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 Chapter 554: The Pirate's Treasure Map

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They say, that being a firefighter takes a real man to the test of his limits. Only with a steel mind and a strong body could they last against the fiery flames.

Zhang Yang sat in a spare chair in Yu Li's office, tired and panting like a mad dog. His first crush had the face that read fatigue, but she still had some energy left to her. There were sparkles on her face that made her even more attractive than before.

Sigh...both of them were the same breed of human, so why was he the only one panting for air?

Zhang Yang was so tired that he could barely lift his legs, yet Yu Li was still radiating with beauty!

"Hah. Why are you so tired?" asked Yu Li after she came back to her sense after being in trance. She got up to her feet and gently patted Zhang Yang little dragon. "Did you have a little too much nectar?"

"Hehehe!" Zhang Yang pulled Yu Li into his embrace and made her sit on his lap. "You should stay with me!"

Yu Li eyes widened at his proposal. Her breath started to speed up as she stared at Zhang Yang with disbelief. Her clothes were in a mess and her undergarments were somewhere in the corner of her office. As she caressed his face, she asked, "Are you being serious?" Tears started to leak out of her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Yang cocked his head. He felt it funny that Yu Li thought it was weird. Since he was already in a relationship with Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue, having one more mouth to feed would not be a problem. That aside, he had gotten his relationships straightened up. He would not pretend to like someone, make love to them, and disappear into the night. He will take in Yu Li as well to break even with her.

That being said, Yu Li was the first person that he had fallen for in this lifetime. Even though he was infatuated with her for four years, the extinguished love for her had been rekindled. No wonder there was an old philosophy stating that feelings develop like tree rings, the longer they have been together, the stronger their relationship would be.

Even though Yu Li had always treated herself as Zhang Yang's lover and not a real girlfriend, Zhang Yang had never shared the same sentiment. She had never been able to find a stance which she could be proud of. However, if Zhang Yang allowed her to move in with him, it meant that he saw her as someone special.

Women always wanted a position or a status to be proud of. Men however, would shed blood for it.

A tree grows with nothing but it's bark to protect it, and asks for nothing more. Anyone can do anything that they like, as long as they wanted. That was why Zhang Yang would not go back on his words, even if he wanted to escape, for he might cause her to feel broken on the inside.

"Of course, I'm being serious." Zhang Yang pulled her closer and gently traced the side of her jaw. Both of them snickered with happiness and Zhang Yang laughed, "Come, give old daddy one more shot!"

"One more? Sure!" Yu Li's voice crack as she was already crying, but her cries turned into tears of joy. She punched Zhang Yang firm chest and gracefully slid her hands onto his crotch. "Let's go. One more!"

Zhang Yang was joking initially and did not know that Yu Li was being serious about putting Percy into the playpen again. If he had known earlier that Yu Li was still in the mood for more, he would rather take a beating to the face than ask for it!

As they were banging each other brains out, he thought of how to deal with Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu. Perhaps, Han Ying Xue might verbally allow it, but she might sneak into his room in the middle of the night to snip his junk of and become a modern world's eunuch. As for Sun Xin Yu, she might just come up to him directly and blow his brains out with a shotgun.

Still, even if he had manages to make do with both women's anger, what about bedtime? The next time he does it, he might have to break 3 legs to entertain them all! 2 females are more than enough to break his spirit, adding one more to that equation might straight up break his spine.

Sigh... Hugh Hefner please help me...

Zhang Yang sighed heavily at the thought of satisfying three ladies in one night. But, no matter what, he would never try to reject any one of them!

Tok Tok Tok.

Just after Zhang Yang unleashed his load into Yu Li, a gentle knock was heard on the door.

Zhang Yang cocked his head and asked Yu Li. "Didn't you say that you're free for the morning?"

"That's right. I don't have any classes or appointment until the evening. Perhaps its something important," said Yu Li as she got off the now limp dragon. She quickly slid back into her laced thongs and tidied herself up. She ignored her bra and buttoned up her blouse. Just then, she noticed love marks all over her breasts. Her nipples perked up again at the thought of him slobbering all over her.

Zhang Yang on the other hand only needed to pull his pants back up, zip it, and he was good to go. Perhaps, he might need to dry his slightly wet pants. Zhang Yang laughed at his own drenched pants while Yu Li started bashfully stared at it. It was her doing when she had squirted all over him when Zhang Yang delivered her to heaven.

"Look here! Haha! There's someone outside waiting for you! Imagine what would they think if they saw me like this! I might be the one getting into trouble! I mean, I peed myself! Haha!"

The two of them quickly tidied the place up and made sure that it does not look like they had just banged each other brains out. On the other hand, Yu Li's radiant complexion was still there, no matter how hard Yu Li tried to hide it. She then waltzed to the door and opened it. It was Zhao Bin, the young, taller little girl who was on the verge of becoming a beautiful maiden. Yu Li was able to recognize her via her clothing since all triplets wore different sets of clothing.

