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 Chapter 568: Sword of Purging Devourer, a Shock to the World

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Zhang Yang operated the Magic Cannon himself. Beams of blinding lights blasted from the cannon barrel and smashed in the midst of the clumped up, massive army of the Ancient Creatures. Every single one of the Zergert Beast that stood in the range of the beam were vaporized! There was nothing left of them!

This Magic Cannon is indeed a powerful weapon for sweeping up a large horde of monsters!

Unfortunately, this Magic Cannon could only fire a maximum of 10 shots in a day. It did not matter if they were in a Territory Conquest or otherwise, the limit of shots would still be 10. Upon leveling up the Territory's Defense to Level 4, Zhang Yang could finally place 4 Magic Cannons on the walls of Morning Town. That being said, they only had a total of 40 shots from the Magic Cannons per day.

Although the number of shots was still far from enough to take care of the Zergert Beast army, Zhang Yang consoled himself by saying that if he were to fire off 40 shots a day, he would definitely die of exhausting! So, by comparing himself to the 4 Magic Cannon, they would perform to their utmost best till the end of their days!

"Let me do it! Let me do it!" Wei Yan Er could not resist the urge of playing with the Magic Cannon anymore. She quickly asked Zhang Yang to hand over the controls to her.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "What sort of 'cannon' are you playing with?"

Wei Yan Er did not get the hidden meaning that Zhang Yang tried to imply. She had already taken over the Magic Cannon in excitement. She aimed the muzzle of the cannon at the closely packed monsters and let out a series of blasts! In just an instant, countless Zergert Beasts were taken out by the repeated blasts from the Magic Cannon! They were basically reduced to dust by a single blow!

The little brat was truly enjoying the moment. She let off the remaining 35 shots from the Magic Cannons out without any consideration. As she couldn't get enough of the fun yet, the little brat complained, "What a useless bunch of Magic Cannons! They could only fire so few shots?"

Han Ying Xue giggled as she gazed at Zhang Yang. She seemed to be thinking of something else.

After being 'tormented' by blasts of magic beams, about tens of thousands of the Zergert Beast were blasted into pieces! Unfortunately, the number of monsters the little brat took out was merely an insignificant number when compared to the total number of monsters that were about to invade their Territory! Other than that, the monsters that were killed by the Magic Cannon blasts did not drop any loots at all. In other words, although it was really fun to kill the monsters with the super powerful blasts of the Magic Cannon, there was nothing to be gained.


The monsters had reached the walls of the Territory. These creatures that looked like wild dogs had incredible leaping ability! With just a single leap, they could already cover half the height of the wall! If they could assist each other in jumping into higher heights, then they would have jumped over the walls of the Territory!

However, players were already stationed on the walls. They started to fire away the moment the monsters arrived at the wall. There were Tankers stationed right on the front lines of the wall. Just in case any of the monsters really did jump onto the wall, these Tankers would be able to push the monsters back off the wall with their shields. Other than that, there were also other Melee-type Classes like Thief and Berserker supporting them!

Meanwhile, the Range-type Classes were lining up from the rear as they unleashed their AoE attacks upon the monsters right below the walls. They did not have to worry if their attacks would hit or not because the monsters were so closely packed together! Any AoE attacks that they simply release would hit not only one, but a whole bunch of the monsters!

The battle had temporarily turned into a stalemate. However, these Zergert Beasts were not merely an army or morons who would just attempt making their way through the walls by jumping over them. Many Zergert Beasts had diverted their attention to breaking down the City Walls and the City Gate with their sharp teeth and sharp claws. They were attempting to bite their way through into the Territory Gateway!

Although the Defensive HP and the Magic Defense of a Level 4 Castle Defense were decent, they would not be able to hold long against tens of thousands of crazy 'wild dogs' biting and gnawing at them. The HP bars of the City Gate and the City Walls were reducing so rapidly that it pained Zhang Yang very much!

After all, that gate and walls would require a substantial amount of money to rebuild later! The cost of repairing them would depend on the amount of damage they sustain. The more damage taken, the more money he would have to spend to repair them.

If these walls and the gate were to be completely destroyed, Zhang Yang would need to reconstruct everything from the scratch! Reconstructing and repairing were two very different things. The money involved would be completely different! If repairing a 99% damaged City wall requires 1,000,000 gold coins, reconstructing a new City Wall would require 2,000,000 gold coins!

