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 Chapter 544: The Appearance of the First Player with a Class A Inheritance

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The objective of the quest would be very obvious. Zhang Yang did not say anything unnecessary. Immediately, he hopped onto the back of Thunderhawk and once again headed over to the Miracle Mining Cave.

After flying about for a brief while, Zhang Yang arrived back at the entrance of the mining cave. The Goblin-Orc standoff was no longer there. Instead, there was a small-scale defense facility built by the entrance of the mining cave. There was a row of Orcs, most probably about 20 elite Tier Orcs, standing behind a wooden wall that had spikes all over it. Meanwhile, there were also giant spiders, with scarlet red linings on their backs, coming straight out from the mining cave, one after another, and they would attack the Orcs right outside the cave.

Zhang Yang could not help but frown. It was just about half a day of in-game time after everything that he has gone through. Well, let's see. First, Zhang Yang wiped out a troop of goblins by the entrance of the mining cave, then he went on over to the goblin campsite to poison their leader, and then he went back to see the Chieftain to accept this quest before getting here. How the hell did it get to this! Didn't the Chieftain told Zhang Yang that those were just freshly hatched eggs? Well, these are no ordinary baby spiders then, these are more like gigantic spider monsters!

Zhang Yang hopped off from the back of Thunderhawk and stopped by the wooden wall. When the Orcs caught sight of Zhang Yang's presence, looks of admiration and respect were expressed on their faces. Everyone was saying, "Hey, human! Great job on the goblin's campsite!"

"That's really brave of you! You're already on par with me!"

"Human, are you sure your father, or your grandfather, or your great grandfather does not have the blood of the great Orcs?"

What the hell! Here it goes again! Zhang Yang could not accept the 'praise' that these Orcs had for him! He quickly said, "So how's the situation down there in the mines?"

"Worse than the gas that my grandma has!" an Orc spat and said, "The Blue-Skinned Orcs are really bad eggs. They actually planted a massive number of Blood Spider's eggs within the Miracle Mining Cave! The worse part about this is that these Blood Spiders will grow and breed rapidly as long as they consume enough fresh blood. Now, the Miracle Mining cave has become the lair of the Blood Spiders! Talk about taking back the mines, we can barely hold ourselves against the hordes of Blood Spiders from getting out by the entrance of the mining cave!"

"Curse those foul Blue-Skinned Orcs! I say that their ancestors must have been f*cked by some cunning fox! That's why their descendants are so cunning! They are a disgrace to the Orcs!"

No wonder this quest is ranked as an A-rank quest. The Blood Spider King must be located in the deepest part of the mining cave. Players would have to battle against countless waves of Blood Spiders before reaching the boss. Furthermore, the narrow space of the mining cave provided little space for the party members to spread out into formations. At most, only 10 to 30 players may be able to form a front row capable of facing the boss at any single instance. The lack of space for maneuvering and the small numbers would make fighting the boss all the more perilous.

Zhang Yang nodded, then he walked into the mining cave with bold, large steps as the Orcs gazed at his back with admiring looks on their faces. Their sense of recognizing Zhang Yang as one of their own had grown stronger than ever, believing that he has the blood of a noble Orc surging through his veins!

The second Zhang Yang set foot in the mining cave, a spider with the size of a calf lurked out of the corner of the cave and came up to Zhang Yang. The entire body of the spider was black, from the tips of its fangs to the end of its eight legs. Blood red stripes lined its back, similar to how blood vessels run along the skin of a living being. The fearsome combination of red and black was a mixture of disgust and horror.

The legs of the spiders were no less deadly than an actual spears. If their legs were straightened out, they would be facing the Thunderhawk at eye-level. Such was the magnitude of their height.

[Starving Blood Spider] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Magic Attack: 5,082 - 6,082


[Spider Venom Spit]: Spits spider venom at the target, causing 150% Magic Attack of Nature Damage to the target. Instant activation. Cooldown: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters.

[Web Entanglement]: Entangles the target with sticky spider webs, causing the target to be entangled on the spot, lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: Brutal, bloodthirsty creatures. As long as they feed on enough fresh blood, they can grow swiftly. They are merciless and cold-blooded. They have sworn to purge their enemies and prey.

The moment the Blood Spider detected the presence of Zhang Yang, it began to blink it's large eyes and raised its body slightly above the ground. A projectile in the form of greenish venom was fired out from the spot below its belly button at Zhang Yang without any sign of warning.


