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 Yi Xiang House, Iron Fishing Village

"Dad, look what I got" Yi Xiang said while putting the dead bodies of Iron teeth Barracuda and Electrical Reef Eel into the table in front of Yi Xiong

"Hohohoho, you managed to finish the trial of true man in this village before heading into Night Moon city, looks like you want to marry foreigner and not someone from this village. Smart son, Smart!" Yi Xiong said with joy on his face

Iron Fishing Village does not have anyone that worth being called "Beauty"

That is why Yi Xiong praises Yi Xiang as he also hopes to get a pretty daughter in law in the future

Yi Xiong continued as he looked into Electrical Reef Eel: "Ohh this is.... This is rather rare, with this new material, I suppose, on the sixth day, I will finish all your weapon, good job son on acquiring this"

Yi Xiang laughed and he looked very happy that he could get an element attributes weapon

Both of them continue their jokes and the day of Yi Xiang heads into Night Moon city is getting closer!

1 day before Yi Xiang heads into Night Moon city

Yi Xiang house

Yi Xiong opened his blacksmith mask and said "At last, its done"

Yi Xiang who is in front of Yi Xiong looked amazed

Yi Xiong said: "Son, you are born without any crazy talent like most prodigies, but you work hard and you can handle all weapon types, I can only support you with my weapons, this village is filled with seafood so I can only make you seafood weapon, if only we have a better material... Haiyaa..."

Yi Xiang replied: "Its okay dad, although your weapons often only Steel-ranked, it is always extraordinary and unique on its own way. I really admire all the weapons that you made dad.

Yi Xiong replied with a smile: "Hahahaha, you flatter me son, come, let me explain all of your weapons that I made"

Yi Xiong gave a tortoise-shaped shield to Yi Xiang and said: "This is Kappa shield, made from Kappa Ghoul shell, its defense is as strong as Uncle Eh's shield, but its pushback/rebound force effect is not as great as Uncle Eh's shield. Instead, this shield has a strong resistance towards fire and water attacks"

Yi Xiong continued: "You still have Iron Marlin sword with you right, then this set is your Sword and Shield"

Yi Xiang nods and he touchs the Kappa shield and try knocking it to see how strong it is

The Kappa shield is Dark green coloured Shield with patterns that found normally in all Turtle-species shell

Yi Xiong takes another weapon and gives it to Yi Xiang

This weapon consist of two blade that is a bit shorter than a normal sword

It is dual blade!

(You can imagine dual-blade weapon from the Monster Hunter game)

Yi Xiong said to Yi Xiang: "This is your 'Dual Shock', it is a dual blade with electric/lightning elemental attribute. When facing enemy/beast that is weak to electricity, electric/lightning attribute damage can give them either a mini-stun or small paralyze effect. When you face one, you can do unlimited combo to tear them apart. Now try put your spiritual energy into your Dual Shock"

Yi Xiang injected his spiritual energy into his Dual Shock on both of his hand

Bzzzttt!! Bzzzttt!

Blue coloured lightning appears around the Dual Shock

Dual Shock is a black coloured dual blade

The blade is not curved but straight and sharp pointed just like an ordinary sword

Each of the blade length is not as long as a normal sword but longer than a dagger

It also has a white zigzag lines at the middle of the blade into the tip of the blade. When imbued with spiritual energy the white coloured line glows into blue coloured

"The zigzag pattern is like this / in case you wonder how its looked like in detail"



"This is so amazing!" Yi Xiang said while feeling so high because the amazement

Yi Xiong replied: "Of course it is amazing, lightning attribute weapon is a bit uncommon even in Night Moon City. Save your excitement for later, now I want to tell about your other new weapon, this one you should not use it recklessly!"

Yi Xiong gave a dagger covered with a brown hairy-leather cover/scabbard and continued: "This is 'Poison Dart dagger", this is a very deadly weapon, it is forged from all of the poison inside and outside of Giant Poison Dart Frog, small cut can kills within few hours depends on your enemy poison resistance, full stab can kill even Black-steel ranked expert in less than 5 minutes if they did not put any treatment!"

Yi Xiang unsheathe the dagger, a strange smell comes out

"What smell is this!!!" Yi Xiang said loudly

It smells very rotten and disgusting

After Yi Xiang unsheathe the dagger, he used his left thumb and forefinger to close his nose while his right hand steadily holding a terrifying Poison Dart dagger

Poison Dart dagger is a dark purple coloured dagger

Although its blade is dark gray coloured originated from Sea Iron ore

But after combining it with poison sac and spiritual core of Giant Poison Dart frog when forging it, it now has dark purple moisture covering its blade, Hence making it a very terrifying looking dagger

(Poison sac is an organ inside a monster that produces poison)

Yi Xiong replied: "Yi Xiang, only use this weapon when your life is in danger, I personally made this weapon for so you can take care of your life better. Do not put this weapon into your spatial ring, put it hidden near your waist. Also do not use any random cover/scabbard to cover the dagger. The scabbard/cover that was covering the Poison Dart dagger was made from Earth Burrowing tarantula carapace and hair, both materials have strong poison resistance and will keep your Poison Dart dagger fresh!"

Yi Xiang sheathe the Poison Dart dagger and replied: "Yes Father, I will not use it carelessly and thank you so much dad for all the weapons"

Yi Xiang then hides his dagger inside of his scholar clothes and keeps all the other weapon into his spatial ring

Yi Xiong then explain to Yi Xiang: "Your 'Dual Shock' and 'Poison Dart Dagger' are Black Steel ranked weapon, although they are at the lowest tier of Black Steel ranked weapon, they can help your journey before you find yourself a better material to create a new weapon. Here is your new armour set, take a look and give it a try"

(Blacksteel ranked weapon has three level sorted by its rarity and it will be explained when Yi Xiang reaches Night Moon city, do not worry, the setting will be one of a kind!)

Yi Xiang then looks at the set of light armor that his father showed him and tries it on

The armor set from top to bottom is dark blue coloured resembles the skin of water ghoul

There are white coloured object that circling the body armor from the top part into the bottom part of the body armor, patterning like a circling dragon, the white coloured objects look sharp and terrific, these are water ghoul claw and teeth

As for the the trouser, it is a dark blue jeans made from the Water ghoul skin

What awesome about this armor is located at the top left shoulder of the body armor, there is big terrifying head with its mouth opened, its sharp teeth looks really sharp and the whole head looks very intimidating

It is the Iron teeth Barracuda head!

"Dad, this equipment is too amazing, I look ten times more handsome with this, any female hunter will fall in love the moment they see hunting monster with this" Yi Xiang said with amazement

Yi Xiong replied: "Hahahahaha, son, use this armor set only when you go hunting or battling an important fight, During normal day you should just use your ordinary scholar clothes"

Yi Xiang then changed his clothes back into his ordinary long scholar clothes

And in Yi Xiong eyes, there is a look of determination, he nods his head and he goes closer into Yi Xiang position