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 After finishing the breathing technique, Meng Hao started running the Divine Ascending Scripture. Qi from the atmosphere started rushing towards Meng Hao and his cultivation started rising from the Peak Body Refinement Stage to the Qi Sensing Stage. The Qi Sensing stage consisted of storing Qi inside the Dantain continuously until the Qi starts to overflow the Dantain.

Meng Hao then felt a pulse come out of the 3 Martial Spirits as all 3 of them started to exude a golden aura. The Panda opened its eyes and its pupils had the Yin Yang symbol rotating within it, the koi started transforming and it now looked like a baby dragon instead of a fish, and the Bow started to reform and its previous golden color started to come back. The most interesting thing was a golden aura started to glow from his blood and all his meridians and veins started clearing up.

Meng Hao stopped the cultivation after the full transformation was done and he fell to the ground. He was completely exhausted after doing the true awakening for 3 martial spirits and each spirit reached Human Rank 6. His cultivation reached Qi Sensing Stage 3 by the end of the awakening which is shocking since he just awakened his martial spirit yesterday.

Meng Hao who collapsed on the floor passed out after checking if nothing bad happened to his body.

The next morning Meng Hao woke up and stretched his arms, he looked and saw a bunch of black rotten mold all around him and he felt like puking. He quickly took a bath and changed into a new set of clothes. After getting ready Meng Hao wanted to practice some Martial Arts when he heard a shout from outside the courtyard "TRASH, GET OUT RIGHT NOW THE 1ST ELDER IS CALLING YOU!"

Meng Hao grunted in annoyance, grabbed a piece of paper from his bag, and walked to the Meng Clan Hall. When he reached the Meng Clan Hall he saw the 5 Meng Clan Elders, the Meng Clan Patriarch or Meng Hao's Uncle, and surprisingly Ouyang Ru his fiance.

Meng Hao showed his respect to the Elders and Patriarch and went to sit down across from Ouyang Ru.

Ouyang Ru didn't waste any time and said "Okay, I am sorry but I am breaking the marriage contract. I can compensate you with a 100 Year Red Ginseng that my master has given me. With this Spirit Herb, you might be able to reach the Peak of Qi Sensing Stage in your lifetime."

Meng Hao didn't waste any time, he took out the piece of paper he grabbed from his bag and ripped it into pieces in front of everyone. This piece of paper was the Marriage Contract Ouyang Ru wanted to take from Meng Hao.

Tearing the piece of paper in front of everyone here was essentially telling that she wasn't good enough and this action was against her pride. Ouyang Ru stood up furious and said "I came here with goodwill and I am even giving you a Grade 2 Spirit Herb and this is how you repay me. Even though you have 3 martial spirits they are all Human Rank 1 and I have a Human Rank 6 Crimson Fox Martial Spirit. I will be able to reach the heavens while you will probably die early in this small clan. Meng Hao when the Mandatory Skywood City competition occurs I will make sure you are punished for this act."

Ouyang Ru after saying that puffed her cheeks and ran out of the room. Behind her, a bunch of boys wearing the same clothing started to leave with her, all of them staring at Meng Hao like he was a piece of meat in front of a pack of wolves.

Meng Hao didn't even give his uncle a chance to respond before he also left the building back to his courtyard. Meng Hao's uncle is named Meng Wen, after Meng Hao's father died he took the position as Patriarch of the Meng Clan and his rule has been more tyrannical than any Meng Patriarch before him. He even took all of Meng Hao's stuff so he wouldn't be kind to him.

Meng Hao reached his courtyard and his face was elated like he remembered something. He thought back to his awakening yesterday and remembered the golden glow that came out of his body. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw a flame appear on his hand. Looking through the memories of Daoist Yin-Yang he realized that this was the Divine Phoenix Spirit Flame that comes directly from the Royal Divine Phoenix Bloodline, an upgraded version of the Divine Phoenix Bloodline. During the awakening of his 3 Martial Spirits and his breakthrough, it seemed he also awakened a very thin hidden bloodline in his body.

Meng Hao was very sure that his father was a direct descendant of the Meng Clan so the bloodline couldn't have come from his father. He then thought about his other parent, his mom. Meng Hao never saw his mom's face before because his father said she died 2 years after Meng Hao was born but now Meng Hao was confused because based on the evidence, his mother seemed to have the bloodline from a higher plane.

Meng Hao shook his head and decided to find out if his mother is alive or not later. Right now his cultivation is what matters first, a huge part of cultivation is money, and right now since the Clan took all the businesses he needed to somehow make money. After planning for a while Meng Hao decided to take a couple of pill formulas to the Golden Treasure Auction House and sell it for money. He could buy a Pill Furnace and a couple of herbs.

Meng Hao wrote down the formulas for the Pore Cleansing Pill and Youth Extending Pill. The two pills allowed a person's appearance to be upgraded and his goal was to aim for the older woman of the Skywood City who's husbands were rich. The older woman would definitely force their husbands to buy pills that cleaned their faces and made them look younger by 2 years.

Meng Hao wore a cloak to hide his face because he doesn't want people to find out he suddenly has rare pill formulas. Then using the Array Formations he got from Daoist Pericing's memories and the Divine Pheniox Spirit Flames, he created a formation on his body that hides his cultivation but makes him look like a Qi Rotation Expert by copying their aura.

After all the preparations were made he snuck out of the clan and went to the Golden Treasure Auction House.