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 Chapter 519: A Fierce Battle with an Ethereal Boss

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Zhang Yang acted without hesitation as he threw the {Glare of the Death God} on the boss.

For every passing second, his mind only thought of whether the 2-hour 'transformation' duration was enough for him to make his plan work. The cooldown period for the {Glare of the Death God} was only 60 minutes. So, he can actually use the Skill twice two times while he is still in his 'transformed' form. Henceforth, he would use {Glare of the Death God} immediately! Well, who knows whether he could really time it right by then. If he can throw a third {Glare of the Death God} on the boss in between that one split second before the 2-hour long {God of War Trasnformation} Skill is over, while the boss only has 10% HP remaining on him, then Zhang Yang might stand a better chance at slaying the boss!

Zhang Yang was really lucky this time. The {Glare of the Death God} could not be resisted by the boss. A large dark skull appeared right on top of the boss's head in just an instant!

Although this was the first time many of them had witnessed this Skill, they had already heard from Zhang Yang himself about how powerful this Skill is. Within the 10-second period of time, everyone no longer tried to hit as hard as they could, instead, they were hitting as fast as they could, in order to increase the number of hits on the boss. The main reason was that everyone understood how the {Glare of the Death God} works. They just wanted to increase the rate of triggering the special effect of the Skill, by increasing their attack rate!




The eight DPS players with a bunch of [Pets], 4 powerful Battle Companions (The other two belonging to Lost Dream and Daffodil Daydream, however, the initial Tiers of their Battle Companions are only Yellow-Gold Tier), and 7 [Servants] were all trying hard to hit the boss as frequently as possible, without thinking about their damage output! Their attack rate was really off the charts, causing the special effect of {Glare of the Death God} to trigger consecutively! All 10 chances of triggering the special effect were used up within 5 seconds!

"You bastard! How is it possible that you know the Special Skill of the Hell's Lord!" Ferra let out a raging roar as he launched his assaults madly towards Zhang Yang with his 10 finger nails, looking like 'blades of hell'.

"Hahaha! I am the representative of the Hell's Lord in this realm. Little Vampire Ferra, surrender yourself and pledge your allegiance to me!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he swung his 'hammer' at the boss.

"Impossible! The Hell's Lord has already fallen! Human, give me the secret Skill of the Hell's Lord. Then, I shall consider turning you into one of my undead familiars, instead of turning you into a dried corpse!" the boss threatened Zhang Yang.

Fatty Han could not help but to feel shocked. After thinking about it, he said, "Little Yang, if only we could all get this Skill and take our turns to use it on a boss, they would all be dead in no time!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I am guessing that this Skill only drops once in the entire game. If everyone could farm for this Skill and learn it, then all boss battles will become too easy!"

The moment when the {Glare of the Death God} ended, the damage output of the party went back to normal again. The boss had over 10,000 defense. Even if they used 5 layers of{Cripple Defense} on him, he would still have about 5,000 Defense. Furthermore, Zhang Yang and his party members had been weakened by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, making the total damage output of the whole party so poor that it was painful to look at! Their total DpS was only about 10,000 damage. Furthermore, the boss also had two HP recovery Skills, {Talon's Seduction} and {Heal}, making the boss even more difficult to kill! The HP bar of the boss was reducing extremely gradually!

"Haha! You utterly useless beings, are no match for me!" Ferra let out a series of words that trembled as he extended his claws out even further. He slashed at the shield of Zhang Yang and sent Zhang Yang flying in the opposite direction. It was fortunate that Zhang Yang gains the ability to fly when he transforms himself into the form of the {God of War Transformation}. So, he instantly flew straight back up to the boss and continued to battle the boss.

The Level Gap Suppression function of the game is really extremely annoying!

Even though the {God of War Transformation} is a very powerful Skill, but Zhang Yang still felt that he was being oppressed by the boss! Back in his life, Zhang Yang had once taken out a Violet-Platinum boss, together with hundreds of its minions when he first transformed as a King Kong. It really felt awesome of him to feel so powerful for the first time!

