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 Could this child be a god?

"Bro Wong, next time you cultivate you should tell me if a horde of beasts will crash in front of you and commit suicide." Ruchen laughed gently."

Wong returned the smile and grimaced.

Suddenly the examiner stretched out her hand and handed a hairpin to Wong.

"This is for the sake of the country. I hope you will understand." the examiner cried before crushing her own throat and dying.

Wong was shocked. Why had the nice lady kill herself? Then a burning sensation hit his chest and he sighed. The "nice woman" had sealed his meridians. He could no longer break past the seventh realm of the 2nd meridians. The hairpin most probably contained some sort of poison. Then he had a nosebleed and fainted. Everyone rushed over to the boy and held his body tenderly in their hands. Nobody noticed the flash of light as a drop of Wong's blood collected upon the hairpin. They were too focused upon saving the child.

That night when Wong woke up he inspected his body. Although he could could not cultivate any more it does not mean that he could not use body tempering techniques. Relying purely on body tempering his cultivation path would be smooth but he couldn't cultivate anyway so he would follow the path of body tempering until he had enough soul strength to break the seal upon his meridians. With this in mind he went to the body tempering sect and acquired some body tempering material. After that he joined the soul cultivating sect as a guest disciple. As he entered his new sect the people around him laughed at him for being a sealed cultivator.

"What are you doing here punk?" a nearby cultivator sniggered.

Wong sighed again. Wong was here to strengthen his soul so that he could break the seal on his meridians. Most people train their soul for mental attacks against others but the way of mental attacks requires meridian cultivation. Wong expected the daily abuse thrown at him in the sect should be able to raise his soul power and break the seal on his meridians.

After smiling silently to all the abuse people had thrown at him, Wong retired to his sect hut. If his soul strength was originally 20 then it would no doubt have became 25 from tolerating the abuse. Wong gathered all the medicinal liquid into a vial and added a compression pill. The liquid compressed a little. After putting all the compression pills into the liquid the liquid had become a large pearl. Just small enough to swallow into his dantian sea. Wong did so and lay down to meditate. The medicinal pearl should be able to last for 6 years.

~6 years of daily abuse and body tempering later.~

This was it. Today Wong was going to finish his body tempering and attempt to break the seal on his meridians. First thing though, he must check his soul depth.

Walking along towards the soul testing chamber nobody threw abuse to Wong. Today something was special about him. His aura was a show of authority.

"Where are yer going punk?" it was the guy from the first day.

Wong ignored him and continued walking. The people around sniggered. The coward was still a coward. Nothing had changed.

"I am talking to you punk. Face me when i-"

Wong punched him in the dantian, crippling his cultivation. The guy looked at him. There was only fear in his eyes. The people around started to have cold sweat on their backs. If this monster gets violent then he could have killed them ages ago. Wong went to the soul testing machine and crushed it with his soul power. It became powder instantly. Wong then held his body tempering pearl and meditated silently. Today he would break the seal on his meridians.