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 Chapter 532: Assault of the Japan-Korea Region

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Zhang Yang arrived safely at Morning Town with Felice in his inventory Battle Companion's space. Only then, did he summon out the newly obtained mount.

[Juvenile Violet Thunderhawk] (Mythical Flying Mount)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Attack Power: 1 - 3

Skills: NIL

Zhang Yang was stunned. Was it not supposed to be only a Violet-Platinum tier? It took him only 1 second to realize that the same hawk he had obtained back then had probably been respawned many times over. Furthermore, if the parent was a Mythical tier boss, it should not be a mystery on why the offspring would also be a Mythical being!

Hmph. Lucky. A good haul.

Zhang Yang summoned the flying serpent alongside the hawk and brought it to grind as swiftly as he could to Level 100. The hawk could be as strong as Felice and would be a great help to him.

Even though there were plenty of players already entering Chaos Realm, they were greatly scattered around the place. The land of Chaos Realm was truly huge. Even though there were already more than a thousand players within it, but those numbers meant nothing when compared to the vastness of the land. With haste, Zhang Yang arrived at a safe zone that was completely devoid of people. He began his grinding there. Within an hour, Zhang Yang's super-powered attacks and the immense experience points of the monster in the Chaos Realm were enough to raise the hawk to Level 30. When the hawk reached the Level 30 threshold, the little hawk grew into a larger, handsome male hawk.

Zhang Yang did not stop there, he dedicated two whole days to get the hawk to level 100 and continued on until the handsome hawk reached Level 105, the limit of its level, since Zhang Yang himself was only Level 105.

Upon reaching Level 105, the hawk had grown even bigger. It was 2 meters tall and had iron-like talons that could break even the strongest of rocks. The feathers were naturally blue, with occasional streams of electrical impulses that flowed along the feather lines. Through the [Pet Skill Engravement Scroll], Zhang Yang had "cut and paste" the skill {Icy Built} and {Iron Built} from the bear, {Madness} from the Mythical Turtle, and {Bewitchment} from the flying serpent, all to the Thunderhawk. He had also let the hawk learn the skill {Shatterpoint Weakness} and two other skill books that he had already prepared, {Wild Recovery} and {Haste}. Through leveling, the hawk itself had gained three other skills on its own.

[Violet Thunderhawk] (Mythical Flying Mount)

Level: 105

HP: 177,380 (Vitality Aura in effect)

Defense: 4,480

Magic Attack: 9,629 - 11,629


[Shared Life (Passive)]: Combines both HP of the master and the pet.

[Icy Built (Passive)]: Reduce Frost damage by 90%.

[Wild Recovery]: Restores 5% HP by consuming 10 Focus points every second. Last for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

[Iron Built (Passive)]: Increases 30% maximum HP.

[Haste]: Increases movement speed by 100%. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

[Madness]: Increases 50% attack speed. Grants 10% chance to restore 30% HP with every successful attack. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

[Bewitchment]: Confuses the target, immobilizing it. Lasts for 15 seconds. The state of confusion will be dispelled when the target takes damage. Success rate will be lowered while targeting a boss. Casting time: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters. Cost: 100 Focus points.

[Shatterpoint Weakness]: Attempts to locate the target's weak points and causes all attack in the next 10 seconds to deal 50% additional damage. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

[Thunder Ball]: Fires a ball of thunder to a target, dealing 200% Natural magic damage. Has 1% chance to paralyze the target, preventing the target from moving for 1 second. Focus: 20 Focus points. Casting time: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters.

[Violet Thunder Slayer]: Launches a Thunder Storm in an area of 10 x 10 meters. Deals 3,000 Natural damage to all target for 10 seconds. Cost: 100 Focus points. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

As expected of a Mythical tier battle pet. Even though it had only one single target skill, it was more than enough to deal 10,000 damage per second! Perhaps, it was on par with Felice in her Dragonhawk form. Besides that, the hawk had the skills {Madness} and {Shatterpoint Weakness} to start the fight. The Violet Thunderhawk was like a mobile, floating cannon. It was slow in reloading, but could deal powerful blasts that could kill any player in his own level range!