Furthermore, repairing any Defensive Facilities would be forbidden during a battle. It could only be done after a battle. Even if Zhang Yang was willing to take out a million gold coins at the spot, he would still not be able to repair the damage done to the Defensive Facilities of his Territory. That was just the way the game is designed.

"Sigh! If only that [Forbidden Scroll] had not been used for some meaningless purpose!" Han Ying Xue suddenly brought it up.

Zhang Yang and the others immediately turned their eyes over to Wei Yan Er. They looked at her, until she felt uneasy and a self-conscious. Then, she acted innocently and said, "Why are you guys looking at me like that? It was Sister Sun who used that [Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday]! Not me!"

"Without your 'encouragement', would that icy queen really do it?" Zhang Yang pointed his finger at her.

"How could you make an accusation based on that kind of assumption?!" Wei Yan Er curled her upper lip in a show of skepticism as she continued to say, "If you are out to condemn someone, do your research first! I'm not talking to you anymore!"

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu! The City Wall is about to collapse!" Snow Seeker came up to Zhang Yang from not far away, with a worried face. No one had ever thought that the monsters would be so numerous! They first thought that they had the advantage over the terrain. They had believed that they could have held the monsters outside of the wall for a longer period of time. But, they were wrong! No one had ever thought that the City Walls would be collapsing so soon!

"That's about right! Be prepared to charge with all your might!" Zhang Yang raised the sword in his hand high up in the sky. The only way of securing the chance of picking up the [Insect Shells] that are dropped from the monsters would be by getting within Melee-range as they die. As no one would know how many players would be attacking the same monster at the same time, that would mean that many players would have the chance to pick up the loot dropped by the same monster that they are attacking. It would definitely become a chaotic scene when it comes down to picking up the loots! Therefore, players who were within the melee-range of the monsters that dropped the loots would stand higher chances of picking them up!

80%, 60%, 30% ...

The remaining HP bar of the City Wall was reducing with every passing second. However, when the remaining HP of the City Wall was reduced down to 10%, a hole opened up in the walls, enough for the monsters to pass right through!

"Kill! Kill them all! Leave none of them alive!" Players had already rushed up to the hole, their weapons drawn. The moment they saw the monsters charging in through the hole, they leaped into battle and gave their all. The clanging sounds of weapons were filling up the quiet streets of the Territory as swords and claws met. Blood started flooding the ground, and miserable screams were heard over and over again. The sound of them murdering each other quaked across the heavens.

Zhang Yang hopped on Thunderhawk and said, "It's time for us to get going too!"

Among Zhang Yang's party of 10, only Sun Xin Yu was absent. Her place had been taken up by Galileo for the moment. The party went off into the skies as they dived towards the horde of monsters on the ground.

Upon receiving the news that the wall had been breached, Rockovich could no longer sit on his *ss. He commanded the 200,000 White Jade Empire troops to join the chaotic battle by the wall. Although most of the soldiers in the army of NPC were just Normal Tier soldiers, they were doing fine as a backup army. They became the perfect human shields for the players. It was much better than having no backup from the NPCs.

Rockovich was truly a Mythical Tier boss. His attacks could already reach up to half the Attacks of Zhang Yang whenever he activates his {God of War Transformation}. Every single hit from Rockovich produced shockwaves that spread across the area. Every single smash with his hammer would cause massive damage to the monsters and sent the monsters flying tens of meters away.

"Let's go! We shall follow our 'boss' and push forward!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he patted Thunderhawk and flew close to Rockovich. He picked on the monsters that had already been struck by the Shockwave Effects of the boss and killed them all. Feeding off Rockovish's leftovers with one or two hits was enjoyable.

{Horizontal Sweep} may be classified as an AoE-type attack, but it was limited, in the sense that its attacks would only go through one layer of enemies. Even if a large number of enemies was within its range, its attacks would only strike the ones directly before Zhang Yang, and not go on striking anything else behind them. Be it 10 or 100 monsters within the range, there would hardly be any difference. The attacks would never reach anything beyond the first row. However, {Blast Wave} worked differently. It would strike any and all things within its stipulated range!

With the monsters being very closely packed together at the moment, Zhang Yang struck out with his {Blast Wave} instead of {Horizontal Sweep}. Instantly, a sea of numerical values popped across the heads of the closely packed monsters again and again. The amount of damage dealt on each of the monsters was more than 5,000 damage! Furthermore, the replicated ability of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] was triggered without any care in the world. Instantly, a series of damage befell upon the monsters like a 'domino effect,' as the damage values popped above their heads repeatedly.

