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 It's gotten late already, I didn't thought that I've overslept inside the family restaurant, but still I'm glad that my manager didn't get mad at me.

Still this road that I'm always taking is pretty quiet, well that's why I always take this way, for the reason that I don't want to meet people.

Every time I take a step, I can feel the soft wind blowing and hitting my skin... spring is really cold. I think it'll take a few minutes before the sun sets, the clouds are getting darker and darker after all.

I think it's going to rain.

The moment I reached my house, it started to rain..... I guess I'm safe, my prediction is really right. As I unlock the door with the key on my hand, the first thing that greeted me are my pets.

"I'm home..." I rubbed the soft furs of my dog and cat, I named my dog "one" and my cat "two", I'm pretty lame in naming things that's why I didn't bother that much in thinking and giving their names. It's not like they can understand me, but still I'm glad that they're living with a guy like me for the past few years.

After closing the door, I remove my bag and throw it in the sofa in the living room. I was walking towards the refrigerator that time when I saw a mail on the top of the dining table.

I get a bottle of water from the refrigerator after that before touching the letter.

It's a letter from uncle... he probably get in from the back door, he didn't even send a message that he'll come today. And also why bother sending a letter?, I have an email and smartphone, I wonder what's the matter with that guy's brain?.

After I drink the water to quench my thirst and tiredness because I work too much today, I opened the letter.

The letter contains a single thing, a notification about my new school.

Just like I thought, but still it's kind of weird that he didn't leave any information about the school. I wonder how my new school looks?, I wish it's peaceful.

Not like I care that much, I don't have any choice but to follow my uncle because he's the one who adopted me. I'll just leave the future to my future self because worrying is just an annoying thing.


My uncle called that night informing me about living in a school dormitory..... a school dormitory huh?, that's kind of annoying to deal with.

Since he called me, I ask him a question. If I could bring my pets inside the school dormitory and just like I expected he said "no".

Now what should I do?.


"Can I leave my pets to you, Manager-san?." I ask her in a sincere way.

"Well not that I mind, I don't have any pets inside my house, actually I'm just the only in my house..." Manager-san is really a good person, "But if you leave them to me for about six months, they're mine....." Ah wait, that's kind of mean.

"..." I take care of them for about eleven years and you're just gonna steal them.

"I'm just joking Inuzaki-kun, you can take them back anytime you want... so don't stare at me with those dead eyes..." I'm just simply analyzing the reason why would you make a lame joke, "By the way are you not going to work in the family restaurant anymore?."

I give her a nod "My uncle said that my new school is kind of a little far from here and also I can't take my pets in the school dormitory there..."

"I see..."

"Don't worry Manager-san, I'll give you a payment every month for taking care of my pets if you want....." I think I can repay her this way.

"That's not really needed, you should just save your money..... but I only have one request to you..." Her eyes are quite uncomfortable.

"Hm?." I just give her a go on and say what you want look.

"Can you visit them from to time?." She was blushing a bit when she said that, this is quite weird.

Maybe it's just my imagination, there's no way Manager-san looks at me like that.

But still I won't mind if that's the reason, I won't mind accepting if she asks me to marry her, well it's not like she'll ask me. But still I won't mind if that really happens, I mean she's one of the woman that could easily capture an unpopular guy's heart.

Her long black hair that flutters every time she walk, her cute round brownish eyes. Her model-like body and skin, exceptionally big bust and her mature older sister-like voice... she's really one of the older sister type.

"Okay..." I give her a short answer.

I open the cages in my hand after I put them on the floor after that.

My pets run towards Manager-san after I let them out of their cage, and cuddled her feet. Hey, hey, hey..... my pets didn't act like that towards me, does Manager-san have some kind of magnetic charm for pets?, this is wrong.

"They're quite adorable aren't they?." No, they're not, I mean they didn't even try to act like that when they're with me.

They only go near me if they're hungry, or if I have foods on my hand.

"Yeah..." I give my pets an expressionless look.

As I look at Manager-san cutely rubbing the head of my pets, I quietly think. Maybe it's just my imagination, I don't think someone like Manager-san would fall for me. My unpopularity is in highest level after all.

Looks like my loner senses give me a wrong information, but still it's quite rare that my loner senses gets wrong information.

"I should go now Manager-san, as I said I'll go visit them from time to time..."

She gives me a nod and a smile after that.

I wave at her after leaving his house, I'm glad that Manager-san accepted to take care of my annoying pets.


After a few days, a package was delivered to me, a box full of school uniforms.

A short-sleeve white-colored school uniform with a blue necktie, paired with blue pants. There's also a wizard's hat symbol encrypted in the school uniform's pocket.

I think this school is a school for rich people basing from this uniform and my senses, or maybe not.

