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 Chapter 604: Armor Piercing Potion

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Perfumed Water, White Orchid and the other ladies around Zhang Yang were renowned models under the employment of Crimson Cosmetic Holdings. All of them had pretty faces and hot, voluptuous bodies. Most men would fall under the spell of their pretty faces and their hot, spicy bodies while being smothered by these bombshells. But not Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang humphed and said, "It's futile to use seduction on me! I'm still getting my part of the loot!"


Thorny Rose, White Orchid and the ladies immediately let go of him. However, Perfumed Water was still touching Zhang Yang from head to toe. Zhang Yang was annoyed. So he picked Perfumed Water up by the scruff of her collar like a lost cat and brought her to Snow Seeker. Then, he shoved Perfumed Water right into the arms of Snow Seeker.

Perfumed Water was an 'omnivore'. She immediately hugged Snow Seeker with all four limbs the moment she was in Snow Seeker's arms. She reached out her demonic hands for a quick grope and started molding the pair of mountains underneath Snow Seeker's white robe. She squeezed so hard that the shape of her boobies were shifting randomly. Zhang Yang felt a heat rushing up to his head as he witnessed it.

"Perfumed Water! How could you take advantage of Sister Snow all by yourself! You were supposed to seduce Zhan Yu!" Thorny Rose quickly removed Perfumed Water from the body of Snow Seeker.

"That's right! How dare you throw yourself onto Sister Snow!"

The ladies expressed their fury at Perfumed Water for taking advantage of grabbing the boobies of Snow Seeker.

Zhang Yang quickly cut in and said, "Guildmaster Snow, it's about time to look over the loot!"

Snow Seeker let out a sigh. As a guildmaster, she should place the members of her guild before others. She did not mind her ladies seducing Zhang Yang as long as they stood a chance at influencing Zhang Yang to give up on taking a piece of the loots.

Unfortunately, Zhang Yang did not fall for their seduction, at all.

So she walked up to the dead boss and set out the loots that were dropped by the boss in order.

Hachilles dropped two Ethereal Tier equipment. One of the equipment was a hat while the other one was a Physical-type ring. Both types of equipment were Level 150. This equipment could be equipped by the players upon reaching Level 130. The other 3 Mythical Tier equipment were also Level 150 equipment. However, players would only be able to equip them upon reaching Level 150.

Other than that, there was also one [Skill Point Crystal], one [Pet Skill Book] and one [Alchemist's Recipe].

"Wow! What a jackpot!" Zhang Yang said.

The Skill Point Crystal could give the player who swallows it one additional Skill Point. Zhang Yang did not expect it to be dropped by a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss.

Snow Seeker smiled at Zhang Yang and said, "Let's see. Guildmaster Zhan Yu can have the three Mythical Tier equipment. You will earn a fortune with them!"

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes at Snow Seeker. The three Mythical equipment could only be equipped upon reaching Level 150. It would be a crime to accept that offer because the loss would be disastrous! When players reach Level 150, they would already be looking at Ethereal Tier equipment. The value of Mythical Tier equipment would be 'degraded' to the current value of Violet-Platinum Tier equipment by then. Who would be stupid enough to accept that offer?

Zhang Yang only laughed over it. He did not look at the two Ethereal Tier equipment either. He only had eyes for the [Pet Skill Book] and the [Alchemist's Recipe].

--- equipment could be acquired by challenging more bosses in the future. However, [Pet Skill Books] and [Alchemist's Recipes] were extremely hard to come by. Once you miss it, there might not be another chance to get the same ones again. If either [Pet Skill Book] or the [Alchemist's Recipe] is a Special item that would only drop once in the entire game, Zhang Yang would pick one out of the two. Otherwise, he would be picking the [Skill Point Crystal] instead. The equipment would be his last choice.

In a nutshell, the best loot that a super boss could drop would be a [Skill Book], an [Alchemist's Recipe] or something along those lines.

The name of the [Pet Skill Book] was 'Self Sacrifice'. Everyone should be able to guess what the Skill could do by looking at the name: This was a type of Skill similar to {Sacrifice}. All damage received by the owner within 5 seconds would be transferred to the pet.

The Skill would prove to be very useful in the arena and the Open World Map while battling other players. Players could save their own lives with this Skill.

On the other hand, the [Alchemist's Recipe] was the 'Armor Piercing Potion'. Zhang Yang could remember clearly that the effect of this potion allowed players who used it to ignore 10% Defense of their target for a certain duration of time.