Now that his hawk had reached to the highest possible level, for now, it made things easier for Zhang Yang. He could now start to search the last ingredient, [Light of Miracle] to unlock the second seal. He could also fly to the Malevolent Tower of the Spectre Sacred Land and complete the main story quest that he had accepted when he was only Level 10. That, or the Catarina quest in the Spider Kingdom. Lastly, he would take a look at the 90 Messenger quests...

Just as Zhang Yang was deciding on which quest to complete first, Hundred Shots called.

"Zhang Yang. I had received grave news. A group of North American players has just found themselves a [Territory Conquest Order]. The Japan-Korea region players have bought it.

"Hm. That's weird. Aren't they hostile? How could they, I mean, players of two great regions be involved in such a transaction?" asked Endless Starlight.

"It's possible." Hundred Shots explained. "Through interbank transfer. After the money is transferred, one player from the North America region would allow players from the Japan-Korea region to kill him. Kill, revive, and repeat until the item is dropped upon death."

Huh! That was possible...

Zhang Yang could not help but to recall something. When players enter the Holy City in the Chaos Realm, there should be an Auction House that would allow transaction of items for a high 20% tax. The method was widely used since the system could prevent cheating in transactions, even though they had put up an expensive taxing system.

"How much did they spend?" Fatty Han asked.

" 5 million USD!"

"WOOOOAH!" cried Fatty Han. "How could a small piece of paper be so expensive."

Zhang Yang shook his head. "Under normal circumstances, the [Territory Conquest Order] could fetch up to 100,000 to 1 million. But since the japs and koks are eager to get back their territory, the North Americans had taken advantage of them!"

"Heh. It's not like the fatsos in America would stop at one. Look at what they did to Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hehe! Perhaps even the japs are getting used to being bullied. Talk about S and M. Woooo~" said Lost Dream.

"Heh." Zhang Yang chuckled. "In that case, let's make a show for them to remember. We will make the japs and koks waste their 5 million dollars!'

"Mm. Let's give them hell."

Fatty Han got excited and roared, rousing up everyone else.

However, just when they thought that the Japan-Korea region player would attack, four days passed and there were still no signs of attack. Zhang Yang and everyone else thought that it was due to the fact that they had yet to decide on a specific guild to launch the attack. It was a national war. They've had their own land taken away by other nation. It made sense if they would prepare the strongest guild to launch a counterattack. Selections of the best guild would take a long time since they would be the guild that carries the flag of the nation. If the said guild emerges victorious, it would gain the highest honor and fame.

Hence, with such benefits at stake, there was surely be a catch to it as well. What if the selected guild loses the war? It was, after all, a matter of national war. If they fail to emerge victoriously, the guild would be deemed the worst of all. A waste of national talent that would be blacklisted! Their own countrymen might hunt them down!

As such, it made sense for the guild selection to take so long. However, it was just a matter of time before they create an ultimate strike force. If the number was small, the defense of the castle would be stronger. 1000 players could be killed with only two to three blasts of the magic cannons. As such, the longer they take to decide, the more players could join the attack since more and more players would be reaching Level 100. Since the guild was created just for the sole purpose of taking down Winst Castle, players who meet the requirement could temporarily join the guild and fight in the war. The selection of players should cover the entirety of Japan and Korea. To put in comparison, the defenders of Winst Castle would only be Lone Desert Smoke's own men. How could a single guild fight against the best players in Japan and Korea?

When they have gathered 10,000 to 20,000 players, Lone Desert Smoke might only have 1,000 or fewer Level 100 players. By then, the attack would be swift and decisive, a one-sided massacre! Again, it was a matter of time. Too early, and the attacking guild would not be able to gather enough players to attack. Too long, and Lone Desert Smoke would have gathered enough Level 100 players to attack. By then, Japan-Korea region player will lose the advantage of numbers since Lone Desert Smoke was the only Level 4 guild with a higher player capacity!