A red numerical value popped right on top of Zhang Yang. Although the amount of damage he received was not much, however, Zhang Yang found himself completely drenched in the vile liquid, putting him in an awkward predicament. If Fatty Han had ever seen Zhang Yang in such a state, he would definitely be laughing at Zhang Yang for being 'sprayed' on!

Zhang Yang could not help but to let out a sigh. It would seem that the monsters in the mining cave are equipped with venomous projectile types of attacks! So, Zhang Yang is destined to be 'facialised' until he hits his climax!


Zhang Yang clashed into the Blood Spider with the impact of a lightning bolt. Raising his [Heaven Shaker] high into the air, Zhang Yang gave a good smash to the spider's head. Felice and Thunderhawk were not just bystanders, they were also casting their own skills.

"Zhang Yang, I've just received news that the Europe Region has slain a Level 150 Ethereal boss!" just when Zhang Yang was sunk in the satisfaction of whacking the Blood Spider up, he received an unexpected message from Hundred Shots in the form of a voice message.

"Hmm?" Zhang Yang could not help but to frown slightly. For players at the current stage of the game, Ethereal Tier bosses are beings that exist on a whole different level. They commanded so much respect and fear, beyond anything else in the realm, that it would be unfathomable to even think about challenging them. Zhang Yang would be able to hold his own against the boss, thanks to his [God of War Transformation], but that would raise the question to another problem. Would his durability be matched by the total DpS of the others? Would there be enough players and enough firepower to slay the boss within the 2 hours that he could buy them?

The other question that must not be ignored lay within the level of the players at the current stage of the game. Level 150 Ethereal Tier bosses are usually located within Level 120 - 150 maps. The players at the current stage of the game were beginning to pop through the level cap of Level 100. If these players travel over to those high-level maps, they will definitely become homing signals that invite monsters from all over the map to come and whack their *sses!

Under such circumstances, it would proved too troublesome to to bring a large number of players over to the location of this boss. It was not impossible, but a great amount of money and time would be burnt over such efforts. Meanwhile, the gateway to the Chaos Realm had just been unlocked not too long ago, and the race to the 'First Clear' for the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress had turned into a raging inferno. So, who would spare their precious time in battling a boss that had nothing to do with them at the moment?

After all, there wouldn't be the slightest benefit gained from slaying an Ethereal Tier boss at the time like this. Furthermore, even if the reduction of 20 Levels were accounted for, players will also have to wait until they hit Level 130 before they can actually put on the equipment that they acquire from the drops upon killing the Ethereal Tier boss! Such act will not assist in the progression of acquiring the 'First Clear' of a dungeon in any way!

"The Europe Region had mobilized every single player above Level 100 to the boss battle! A total amount of 70,000 players were involved. Rumor has it that they had used two [Forbidden Scrolls] as well! They spent a full day just to get the job done!" Hundred Shots was very eager to report the details he found to Zhang Yang.

Two [Forbidden Scrolls]?

Zhang Yang felt a jolt in his heart. So who exactly was the one who so generously spent two [Forbidden Scrolls] and 'hired' all the Europe players who have exceeded Level 100 to slay a 'valueless' boss! Furthermore, the glory of acquiring the 'First Clear' for an Ethereal boss had been claimed Lone Desert Smoke awhile ago, so why were they still so eager to do it?

"Are they trying to acquire some sort of [Inheritance] Class?" Zhang Yang asked out of his own convenience. There aren't many idiots in this world. So there is but one possibility that lay within that reason.

"Well, rumor also said that they were aiming for a Class A [Inheritance], an [Inheritance] by the name of [Blood Angel Inheritance]!" Hundred Shots sighed as he continued to speak, "Two [Forbidden Scrolls] were used! And they used those scrolls just to take on a boss! Two of them were called the [Forbidden Scroll: Absolute Lethargy]! It can reduce the Attack of the boss by 70%, and the effects last for as long as 10 hours! Without these two scrolls, I believe they wouldn't have stand a chance against the boss, even if they keep on running back to their corpses!"

"That being said, a player with [Blood Angel Inheritance] was born?" Zhang Yang took a deep breath after his mind crossed that thought. Although he has a Class S [God of War Inheritance], Zhang Yang would never have dare to underestimate any player who possesses an {Inheritance Transformation} Skill --- the reason is simple, Zhang Yang cannot just 'transform' whenever he wants to. For instance, his {God of War Transformation} was currently under a cooldown period. Even if one player with Class A [Inheritance], or Class B [Inheritance], or even a Class C [Inheritance] pops up, Zhang Yang might be obliterated!