However, standing before an Ethereal boss made him feel weak again, as if he was being 'shrunk' back to his previous power level!

Well, this is what happens to players when they do not heed the warnings and go on doing an Exceed Level Challenge! Players should be at least Level 115 before challenging Vampire Count Ferra. But, Zhang Yang and his party had insisted on challenging the boss now. Well, who are you kidding? Of course this boss battle is not going to be easy!

"Living beings, tremble before my shadows!" Ferra suddenly turned into a blur, and his body was transformed into 20 little bats, These bats then swarmed up towards the 10 players.

[Ferra's Incarnation] (Normal, Special Creature)

Level: 145

HP: 500,000

Defense: 0

Attack: 0


[Blood Drain]: Drains the blood of the target, will die after 30 seconds and recovers 1% health for Ferra.

These bats were basically unstoppable. All of them charged at everyone as they started to bite at their necks, faces, wrists and other spots that were not covered and protected by equipment.

Without the need to inform them, everyone stood together in one same spot and activated their AoE Skills.

{Horizontal Sweep}






The 20 little bats were receiving different amount of damages at same time. However, the amount of the damages were that were inflicted upon the bats differed greatly.

Zhang Yang let out a gentle humph. With a golden light gushing out of his entire body, Zhang Yang struck out with his {God Of War's Crushing Strike}!




He initially has about 1,000 points of Strength attribute. But after he switched up to the [Mysterious Metallic Greaves], he had acquired an additional of 1,201 Strength attribute. And after he added the power of 4 [Gemstones] onto his equipment, together with the 10% increment on his Strength that Wei Yan Er's {Strength Aura} provided, Zhang Yang's Strength attribute had reached up to a total of 2,897 points!

Unfortunately, the damage of {God of War's Crushing Strike} would not be affected by any additional damage effects that are added to the player. However, the Chaos Damage that is 10 times of the Strength Attributes would not be affected by Armor Defense and Magic Defense of the target, not even the Level Gap Suppression effect. The Skill will perform as it always would, without any loss of power!

Although Zhang Yang could only accumulate 1 point of 'God of War Energy Point' every 10 seconds, allowing the {God of War Crushing Strike} to be available for dispatching every 30 seconds, but Zhang Yang did not have any other Skills that would require the usage of the 'God of war Energy Point'. So, after battling the boss for another 5 minutes, he had succeeded in accumulating a total of 30 'God of War Energy Points'. That amount of Energy Points would be enough for Zhang Yang to activate the {God of war Crushing Strike} 10 times!

After the 1-second Global Cool Down Period, Zhang Yang activated another {God of War Crushing Strike} once again, and caused about 30,000 damage to all the bats within his Skill's attack range!

"Wow! What sorcery is this? A player can become so bloody powerful after using a 'Transformation' Skill!" Endless Starlight was looking at Zhang Yang in admiration, and then he said, "Boss, help me get the Class S Inheritance for Knights! I too, want to feel the rush of a 'Transformation' Skill!"

"Endless Starlight, you can stop thinking about the 'Transformation' part, you're already a pervert in transformation form! It's more practical that way!" Fatty Han laughed out loud.

Zhang Yang activated his {God of War Crushing Strike} 9 consecutive times, and after he was done with the skill, his {Horizontal Sweep} had also cooled down. So, he struck with his {Horizontal Sweep} and caused another wave of damage onto the bats! Unfortunately for Zhang Yang, now that he did not possess the special effect of his [Sword of Purging Devourer}, the damage values only popped out on top of the bats, once.

However, the impact of the {God of War Crushing Strike} was amazing! After 10 consecutive times of activation, the 'God of War Energy Points' of Zhang Yang was depleted. But at the same time, every monster around him was inflicted with about 300,000 damage! Meanwhile, Felice spat her flames from midair. After her 10-second {Pulverizing Flame}, she had also caused about 10,000 damage to every one of the bats. However, the {Pulverizing Flame} had a cool down period of 30 seconds. So, Felice could only attack one enemy at a time!

