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 Chapter 383: Cat Fight

The scales tipped towards the Happy Firmaments team who were on the offensive. In the end, League of Tyrants' respawn point was camped; under Ye Cang's preaching, Lin Le's mocking, and Zhang ZhengXiong's provocations, ThunderShock could only clench his teeth and swear to take revenge. "Next time! Next time! I'll slaughter you three brothers! Humph, you better pray we never meet again!"

"Tch, a loser is still talking big!" Lin Le said, making a face. Ye Cang smiled, then made a signal and the six of them stood in formation and began to tap dance.

ClearMoon and the others were also shuddering in rage as they watched the six tap dance in unison. Such humiliation!!

"Um, we've definitely just started a blood feud with the League of Tyrants..." FrozenBlood muttered.

ThornyRose covered her forehead. She looked at the League of Tyrants members as they left arena. They were gnashing their teeth while glaring at the three brothers. As for Lin Le, he was just picking his nose, not caring at all. These three, would it kill them to not be so cruel? Ugh, for my dream of entering the Great Christmas War! Whatever! We'll become villains if we must! Luckily, the League of Tyrants aren't in Black Rock City so it's a problem for the future, I don't have to worry too much about it right now.

Lin Le walked over towards the team who was gnashing their teeth and smiled earnestly. "It was just a way to win, don't mind it..."

ThunderShock and ClearMoon thought it over, and it was indeed true. Speaking of win, they would have to train BracesGirl's mental fortitude. She couldn't get enraged so easily again. They sighed and were about to say something, but Lin Le's earnest expression collapsed. "You think I would actually say that? Naive... Your just a bunch of loser kids..."

He then shrugged and left with a pout.

"God d*mmit! Screw you! I'll slaughter you!!" ThunderShock exploded and brought everyone to charge at them, planning to beat them up! Ye Cang reached out and pointed to the angry mob who was being held back by Zhang ZhengXiong. "Referee, that's a technical foul..."

"Helloo, you guys are the least qualified to call a technical foul..." Everyone thought to themselves, blushing with shame. ThornyRose wiped the cold sweat on her forehead. These guys... She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. No matter what she said at this point, it would only be pouring oil on the fire.

In the end, the system had to force the two teams apart, out of their dogpile. Lin Le pointed to BracesGirl while covering his crotch. He shouted at her, aggrieved, "Damn degenerate! Touching someone's penis! Shameless! Sl*t!"

"I- I- I didn't..." BracesGirl yelled.

Lin Le shouted back, "You can't even speak clearly! Yet you have the nerve to argue!"

Ye Cang once again reached out, and pointed at BraceGirl, "Referee, she touched my little brother's penis. That should be a technical foul right..."

"Bullsh*t! You f*cking touch our BracesGirl's chest! Referee, this white hair is a beast! Call a technical foul!" ThunderShock shouted.

"I can testify!" ClearMoon raised her hand.

BracesGirl said with a red face, "It was him. He touched..."

"Tou- Tou- Tou- Touch what! Your A- cup!? Who would want to touch that! If anything, it would be that aunty and not you! Brother Lil'White is not such a tasteless person! But you touched my manhood!" Lin Le was furious.

"I can testify, it's the truth..." Ye Cang raised his hand.

"Don't call me aunty!!" ClearMoon roared.

"You've got some nerve, saying you want to touch our lady boss's chest! Even I only dare to in my mind! Are you tired of liv..." StrongBlondy spouted out, but before he could finish, both ClearMoon and ThunderShock smacked him on the back of the head. "Dammit, just shut up!"

The spectators broke out in cold sweat. Had this become a catfight? Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong laughing so hard that they cried. They yelled, "Ok, ok, don't fight. Let's directly start entertainment mode..."

They two teams glared at each other, then all turned away with a snort.

ThornyRose and FrozenBlood both laughed as if it didn't concern themselves. ClearMoon looked to ThornyRose, "This matter is not over, you better not get involved..."

ThornyRose could only smile bitterly, feeling wronged. She looked at the random entertainment mode game: shooting.

"ElegantFragrance, lowlife, who wants to go?" ThornyRose thought it over, and only these two were proficient with ranged weapons.

"Lele will!" Lin Le once again directly went up on stage. ThornyRose was too late to stop him, so just lowered her extended hand. Whatever...

On the League of Tyrants side, ClearMoon was originally a bit anxious. If the other side had sent ElegantFragrance, their loss would be assured, but she saw Lin Le forcefully walk up. "BracesGirl, you go. This is your chance to take revenge. Don't say a word and don't listen to anything he says, got it..."

BracesGirl nodded, then got on stage with Lin Le. A hundred meters in front of them were two targets. They both loaded their guns, aimed, and fired! BracesGirl's sight went black and she found herself back on the outside.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Normally, one would aim at the target, like BracesGirl who was aiming carefully. As for Lin Le, he pretended to aim forwards, then suddenly turned and shot the nearby BracesGirl, blowing her head off and making a mess of blood and brains. He did all this while smiling innocently.

"Due to player BracesGirl's death, player HappyAndCheerful automatically wins..."

"Well done Lele..." Ye Cang clapped.

"As expected of Lele, beautifully done..." Zhang ZhengXiong grinned.

"Mad Devil Le, always giving us unexpected victory and surprises..." Brother Zhao said with a strange expression. They were truly a combination that never followed common sense, especially Mad Devil Le and Brother Hero.

"Hey, it was supposed to be target shooting!" The spectators began to get rowdy.

"Dumbass, to Mad Devil Le, BracesGirl's brains were the target..." The Three Brothers Fanclub explained.

"Exactly, it's her fault for touching the divine object!" Said a bunch of reclusive and perverted women.


ThornyRose could only continue smiling stiffly as she watched Lin Le make a gun shape with his hand at BracesGirl, then blew on the tip. This grudge was becoming bigger and bigger...

"Beautifully done..." Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong both reached out to give him a high five.

"We'll remember today's defeat. It's a small world... just you wait..." ThunderShock turned and brought everyone away.

Lin Le made faces at them while Ye Cang waved courteously. "Take care, stay safe..."

ThornyRose sighed. She came up to Ye Cang's group, planning to say, 'You guys should be more careful. Don't keep making enemies for this lady', but she didn't even get to start before Ye Cang put a hand on her shoulder and said indifferently, "No need for thanks, it's my duty as the ace... just remember to double my bonus. Ok, Happy Firmaments, dismissed..."

Ye Cang snapped his fingers, then everyone stood in a circle, back to back, and logged off simultaneously.

ThornyRose was left there, in a daze. Her whole body was trembling.

"Next round will be the top 8. Our opponent has already be decided, Misty Rain House... Now how will Thorns and Rose and Happy Firmaments respond..." Brother Zhao said, seeing the match over there had also concluded.

"I'm really looking forwards to it..." Brother Zhong nodded, running his hand through his crazy golden hair. He even stood up as he spoke.