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 Chapter 592: The Reason for His Past

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"She could never let go of the feelings of the past. That was why, even after death, she had returned in the form of a spectre." Zhang Yang sat down next to the coffins and said, "Tell me your story, Count Roland. Why are you not dead but hiding in the coffin?"

Banct Roland started to shed tears. The man should be only around 40 years of age. Yet, his complexion and appearance made him look like an 80-year-old. Surprisingly, the man still carried a little of that gentleman's aura. Banct kept quiet for a moment. After sobbing for a bit, he muttered, "I was engaged before I knew Helena."

Zhang Yang listened to his story and found that it was rather a dull plotline. Banct had met Helena even though he was already engaged to someone else. When he saw her beauty, he fell for her and tried his best to court her. Back then, the man was in his prime. A man of youth that could entice even the coldest of hearts such as Helena. Banct was not engaged with the woman because he loved her. Hence, on the pretense of going off to solve a family matter, Banct left Helena. He promised Helena that when he returns, he will ask for her hand in marriage. Banct lied to Helena because he was afraid that she might accept the truth. As such, Banct left Helena and promised to return in three months' time.

Banct sought to cancel his engagement with Amansari. However, in a fit of rage, Amansari had poisoned him and had him locked up. Back then, Both Banct's parents had passed away due to illness. Hence, the Baron of the castle had fallen to his ownership. However, the real power lay in the hands of Amansari's family. The main purpose of Amansari poisoning Banct was to have her family to fully take in the Roland's family's fortune.

Amansari had made a public announcement about Banct. In the announcement, she claimed that Banct had been inflicted with a disease that had caused him to be paralyzed from head to toe. She had proclaimed her marriage to Banct as an act of true love and decided to take over the inheritance of the Roland family. In the end, Banct was kept in the coffin and pronounced dead.

On the other hand, Helena, who was still waiting for her love to come back to her side had been inflicted with a deadly disease which ended up killing her as she stood by her promise and waited for Banct's arrival even when the disease spread to her land.

Zhang Yang scratched his head and pondered. "There's another Roland out there who is still alive. If he your son?"

"....Yes." said Banct. "She forced herself on me!"

Is that even possible!? Oh, wait...perhaps it is. With women like Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue on the loose, so why would not there be someone like Amansari?

Banct explained further. "For the past several years, I have been tortured by her. She even blackmailed me with the life of my son! If I am to take my own life, she would send him to my side after my death! The child is innocent! I could not bear the responsibility of another person's life, much less my own son!"

The way he spoke, as if he was a saint!

'Ding! You have completed the quest: Search for News!'

Zhang Yang had completed the quest and could now return to Helena's side.

"Young man, return to Helena. Tell her that I am sorry. I have failed her." Banct closed his eyes and cried a river.

"Hmph! Are you sorry for me then?" The voice of a woman was heard and a beautiful woman, endowed with grandeur and royalty stepped out of the shadows. Her hair was golden blonde, and her skin was as fair as the color of milk. The highest of standards of a western woman.

[Countess Amansari] (Mythical, Humanoid)

Level: 130

HP: 39,000,000

Defense: 5,560

Magic Attack: 41,464 - 51,464


[Flare]: Blasts flames in all directions, dealing 50,000 Fire damage to all targets within 40 meters.

[Explosive Flame]: Deals 200% magic Fire damage to a target. Range: 40 meters. Channeling: 2 seconds.

[Flame Shield]: Creates a shield made of fire. Protects the caster for 1 minute or after absorbing 1,000,000 damage. Attackers will receive 10,000 Fire damage on every attack received.

Note: Anjar Castle's puppet master.

The NPC Count Amansari had a green name tag; so killing her would do Zhang Yang no good.

Banct widened his eyes and cried, "You swine! You have imprisoned me for 20 years! You have taken the castle! What else do you want to take from me!?"

"Everything. You're the man who abandoned the engagement and sought for a new woman!" Amansari glared at Banct.

Banct quickly acted before Amansari could do anything to Zhang Yang. He drew a circle in the air with his scrawny fingers and created a white portal. With an invisible force, Banct shoved Zhang Yang into the portal. "Young man! You have to escape! You must tell Helena that she is the only woman that I will ever love!"

Zhang Yang was suddenly thrown into a cutscene. He could not control his character and fell into the portal. With a bright flash, Zhang Yang reappeared outside the castle. He could still hear the ringing bellows of Amansari in his ear.

"There! The China pig is there! Get him!"

Zhang Yang turned his head to the side and saw nine players rushing to his direction on mounts. The news of Zhang Yang wandering in the Japan-Korea region had spread like mushrooms sprouting after a rain. Zhang Yang was still a little dizzy after going through the portal. However, he quickly jumped on his mount and made his way back to the mainland. The nine players who were rushing over and calling Zhang Yang with profanities had only just spotted him then. Things changed when Zhang Yang stood still and waited for them to get closer to him instead. A stance where only the strong could do. Right then, the nine players had noticed it and exchanged a worried look before running away in the opposite direction.

Zhang Yang laughed out of habit. Although he knew that his name had already spread across the land and along with it, the sense of alert and fear came with his character itself. It was proven when they turned tail and ran, even when there were nine of them and only one Zhang Yang.

Finally, the days when he can be left alone has arrived!

