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 Chapter 114- Discussion

There were several conditions to upgrading Luo Feng Village. Besides, reaching the profession's transfer quota , the remaining conditions has yet to be completed.

The hardest condition was to have three people in the territory reach scholar rank. Let alone other people, even if it was Cheng Yang himself, he also needs 20 days to reach the scholar rank, with the help of the newly acquired Nirvana God Stone.

At the moment, Cheng Yang couldn't tell whether or not the territory guards were counted as part of the territory's profession. If they were included, this condition would be much easier to complete. As long as Cheng Yang were to reach second early-order, the territory could be upgraded.

Aside from this condition, the other two conditions were not particularly difficult to accomplish. First of all, the new buildings in the territory has all been completed except for the construction of the level 3 walls. As for the Alchemy Room and the several other stores, it was not a problem at all. They didn't consume much materials to upgrade, only a day of collection was enough to gather the materials.

A task that was a bit more troublesome though was the construction of the level 3 walls.

According to the brief description of the level 3 walls, the raw material needed for this kind of walls depends on the length of the walls. Furthermore, there was no limit to the size of the walls. So to some extent, it would be very easy for Cheng Yang to complete the task if he just wants to construct the level 3 walls.

However, Cheng Yang had no intention of doing so. Since the description gave the maximum area the walls could be built, Cheng Yang plans on using all of it.

An area of 36 square km was indeed quite big, but in fact the length and width was only six km. This means, to meet Cheng Yang's requirements, he would need the walls to cover 24 km, which was 24,000 meters. [TLN: It's 36 km from the altar, then subtracting the distance from the other 2 walls which ended up 24 km.]

On the basis that each meter would consume 4 cubic meters of wood, this walls could consumes nearly 100,000 cubic meters of wood to built. At the moment, even if the cutting speed of Luo Feng Village were to double, the output would still only reach 3,000 cubic meters per day. To cut down enough wood, it would still take 30 days. Moreover, if another method wasn't adopted, Cheng Yang would have to take out 9,000 points of power value each day from the territory to acquire these wood.

It was clear as day that Cheng Yang couldn't come up with 9,000 points of power value every day to acquire the wood. In addition, no matter how dead-set he was to built the level 3 walls, it was impossible for him to make such a crazy decision.

However, Cheng Yang already had a plan for this. It was also not difficult to carry out.

As for the last condition, collecting 100,000 points of power value. That was no problem whatsoever.

Now at the rate that Luo Feng Village earned territory power value, each day would racked in about 10,000 points of power value for the territory. If a portion of that was separated for Luo Feng Village's consumption, every three days would need to consume about 10,000 points of power value. In other words, the territory would save 20,000 points of power value every three days. To collect up to 100,000 point of power value, it would only takes 15 days.

What's more, now that the territory has a contribution system, the people could also donate their power value to the territory. Currently, Luo Feng Village has more than 2,000 professions. If each person were to donate 50 points of power value, it could immediately allow the territory to upgrade.

Cheng Yang used the remaining woods to upgrade all the upgradable buildings, consuming for a total of 1,000 cubic meters of wood and 100 cubic meters of stone.

After the upgrade, the appearance of the five stores looked a lot more spectacular than before, but Cheng Yang knew that the change wasn't just the outer appearance. The changes on the inside was even greater, and the most essential thing was that they sell more items.

Cheng Yang didn't had the time to check out all the upgraded buildings to see what items they were selling, because Liu Hao and the rest were waiting for him at their small courtyard.

The gathering of this meeting, not only included Liu Hao and the other four commanders, it also includes the various battalions vice-commander and brigade captains. All of these people could be regards as the high-level staff of Luo Feng Village.

There were now over 540 personnel for each battalion, with already three brigades per battalion. Therefore, there were now 30 people in this small courtyard. This doesn't include the vice-mayors of Dongshan Village and Xianghe Village, but after including Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue in this count, it arrived at this exact number.

"The reasons why I have gathered all of you here today was to discuss a matter that will have a major impact on the development of Luo Feng Village and at the same time relates to the interests of all the citizens. Therefore, in a moment you are allow to speak freely and voice any ideas you may have." Cheng Yang gave a simple prologue to the meeting.

After a brief pause, Cheng Yang said, "Your commanders might already know about this, it's about the contribution system of the territory. Even though it has been four to five days since the territory has upgraded to level 3, the contribution system has not been formally implemented. Tonight, we will make sure to resolve this matter."

Yu Kai and the others had already received Cheng Yang's prompt, so they nodded in abundance.

