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 Chapter 598: Helping Out

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The news of Zhang Yang "invasion" of Grandu Ice Ridge spread all around, which led to the retaliation of the Japanese and Korean players where they infiltrated Tibanya Wastelands to have their revenge. They only sent five players, however, all of them possess Inheritances. Although all of them were only C class Inheritance holders, all five of them had activated their Transformation skills. Their combined power was strong. An average C class Inheritance player could easily fight 10 players with no Inheritance. With five of them grouped together, that power would be multiplied. One of them was a healer, hence, their fighting endurance was made stronger and could take on a hundred non-inheritance players at a time.

This only happened due to the high resistance rate of status affecting skills. That, and the ridiculously high HP and Attack power of the Inheritance players, granting them an absolute advantage in the battle.

The small team of players had returned to their own region after killing a few hundred China players. They had to turn back as their Transformation time limit had ended and the numbers of Chinese players were who were gathering up were already getting out of hand. After they had safely returned to their own bases, they had sent a warning to all of China, saying that if Zhang Yang were to return to the Japan-Korea region to mess around, they would repeat their attack again.

Zhang Yang had no intention to reveal what he did in Anjar Castle. However, Chinese players could not stop wondering about it. Like a prick in his head, they kept bugging Zhang Yang about it. Eventually, Zhang Yang got so annoyed that he had released the recordings of him taking down a thousand players in Anjar Castle, along with Princess Helena and Banct. After the recordings threatened to crash the forum servers, Japan and Korea were once again the laughing stock.

The scene where players had to run away from Zhang Yang was so embarrassing that players who were featured in the video had to hide their faces.

Due to the selfish acts of the small party, they had caused entire Japan and Korea to face much scorn. Now, they had been marked as the "villains". In a fit of rage, all the players in Japan and Korea vowed to have their revenge. A few days later, they had launched an attack and triggered a regional war.

The two neighboring regions had always been at each other throats. Even a tiny cinder could easily turn into a glowing amber which would grow into a raging fire. Now, their conflict was brewing wildly and had escalated to another level. From small parties, it grew larger into a town of players. It did not stop there, in the end, guilds after guilds had contacted each other to form a temporary alliance in order to fight a regional war.


The incident of Once Sword Stroke being castrated had proved to be non-fiction, as the man himself had come out to reveal the truth. Several days after the incident, members of Imperial Sky had posted their support and testimony of One Sword Stroke desire to continue playing. Instead, he vowed to stand strong and refused to bow to the threat of others.

As such, Fatty One made a joke about it. Now that One Sword Stroke had lost his manhood, he had no means of "standing". Instead of laughs, his joke had earned the ire of about everyone on the forums and they accused him of being a "rude mother*cker".

The act of One Sword Stroke revealing the truth had gained many positive comments and support from the crowd. It could be seen, when Imperial Sky had received many guild applications in the forums itself. The guild and One Sword Stroke had gained massive popularity over a short period of time which boosted Imperial Sky's name all over China.

As for the real perpetrator of the incident that had befallen on One Sword Stroke, many players had indulged themselves in solving the crime. When it comes to keyboard warriors, their research power, and social connections can never be underestimated. Within a few days, many had already solved the "accident" that occurred between One Sword Stroke, Liu Wei, and Luo Xin Yan. Due to the standard stigma of rich people and the poor victimized players, the crowd had laid down their biased judgment which resulted in One Sword Stroke and Luo Xin Yan being the victims, and the perpetrator being none other than rich Liu Wei.

The actual truth of One Sword Stroke and Luo Xin Yu having an affair had turned into a myth. While the myth where One Sword Stroke and Luo Xin Yan were old loving couple had turned into the truth. Liu Wei on the other hand, was marked to be the villain in their romantic yet tragic love story. Both men had to fight for love and above all the conformity, One Sword Stroke rose victorious, however, little did he know that Liu Wei would resort to such actions.

