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 "Thief! A Thief!"

An enraged voice could be heard. Then, the sound of hurried footsteps echoed. The person who runs at front turned swiftly, trying to search a place to hide while holding a piece of bread.

"No, I can't get caught today. I'll die here if I am. No one will save me. No, I don't want to die again."

He said while panting.

He found a boulder beside a rundown house. The boulder has a hole right behind it, it was small the size of a 10-year-old kid. But he thinks he can manage to hide there because his body is so small and scrawny. He hid there while making sure no one sees him.

"That kid took a loaf of bread from me the thirtieth time this month. A bread every single day! I'm not a saint I can't give bread to the homeless every day. I don't even have enough to fill my family from my sales"

The owner of the bakery shouting loudly while searching for the kid. After assessing the surrounding and find that no place for the kid to hide, he went back while telling everyone to tell him if they find the kid.

"Ugh, I'm so hungry. I can't get enough nutrients from this bread. What to do. Why am I so unlucky to reborn as a homeless guy who doesn't even have a name"

Grunted Lab.

Yes, this is Lab. Once a magician who found a way to be an immortal, the potion of immortality. A great sage, a great potion master, a master of a forger. You name it. Who becomes the wealthiest mercenary. Who have all the treasure in the world from living a solid 1000 years.

After being dead by the lightning. He went into a very dark place. He can't see anything even himself. He can't feel anything or hear anything. Doesn't know how time works there he just reviewed how he died. And after a while, he managed to figure that it was abnormal for lightning to come for 6 times striking him. He remembers a book that said how the world doesn't let something powerful to emerge and imbalance the peace. While thinking about this, something weird happened, in this dark place, a voice was heard.

"Boy, I never have seen a soul this red in my life. Even the ruthless general from the great war who killed millions of people only have a small red hue. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU KILLED BRAT?"

The voice from pondering into an enraged state was echoing so loud in the darkness.

"S-soul? Red? Wha- are you talking to me Great Being?"

Scared by the overwhelming sound, Lab talked in his mind.


Roar the voice once again.

"I-I-I never killed anyone," said Lab while trembling and calming his mind.

"NONSENSE! HOW DID YOUR SOUL BE THIS RED?" he stopped, "UNLESS-" with disbelief roar, he said, "DID YOU MAKE A 5 STARS HEAVEN GRADE WEAPON?"

"5 stars? I didn't-" Lab was shocked, "I made magic defensive gloves before I died, and I was struck by lightning 6 times. I died and the gloves turn into dust" replied Lab recounting what happened before he died.


The voice keeps getting angrier and angrier. He sounds like he meets the most idiotic person in his life.

"Uh... Um... I'm sorry? I.. Didn't know about that" said Lab trembling, what a time to make a Great Being so angry. He doesn't even know what the Great Being is saying. And he needs to say sorry for it. Such humiliation.

"YOU! You have so much potential lad. you need to know that only people in legends can make heaven grade weapon. And I happen to only know 1 person who made it. What a waste of potential to get left behind in the darkness", said the Great Being "I live here for more than 5 millennia and gathered darkness power to leave this damned place. But I will be caught again even if I managed to leave. Unless-"

After pondering for a while the Great Being continue, "I can help you get out of this place, but you must help me in return"

Listening to what the Great Being said lab knows that the only way he can get out of this place is by this chance.

"I will help you. But please state your condition first" said Lab trying to be confident.

"You must help me make a Blood Sword 7 Stars Heaven Grade Weapon, I will transfer the knowledge I had of the sword. You must make it and come back here to get me out of this place. When you finally make that sword, I guarantee you that you will know a way to get me out of this place" said the Great Being.

"I will comply with the request, may the time comes for me to come back and get you out of here Oh Great Being," Lab said firmly.

After the discussion, the Great Being chanted a few spells and suddenly darkness pulled Lab, he felt a sensation that he never felt after he came to this place, he felt a suction that overwhelmed him.

When he woke up he ended up as a poor homeless teen, who doesn't even have an identity. Weeks of starvation made the original body owner die in the cold. Lab doesn't know how he can come to this new world replacing the poor homeless teen.

But now, after a month in this new world. He doesn't feel like he could last longer. The poor teen doesn't know anything about this world except being a rat in the alleys. His knowledge was all about how to survive in the cold and from starvation.