Cheng Yang smiled and motioned the crowd to not speak, and then said, "In fact, the contribution value is fairly easy to understand, You receive them when you make a big contribution to the territory. Perhaps, some people think of it as joining the military and receiving military points from completing missions. Well, this is wrong. Now our army haven't officially begun its operation. The people under you may have became a soldier, but these people haven't turn into an army. However, after the army is truly established, the power value that the army obtains from battles will be divided into small parts, 80% of which would become the territory power value, with the remaining 20% going into the army. As for what role these power value may have remaining in the army, in the future you will know."

Liu Hao and the others had not heard Cheng Yang mentioned these before, so he immediately asked, "Since all these power value won't belong to the soldiers, then who would be willing to go out to kill monsters?"

Cheng Yang laughed, "I was just about to get to that. Since an army is an army, naturally it must be under a unified management system, otherwise what difference would it make with a mercenary group. Soldiers will receive power value for the battle they participate, at the same time the territory will also provides power value as military wage to the soldiers, That means, that as long as you are a soldier, then regardless of whether you had fought that day, you will be able to receive a share of the power value. As for how much power value you receive as wage, well it's directly linked with the military rank. Of course, these specific details will need you to polish up yourself. Tomorrow, the contribution system will officially begin running, and your battalions can also go to the barrack to set up an official army."

Although Liu Hao and the others still has some doubts in their heart, but seeing Cheng Yang's confident attitude, they also didn't continue to ask any more question.

Cheng Yang went on to said, "The reasons why I spoke so much a moment ago was to make a point clear, military point does not equate contribution value. Military point is taken as a standard to upgrade your rank, and it's also a symbol if identity in the army. But contribution value isn't the same, it is a system of evaluation for everyone in the territory. Now what we need to discuss is the privileges tied to the contribution value, then subdivide the level to the contribution and the different privileges each level can enjoy."

Yu Kai suddenly stood up and asked, "Lord, can the Nirvana God Stone we got today be used as a special reward for those with high contributions?"

Here in addition to Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue, the rest had no clue what Nirvana God Stone was. Immediately, Cheng Yang gave them an explanation of what the stone was, and then said, "Okay, the five battalion commander, Liu Xiyue, and I will each enjoy a quota with no restriction. Then, the five battalion will each get a quota to increase the cultivation speed of their staff, with it being inclined to the vice-commander and brigade captains. As for the remaining eight places, it will be enjoy by the people with the highest contribution in the territory. I believe there is no problem with this arrangement, right?"

Yu Kai and others had no opinion on this, since they were obviously the people who had received the biggest benefit. As for the vice commanders and brigade captains, they also had nothing to say, after all, this item was something Cheng Yang brought back. For them to have the opportunity to enjoy it was already nice gift, this was also equivalent to them being in possession of one-sixth of a quota.

Moreover, the key was that they could also compete for the remaining eight places. With their status, they were more advantageous than ordinary professions when it came to getting more contribution. If this wasn't the case, it wasn't justified.

"Lord, I feel such privilege should consume contribution point, otherwise the people in the front row will always be occupying this item. To others, this wouldn't be very fair. "said Deng Hang, a brigade captain under Zhao Chuan.

After several other people listen to this, they also agree in abundance. Cheng Yang also agree.

Lee Wanshan said, "Lord, how about adding the promotion under the profession statues and learning skills as a privilege. However, this privilege wouldn't have any restrictions on the army, its main purpose is to limit the power of the mercenary teams that would appear in the future. Moreover, it would also enhance the cohesion and sense of honor of the soldiers."

Cheng Yang clapped his hand and said: "That's not a bad idea. However, the promotion can't be limited, nor is it smart to limit the general skills. After all, it makes no sense to do so and it would just make the territory unattractive to others. What we could do though is limit the skills that are unique to our territory, and limit them as much as possible.The concrete amount for the skills will be based on the benefits and drawbacks of the skill."

As the discussion goes more in-depth, everyone began to express their own views, and soon the special privilege enjoyed from the contribution system gradually became clear.

It could be said that the advantages of the contribution value was that it could be obtained from combat, crafts and other aspects. Even including the right to purchase houses in all subsequent territories.

Next, Cheng Yang and others started discussing about different ways to get contribution value. There was no doubt that donation was an established method, because the measure of the contribution value was already determined by the donated power value. This was a rule made by the gods, it wasn't something that the Lord could change.

The standard measure was for every 10 points of power value donated, you would get 1 point of contribution value. In addition, the donation could be cumulative, such as today you donated 1 points of power value, tomorrow you also donated 1 points and after 10 days of doing this, you would similarly get 1 point of contribution value.

Apart from donating power value, you could also donate materials and supplies, which would be converted into their current price in power value, and then be converted into conversion contribution point.