Although the basic damage of the {Blast Wave} was merely above 5,000 damage, the Special Effect on the [Sword of Purging Devourer] was still kicking in like a boss! The Special Effect was triggered repeatedly without any pause, until all the monsters within the range of {Blast Wave} was cleared out completely!

All members of his party could clearly see the damage dealt on the monsters every time the Special Effect of the sword triggered. They also could see how all the monsters died with their own eyes. Meanwhile, the other players around could only see the HP bars of the monsters being emptied out the moment Zhang Yang swung his sword. From their perspective, Zhang Yang had taken out all the monsters single-handedly in mere seconds, like they were nothing!

What kind of sorcery was that!

Everyone could not help but look over at Zhang Yang. They were looking at him with admiration and dread!

--- this man was a one-man army. He was killing the monsters at a rate that was even more ferocious than the Boss!

Zhang Yang shrugged. It was only the Special Effect of his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. That Special Effect had once been on a Level 60 Yellow-Gold weapon. It wouldn't do much for the other players even if he shared the attributes for the [Dark Enigmatic Sword] to the public. If a Level 100 player went on to equip a Level 60 Yellow-Gold weapon, the player would be severely underpowered, and there was no chance of the Special Effect showing up in their hands!

When a player is below Level 80, there would be a 2% rate of triggering the sword's Special Effect. However, when the player exceeds Level 80, the rate of triggering the sword's Special Effect would drop to 1%. When the player reaches Level 90, the rate would go as low as 0.5%! The rate would become 0.25% when the player reaches Level 100!

Furthermore, other players would not have an Ancient weapon like the [Sword of Purging Devourer] to 'devour' the Special Effect of other weapons. The sword could even be upgraded further up in Tier as the seals on the sword are unsealed!

Therefore, other players would only be envious of him.

However ... destruction always pursues the great! After today's battle, someone would be complaining to the officials that Zhang Yang was like a Bug in the game, out of spite. If the Special Effect of the [Sword of Purging Devourer] was to be nerfed, then Zhang Yang would suffer a great loss!

"Hahaha! That weapon of noob tank is sure powerful!" Wei Yan Er quickly patted her [Winged Tiger] and flew out to pick up as many [Insect Shells] as she could. Although the elite Tier monsters only dropped Gray-Silver Tier [Insect Shells], they could be exchanged for quite a number of Gray-Silver Tier equipment. They could always sell the equipment for money.

"Such a shame, that the weapon is bound to noob tank. Or else, I would have borrowed it to have fun with the monsters!" Wei Yan Er sighed as she said.

"If I ever lent it to you, it would most probably be like taking advantage of an incident to take Jingzhou, without returning it! I would never get it back, ever!" Zhang Yang blurted out.

"Humph! You better stop discrediting my reputation!" The little brat growled at Zhang Yang. The gang could only chuckle.

Under the violent assaults from Rockovich and Zhang Yang, every single one of the monsters that got through the wall were annihilated. The monsters also dropped numerous loot on the ground, including a countless amount of [Insect Shells]! Everyone enjoyed the substantial amount of experience points as they stared at their rapidly rising experience bars.

Zhang Yang could not help but sigh. As usual, online games were all about having high levels!

This spot had become a holy land for players to level up. Judging by the rate of monsters coming and dying, most of the players would probably level up once after just one day! However, such excitement and joy of leveling up would only be understood by the high-leveled players. Back in his previous life, Zhang Yang was still at Level 20, wandering about, while the top players activated the first Legendary Quest!

Of course, they did not have an insanely powerful player like Zhang Yang back then. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had activated the first Legendary Quest much earlier compared to the timeline of his previous life, because of his 'foresight'. Therefore, the number of players who had reach Level 100 and above were so much lesser than it was in his previous life!

Although that might make defending the Territory much harder, there would be fewer players to divide the experience points equally. Everyone was hooked on the fact that they were earning more experience points than they ever could in such short amount of time. They were all hoping that this battle would last until they were 20 Levels higher than the monsters. By then, any more than 20 levels, it would be pointless, as they would no longer earn any experience points.

"Boss!" Wei Yan Er's sharp eyes and nose detected the presence of a boss from a distance, like a treasure hunter.