But still my new high school life huh?, it's not like I'm looking forward to it. I just wish that they leave me alone just like last time, it's too tiring dealing with other people.


After a few sleep, the first day of school arrives.

My uncles said that after I prepare I should wait and stand in front of my house, my uncle didn't say anything after that. Is someone gonna pick me up?, like some kind marvelous black car?, I wish that wouldn't happen. That will just ruin my dream high school life that is away from other student.

As I look at my reflection in the mirror after changing into my new school uniform, I thought to myself "I really have an unpopular guy's look aren't I?". I'm not really handsome and it's not that I'm ugly, if I say I'm in between the line of ugliness and handsomeness, in other words "normal"..... too normal.

I didn't brush my black unkempt hair after that because I'm sure it'll just go back to it's regular position even if I brush it.

As I look at myself, my line of sight reach my dead eyes, I seriously have dead eyes aren't I?. I don't have any single external part of my body I could be proud of excluding my fit physique, oh wait..... I still have my weapon and..... my internal parts maybe.

I brush off my ridiculous on the spot after realizing I need to hurry, uncle said that I should be early for some reason.

After I exited the bathroom, I lift the two large bags in the sofa that I have. The first bag is for necessary things like school things, clothes, and etc., while the second bag is for unnecessary things like gaming devices and many more.

I loner like me can't survive in a dormitory that's why I need the second bag.

After preparing everything I need I exited the house and locked it, and started waiting outside my house, a little near the gate.


I wonder what I'm waiting for, ten minutes already passed and still I haven't seen anything.

My eyes don't have anything to do that's why it keep looking for something in the vicinity, this why I hate waiting. Also I'm waiting for something that I don't even know, this is kind of irritating in some ways.

I wonder how many minutes will I need for waiting?.

My eyes keep looking at my neighbor's gate in front of me, who's the guy that lives in this house again?, even though I'm living in this neighborhood I don't even know the names of my neighbor.

My thoughts were really scattered that time when suddenly..... my sight turned to the ground.....

A green magic circle huh?..... did someone draw this thing on the ground?, it's kind of amazing.

It's incredibly realistic like those magic circles in RPG games and anime..... oh, it's moving.

Wait..... it's moving?..... it's moving...

I need to get out of here, I think this is kind of bad.

Oh shit!, I'm falling to the ground..... the ground of melting.


And then I, myself fall to the ground.


Ahhhhhhhhh, I shouted in my mind as I fall to the depth of this magic circle. It's not that I'm scared I just want to try acting like a normal human experiencing fear.

Before I know it, I fall suddenly in a place that I haven't seen before with both of my feet on the ground, I didn't even balance it out.

I was standing underneath an incredibly large tree, I can only see a few trees in this place. The place was a wide grassland, as I look above me..... my uncle is really right, this is a place really far away from my house.

The temperature, direction of the wind, and position of the sun is completely opposite from the way it was before. The sky is much clearer in here, and there's a large number of birds flying in the sky. Even though the sun is shining too much in this place, it's not really hot because of the wind that is blowing every second.

The spring season becomes summer in an instant, just look at the mellow summer breeze.

Then there's possibility that the green magic circle a teleportation spell?, what the hell did just happen?.

What's the best choice here?, go explore the vicinity and look for clues or stay here?.

But still exploring the whole vicinity is kind of tiring and also I have two bags in my hand, I can't just left this underneath this tree, it's a bad thing for me if someone steal this.

Hmmmm..... what to do?.

As I started thinking what to do, I suddenly heard a continuous stomp of something running.

I look at the way the sound is coming from, it's quite far forward that's why I can't see that much, and also there's a large amount of dust besides the thing that is running towards me.

Oh!, it's running towards me.

It looks like a horse, I need to move a few step from my position or it'll run over me.


I don't think it's just one, a large number of horse huh?.


The three white horses instantly stopped after reaching a few meters near me, they're quite large.

So should I ride this thing?, I wonder if this horses are the creatures that will transport me to my designated new school. I wonder if my uncle know about that magic circle, or this thing that happened?.

Well whatever, I'll just ask the one that sends these horses to me, I'm sure he/she know something.

I'm sure these guys has a master, it's not a coincidence that these horses just stop in front of me so I'm sure of that.

I started putting my bags on the two horses besides the white horse in the center and after tying it up tightly, I ride the white horse in the center. It's been a long time since I ride a horse, it really has a nice feeling.

"So you know how to ride huh?, I thought we need to teach you but judging from your posture you're quite a professional aren't you?..."

"Yeah, I learned riding a horse when I was a kid..."

Wait, did I just answer unconsciously.

As I look for the one that is talking using an old man's voice.

"Milady might be mad if we get to the academy late, so let's hurry up..." Did this horse just talked?.

"Okay, Captain....." The two horses beside me answered.

O, that really surprised me.