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 Chapter 528: Getting Out Of The Spaceship

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The next morning, Luo Yuan removed his consciousness from virtual reality.

The beautiful night he had did not cause much distraction to his consciousness. Everything was like dust and bubbles as they were traceless. Fortunately, he could still remember his promise and the gift.

With his Will, the sculpture of a sheep and a mouse was transported, disappearing from their original position.

As half a four-dimensional being, interspatial transportation could be done easily. As long as the area was within the range of his Sense, he could easily transport any object to any place.

Looking at the slight vibrations in space, Luo Yuan instantly felt inspired.

The inspiration came from virtual reality.

Space was defined in a specific way in virtual reality. Through the complete control Luo Yuan had over the underlying database, he could easily cut, merge, nest all sorts of functions in the code that made up this space.

Of course, compared to the real world, this dimension was fake. It was completely made up of data and logic. However, in certain aspects, it could still be used for reference.

Putting aside the experiment that had plateaued, he looked excited.

He then extended his hand and a glow from his Will was released from his fingers in an instant. Soon, his fingers were moving in the air. It looked like he used his fingers to lightly touch the water, causing the space before him to vibrate slightly.

As the glow from his Will became brighter and the color had become clearer and sharper, the vibration in virtual reality became stronger. Soon, streaks were left in the space before him as if something had streaked across it.

After collecting enough information, he stopped for a while. His brain was processing quickly. Right after his Four-Dimensional Vision had achieved 100%, he could see through everything clearly and there was nothing virtual reality could hide from his brain.

A massive amount of data was being rapidly analyzed and screened. He could then draw a conclusion. At the same time, he was deriving thousand of future directions. Through screening, the future could finally be confirmed.

One second later, he grabbed the air.

The next moment, there was a strong vibration in virtual reality. The ground and the wall of the laboratory was distorted and a shockwave was spreading everywhere. Its destructive power was terrifying and it felt like nothing could stop it. Even the strongest metal meant nothing to the shockwave.

If the shockwave continued spreading, the whole spaceship might get distorted and even stop functioning.

Since the spaceship was built using high-density metal and advanced technology, many of the components and parts had to be assembled precisely. Even the slightest changes could cause many problems to the spaceship.

Fortunately, Luo Yuan had already expected this to happen. Before the destruction caused by the shockwave got even more severe, he unleashed his Will. In an instant, his hair was messed up and each strand of his hair gave off a faint glow. He had instantly taken control over the shockwave.

At the same time, Luo Yuan's right hand was not moving. Five of his fingers were grabbing the air. He seemed like he had grabbed something but nothing was there. The space within his palm was vibrating vigorously, exuding an extremely dangerous aura. However, the space around his fingers miraculously remained unaffected as if it was isolated!

Luo Yuan knew that as long as he moved his hand slightly in the fourth-dimension, the coordinates of the space he held in his hand in the four-dimensional world would shift and it would be removed from the three-dimensional world, becoming an independent dimension.

The volume of the independent dimension was about 10 cubic meters!

However, Luo Yuan hesitated for a moment. After a long while, he retracted his hand.

It was the spaceship that accommodated all of the humans. If the space in his palm was removed , three-dimensional space would definitely shrink, causing a chain reaction.

Luo Yuan regretted, looking at the slightly distorted laboratory. It was destroyed by the shockwave. He felt that the laboratory was cramped like he was living in a small room. He had to move carefully, controlling his strength. Otherwise, he would easily break the laboratory.

He sighed, looking forward and lost focus. His gaze seemed to penetrate through the wall of the laboratory and the hull of the ship, looking into the dark outer space.

"Perhaps, I should carry out the experiment in outer space." A thought suddenly flashed through Luo Yuan's mind.

He then quickly carried out a feasibility analysis.

A large amount of data ran through his mind and soon, a mathematical model based on the amount of his Will and the speed of traveling in the four-dimensional world was created. At the same time, the resistance in space was calculated as well. Right after he determined the current speed he could of travel in the four-dimensional world, he was stunned.

"7.5 times of the speed of light!"

He could not believe and calculated it again. The result was still the same. However, it was calculated theoretically and the data in Luo Yuan's memory was not absolutely accurate. The speed he could travel at in the fourth-dimension could only be estimated.

In addition to that, once his traveling speed exceeded the speed of light, there may be some other influencing factors. However, these influences were not taken into consideration in the calculation.

Regardless of its deviation, it would definitely be faster than the speed of the spaceship. Once he got out into space, he would not need to worry about not being able to get back to the spaceship.

His eyes glowed with excitement.

He then moved his body and instantly disappeared from the spaceship. The next moment when he appeared, he was in the space. He extended his big body, awakening the long-suppressed terrifying power within him. He looked like he had escaped from a cage, regaining his freedom. He was filled with excitement and satisfaction.

However, the excitement lasted for only a short while. Soon, he calmed himself down, adapting to the environment. He did not realize it when he was in the spaceship. However, he could now feel the pressure that the spaceship had to withstand when it was traveling at a fast speed.

Despite being in outer space, it was not an absolute vacuum.

A small amount of gas and dust still existed. At a slower speed, these substances were negligible. However, traveling at about half the speed of light, regardless of how sparse the substance was, it would still become exceptionally dense.

Right that moment, he seemed like he was traveling between steel. Every second, there were countless dust and gas bodies that surrounded his body.

They had caused his body to give off a scorching light, releasing a terrifyingly high temperature.

Fortunately, the onslaught and the high temperature released by these substances could do no harm to him aside from causing him a little pain. He could even calculate the energy that his body was enduring per second.

The result he got was his body was capable of enduring energy equivalent to 10 tons of TNT. The moment when he entered the outer space at half the speed of light, he was able to endure as much energy as 15 tons of TNT.

Luo Yuan's body size was relatively small. If he was to calculate the energy that could be withstood by the cross-sectional area of the spaceship, it would be as much as the energy released by an atomic bomb per second during an explosion. Even though the spaceship hull could withstand all these forces, it would still test the strength of the spaceship's hull.

Without the invention of specialized steel as well as hull materials with physical properties that were beyond comprehension, interstellar flight would be a huge barrier to any civilization.

After being attacked by the space debris, Luo Yuan quickly descended at a very fast speed.

As time passed, the onslaught of debris on his body grew weaker and the light that came off his body dimmed as well. Soon, it had completely disappeared. He could finally maintain his speed at 0.01% the speed of light.

He spent only a few minutes to reduce his speed from half the speed of light to only one percent the speed of light.

The spaceship had already traveled for a few thousand kilometers. Even Luo Yuan's Four-Dimensional Vision could hardly see much of it. Thanks to the imprinted Will in addition to the well trained Zhanmadao that was still in the spaceship, he could still track the location of the spaceship.