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 By a small wodden cottage in the outer region of Zhu family, a black clad boy was meditating. The boy was very handsome but at this momment his face was filled frustration.

Sighs 'It seems like I still can't gather qi but brother told me that if i follow the book's instructions properly and try to transfer the qi through my meridians I could gather qi and finally break through the qi foundation stage' Thought the boy.

The boy is Zhu Long a Third class disciple of the Zhu clan who has big and clear eyes, black shiny hair and a tall figure. He would be deemed to be the best looking guy in the clan if not for him being weak since strength is very attractive to girls.

The Zhu clan is the one of the top clans of Dragon Empire. The 2 other top clans are Lin clan and Duan clan.

Among the clans, Zhu clan is more popular due to their ancestor Saint Zhu Yong, the first Supreme Saint of the empire. Even the king has to show respect to him.

Zhu Long is a direct decedent of Saint Zhu but unfortunately it was found out that he could not gather qi and was known as the weakest person fo the family .

Disciples are ranked according to their potential. A third rank disciple has no master and mostly does chores of the family like cleaning and gardening to earn points. Those points could be used to get martial scripts which help to teach different martial arts. They usually have the least potential and cannot rach the void stage, some reach the nascent stage maximum. (I will discuss the stages at last :p)

Second rank disciples have better accommodation than third rank disciples and are mainly under elders of the clan.They have some potential to be void masters in the future and have better status than third rank disciples. They have more benifits and gain acess to the martial library once every month which has various martial skills that they can learn from.

Finally the first rank disciples are geniuses of the clan and are also core disciples of elders. They have very high status and many benifits such as acess to cultivation room for free, acess to the martial library at any time and more. They have the most potential and could reach the Saint stage in the future.

Zhu Long being 13 years old was very behind compared to his peers even among third rank disciples. He was a normal person who couldn't gather qi. Other third rank disciples his age were around 2nd stage of qi gathering.

The only reason he was not kicked from the clan was because his grandfather was Supreme Saint Zhu. Otherwise he would not have been in the clan for this long.

"Look at that loser, he is trying to gather qi again" a purple clad boy said mockingly to his friends."Zho Long! come here now" he said while smiling in an evil demeanor.

"Ok..Okay" Zhu Long said in a scared manner 'what does he want from me now? I swear when I can finally gather qi and become equal to him i will get revenge!' Zhu Long thought as he was walking to the boy. The boy in purple is called Zhu Yan, a 15 year old boy was 4th level qi gathering stage and also the strongest third rank disciple of the clan.

"Come on sissy, walk faster or else, i will have to break your legs then you will not have to walk any more" said Zhu Yan mockingly while laughing with his friends.

This made Zhu Long even more angry 'I swear that i will sever your legs so that you can never walk again and stay disabled your whole life' though he was scared, there was anger in his heart.

As he walked over to Zhu Yan, suddenly Zhu Long was attacked. "Humph! You think that i won't know what your are thinking? Even though you will not say it, i can see anger in your eyes"Zhu Yan said as he repeatedly punched Zhu Long until his face was swollen and vomited blood.

Zhu Longs face was pale due to loss of blood. He couldn't get up" Sor...Sorry brother Yan" said while lying helplessly on the ground."You! How dare you call me brother! Call me master right now while kneeling before me. I might forgive you then." He said while smiling.

A crowed had appeared around them, many were laughing while some had sympathy for Zhu Long but no matter what, this was the world of cultivation and the strong rule while the weak suffer. This is the rule of cultivation.

"You can make me do anything but i will never kneel before you nor anyone except my parents!" Zhu Long said firmly. I still remember my grandfather telling me 'one must never kneel before anyone even if it is the gods, you must only kneel before your parents.'

"Well said Zhu Long, Well said. Zhu Yan, don't you think this is enough, if you continue harassing my brother, you will have to face me!" a youth about 16 years old said among the crowd.

"Zhu Long you are lucky today that your brother is here to save you" Zhu Yan said angrily while walking.

"You hurt my brother don't think you can get away easily" Said the youth as he propelled himself toward Zhu Yan and punched him with a force strong enough to make Zhu Yan's body fly into thr air and hit the wall. Zhu Yan spot blood and was even more angry.

"Zhu Feng! Don't be cocky just because you are a secord rate disciple, i will be one soon enough then lets see how you can beat me"Zhu Yan said with anger. He was so angry that he could vomit blood.

"I will be waiting" Zhu Fend said mockingly as he carried Zhu Long and walked away. This made Zhu Yan even more furious ' I swear that i will kill both of you myself when i have the chance, i don't care even if you are Saint Zhu's grandchildren.' Zhu Yan thought while walking away.

"Brother, don't do this to yourself, if he wants to bully you again tell me, i will cut off one of his arms! For now lets go to father, he just came back from his closed cultivation and was looking for you" Zhu Feng said while helping Zhu Long walk.


Okay 1st chapter done.

Sooooooooo there are 7 cultivation bases with 7 levels each. They are:

1. Qi Gathering

2. Soul Forming

3. Nascent Stage

4. Void stage

5. Saint Stage

6. Supreme stage

7. God/Immortal stage ( You can select which sounds better since i can't decide)