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 Chapter 536: 1 vs 30,000 (3)

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With the increasing number of Healers arriving at the scene, the health bars of Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama were healed back to their full health states.

Musashi Ousama laughed madly as he said, "Zhan Yu, it doesn't matter how powerful you are! You are just one man! So, let us show you just how powerful we, the Great Empire of Japan really are!"

But players would always be players. They would always believe that they are the best!

Zhang Yang would definitely not act like a boss, where it's decision making choices would mainly be restricted by the aggro system of the game. So he would not only focus his attention on Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama! His main target remained. If he takes out that Tanker - Ichiban Sake, then he will be releasing Rockovich from the control of the players around him! Then, the Mythical Tier boss shall be able to unleash hell upon the players from Japan!

With one powerful flap of his wings, Zhang Yang flew into the sky like a dragon and in a flash, his golden wings glittered as he arrived right before Ichiban Sake. Everything happened so quickly, that none of the players could react to him.

"Abunai!" Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama shouted at the same time in fury.

Zhang Yang's normal attacks had reached up to a total of 100,000 damage, and his Skills would reach up to a total of 250,000 damage. No Tanker at the current stage of the game could actually tank against such terrifying damage! Only players with {Inheritance Transformations} would be able to stand up to other {Inheritance Transformations}.

Ichiban Sake reacted with impressive speed, already activating his {Shield Wall} to guard against the attacks of Zhang Yang that appeared to be as powerful as a hurricane!

But what would a {Shield Wall} do? Zhang Yang would still smash him up like a pinata!

Zhang Yang raised up his [Heaven Shaker] as the quarterstaff lit up in flames, {Destructive Smash}!



Ichiban Sake lost his professional composure as he took the attack. To think that he would still receive such great damage from the attack, even though he had already activated his {Shield Wall}. Furthermore --- he brought up the battle log to take a look, only to find that it was not even a Critical Attack!

"Hold still! D*mn you, I'm your opponent!" Musashi Ousama pointed his finger at Zhang Yang, and a small scaled whirlwind suddenly formed around Zhang Yang, blowing him off his feet!

Zhang Yang was slightly worried, as the skill had completely immobilized him!

[Whirlwind]: Summons a small scale Whirlwind to detain a target, the target will not be able to move at all. But, the target will not receive any damage or other Status Restriction Skills. Lasts for 10 seconds.

It was one of the 'Inheritance Skills' of Musashi Ousama!

{Warrior's Will}!

Zhang Yang instantly broke himself out of the Skill Effect and regained his mobility. Half a second before his Global Cool Down period was over, Zhang Yang raised his [Heaven Shaker] up high once again, ready to strike.

The Healers from the Sakura no Nagare Mae quickly threw their Healing Skills at Ichiban Sake as rapidly as they could! Although Ichiban Sake had already been affected by the {Destructive Smash} which reduced 75% healing effects on him, there were so many Healers that they were still able to restore his HP to full capacity in no time at all.

With so many Healers focused on the Tanker, as long as Ichiban Sake is not killed by a single hit, they would still be able to heal him up efficiently. It would just be like tanking against a powerful boss.

Zhang Yang sighed. Although his attack power is insanely powerful, he is still not powerful enough to instantly kill a {Shield Wall} empowered Guardian! Unless Zhang Yang can trigger both a {Lucky Strike} and a Critical Attack at the same time when he strikes, then Zhang Yang should be able to cause at least 200,000 damage to a Guardian with {Shield Wall} by activating powerful Skills such as {Horizontal Sweep} and {Destructive Smash}! Even if Ichiban Sake is mounted on his Pet to increase his Maximum HP, he would still fall within seconds!

Well, if the players from Japan knew about what he was having in his mind, they would definitely be humiliated! A life saving Skill is precisely called a life saving Skill because the Skill could save a player's life! If a player is instantly killed, even after using a life saving Skill, then what is the point of playing the game, then!

Zhang Yang let out an intimidating roar as he flapped his wings and flew back into the air. Then he faced the Healers and began to fly towards them --- the duration of {Shield Wall} on Ichiban Sake should still last for about 7 to 8 seconds more, so Zhang Yang decided to let him live for a little longer.

Musashi Ousama quickly raised his axe up and pointed at Zhang Yang as well, and he shouted, "Summon!"

