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 Splash splash i see a creature keep swimming and jumping happily i can see the yellow-ish tint fur starting to grew around it,then suddenly a huge shadow emerge from the deep end of the river. oh its the Hi-Lion our rivergod i guess the little guy must be its offspring. suddenly the Hi-Lion offspring sprouted at me near the riverbed it looks like its wanna play. i take a glance at the rivergod it nods toward me it looks like it wanted me to play with its offspring.

hey little guy you wanna play huh? lemme introduce you this is Red. the piglet replied with a Snort Oink oink , the Hi-Lion kid replied with a weird like roar and started sprouting water at us

i started swimming with Red towards this Hi-Lion kid.

The rivergod looks like its bored and started to going back to the deep end while roaring to the little one its like its saying dont play too long remember to come home .

The three of us started swimming around the shallow water playing and the Hi-lion looks like its taken a liking playing with me and Red, Time goes by and i said hey ill just call you Nala

it shakes its head looking like its understand. i gotta go now tomorrow ill play with you again

Come on Red lets go.

At home my mom's already started cooking dinner for us, my dad comes back a little bit before the food is ready. Woah mom dinner looks good dinner is a kind of catfish they called it Mudcat fish here

with a side of puga pooridge. yes wait till you get taste of this go call your father and lets eat

the three of us started eating dinner , my dad called to me son you have to practice your foundation diligently its effects are very good on later when you started gaining more gene.

i asked back it does? what does it do dad?

later on you will gain lots of gene, to maximize and controlling it your foundation will works wonder it helps you to understand your body more by daily training so you could adapt more faster to the new gene strength or abilities. and if your wondering about some body skills later on there will be a martial skills taught to the new kakunas although it main function are to defend other people not beast.

i asked why is it only to defend from other people dad? our martial arts doesnt really works on the beast here. they have incredible stamina and power , unpenetrable hides and so on.if its a hunt remember your main weapon is your mind. our powers are often are not enough to hunts these beast.

especially if its a Regal Beast.

Whats a Regal Beast? its an anomaly/or a special one if you may say they have the prowess almost three times the normal one and they have the ability to think close to a man

often regarded as the kings but its doesnt always goes like that in the wilds

regular beast can become immensely powerfull too as long as they kept eating and growing remember be careful on older beast theyre more trickier we dont have normal deaths here son

the way you go to the afterlife here is either killed or by calamity.there is no dying of old age here

you see chief? hes very strong hes atleast 120years old

thats why we can have a peacefull life here.otherwise...

otherwise what dad? nothing son its too soon

just keep practicing, okay dad.

that night i started practicing diligently while reading the scroll.

and finally the test time come.