After a series of serious discussions, Zhang Yang had come up with an estimated timeframe. It was estimated that the Japan-Korea region will attack within the next 3 to 4 days. Since it was just a rough estimation, Zhang Yang had been laying low and did not hunt for bosses. He had purposely retained his God of War Transformation. Instead of grinding, Zhang Yang spent the next few days delivering the magic orbs. After the 23rd letter was sent, the system had sent the notification of the attack.

'Ding! Player Amaou Kuyoshi has used the Territorial Conquest Order on Winst Castle. The Territorial Conquest War will start tomorrow night at 7.00 PM sharp. The war will last for 3 hours. The war is limited to Lone Desert Smoke, the Defender, and Sakura no Nagare Mae, the attacker. During the war, all teleportation circles will not function. All players who die will be revived at their designated major city and cannot return to the war. Within 3 hours, if any of the Sakura no Nagare Mae guild member successfully attacks the Territorial Hall, victory will be theirs. The owner of Winst Castle will be Amaou Kuyoshi if the attackers win the war!'

Here it comes!

All guild members of Lone Desert Smoke were fired up when the notification had rang in. This was the first, authentic nation vs nation war! The main character of the war was Lone Desert Smoke! How could anyone remain calm!

Lo and behold, come another system notification that had silenced every member of Lone Desert Smoke.

'Ding! Player Hangugui Gugwang has used the Territorial Conquest Order on Morning Town. The Territorial Conquest War will start tomorrow night at 7.00 PM sharp. The war will last for 3 hours. The war is limited between Lone Desert Smoke, the Defender, and E.E, the attacker. During the war, all teleportation circles will not function. All players that who die with be revived at their designated major cities and cannot return to the war. Within 3 hours, if any of the E.E guild members successfully attack the Territorial Hall, victory will be theirs. The owner of Winst Castle will be Hangugui Gugwang if the attackers win the war!'

A second Territorial Conquest Order!

"Crap! Those K-pop guys really got themselves a second Territorial Conquest Order!" cried Fatty Han angrily.

"This is a problem..." Hundred Shots sighed heavily. "Right now, we are being cornered. Right now, we only have 1,876 Level 100 players on the guild that could enter Chaos Realm. On the other hand, I had obtain news that the Japan-Korea region have already amassed more than 60,000 members. We are being attack by 30,000 players on each sides!"

"Looks like they are attacking both Winst Castle and Morning Town at the same time! Since we have taken two lands, we'll lose both lands! The Japs and Koks want to take their revenge!"

Right then, the Japan-Korea region players had gained the advantage in numbers. If Lone Desert Smoke wishes to save both territories, they would only lose both.

Zhang Yang laughed. "There's no way we are going to lose Morning Town. For better or for worse, we could always ask for help from Crimson Rage and Sky High. Have them lend us all their Level 100 players. It's a matter of China's pride now. If we lose, the town will be taken by the Japs and Koks. I don't think that anyone from China, friendly or not, would willing to let that happen."

"Bloody hell, it's infuriating to think that the Winst Castle is going to be taken away by the Japanese!" cried the little girl.

If he manages to borrow manpower from the other guild, it would create a new problem in the future since they would want to piece of the cake. If it was a matter of national protection, it might still be a valid reason to have them lend their powers. But if Zhang Yang were to have them fight for Winst Castle, the borrowed manpower might not be on the same page with Lone Desert Smoke. After all, the ones guarding the castle would carry the name of Lone Desert Smoke. It would be Zhang Yang and the guild who gets the fame, while others remain completely unknown.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Yang could not even estimate the number of people he could bring to Winst Castle.

Lone Desert Smoke had a 40,000-player limit. If Zhang Yang wants to defend Morning Town, he would need to place 30,000 players in Morning Town. The remaining 10,000 players would be sent to defend the 30,000 men attacking force from the Japanese guild, Sakura no Nagare Mae. The odds are 1:3...no matter how, it would be tough for Zhang Yang to defend the castle...Was it too early to give up on Winst Castle...?