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 Kian was frustrated.

Right before he finally had his revenge, he died of poison! He clenched his fist, thinking of her betrayal...

Now, he was stuck with a seemingly broken A.I system.

A long time ago, he used to be fascinated with technology, wanting to study it in University. But that was a long time ago, and he ended up having to give up that dream.

Kian still had to be careful. He couldn't let his mask go, even if it was in front of an A.I.

Who knew who was watching through this A.I?

So he pretended to be a kid like he was supposed to be. One filled with naivety and cluelessness of the world, who died by a horrible accident.

Talking about the A.I... Kian looked at the A.I, suspicious.

She talked in Chinese, and she looked Chinese. Not to mention, she was a bit like a overbearing mother.

Kian absentmindedly rubbed the cheek that Jia Xinyue had squeezed.

Could it be that the previous owner never cleared their data? Kian looked at the wall of screens.

[It must be that. This wall of screens looks more like too many opened windows on a computer then anything else.]

But how lonely had the original owner have to be to create such a realistic A.I?

He walked towards the wall of screens.

There must be info on the previous owner somewhere.

Kian felt like there was something off, but he couldn't put a finger on it. It felt like there was something that he forgot, but the more he tried to think about it the further away it went.

Suddenly, Kian was washed with a sudden feeling of homesickness.

He immediately furrowed his brows. There was no one left back in his old world that he would miss, so there was something wrong with this feeling.

Kian clutched at his head, groaning in pain. His head had started hurting once he tried to dig deeper into the forgotten memories.

[Whatever. It's probably nothing important]

He stalked off to find any information on the world he was going into.

He also needed to test System 57 once he got back.

Jia Xinyue woke up, feeling much more refreshed then she had before. She looked around, searching for Kian as she sat up.

[That brat disappeared again!]

Her bones creaked and crackled as she stretched her arms.

She needs to find a way to find Kian.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar zap from behind her. Turning around, she saw Kian again, who looked exhausted.

Furrowing her brows, she walked over to Kian, who was completely silent.

She poked his cheek, heart squeezing at the softness of his skin.

To be fair, it was like mochi! It made you want to squeeze and stretch it...

"Kian... Are you okay?" She asked, now a bit worried.

Kian seemed like a cute, naive boy, who was very bubbly and bright. How did he become so quiet all of a sudden?

Kian looked up, amazed.

"I can...understand you now!" He cried out in surprise.

Jia Xinyue laughed sheepishly.

Kneading his cheeks again, she explained-

"Found the Settings menu yesterday. Or, I think it was yesterday. No idea what the time is in here."

Kian was definitely suspicious now. What A.I couldn't remember how their own system worked?

It, no, she behaved more like a human then a machine. It was like she had emotions, true emotions.

If Jia Xinyue heard his thoughts, she would've yelled that she behaved more like a human because she was a human!

True emotions, her ass! Is there a place where you can buy cheap, knock-off emotions at a convenience store?!

But, alas! She couldn't! Jia Xinyue also conveniently forgot that she didn't tell Kian that she was a human!

Ahh, but who could blame her? Everyone knows that you're groggy when you wake up and haven't had your first coffee yet!

Kian looked up at her with his big eyes that suddenly filled with tears.

"Big Sis, I'm scared." He said pitifully, whilst clutching at Jia Xinyue's clothes.

This immediately triggered her motherly instincts and she brought Kian in a hug, stroking his head.

"What's wrong? What happened?" She asked, concern written all over her face.

Kian was astounded at the level of intellegience this A.I seemed to show. How long had she been stuck here? Did she develop a soul? How could she feel these emotions and display them without a second thought?

Kian didn't find anything in the wall of windows. He did, however, find information on the world he was supposed to be in.

The original owner of the body was called Lan Wei. His history had struck a note with Kian, who saw his past self in Lan Wei.

Lan Wei had lost his parents, but he still had hope for a future. That was, until that hope was smashed due to Lan Wei suddenly getting sick.

The Lan Clan was taken over by his uncle, and he, Lan Wei, who should've been the rightful heir, was instead locked in the manor.

His uncle was smart though. Lan Wei's father, Lan Zhan, had been a famous general. Everyone had high hopes for his only son, Lan Wei.

The higher someone's hopes are for you, the deeper you fall.

Lan Wei had greatly disappointed everyone

Instead of being the shining star and reclaiming his position, he instead fell into an even deeper well. His cousin, Lan Guang Ning had stolen that from him.

Hate, remorse, and defeat.

Those were the last emotions that Lan Wei had felt.

Kian sympathised with Lan Wei.

It wasn't easy, to be so young and yet having to grow up so fast. Lan Wei had his wings clipped before he had gotten to mature.

Jia Xinyue hugged Kian for a long time.

She couldn't help but think-

How had he died? Such a young child, who shouldn't be here at all, was her host.

She needs to find Wang Feng, that bastard, and give him a good beating once she does.

How does she do that though? She couldn't even leave the white space.

As she was a system, that must mean that there would be quests to be completed. There must also be a shop somewhere.

If she was unlucky, this would be a quick transmigration type. But if it wasn't...

[Wang Feng, I'm coming for your ass!]

Wang Feng, who had no idea what he had gotten himself into, sneezed. He was relaxing on a chaise, busy eating cheese and catching up on his favourite dramas.

Across, sat an alluring woman in a tight red dress.

Her eyes showed concern when she heard him sneeze, and she leaned over.

"You okay, love?"

Wang Feng nodded.

"You sure?" She asked again.

Wang Feng rolled his eyes.

"Probably just the pollution from the world I went to last week," He rubbed his nose, "I think I'm allergic to that world."

The alluring woman nodded, not caring for his indifferent attitude at all. After all, she had known Wang Feng for many, many years.

"Didn't you pick up a novelty in that world?" She asked, tucking a piece of her wavy hair behind her ear, exposing her fair neck.

Wang Feng froze.

He had completely forgotten about the novelty he had picked up a week or so back!

He was rushing to a meeting at the time, so he ended up just shoving her in an empty incomplete system he designed.

Luckily, the 'novelty' Jia Xinyue did not know of this... or else Wang Feng might actually lose his life!

Wang Feng felt bored. Looking around, he decided to knock a glass of water over.

"Wang Feng, what the f*ck are you doing again?" A voice sounded from upstairs.

Upon seeing this, the woman sighed and cleaned up the glass shards, and mopped up the water.

"Sis Mei, you shouldn't have to clean up after him!" A deep voice came from the stairs.

"Ciel," Mei said, "It's fine."

Ciel stomped to where Wang Feng was sitting.

"She's your younger sister, not your f*cking maid!" He yelled at Wang Feng, who rolled his eyes.

"She looked bored so I got her to do something." He replied.

"Is this about that novelty you picked up last week?" Ciel continued fuming, "That girl is going to be a danger! You know the rules, you know what happens when you break a wor-"

He stopped speaking once he saw the dark look on Wang Feng's face.

"Sorry." He whispered.

Ciel knew he had gone too far. Wang Feng had long ago closed his doors to them. He used to be cheery and kind, an older brother Ciel looked up to.

But now, after that incident, something inside of Wang Feng had died. Ciel knew that Wang Feng was still angry at them.

It was their fault, after all.