If Zhang Yang wanted to chase them, he could. Violet Thunderbird's tier was Mythical. It could easily chase down Violet-Platinum, and Yellow-Gold flying mounts. Among all nine of them, only one player had a flying mount while the rest only had the normal type. None of them could escape the grasp of death if Zhang Yang wanted them dead!

But then again, why should he let them get away? He could kill them and let them spread his murderous power after they revive themselves.

Zhang Yang leaped onto the Thunderhawk and shot towards a Spellcaster. Zhang Yang grabbed his sword and was ready to pull it out, however, before he could draw his blade, the opponent had activated {Ice Barrier} and gained 10 seconds of invincibility.

What a letdown. Never mind, next target. Zhang Yang banked sharply in the air and zoomed towards a Hunter. He sliced downward and dealt over 28,000 damage to the Hunter. The first attack had already removed 1/3 of his HP. Zhang Yang lifted his sword up high and struck the Hunter's chest with {Destructive Smash}, piercing the Hunter's chest, all the way through. Felice dropped down to the ground and thrust her spear into the same man.

The poor hunter only had over 100,000 HP, even when he was mounted on his battle mount. It had only taken 2 attacks from Zhang Yang and Felice to die instantly.

Zhang Yang flung his sword forcefully and sliced the Hunter's body in half. The force of it sent the mangled body into the air and splattered onto the ground. The scene of which horrified the other players to such an extent that they picked up the pace even further.

Zhang Yang did not even need to push the Thunderhawk. Like a wraith, Zhang Yang appeared behind the fleeing players and beheaded one of them effortlessly. At his current strength, unless his opponent was Sun Xin Yu or One Sword Stroke, no one could be on par with him!

Zhang Yang proceeded to kill a total of 5 players before he stopped. Zhang Yang turned tail and fled! There was a large army of players coming from the castle's direction towards him!

He would not need to flee if he uses the Transformation skill of the God of War. With the number of player exceeding by the thousands, he might get his own head beheaded!

If Zhang Yang wanted the player dead, no one could escape the reaper of death. That has been established. On the other way around, if he wanted to run, no one could chase after him! As his character gradually became smaller and smaller, the players that were chasing after him had no choice but to scream his name out in agony.

Zhang Yang flew further and made sure the players could not be seen before landing on the ground. He then tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and appeared in Morning Town. The next thing he should do is to visit Princess Helena to finish the quest. Based on the quest lore and the relationship between Princess Helena and Banct, the quest might end up having Princess Helena to rescue her lover from the castle itself! Perhaps, she could be a handy assistant!

It would be good to borrow her strength to kill as many Japan-Korea region players before they disperse!

Zhang Yang flew out of Morning Town and made it to the rundown palace ruins after 3 hours.

"Little Yang! Did you impregnate a girl in the Japan-Korea region? I just picked up a kill-on-sight order on the forums!" Fatty Han started rumbling.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Nay. I was over there to do a quest and some of them tried to kill me. If they had not disturbed me, I would have left them alone!"

"Haha! Good one bro! But, you could have been a better bro if you have called me over! How could not you invite me for a fight?! Especially when the opponents are the Japanese and Koreans!"

"F*ck you! Grandu Ice Ridge is so close to you! You could visit the place anytime you want to!"

As they were happily chatting, Endless Starlight suddenly cried out in the conversation room. "Something's happened! Something's happened!"

"What? Is the sky falling down? Even if the sky falls down, I'll be there to catch it!" said Fatty Han proudly.

"Haha! That would really be s sight to see, then!" said Endless Starlight anxiously.

"What's really happening?" asked Zhang Yang.

"Everyone knows that One Sword Stroke got married yesterday, yes? But when the newlyweds left the church, both of them were abducted by a group of thugs! One Sword Stroke was tied up and castrated! His new wife was gang-raped by more than 10 men! The video has even been uploaded to the internet! It's even in the 7 pm news!"

Zhang Yang did not need to even think twice to know that it was all Liu Wei's bidding.

In his previous life, he had even dared to fire a gun in the middle of a famous hotel room. Hiring thugs to do his bidding was but an everyday thing to him! Since it was a crime that did not involve killing, naturally Liu Wei had many means and methods of making things happen without sullying his own hands!

Zhang Yang knew that Liu Wei would not sit back and do nothing when One Sword Stroke had stolen his "property", but he had never expected that Liu Wei would be brutal to that extent. Castrating One Sword Stroke was a public warning to everyone that some women were just not up for grabs! As for Luo Xin Yang's naked public disgrace, it was a warning that no woman can shame him publicly. If anyone were to repeat the same mistake, the same treatment will befall them as well.

"That bastard, Liu Wei!" Fatty Han spat a mouthful. Even though they had no evidence to tie the crime to Liu Wei, everyone could have guessed it.

"How is that Liu Wei is still breathing right now!?" said Daffodil Daydream.

"What is the current situation?"

"What else is there? Everything is still under investigation!" Endless Starlight shrugged. "My guess, this whole mess would blow off with the wind eventually."

Lost Dream shook his head. "I'm sure that the investigation would never find a direct link to Liu Wei. At most, the police will find a few small fries. Unless the investigative power goes all out, the only evidence they'll find would be Liu Wei's sh*t!"