Daksha was angry and his brother came and see her mother dead. They start preparation of funeral. Daksha give his throne to his brother. What are you doing brother? This is you. From now on you will be king. I will go out and take revenge of my mother death. Commander was there, they both prepare for this fight. Okay I will go and eliminate all of this monster.

Vina was injured and trying to treat and went back. Her heard was uneasy because of the attitude seen daksaha. Daksha was already reach to baren tribe. Vina father ask what are you doing her. I am here to kill you. Why? You daughter kill my mother. You moron. My daughter never kill anyone. You are father of monster. What did you say? Wait but leader he tell the truth s=my daughter is monster as I too.

Minster already plan other assault was hiding in that path. They prepare everything. Vina father attack him. He slash him without struggle. Daksh not understand the minister intentions. Minister already bribe his spy.

Okay from now on. No monster will be awake here. This cause a massive destruction. When vina back, her father was laydown. Their tribe was burn him. They are monster who lead us. As well as her daughter we will kill her as well. They will lead to us destruction. Vina went to her father ashes and said, who killed him. King Daksha killed him. Love turn into destruction on vina heart.

Her tribe also against him. This human has no trust on us. She call all the monster include meneka. Meneka was prison in inmate kingdom. Vina oath of her mother and father I will kill all human. Her power get over her and she feel angriness toward humans. Daksha and soldier. Terminating monster. Vina send message to Daksha. You start a war with monster.

Now war begin in you nation. Daksha order all of the soldiers. Prepare for war. Minster scared of this decision and trying to run away. Daksha brother convince brother, you mistaken. I will revenge of our mother death.

Commander has oath he has to follow. His wife was prison. He didn't do anything. Minster talking heard by behena. She get caught. They trying to kill behena but vina saw him and kill him. She was looking for meneka prison. But her heart was still see that child. She didn't see vina for long time. Minister call soldiers and she take hostage behena and ask where prison is? She answer them. Where is your room? She take her there. Behena ask, do you trying to kill me. She said you grown up behena.

Big sis vina what happen? On this morning. Behena tell everything to vikash. Vikash tell them to brother Daksha. He already left. In the morning. Vikash order all the minister taken to prison. Torture them until they tell the truth of her mother.

That's an order. Commander Rahul was still there. They exchange soldier their own men. Commander kill all of them. Vikasha order them to go to his brother and tell them everything. Minister was one who kill our mother.

Commander was happy to hear this news. He went. Vina left after hear this they didn't hear appeal of behena. She said, I make sure you will not hurt. Daksha convince ask assistance for this war. Witch kingdom forward as well. Behena want to show them her son.

In the war vina against all of the human. All the monster as well. War start and vina killed 100 human in just one slash. Daksha also do the same. Vina and Daksha start fighting. Daksha puch she beat it. Vina used sword to cut him. He dodge him. Rahul also trying to reach the battle ground. He can stop war. Queen witch also in this war and other kingdom commander also in this war. Vina absorb all the monster energy.

Daksha said die! You die as well. Because of the queen witch monster number getting decrease. No one was there including her match. She fool Daksha and went to fight queen witch. Queen witch bring a big ball.

Vina do a big devil blast. She just vanish. Queen witch has no more. She killed all human. Daksha stop her vina still attacking humans for her father death.

She already killed her tribe in cause of anger. In her anger. She saved some of the monster child to become monster .she takes all of the monster genes before war. So all child and mother were not harm.

Monster was in disadvantages. Monster trying to run away. Queen witch soldiers also in war. Vina send all other monster soldier in to their path. She takes all monster power. She turn all of them in to human.

Vina back in war ground. Rahul was attacked by monster arrow. Menka saw him. She can't stop herself from saving him. Vina crying and take sword stab with smile. She complete her mission. Rahul carry meneka dead body. She takes for her love. Rahul said, to king dakhsa, Rahul what are you doing here. He said, minister was one who killed your father and mother. What are you saying? Vikash order me to stop this war. He also told me that mother want to separate you from vina. She just can't let her son to marry a monster.

My lord from now on I will not be your commander. Please forgive me. He hide a sword pass through a chest. Soldier came and ask, what do we do? He said, take all of the dead body to palace including monster.

But my lord this is something I want to do. When they daksha carry vina body. In the palace, vikash ask brother are you okay. Big sis vina. behena do you know her? Daksha also cried in that moment. Daksh ask that true that mother was murdered by minister. Yes brother. Behena saw everything. Bring all the minster here. They already accept their crime brother. Bring him here shout manner.

Some soldier bring behena mother body as well. She cry and said.

Mother! Who did this to you? Vina kill your mother. Behena said, this is all cause by minister. They bring Rahul and meneka body as well. Commandeer Rahul and meneka.

Call every citizen to open ground. Dakhsa said, they all the culprit.

Monster! No! Own people like this all minster was responsible for war. They create misunderstanding between us.

King apologize us. Dakhsha kill them all. From now on vikasha is our new king. I failed as a king for you. I have no right to call as king.

Brother! Vikash and behead from now on you will new king and queen. You son will be our price. Daksha write something on his nephew chest with own blood.

He went near to vina body. Sword cross vina body. He take sword stab on his body as well. They died together. Before he take his sword on his chest. That promise I fulfill we promise together in that moon light. We will together forever. You are only for me I am only for me. we are not the only ne we can see this love. Vikash saw his brother ided. He killed all the minster.

Vikasha said, they all love each other and die together. Vikash takes both bodies and bury in same. They want together after this end. Rahul and meneka bury as same hole. Other was bury in fire.

Vikash make a good king after this happen. His son also follow his uncle footpath. Vikasha said, we love to heart of human but not monster. If this happen infuture we have taken precaution. Vikash send soldier to find monster. But they didn't find any of them.

Vina takes all of their power and turn them in to human. Why she killed queen witch. She also want died. She bored to immortal life. Devil is the only one who killed her. She accept this war as chance as recarnation.