"I shall take the [Alchemist's Recipe] then!" Zhang Yang pointed at the recipe.

The effects of the potion could be stacked together with the effect of {Cripple Defense}. Although that did not really aid Zhang Yang as he already had {Eagle Eye}, it would certainly help his party members increase their Physical Damage output! Furthermore, the amount of Defense that is being ignored was based on percentage ratio. The higher the Defense of the monster or the boss they encounter, the higher the Defense they could ignore upon consuming the potion. That 10% of Defense could mean 1,000 Defense, 2,000 Defense, or it could even mean up to tens of thousands of Defense points!

Each attack of the players could be increased by 1,000 to 2,000 damage upon using the potion. Furthermore, the effects of the potion would depend on the amount of the target's Defense. That alone was already much more practical than having some powerful equipment.

Other than that, Zhang Yang had the {Alchemist's Intuition}. He might be able to increase the percentage of Defense ignored up to 20%, 30%. It would be great if that was possible.

In Zhang Yang's previous life, this potion was deemed to be one of the Special items that could determine victory or defeat against powerful bosses. The cost of making one [Armor Piercing Potion] was only one gold coin. However, because of its practicality and rarity, one [Armor Piercing Potion] could be sold at the price of 100 gold coins at the very least! This recipe would really become a gold mine for Zhang Yang.

As the effects of the 'Armor Piercing Potion' was not mentioned in its description, Snow Seeker did not understand why Zhang Yang would be so persistent in getting that recipe. However, she understood enough to know that the recipe had to be extremely rare and valuable. That was why Zhang Yang would even pass up on a Skill Point!

However, she still gave the recipe up to Zhang Yang. The reason was simple. Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage had a good relationship that is never seen in any other two guilds. If Zhang Yang gets to making the potions, he would definitely share the potion with them. Even if Zhang Yang might not do it for free, but he could still be persuaded to do it if he was provided the materials.

Therefore, Snow Seeker had also hoped that Zhang Yand would take the recipe instead of taking other loots. It would still be like giving the recipe to one of their own Alchemist players.

According to their previous arrangement, Zhang Yang could only choose one among the loots without any conditions. The rest of the loot would be taken by Crimson Rage. In a very brief moment, the loot were distributed among the members of Crimson Rage. Meanwhile, the player who acquired the [Demon Summoner Inheritance] was White Orchid, one of Crimson Rage's best Priests.

This Priest would be an absolute monster in combat.

"Little Yang, why didn't you take the [Skill Point Crystal] instead? You could have gotten another Skill Point for free!" Fatty Han spoke in a sad tone.

Lost Dreams and the others did not say a word about it. They believed that Zhang Yang had his own reasons for doing so.

Zhang Yang laughed. Then he quickly tapped the recipe on himself and learned the recipe without any hesitation. Then he said, "The [Skill Point Crystal] can only benefit one person while the potions that I can make out of the recipe I just learned can benefit everyone just by taking the potions!"

"That's really awesome!" Lost Dream immediately cheered and said, "Zhan Yu has {Alchemist's Intuition} as well. So he can make high grade transmuted potions. That should give us better effects in ignoring Defense of our target!"

"Yes! Now, this is what I call a good fortune!" Hundred Shots nodded as well.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "We did earn a fortune for ourselves, but the Crimson Rage did not lose anything as well. If they bring us the materials for making the potion, I would have to fulfill their request as well, right?"

"Hehe! You can make the potion for them, but we can keep the potions with higher transmutation grade!"

"That's right! {Alchemist's Intuition} is your specialty, boss! No matter how much materials they are giving us, we shall only give them potions without any transmuted effects! We shall keep all transmutated potions for ourselves!"

Zhang Yang and his gang had begun discussing on how to get 'profit' by exploiting Crimson Rage. Fatty Han became impatient over it. He went on and posted the link to the description of the [Armor Penetrating Potion] over to Snow Seeker and her ladies. He was trying to get them to gather materials for making the potions.

As expected, Snow Seeker was very eager to gather the materials the moment she saw the description of the [Armor Piercing Potion]. However, she was well aware that it would be almost impossible to buy such a rare and valuable potion. Therefore, she quickly made an arrangement with Zhang Yang as she promised to bring Zhang Yang the required materials before Zhang Yang would make the potions for Crimson Rage. Zhang Yang accepted the offer, of course. He could let Crimson Rage owe him a favor while taking advantage of them.