Zhang Yang laughed bitterly at the twisted story. Still, he was greatly impressed by the power of the masses. When one speaks a myth, it will be a myth. When a thousand voices repeat a myth, it would be the truth. That is the danger of the ignorant herd.

All in all, Imperial Sky remained strong, One Sword Stroke did not falter. They had, on the other hand, used the heat of the crowd to raise up to Lone Desert Smoke's level of popularity. Their feat was something Zhang Yang would clap his hands for, as encouragement instead of inciting disdain.

Zhang Yang spent his free time shopping for random stuff. One fine day, he received Snow Seeker's private message.

"Guild master Zhan Yu! I could use a hand!"

The two guilds were on friendly terms with each other, due to the close cooperation between Silky Soft Holdings and Crimson Cosmetics Holdings. Due to their close relationship with each other, the guilds had worked together on more than one major occasion.

Crimson Rage was a guild that consisted of only female players. On the other hand, Lone Desert Smoke had a large majority of male players. When the ladies needed a hand, the boys in Lone Desert Smoke would stick their tongues out and wag their tails obediently to help them. Hundred Shots was greatly disgruntled. He had once said that Lone Desert Smoke was becoming Crimson Rage's sub-guild!

"What could I do you for?" said Zhang Yang casually.

"Oh, just fighting a boss. Nothing much, " said Snow Seeker in the same manner.

Nothing much? If it was "nothing much" she would not have called him, then!

Zhang Yang chuckled and replied, "I'm kinda busy right now. Why don't I send over Endless Starlight and Fatty Han to help you out? Both of them have Inheritances. Any boss fight should be made easy then. Chow~"

The two buggers would jump at the opportunity of being knights when a maiden is in distress. If any fair maiden called out their names, adding the prefix "brother", along with a bit of flirting, the two world-class, open-closeted perverts would waggle their tails and help them. Zhang Yang would not need to even call them to begin with! Those two perverts could sniff out a damsel in distress!

Snow Seeker coughed pointedly and said, "Well, I suppose that guild master Zhan Yu is a true gentleman. Could you perhaps, lend me your personal assistance?"

Zhang Yang sighed. "Speak, what boss is it?"

"Hm. It's a Level 150 Mythical tier boss." Snow Seeker finally revealed her hand.

Zhang Yang was a little surprised. "Did you guys get yourselves a B class Inheritance? Or, could it perhaps be an A class?"

Zhang Yang knew that they would not kill a Level 150 Mythical tier boss for its drops. The equipment dropped by a Level 150 Mythical tier boss cannot be worn by players yet! Hence, it should be an Inheritance quest.

"It's a B class Inheritance. It's called the Demon Summoner Inheritance." Snow Seeker hid nothing from him.

"Woah! You've hit the jackpot there!" Zhang Yang exclaimed.

In his previous life, he had clashed with a player that had the Demon Summoner Inheritance. The Inheritance was limited to only the Priest class and Spellcaster class. The Inheritance could provide a strong offensive support to any Cloth Armor class wearer, making it a powerful B class Inheritance.

Not too long from now, the S class Professional League competition would be held fairly soon. China's first team would inevitably be Silky Soft Battle Team, while the second battle team had not yet been decided. Two days ago, Crimson Rage Battle Team had managed to hold the second place battle team position for China, since One Sword Stroke was still absent from the game. However, knowing that One Sword Stroke had voiced out his resolve, Crimson Rage Battle Team position as China's second team was now threatened.

However, their positions would be stabilized if they add in a player with a B class Inheritance. Even though the usage of Inheritance Transformation skills is not permitted in the Professional League, a player with an Inheritance would still hold the upper hand in PvP combat. The passive permanent attack boost will be active, skills obtained from the Inheritance could be used to counter the status effecting skills of the non-Inheritance players!

The Inheritance Demon Summoner provides the caster with a strong Demon bodyguard. It could be brought into battle, even in the Professional League. Zhang Yang had never once fought the player in a Professional League and felt fortunate for it.

"So...Will you lend a hand?" asked Snow Seeker sweetly.