"That's right! Nothing has been calm ever since we entered the Chaos Realm! And now, the tide has changed, players without [Inheritances] wouldn't stand a chance against players with [Inheritances]!" Hundred Shots shook his head as he sighed.

What he didn't know is that he will be the powerful Hunter that would dominate all others thanks to the Red Dragon pet. Any player with a Class A [Inheritance] would have to activate their {Inheritance Transformation}in order to be equal to his Strength. However, heaven's secrets must not be divulged, so Zhang Yang had to keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, the 'destiny' that lay before Hundred Shots might have greatly deviated, thanks to Zhang Yang's intervention. It remains a question if Hundred Shot would still be the one possessing that Red Dragon pet.

Right after passing the message to Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots ended the conversation with him. As a personal request from Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots had also stepped down as the commander on the front lines, especially in clearing the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress. He started to avoid training with his regular party - an attempt to allow most of history to repeat its course - the course that he remembered and knew from his past life. This is to prevent Hundred Shots from being taken off track, denying him the opportunity to rise to the Hundred Shots that he remembered. By avoiding contact with him for that period of time, Hundred Shots should be able to take the same path that he had taken from before - without Zhang Yang's intervention getting in the way.

Zhang Yang went back to slaughtering up the Blood Spiders that came at him as he took them out with his [Heaven Shaker], one swing after another. Of course, Zhang Yang was entirely drenched in the venom liquid from head to toe! If he was a little shorter in height, he wouldn't be needing any makeup to disguise himself as a goblin!

Having smashed spiders mechanically for half a day, Zhang Yang was no longer keeping count. However, judging by the fact that as a level 105 player, his experience bar was now filled up to 86%, so he had to have smashed more than a hundred of them by now. Zhang Yang would probably be crossing on to the starting line of Level 106, in another 3 days of in-game time. Leveling up seems to be so difficult these days!

Just when he was sighing on, Zhang Yang caught a glimpse of an elongated shadow beneath his footsteps. The shadow began to extend into a long shadow on the wall.

He quickly turned his head around, towards the direction where the shadow came from. On both sides of the wall in the mining cave, there was a scourging torch on the walls by each section of the path. These torches were not too far away from each other, and yet not near to each other as well. With the fainting light that came from the torches nearby, Zhang Yang could vaguely see the true form of the 'thing' that lurked behind his back --- it was not a monster, but a foreign babe with blonde hair and a super hot body!

Of course, even an African player can set up their avatar in the game as a Snow White Princess. However, Zhang Yang could recognize her as a player from Europe Region, because she had an obvious annotation saying - 'Europe Region' on the top of her head!

Dusk Phoenix!

It was that little hot 'chilli' again!

Dusk Phoenix was wearing a set of leather armor that wrapped around her body tightly, exposing her sexy hot body figure completely, especially the two round and prideful 'peaks' right on her chest! That curvy body really did a splendid job of demonstrating the unique bodies that European and American women would have. With that kind of waist curvature that boomed out with a set of 'outstanding' buttocks, this woman really would harden specific parts of men by simply standing before them!

Zhang Yang could not help but to wonder. Previously, questions were raised in his mind on how Dusk Phoenix could locate him as he almost got ambushed by her. How did she actually track him down? And now, she had once again tracked him all the way down to a hidden mining cave, and located his exact location! Zhang Yang was very positive that either this woman had a way with the system, or she must have some sort of previous 'treasure' that can reveal the tracks and whereabouts of a specific player!

But one must be wondering, why would this woman reveal herself out in the open, like this? Shouldn't she be covering her tracks a little more vigilantly?

"Zhan Yu ---" the moment Dusk Phoenix laid eyes upon Zhang Yang's face, she flashed her teeth viciously, and her eyes turned murderous all of a sudden.

"Hey!" Zhang Yang waved at her cheerfully as he greeted her. However, his gesture only enraged Dusk Phoenix more than ever, "So you can't get me off your mind? I'm sorry, I already have someone else in my heart! Although I would like to make my country proud by dating a foreign girl, I would like to avoid being cursed upon by the others. All I can say is, it is already too late for us to give it a try!"