After done distributing the remaining loots, everyone left the place by using their [Teleportation Scrolls]. Zhang Yang went straight to the bank. He took out all of the [Herbs] from his warehouse according to the recipe for the [Armor Piercing Potion]. Then, he went over to the Alchemist Shop to purchase some potion bottles in order to begin making the potions.

Fortunately, Zhang Yang had help from his Herb Foraging Familiar in gathering [Herbs]. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had been to Level 150 maps several times over without having to worry about his Herb Foraging Familiar being attacked by monsters. The Herb Foraging Familiar could even gather [Herbs] across Level 300 maps like the place was its own --- of course, Zhang Yang had to bring his Herb Foraging Familiar to those locations first in order for it to do its job.

There were many high grade [Herbs] in Zhang Yang's warehouse. Normally, he would just make some rare potions whenever he was free. Then, he would sell the potions to earn some quick money. Truth be told, the amount of money he could earn by selling potions was astoundingly high. He was able to become rich all because of his potion sales ever since the start of the game.

'Ding! You have made [Armor Piercing Potion] x10!'

'Ding! You have made [Armor Piercing Potion] x10!'

With the support of his Herb Foraging Familiar, the Alchemist profession of Zhang Yang had attained the highest grade, Grandmaster. So he could make 10 potions at a time, making him even more efficient than he already was.

'Ding! You have made [Armor Piercing Potion] x10! Due to Alchemist's Intuition, [Armor Piercing Potion] has been transmuted!'

The rate of [Armor Piercing Potion] of undergoing Transmutation was extremely low. The first transmutation only occurred after the 7th attempt.

[Armor Piercing Potion (Grade 4 Transmutation)] (Consumable)

Use: Your Physical Attack can ignore 14% Defense of the target. Can be stacked together with {Cripple Defense}. Lasts for 1 hour.

Required Level: 100

Based on this perspective, the [Armor Piecing Potion] with the highest Transmutation Grade could provide the user the ability to ignore 20% Defense of the target. The potion would really increase the damage output efficiency of the Physical-type players.

Zhang Yang was satisfied with the outcome of it as he continued to make more potions. One hour later, he used up warehouse's supply of materials that would be needed for making the [Armor Piercing Potion]. However, Snow Seeker came tripping down on him with 5,000 sets of materials just when he was about to call it a day.

Zhang Yang could make 10 bottles of [Armor Piercing Potions] at a time. 5,000 materials would take him 500 seconds to run through. It only took him roughly 8 minutes before he cleared out the materials from Snow Seeker. After some pestering and coaxing from Snow Seeker, Zhang Yang finally agreed to part with 5,100 [Armor Piercing Potions]. Zhang Yang had over 26 points of Luck. The Luck Attribute would grant players a certain chance of getting more than the initially projected amount of products. With 26 Luck, he had a 2.6% chance of producing additional potions. He should be able to turn 5,000 sets of materials into 5,130 bottles of [Armor Piercing Potions].

Therefore, Zhang Yang should be able to keep the remaining 30 bottles as his own reward for making the potions for Snow Seeker.

However, the rate of 2.6% was just in theory. Truth to be told, Zhang Yang only managed to make 93 extra bottles. So he had to give away 7 bottles of his own to Snow Seeker.

Fortunately, there was only about 20% of the 5,093 bottles of [Armor Piercing Potion] that had undergone transmutation. Of course, Zhang Yang would not reveal the truth to Snow Seeker that he had replaced all of the transmuted potions with those that had not been transmuted before handing them over to her. Snow Seeker thought she had taken advantage of Zhang Yang. She did not know that Zhang Yang had concealed his 'evil' scheme right behind that bitter smile of his.

An unpleasant part of a pleasant thing was that the materials deposited in the warehouse of Crimson Rage were too little for him to take advantage of them. 5,000 sets of materials was only a small number, as compared to Zhang Yang's 40,000 sets of materials that he gathered all by himself.

It would make perfect sense, when Zhang Yang had a god-like Herb Foraging Familiar. His Herb Foraging Familiar could just ignore the level of the maps as it goes out gathering the herbs. Therefore, the good little helper had no problem at all in gathering herbs and materials from high-level maps. On the other hand, the players from Crimson Rage had gone through heaven and hell just to gather half the number of the 5,000 sets of materials. Meanwhile, the other remaining half of the 5,000 sets of materials were most probably obtained from the Auction House via auctions.

From that point of view, it was too good to be true for Zhang Yang to have a Herb Foraging Familiar.