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 Chapter 552: One Sided Victory

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Two players, two Transformation. One fight. One winner!

Dusk Phoenix did not dare let her guard down in the face of a player with an Inheritance. She sensed that she would need to fight "her" as if she was fighting a stronger foe. With a cloud of smoke, she disappeared midair.

Zhang Yang's eyes widen when he saw that Dusk Phoenix had entered stealth mode in mid-flight.

Zhang Yang closed his eyes and calmed himself down. By the time a player can see an invisible attack, it would be too late to do anything by then. Instead of the eyes, it would be more efficient to rely on the other senses of touch and hearing. Players can sense and hear the distorted airspace, and could determine the location of the Thief and attack at that very spot to force her out of the stealth mode.


Zhang Yang could hear a faint and inaudible sound of breathing coming somewhere from his left. He shut his eyes still and properly pinpointed her position before swinging his sword towards his left.

"Argh-" With a grunt of pain, Dusk Phoenix's character reappeared in the battlefield with a large wound in her chest. The blow had torn through her clothing, but they quickly mended itself back. She gazed back to Zhang Yang with horror and surprised, not believing that "she" could detect her position, even while in stealth mode. The worst part of it all was when she noticed the sword in "her" hands.

Dusk Phoenix frowned and bellowed, "Y-You're not Little Snow! What are you!"

A Priest could only wield a staff. They cannot equip a sword or another weapon. That is, unless the player obtains the Inheritance called the "The Frost Swordsman". Any class would be able to equip a sword as their primary weapons. However, it did not make sense for a Priest, a magic class to rely on a physical weapon to attack. Without a proper equipment setup, even if one had unlimited Intelligence, the sword would not do any damage at all. Dusk Phoenix knew that Little Snow's character was a Priest, hence, it would not make sense for her to equip a sword.

Furthermore, the damage she had just inflicted on her, had penetrated all her Defense and had dealt 10 damage. It should have been 0!

Zhang Yang smiled widely until his teeth were exposed. "Ducky Phoenix, you have been infatuated with me for so long, yet you could not sense the real me beneath this appearance?"

Zhang Yang then removed the Disguise effect.

"YOU!" Dusk Phoenix cried with the anger and frustration of a thousand men. Old vengeance rose anew and her face was dyed in a vermillion color of carnal shame. She did something with her right hand, and a beautiful female elf appeared by her side. She wore a white ceremonial gown which made her look like a Priestess. She must be Dusk Phoenix's Battle Companion.

"Zhan Yu! I WILL KILL YOU!" cried the deranged woman as she zoomed towards Zhang Yang and planted her swords into Zhang Yang's chest. Zhang Yang laughed at the sight of her coming at him and countered her attack with a flick of his shield. His shield deflected one sword and he used his other hand to parry the other sword with his Sword of Purging Devourer.

Ping ping bang bang!

Two players and one Battle Companion flung at each other in the air. Dusk Phoenix's Battle Companion was a healer type and had started healing Dusk Phoenix since her summoning. Fortunately, Zhang Yang was able to inflict {Destructive Smash} on her and reduced her healing rate. Still, even with her healing going on, she could never nullify the devastating attack power of Zhang Yang's immense God of War Inheritance!

Zhang Yang thought about it and realized that since Dusk Phoenix had used her Battle Companion, Zhang Yang felt that he had no need to hide Felice anymore. He had his identity exposed already anyway. The little girl might just be a little girl, but her attack power rivals even Zhang Yang!

If Zhang Yang had not been sly enough to debunk the opponent's trickery, Han Ying Xue might have just blindly entered the battle and get herself killed by Dusk Phoenix. Not only would she lose the precious Inheritance, she would have had 3 Levels deducted from and be expelled from the Chaos Realm as a result.

Zhang Yang could not allow that to happen, as the consequences would jeopardize his guild's progress. In fact, Zhang Yang wanted to teach her a lesson. A lesson so hard and brutal that whenever Dusk Phoenix hears his name, she would start having nightmares!

Zhang Yang kept his shield on his back and spread out his wings. He shot to Dusk Phoenix and punched her forcefully in her chest. Right then, his Strength was as high as 3,211. It was more than enough to overpower Dusk Phoenix since she was a class that primarily focused on Dexterity.


Dusk Phoenix was sent down to earth like a meteor, leaving behind a small crater. No one, at the current stage of the game, could fight Zhang Yang in aerial combat!

The blonde woman could be said to rival that of Sun Xin Yu's agility. With a quick tumble, she hopped away from Zhang Yang's incoming "meteor punch" and got herself to safety by jumping back 4 to 5 meters.

Zhang Yang had always thought that a woman would always protect her dignity, even in the game. When Dusk Phoenix had managed to evade Zhang Yang super punch, she felt like her dignity had been tarnished. With great anger, the woman let out a battle cry and lunged at Zhang Yang.

She knew that she could not put up a fight with Zhang Yang in the air, hence, she opted for grounded combat. It was, after all, her method of fighting for the past year. She barely had a few days worth of aerial combat experience.

"You swine! You have no honor! Gangster! Hooligan! You are no gentleman! I will kill you for it!" she cried.

Zhang Yang laughed at her pitiful retort and moved to her at an alarming speed. Even though he could not avoid taking a slash or two from Dusk Phoenix, they were merely normal attacks which would not harm him much. With the strength of the world, Zhang Yang directed a straight corkscrew punch directly in Dusk Phoenix's chest.

A loud thump was heard, along with the slow-motion sight where Dusk Phoenix's chest was blown inwards, followed with a quick haymaker, resulting in Dusk Phoenix being blown away, as if she was rammed by a train. That did not matter since it did no "real" damage. However, after the corkscrew punch, the second punch was not necessary. It was landed just to make her boobs bounce around.