"Miss Yu. We are about to host a barbeque party in the countryside to celebrate the starting of a new semester. Would you like to join us?" Zhao Bin. "Woah! Miss Yu! Your complexion is radiating with beauty! What kind of makeup did you use? Its effects are most invigorating!"

Zhang Yang chuckled quietly at her comment. "It's called being filled up with love my dear. Love brings life joy and that joy is being expressed out via her complexion!" said Zhang Yang to himself. Luckily, Yu Li office was huge enough to allow Zhang Yang to hide behind a cupboard, and out of the line of sight. After the two of them chatted for a little bit, Zhao Bin left and Zhang Yang came out to give Yu Li one last kiss before he went to the office in Silky Soft Holdings.

After he bade Yu Li goodbye, Zhang Yang left the campus and went to his office after a good shower. There, he joked around with the secretaries, locked the doors, and logged into 'God's Miracle' to continue the messenger quest.

As time passed, more and more players had entered the Chaos Realm. When Zhang Yang logged into the game, he noticed many players in Morning Town. Even the daily Teleportation fees had made Zhang Yang a rich man! Since China only had one territory in the Chaos Realm, Morning Town would be the only place to teleport to from the Ten Barren Sea to the Chaos Realm! It was a never-ending golden goose that would continue to lay many more golden eggs for Zhang Yang!

On the other hand, the Japan-Korea region players were having a tough time, since their own shortcut, Winst Castle had fallen into Zhang Yang's hands. Their own way to travel to the Chaos Realm was the Ten Barren Sea, which would take them close to 7 to 8 hours of swimming. The guild that was responsible to take back the territory, Sakura no Nagare Mae had become the clown of the year. Every day, countless of complaints would be thrown to them. Eventually, the guild members had to hide their name tag when they left town.

Before the war, Sakura no Nagare Mae was once the target for players of Japan to achieve. The guild was ranked 3rd in the entire country and many of them would be willing to spend their life savings just to enter. After the war, the guild had plummeted in the rankings and had become a laughing stock. Amao Kuyoshi, the guild leader had lowered the requirement of joining the guild, day by day. However, after the week, there were many players leaving and no players entering. Disbandment would only be a matter of time for him.


Han Ying Xue had come to a roadblock concerning her Inheritance quest, where she was required to kill a Level 150 Ethereal tier boss. The team was gathered to defeat the boss was but overwhelmed by it. Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han had both used their Transformation skills, however, their attack had been suppressed greatly due to the immense level gap. Furthermore, even though Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart were present to heal Zhang Yang, even they could not keep up with the overpowering boss. Zhang Yang had even tried to spam {Shield Wall} with every chance that he got, but had still failed to defeat the boss. The team only lasted for 3 to 4 minutes before perishing.

The boss was, after all, an S class Inheritance quest boss. Unless they could use a [Forbidden Scroll] that could greatly reduce the boss' attack, they might have to sortie the entire guild. Even so, it would still be a challenge since the boss' AoE attack was too strong. Hence, Han Ying Xue had to put her quest on hold.

It could not be helped. The S class Inheritances are just too difficult to obtain. Since the Inheritance was strong, the quest set to be completed would be proportionally difficult. It was to give a chance for players to choose lower classed Inheritance instead.

Right then, the most common and popular class of Inheritances was the C class.

Even B class Inheritance quests required players to defeat an Ethereal tier boss. Ethereal tiered bosses were already tough, to begin with and due to the immense level gap between players and the quest, defeating it required players to be at least 10 to 30 level above the level gap. On the contrary, C class Inheritances only required players to defeat a Level 130 Mythical boss. Since the requirement for players to enter the Chaos Realm was at Level 100, players had already gained enough power and level to defeat the boss with just a small party. That explained the popularity of a C class Inheritance.

On the other hand, C class Inheritances were the lowest of the classes that had the Transformation skill. It allowed players to still enjoy the heroic sensation of being able to take on 10 players or even 100 players at a time. Hence, many players that were too impatient to grind their ways to a higher level, and had focused on obtaining the C class Inheritance instead.

Even though the fragments were unable to be put up on the auction house, players could still sell them off via normal transactions. Right then, one piece of a C class Inheritance was worth roughly a million each. Zhang Yang was astonished at the fact that players were willing to burn a hole in their pockets just for the sake of an Inheritance Fragment.

Zhang Yang had been busy delivering messages and had neglected his grinding session. 10 days after he had procured the Milkmaid Inheritance Keepsake for Han Ying Xue, he had only managed to reach Level 106. Before that, he was at 80% of Level 105. In 10 days, he had only managed to accumulate 20% worth of experience points, which was truly slow.

