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 Lucy was cradled in her Imperial Aunt's arms, watching as her name was engraved onto a jade. Lucy watched it closely, feeling the resonance it held with her. Women with silver hair infused it with Lucy's essence. What was the use of this jade? Why would they bind her soul essence to it?

"It's done" The woman set the jade gently on the shelf. "Rimes Lucy, of the Third House. Her name has been recorded in the scrolls, her life jade created, and incense offered to the ancestors for the blessing of a new daughter"  A cunning smile graced her lips, "Now bring Selena forward" The silver-haired woman ordered.

Dressed in a plain green dress, Selena kneels, her gaze steady. "Selena. Do wish to swear your life to Rimes Shaya Lucinda?" The silver-haired woman asks. Selena bows her head. "Yes, Matriarch. Rimes Lucy will be my mistress till death parts us. Allow this lowly servant to serve the Third Young Miss, of the Third House of Rimes Family" Selena says. Lucy held still, observing this. The silver-haired woman, the Matriarch of the Rimes family nods. "As Matriarch, the Family Head. I allow you to swear a blood oath, and bestow the Rimes name for your loyalty." She says.

Imperial Aunt Lee brought Lucy to stand in front of the kneeling Selena. Pulling out a dagger, Selena sliced her skin and recites solemnly. "Essence of my Soul, Essence of Blood, I Rimes Selena will serve Rimes Lucy loyalty until the day death parts us. If I betray my mistress, May my soul be destroyed, and my descendant's slaves, and whores eternally." Selena used her blood to draw on her own skin, and on Lucy's head. The air glowed with a soft light. Lucy felt something shift in her and suddenly was aware of Selena's presence. It lurked in her soul. Lucy knew if she wanted Selena dead, or in agonizing pain, it was just a thought away. What the hell are they doing giving a baby control over someone's life like this?

Once the glow faded, Selena was allowed to stand. Lucy was too busy eyeing this odd bond in her soul to pay attention. Snapping out of her daze, Lucy in a hall, held by a little boy of eight, or nine years. A little girl with silver hair like the Matriarch was leaning toward him to see Lucy clearer. "Big Brother, do you think Little sister Lucy will be able to play with us?" The little girl asks. The little boy shrugs, "Little Sister Rosemary is too sick to come over." The little boy says, gently patting Lucy's head. I'm not a dog or a cat. Why are you patting me? "Little sister Lena comes to play, even though she's a baby," The little girl says.

Lucy got passed around, as people snatched her from one another in an informal manner. a benefit was Lucy began to sort names and relations.

The Empress, Lucy's paternal grandmother was the daughter of the Matriarch. Imperial Aunt had married First Uncle Shen and was the Young Madam of the Rimes Family as her husband was the next Family Head.

The little boy Shui and little girl Jiao belonged to First Uncle Shen, and Imperial Aunt Lee.