Instantly, four white skeletons emerged from the surface of the ground and crawled up to their feet. These skeletons did not look like regular, slow-moving spectres. They were as agile as Spiderman himself! They began to move agilely across the battlefield as they approached Zhang Yang. Suddenly, they leaped towards Zhang Yang, aiming for all four limbs! They wanted to tear Zhang Yang apart, limb from limb!

They leaped into the air towards Zhang Yang at lightning speed! Zhang Yang assumed that the leaping must be these skeletons' Skill. The next split second, all four skeletons had grabbed hold of Zhang Yang, and with their might, they pulled Zhang Yang straight down to the ground.

Zhang Yang was shocked as he fixed his eyes upon these skeletons. These skeletons were all elite Tier, but each of them only had 200,000 HP! The skeletons had released Zhang Yang for the moment as they began to attack Zhang Yang with their white and bony hands.

Are they trying to get themselves killed?

Zhang Yang swung his [Heaven Shaker] across the four skeletons and caused about 90,000 damage on each of the skeletons. The powerful impact of the strike had knocked the skeletons back by 3 to 4 meters! He got out of the 'dangerous situation' and activated his {Charge} at one of the Priests near him.

{Force Strike}!


"Argh!" the Priest did not even last for one strike of Zhang Yang's [Heaven Shaker], and was turned to mush and jelly!

Zhang Yang humph as he stomped on the ground and activated his {Thunder Strike}! As the flashes of electrical damage surged across the Priests, and tens of them took about 20,000 damage, all affected by the 5-second speed reduction effect! They could not even flee from Zhang Yang!

"Kill him! Quickly, kill him!" At the same time, the army of ranged attackers, Spellcasters and Hunters, had finally arrived, though they were really late. More than 200 players were shooting their arrows and magic attacks at Zhang Yang.




Without the power up from [Inheritance], how could they possibly even cause any damage to Zhang Yang who had now been endowed with a ridiculously high Defense! Not only that, players without [Inheritances] would face a situation akin to the Level Gap Suppression when they go up against players with [Inheritances]! Their Status Restriction Skills would not do much to Zhang Yang! Although Zhang Yang was being struck by tons of Movement Speed Reduction effects and Movement Restriction effects, however, only one {Concussion Shot} had managed to affect on him! As soon as Zhang Yang took swig of [Mobility Potion], he regained his movement. He swung on with his weapon and caused massive panic among Healers as he started his version of Armageddon!

His normal attacks could reach up to a total amount of 90,000 damage. Even if players have greatly increased their Maximum HP with their [Mounts], but they would be required to be mounted atop a [Mount] that is at least a Yellow-Gold Tier in order to increase their Maximum HP up to more than 100,000 --- provided that the player is well-equipped in the first place. Well, they should at least have a few Level 100 Violet-Platinum equipment in order to achieve that amount of HP!

Therefore, every single blow coming from Zhang Yang brought instant death! Only a few players were able to withstand 2 hits or more! Even if there were, Felice and Violet Thunderhawk quickly ended them from above in the sky!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

None of the players who got hit by the [Heaven Shaker] still had their heads intact! Their heads had been smashed open, as blood spilled across the air, turning the air sour. It tasted of rust! Such horrible deaths! Zhang Yang was so addicted to killing that he did not even turn back to Ichiban Sake, even though his {Shield Wall} had long faded. He carried on slaughtering the players around him, one smash at a time! No one could match him, they could only delay the inevitable!

Zhang Yang had no qualms about killing these Japan players so indiscriminately. To him, it was like the slaughtering of chickens and dogs, or even pests! With the support of his {God of War Transformation}, other than some players who had [Inheritances] nobody could even cause a single point of damage!

As the God of War EP took some time to accumulate, Zhang Yang did not use them immediately. He intended to accumulate about 100 God of War EP before spamming his Skills all at once. By doing so, he would cause about 32,000 AoE damage to the players in every wave of his attack, and by activating each skill of his in every second, his enemies would not have the chance to heal back up at all!

{Horizontal Sweep}, {Blast Wave}, {Thunder Strike}!

These 3 AoE Skills were quickly becoming universal nightmares to the players from Japan, especially {Horizontal Sweep}! Without any Critical Damage, that attack alone could already reach up to about 200,000 damage. Without activating a life saving Skill, anyone within the attack range of that Skill would be dead the moment the Skill is activated!

