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 Chapter 110- Whitehead Eagle

In his past life, there was a field station that was not far away from such a Whitehead Eagle's community. However, because their strength wasn't strong enough at the time, they decided not to mess with these Whitehead Eagles for the time being, and lay low until their strength rise before messing with these guys.

But along with their ascension in rank, the Whitehead Eagles were also upgrading their strength and at a much faster speed than the humans, in both power and quantity. He didn't know if it's because the White-Head Eagles could laid eggs, but a nest could hatch a rather large amount of them. So by the time the people in the station were ready to wreck havoc on the Whitehead Eagles, they came to a frightening discovery that the number of these animals had increased by more than threefold, and with most of their strength raised to the first medium-order.

Faced with such a large community, the first wave of attacking profession was slaughtered. And soon afterward, the raging enchanted birds found the station.

In front of these enchanted birds, the walls were completely useless. The level of safety in the station was even less than that of the wild. At least there, the trees could block the sight of the flying enchanted birds and hinders some of its movement. However, the station was totally empty. As for those buildings, how many people could they accommodate? The most crucial point was that the buildings in the station were not as strong as they might have imagined, except for the durability and defense being slightly higher than the walls, it made no difference with other buildings.

Eventually, the station was overthrown and no one was said to have escaped. However, during the siege of the station, there were a few people that reported the news about the Whitehead Eagle onto the forum. It was also considered a wake-up call to the world.

The lesson was very straightforward. At the early stage, if they had tried to kill these Whitehead Eagles, even though they might have suffered a heavy loss, they would not have been wiped out. Due to their decision to delay their assault, the whole station was eventually lead to ruin.

Later on, people gradually established a concept. As long as you have the power to destroy the enchanted beast, resolutely carried it out and not leave them behind. Gods knows what would happen if these monsters were to be left behind? Even though the situation involving the Whitehead Eagle might've been just a special case, but who could guarantee that other monster communities wouldn't also experience a rapid rise in their strength?

"We must wipe out these monsters today." Cheng Yang spoke straight to the point. If the biggest purpose of his trip before this was to kill the monsters for the treasure, then this purpose has actually change. Now killing monsters has become the top priority.

The mountain was quite steep, but fortunately the hillside has a lot of rattans, so they could still smoothly climb up without much problem. However, the speed was pitifully slow.

Climbing slowly upward with the thorny rattans in hands was quite uncomfortable. Even with Cheng Yang's high physical defense, his palms were also suffering from a bit of uncomfort.

What let Cheng Yang feel admiration was the fact that Liu Xiyue, this fair skin girl surprisingly had not hum out a sound. Silently, she has been walking in between him and Yu Kai.

Suddenly, walking in the rear, Yu Kai cried in alarm, "Lord, watch out."

In fact, he didn't need Yu Kai's reminder, Cheng Yang has already heard the sound of the wind, he looked up and unsurprisingly it's a Whitehead Eagle, diving down like a meteor. It was aiming for him. The sharp claws gave off bright metallic luster under the shine of the sun.

"One finally came." Cheng Yang's mouth curved into a sneer, "Liu Xiyue, kill this fellow."

Liu Xiyue moved her lip, and the Sacred Word skill instantly started.

The Whitehead Eagle's eyes which had been gleaming with a dense coldness, slowly darkened. And the once imposing charge also suddenly turned into a high altitude free fall. All this changes occurred so silently..

The moment the Whitehead Eagle was about to crash into the ground, Cheng Yang opened his hands to catch the corpse. This first early-order Whitehead Eagle became the first of its kind to die. Perhaps, even until its final moment it could not figure out the cause for its death.

Standing on the side, Yu Kai was stunned. He had reminded Cheng Yang just now because he had hoped that Cheng Yang would be the one to kill the monster. But he didn't expect that even without Cheng Yang's hands raised, the flying monster would fall down.

Moreover, listening to Cheng Yang's tone, this monster was killed by Liu Xiyue. How was this possible?

When did the priest became so broken? If he remembered correctly, Liu Xiyue has only transferred five days ago. At the moment, she's definitely a novice in the first-early order.

Such a priest has the power to kill a first early-order enchanted beast?

"Lord, this ... this ..." Cheng Yang pointed at Liu Xiyue, as if saying shouldn't it be obvious.

When Cheng Yang made the decision for Liu Xiyue to begin, he didn't intend to conceal the truth from Yu Kai. As far as he was concerned, the people he trusts the most were Liu Hao, Yu Kai and Niu Bing, followed by Lee Wanshan. Since even Lee Wanshan knew about Liu Xiyue's properties, letting Yu Kai know also wasn't that much of a problem.

More importantly, with the way the situation was at right now, if Liu Xiyue had not shot, either his or Yu Kai's attacks were likely to attract the other Whitehead Eagles' attention. But Liu Xiyue wasn't the same, her skill kills monsters with an invisible force. The killed enchanted beast didn't even have the opportunity to let out a scream.