After about 15 seconds later, all the bats were left with only about 100,000 HP! However, the {God of War Crushing Strike} was not available at the moment. So the damage that Zhang Yang could deal to the bats had sharply reduced!

"Dummy, should we use our {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna's Dew}?" Han Ying Xue asked.

The paired skills {Blizzard Sky} and {Luna's Dew} did Chaos Damage, so they would not be affected by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game. They should be able to deal 5,000 damage for every second and inflict a total damage of 75,000 to each of the little bats in the remaining 15 seconds. With other party members supporting them with their attacks as well, they should be able to clear out the bats with ease!

Zhang Yang shook his head immediately. The boss battle was only beginning. Having no idea on how many time the boss might use his {Vampiric Blood Drain}, if they really used up their paired skills this early in the battle, then how are they going to survive the next round of such attacks? Their paired skills had a cool down period of 72 hours!

Everyone was trying their best at maximizing their damage output as they gulped down bottles of [Power Potions] whenever they could!

On the 20th second, Zhang Yang activated another {Horizontal Sweep} with his long, quarterstaff-like hammer, striking out the best AOE attack skill that he had. Instantly, another wave of damage values popped out on top of the bats, at the same time! A few of them were killed by the attack wave!

{Thunder Strike}!

In his transformed mode, even the {Thunder Strike} could reach up to 20,000 basic damage. But unfortunately, because of the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, the {Thunder Strike} could not reach the expected amount of damage. The bats only received about 10,000 damage, a small number of them was only inflicted with about 2,000 damage!

However, the remaining HP bar of the bats were already rather low. Under the aggressive assault of Zhang Yang's party, quite a number of them were falling off from the body of Zhang Yang's party members as they died.

25 seconds, 7 bats remaining!

26 seconds, 5 bats remaining!

27 seconds, 3 bats remaining!

28 seconds, 1 bat remaining!

On the 29th second, the last bat had finally fallen off the body of Endless Starlight!

After the 30th second, the bats that were on the ground suddenly came back to life as they flew up and reformed back into the middle-age gentleman. Ferra let out a deafening roar, and then he dashed towards Zhang Yang, aiming at his neck.

They had succeeded in surviving one of the deadly skills of the boss!

Everyone let out a breath of relief as their confidence increased! Zhang Yang currently had more than 4,000,000 amount of HP, giving him a much larger margin of error. The two healers could even close their eyes and simply focus on healing Zhang Yang without the need to worry about inefficient healing. They also need not worry about the fact that any slight delay of their healing skills might cause Zhang Yang to be instantly killed!

It was very hard to judge whether this battle was a tough one or an easy one. As long as they can kill all the bats within the time frame of 30 seconds, they should be able to empty out the total amount of 45,000,000 HP of the boss within two hours!

Well, killing the bats within the time frame is interrelated to emptying out the long HP bar of the boss! Because if any of the players cannot kill the bats within the time frame, they would die, and contribute in healing the HP of the boss back up! If that happens, Zhang Yang and his party member would not stand a chance at slaying the boss within the limited time period!

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 50 minutes!

The boss had already used his {Vampiric Blood Drain} for more than 10 times, but the party had managed to kill all the little bats within the time frame! They managed to do that all, thanks to the {God of War's Crushing Strike} that Zhang Yang has. The impact of the strikes really do pack a punch. The damage that the Skill can cause took up half of the total damage output of the party! Han Ying Xue and the rest of the party members saw the potential of having an [Inheritance], and were even more motivated to get their own Inheritances!

60 minutes!

The cool down period of the {Glare of the Death God} was finally over, Zhang Yang activated the Skill once more.


But Zhang Yang was out of luck this time. The moment when the Skill was thrown onto the boss, a large word popped up right above the head of Count Ferra.

"Sun of the beach!"

"Bad luck I guess!"

"This is outrageous!"

Fatty Han and the others immediately complained the moment they saw the letters!

The boss still had 52% HP at that current moment!