How long would it take for a life saving Skill to cool down? How long would it take for {Horizontal Sweep} to cool down? Can the cool down period of these Skills really be compared, side-by-side?

In the eyes of the Japan players, Zhang Yang was now basically a boss with an invincibility buff as he was slaughtering them up without any sense of mercy. They could not hurt him at all! They could just run around like wild chickens, being pursued by a farmer's wife armed with a chopper!

Amaou Kuyoshi was so furious at witnessing such an absurd scene, and the only thing he could do was to send more players over to Zhang Yang's location. If all the Tankers die, then the DPS players and the Healers would be instantly wiped out by Rockovich!

"Slay the boss first! Focus on the boss now!" Amaou Kuyoshi shouted! The truth was clear, before his very eyes. No one could even actually break through Zhang Yang's Defense to cause damage to him, let alone empty out Zhang Yang's immense HP bar of 5,000,000 points!

After some quick deduction, it was obvious that they should focus on the boss first!

The Japan players had been separated into two sides. The side with fewer players was focused on bringing down the boss, while the side with the larger number of players was focused on the massive army of NPCs. Killing Zhang Yang or the boss was no longer their priorities. They had set their minds on taking down the City Hall of the Territory as their priority, it was why they were here in the first place.

Because the entrance of the Winst Castle had been blocked by hundreds of thousands of NPCs, the Japan players would have to kill the NPCs first to clear a path to the City hall. Meanwhile, Japan players with [Flying Mounts] were in the sky attempting, to fly over the entrance itself! It was obvious that they were beginning to aim at the most vulnerable spot of the castle! They were making their way into the City Hall!

Zhang Yang did not pursue them, because he had already arranged a massive NPC army near the City Hall, and he had also placed his 100 [Mechanical Servants] and 200 Castle Guards close by the City Hall. They should buy them enough time till the Territory Conquest ends.

Zhang Yang only sent Felice over to the City Hall to support the army, and as a pair of eyes and ears to keep him updated about the situation within the Castle. He could always fly to any location that needs him at the moment.

Rockovich had a total amount of 100,000,000 HP. Even though he was being heavily assaulted by the players, his HP bar still looked healthy! Furthermore, Zhang Yang had purposely picked on the Healers as his main targets. Because of that, the DPS players from Japan could not get enough support from the Healers as they took heavy damage from the boss' AoE attacks! They could only take their [Potions], or withdraw in order to use their [Bandages].

However, taking [Potions] and using [Bandages] required time and had cool down periods. The area and range attacks of the boss were struck out at them, one wave after another, forcing the DPS players to wait for those cool down periods! They could not even do a thing about their current situation!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he spread his wings and soared around the area. Meanwhile, Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama could only stare at him from the ground, witnessing him slaughtering up their guild members.

But they could not simply leave Zhang Yang be. The moment when Zhang Yang turns his attention over to Ichiban Sake, the poor tank would surely perish! When that happens, the boss will return to the entrance of the Castle and all hell would break loose! They knew all too well the consequences if a Super boss is left unchecked!

Of course, they could remain in their delusional worlds and fantasize about slaying Zhang Yang!

After slaughtering hundreds of Healers, Zhang Yang finally turned his attention towards Ichiban Sake. After all, Rockovich did not have the ability to heal himself, so he would eventually fall!


He flew towards Ichiban Sake and struck at the Guardian's head with his 'hammer'!


Ichiban Sake reacted like a true professional Tanker as he raised his shield up in between himself and Zhang Yang, just in the nick of time!

However, it would hardly make a difference. It barely even delayed the inevitable

What could one {Block} do? Zhang Yang still had at least 3 Skills lining up at the back of his list, ready to be dispatched, and each Skill would cause about 200,000 damage! How was Ichiban Sake going to survive that?

{Frost Strike}!

Zhang Yang thumped Ichiban Sake on the head again, with his [Heaven Shaker] like a roaring black dragon! The next thing that happened was a bunch of flesh and the splatter of blood oozing out of the stump that was once Ichiban Sake's neck, followed by the numerical value of '-412,246!'! That was a Critical Attack! The HP bar of Ichiban Sake was immediately emptied out!