Wei Yan Er had been taking the triplets to the villa's swimming pool on every alternate day of the week. Unfortunately, Zhang Yang had to become their instructor. There were many weird moments where he had accidentally touched places where he should not be touching, Zhao Bin would be gazing, not glaring, not looking, but gazing into Zhang Yang's eyes with her unfocused eyes.

Yu Li had chosen to postpone moving in with Zhang Yang. She was unable to leave her mother alone. Thus, she had professed to Zhang Yang that his intention alone was more than enough to please her heart for him. However still, she had called Zhang Yang many times in a week to help her ease her itch that only he could scratch.


After a few days, Zhang Yang had finally delivered the last magic orb letter. The delivery of the letters required no particular order. Zhang Yang only needed to look at the world map and plot his way into a complete circle to ease his journey. The last letter was addressed to an island called Diggea Island, located among the Islands of Camarro. The island had 3 of Marronda's lovers, which was the lowest number in a map. Hence, Zhang Yang had made it his last stop.

After crossing the ocean and several islands, Zhang Yang descended down to the island, outside a village. The village was located at the edge of the island. The people in the village were mostly fishermen, most of their houses had fishing nets being washed and hung up to dry. Zhang Yang asked around, delivered more letters and finally came to his final stop. The house in front of him was made of clay and there was a 40 year old, beautiful lady who was hanging her laundry outside. Her name was Waniaya, and she was the last NPC Zhang Yang had to deliver Marronda's letter to.

"Excuse me, Miss Waniaya!" cried Zhang Yang.

Waniaya stopped and turned around gracefully, saying, "How may I help you, a man from a distant land?"

Zhang Yang smiled and walked closer to her and passed her the magic orb letter. "Miss. I am here as a request from Marronda."

"Ah! That hooligan. He still remembers me?" Waniaya puffed angrily but there was a trace of jubilance in her eyes. After she held the orb in her hands, tears started to flow and tainted her fair face.

"*sob*, that idiot. He said that he wanted to travel across the world, to search for treasures and discover the mysteries of the land. *sob*. In the end, he that dream killed him!" Waniaya cried in sorrow.

'Ding! You have completed the quest: Message for Waniaya . Obtained 10,000 Experience Points!'

Ah. What a drag. The experience points for running around, far and wide was only 10,000 experience points? It was far lesser than the experience points gained from killing a single normal tier monster! The player that had completed the quest in Zhang Yang past life must have been a lunatic!

Zhang Yang consoled the woman and said, "Madam, let those who have passed be free. I'm sure that Marronda would not want to see you like this."

Since the NPC had not promptly given him any subsequent quests, Zhang Yang had to do something to trigger the quest. He had to, or else the 90 letters would be for naught!

Waniaya nodded and wiped away her tears with her sleeves. "Young warrior. I'm sure you've had to travel everywhere to deliver that idiot's letters?"

"Hm? Letters?" asked Zhang Yang. How did the woman know about his quest?

"That pervert idiot must have thought that I was daft. I know that I am not his only "true love"," said Waniaya. "No matter. The man is dead now. Makes no sense for me to be angry now."

Zhang Yang laughed at her comment and said, "That's true. He is dead."

Waniaya eyes widened and she turned to Zhang Yang with a glint in her eyes. "Warrior. Do you know what I did for a living when I was younger?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"When I was twenty years younger, I was a pirate. A captain at that. I had set sail to venture the ocean. Back then, there was none had not heard of the pirate "Poison Widow" and would be trembling with fear! Until one day, I met that idiot and made him my slave. In return, he had enslaved my soul. I had fallen in love with him and we had traveled the seas for a month. However, he had to leave me. Speaking of things like dreams and ambitions. It was painful for me, but I had to let him go."

Waniaya was mournful. Perhaps she had regretted the day she had agreed to let Marronda go. If she had not, perhaps, he would still be alive!

She paused for a while. "To have him back, I sneaked into the strongest pirate crew of my time, into the lair of Ditch, Leader of the Blackbeard Pirates and stole a map that led to his treasure chest. However, I was found. A search and kill order was placed on my head. Eventually, I had to bury the "Poison Widow" and hide here in this village. I wrote a letter to the man and told him about the treasure, hoping that one day he would come back to me to search the treasure together. However, I have been waiting for so long and never saw a trace of his shadow."

Treasure Map!? That is the one! It should be the link to trigger the Legendary Main story quest!

From out of nowhere, Waniaya took out a piece of goatskin paper parchment and said, "Now that he is dead, I have no reason to keep this with me. Warrior. I give this to you. However, I must tell you this. This map is only half of the complete map. Ditch has the other half. Back then, he only had this half of the map. Now, I heard news that he had just found the other half. Warrior. Ditch is currently still searching throughout the world for this other half. If you want to have the complete map, you must go to his lair and steal the other half from him!"

'Ding! Waniaya has a quest for you: The Pirate's Treasure Map. Will you accept it? '

Hell yeah! It was a possibility of triggering a Legendary Main Story quest!