Dusk Phoenix realized that and was fuming with steam, coming out from her cheeks.

"S-Shameless bastard!"

Punishing someone would mean nothing if it wasn't harsh enough! Even if losing an A class Hovering Amphitheater challenge ends up with a deduction of 3 Levels, it was just an amount of experience points that can be farmed again. Flesh wounds will heal, but mental scar does not heal as easily. That was what Zhang Yang was aiming for, he wanted to mentally scar her so badly that she would not dare to even mention his name for the rest of his life! Well, nothing that drastic. He only wanted her to leave him alone.

Zhang Yang smirked at Dusk Phoenix and glided through her wide open legs and landed a punch at her butt. The butt of the European woman was so supple and bouncy that his punches did nothing but sent them jiggling like crazy!

Dusk Phoenix was enraged and ashamed. She quickly opened up the system command menu and reported Zhang Yang's misdemeanor. However, the system rejected the report, saying that a battle was still in place and cannot be interfered with. In fact, there was a wager in place, hence a "harassment report" will not register. If a female player feels like she was being physically harassed, she can forfeit the match and make a report.

Remember that Dusk Phoenix was a prideful woman, just like a certain someone, hence, there was no chance that she would forfeit the battle, just because the player happens to punch her tits and *ss. She gritted her teeth and continued the fight.

Unfortunately for Dusk Phoenix, Zhang Yang was a player who had reached the Grand Master level of Supporting Attacks. She may jump around, turn invisible, and would still take a point blank range of his super punch. Still, she could still turn the tables around, since her attack power was strong enough to drain his HP away.

There were two problems with her attacks. Even though she was powerful, Zhang Yang had over 5,000,000 HP and could restore his HP with {Shield Wall}!

Zhang Yang healing rate was 75% HP, 4,035,600 HP every 150 seconds. Dusk Phoenix must push her DPS to at least 26,904 to properly kill Zhang Yang. But it was impossible! Zhang Yang's own devastating DPS was only over 26,000! Furthermore, Dusk Phoenix's Battle Companion was a Healer-type that could not help increasing her DPS. She could only widen her eyes in despair as Zhang Yang would restore his HP every 2 and a half minutes.

It's a torture! A mental torture that Zhang Yang wanted!

Zhang Yang moved around like the wind and continuously smacked Dusk Phoenix's chest and *ss. Every time he touched them, she would twitch and wince with rage, and would not fail to retaliate with a wild attack. From her perspective, Zhang Yang was worst than any perverted man on earth!

Since both sides had the ability to restore their HP, the battle was dragged on until it was close to 1 hour.

Dusk Phoenix had her chest and *ss "caressed" for a uncountable amount of times. Even though it was still a game, the sensation of his fingers making contact with her sensitive areas felt like it was real!

In the beginning, she felt ashamed and angry. After that, it was numbing. Finally, after a few rounds of touching, she started to feel a little weird. The kind of sensation that made her body hot, as if something inside her was begging for release. It made her face flush with a red hue that was even deeper than vermilion! She could have just moaned out loud on the spot!

"What is going on with me!" Dusk Phoenix cried to herself. She had never felt such a feeling in her life!

Zhang Yang saw the opponent face was turning red, but he only thought that she was flustered with rage and not...the other thing. He continued on to smack and slam his opponent without giving it a second thought.

"Argh~~" She tried to cover her orgasmic moans with loud cry of angers. Her voice cracked. She was afraid of the feeling. To make thing worse, she had attained that feeling in the hands of a man that she hated!

"My god..." Dusk Phoenix muttered under her breath. For 21 years, she had been brought up, trained and cultivated by the highest of nobility. For 21 years, she had never been touched by a man! For so long, she was proud that she had never been sullied by any man the world and gained the sanctity and pride of purity. Yet, all of that was destroyed, simply by a game battle with a hooligan!

Her pride had refused to let her lose the fight. Therefore, she chose to endure the humiliating shame of punishment, or pleasure or was it both? All she could do was to shove those conflicted emotions down and focus on the shame and revenge. Still, there was an intense conflict in her heart that made her feel like killing herself in shame!

As Dusk Phoenix was battling on with the complex feeling swarming in her heart, Zhang Yang started to grow impatient and resorted to using his sword to strike his foe. With haste, Zhang Yang hacked away at her HP. Dusk Phoenix on the other had lost the will to continue on. She had even forgotten to use the recovery skill "Blood Angel Requiem" and was killed by Zhang Yang.


Dusk Phoenix realized that she was defeated and lost the fire in her eyes. With dead, unfocused eyes, her body disappeared from the arena, and out of Chaos Realm. Having lost 3 Levels, her level had been deducted to Level 99. Zhang Yang puffed a relieved sigh. It would be an easy job for her to reach Level 100 with her Class A Inheritance.

'Ding! You have won the battle!'

'Ding! You have obtained an item: Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragment (4)!'

'Ding! You have obtained an item: Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragment (6)!'


Zhang Yang's inventory had gained 5 pieces of Inheritance Fragment immediately. He then took out all ten pieces of the fragments and they glowed with radiant light. When the light faded, a long mirky white staff appeared in his hands.

[Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Keepsake] (Quest Item)

Use: Initiates the Milkmaid Deity Inheritance quest.

Class Requirement: Priest.

Level Requirement: 100

"Hey dummy! Did you win?" Han Ying Xue bounced on the balls of her feet when she saw Zhang Yang walking towards her. She had been waiting on the streets of Anthylor for more than 1 hour.

"Yeah. Here. This is for you." Zhang Yang dropped the staff in Han Ying Xue's fair hands that matched the staff's color.

"Awesome! This maiden-ops. This lady will have an S class Inheritance!" cried Han Ying Xue.