defense is merely 880. However, she had over 5,200 Magic Resistance!

On the other hand, Thunderhawk's statistics were as below:

HP: 219,310

Magic Attack: 19,502 - 23,502

Defense: 880

The Attack power of Magic-type Battle Companions and Pets were the easiest ones to count. Because they only had one single-target Skill which required only a 2-second chanting period of time. They would be able to deal 200% additional Magic damage on their targets. So, their Magic Attack would just be equal to their DPS. Felice and Thunderhawk could deal approximately 21,000 damage in every second. As long as they do not encounter a boss with high Magic-Resistance, they should be able to deal terrifying damage!

Now, they were finally ready. They can finally go on to challenge the final bosses of the quests for Class A, Class S Inheritances.

After the gang prepared all sorts of potions, they hopped onto their [Flying Mounts] and departed towards the Kandiya Grasslands. The main purpose of this expedition would be to slay the final boss of Wei Yan Er's Darkness Inheritance quest, Zhamido. As for Endless Starlight and the others, they were 'heartlessly' left behind in the dungeon. They had to lead their brothers and sisters of Lone Desert Smoke to repeat the Dragon Throat Fortress again and again for equipment and items.

--- the person that replaced him was Galileo. That boy with a pretty face had already acquired his Light and Shadow Inheritance. Furthermore, he had recently reached Level 120. He was now the big gun of the main party!

Do not underestimate the small difference between Level 120 and Level 110+. The idea of 'difference' is an understatement. Now that they had entered the Kandiya Grasslands, they would not be simply attacked by monsters unless they deliberately went around hunting for them.

Well, they were already extremely familiar with the whereabouts of Zhamido --- after being wiped out by the boss for over dozens of times, they could even find the boss with their eyes closed. After flying through the sky for more than 3 hours, they arrived at a small valley enshrouded in dark mist all over the place.