Zhang Yang laughed at her attempt to coax him and asked, "Well...I don't know...But! If guild master Snow offers me a [Forbidden Scroll], I could still consider it.'

Snow Seeker scoffed loudly. The communicator that they were using had a video projection of each other, hence, Zhang Yang could see her expression when she sulked and shook her head. "Guild master Zhan Yu! If I had a [Forbidden Scroll], I wouldn't have asked for your help!"

Zhang Yang was merely playing with her. Both guilds were strong allies and since Snow Seeker had purposely voiced out her request for assistance, Zhang Yang had no particular reason to say no. Zhang Yang merely teased her for a bit more and finally agreed to help out unconditionally. He had promised to assemble a few strong members of the guild to help out Crimson Rage in dispatching the boss.

Zhang Yang recruited Fatty Han, Hundred Shots, and five other players who had Inheritances. Along with Crimson Rage's team, they traveled to a volcano. Since Snow Seeker had requested for players with Inheritance, Zhang Yang had not recruited Sun Xin Yu, and the other girls of his core party since they wouldn't be able to do much, thanks to the level gap.

On the other hand, Crimson Rage had gone all out. They had sortied close to 5,000 players who were above Level 100. The team of babes chattered along happily, causing both Fatty Han and Endless Starlight to sway with the flow. However, when the two perverts tried to flirt with the gang of girls, they got in for the shock of their lives. The girls of Crimson Rage were not ordinary bashful girls who would shy away when a man gets close to them. No, they were very different, they would be the ones harassing the man. In the end, they were so frightened of their unusual behavior that they hid behind Zhang Yang, fearing that the girls might jump on them and eat them up! Zhang Yang merely laughed at their comical act.

The place they were traveling to was called Molten Earth Peak, a Level 120 to Level 150 map. Once the massive army entered the map, players who were just over Level 100 became huge monster magnets. It could not be helped. Crimson Rage had only requested Zhang Yang to help them with the boss, mostly due to {Glare of the Death God}, but Snow Seeker knew it had a low success rate. Hence, Crimson Rage had sortied their entire guild's attack force to increase their chances of defeating the boss.

Even though she knew that Zhang Yang would not mind repeating the boss fight if they happen to fail, Snow Seeker would not want to trouble him unnecessarily.

Now that they had so many players around, the level suppression system would not matter. With thousands of them attacking at once, normal monsters would surely be killed in a matter of seconds. An elite tier monster would last slightly longer.

Three hours of killing their way to the top, the army of female soldiers reached the peak of the huge volcanic mountain. There, they met their objective. An exile Demon General!

It looked just like a Western Demon. It was 6 meters tall, with a body dyed in blood, twin bullhorns that protruded out of its forehead, a pair of bat wings, the legs of a goat, and a huge scythe in its strong muscular hands. From afar, it sat on the ground cross-legged, thinking.

[Hachilles, The Banished Demon General] (Mythical, Demon)

Level: 150

HP: 300,000,000

Defense: 8,87-

Melee Attack: 1266 + 9,356 = 169,367


[Mana Burn]: Randomly chooses a target to inflict 150,000 Shadow Damage. If the target possesses Mana Points, the target takes MP damage by a maximum of 70,000 MP. For each Mana points burned, the target will receive an extra 2 Shadow Damage. Range: 40 meters.

[Shadow Cleave]: Casts a cone-shaped blast in front of him and deals 100% melee physical damage. Stuns all targets for 5 seconds. Ignores targets that are stunned. The effect can be dispelled.

[Meteor Reign]: Summons a meteor from the sky and strikes three locations, dealing 50,000 Fire Damage each. Lasts for 5 seconds. Range: 50 meters.

[Devilish Tenacity]: Restores 1% of his HP every 30 seconds. Restoration amount will not be affected by any status effects.

Note: Hachilles was once a famous figure in the demon army. However, he had an affair with the Demon Leader Karxerxex and was caught red-handed. Hence, he was exiled to the mortal realm.