The fact also proved that the choice Cheng Yang made was right. From start to finish, the Whitehead Eagle had not been able to remind its companions.

Then Cheng Yang simply said Liu Xiyue's properties to Yu Kai, immediately leaving him stunned. The feeling of superiority from just having upgraded to high-order apprentice instantly vanished, his expression as he looked at Liu Xiyue was filled with shocked.

Was this the weak school beauty that he imagined? This was practically a path towards the development of a tigress! Moreover, it's a ruthless tigress.

"School belle Liu, you wouldn't mind if I walk a bit further away from you from now on, right? Just in case I annoy you, and you release a Sacred Word, I might just need a coffin for my corpse." Yu Kai pretended to be horrified and alarmed.

At this time, Liu Xiyue was also less formal than when she first arrived to Luo Feng Village, she gently smiled and said, "Commander Yu, stop joking around. You are higher than me by two ranks, my Sacred Word skill have no effect at all on you."

Yu Kai naturally knew that Liu Xiyue was speaking the truth, but he also knows of one other thing. Since Liu Xiyue was now following at Cheng Yang's side, that means she was a person of important focus for training. Even though her overall growth might not be as good as his, but the increase in attack power would definitely be faster than his own.

And Liu Xiyue's combat effectiveness was mainly reflected in how powerful the other side's attack power was, so as long as their attack power was weaker than her, the result would always be a spike.

However, Yu Kai was also clear that he and Liu Xiyue basically have no possibility of being in a hostile relationship. Moreover, the person that should be fearing Liu Xiyue shouldn't be him, but the people that were opposing Luo Feng Village. Therefore, at this moment his heart was actually quite relaxed.

Yu Kai's mouth opened into a wide grin, he said, "School belle Liu, later when you become famous, don't forget that we were once teammate that's been through hardship together. Aren't we on the same battlefield even now?"

Liu Xiyue smiled back at him, but did not say anything, because this question of Yu Kai didn't need an answer at all.

Cheng Yang said, "Okay, that's enough. If you have more words to say, wait until we get back to say it. We are still in the midst of danger."

Yu Kai suddenly raised his vigilance, and immediately the area went quiet. Then the three members team continue their climb.

Along the way, even though Cheng Yang has been deliberately avoiding them, but occasionally they would still be found by a Whitehead Eagle. He didn't know if it's because these Whitehead Eagles has the habit of eating alone, or that they looked down on Cheng Yang and his team, but they never called for their companions and rushed at them the moment they see them. The result was very tragic, as they all died under Liu Xiyue's attack.

It was fortunate that this was just the beginning of the apocalypse. Even if the the Whitehead Eagle could evolve fast, first late-order monster was still very rare. At this point, in the piles of enchanted birds Liu Xiyue killed, there were already two first medium-order presence died by her hands, but a first late-order had not been met yet.

There's no doubt that without Liu Xiyue's Sacred Word skill, it would absolutely be impossible for Cheng Yang's group of three to so easily groped their way up the mountain.

After spending 10 minutes, Cheng Yang's team was only 200 meters from the summit of the mountain. At that moment, they saw the most spectacular sight of their lives.

Bird's nest, everyone should have seen once before in their lives, right? But who has ever saw a bird's nest that was as big as a house? Yu Kai and the others, let alone read about it, they never heard of such a thing. As for Cheng Yang, even though he has survived in the apocalypse for a year, this was the first time he had seen such a huge bird's nest.

Actually, thinking about it carefully, this was not worth being surprise about. The Whitehead Eagle wasn't much smaller than ostrich. For them to build such a huge bird's nest was also a normal occurrence. But regarding the people that have only seen the bird's nest prior to the apocalypse, it was hard for them to accept. Such a nest, not to mention big birds, even large poultry was unlikely to nest in it. And some birds, such as eagles and vultures would build their nest on a cliff, rather than at the top of the tree as it was now.

"That's a bird nest? It's a freaking tree house!" Yu Kai emotionally whispered.

Cheng Yang said, "Don't make noises, look carefully and see where the biggest bald eagle is. We need to get rid of that guy first, or you and Liu Xiyue will be in danger."

Yu Kai nodded his head, in fact, his risk wasn't very big. After all, there's more than 100 health points, and potions were also relatively adequate. However, Liu Xiyue wasn't the same. At the moment, she was just a first early-order priest's apprentice, her health was only at 20 points. If the leader of the Whitehead Eagle's community was a first late-order enchanted bird, or an existence at the peak of the first order, she would definitely be spiked.

At the moment, there were at least two hundreds or three hundred giant bird's nests at the top of the mountain. In addition, most of the nests were guarded by the Whitehead Eagles in the vicinity. Thus, it could be understood why there's only 100 Whitehead Eagles hovering the sky, while there were two hundred to three hundred giant nests underneath.

"Old Yu, you told me that these enchanted birds were guarding some type of treasures, how did you find it?" Cheng Yang quite puzzled asked.

Yu Kai had a wry smile on his face as he said, "Just forget it. That item can only be seen at the bottom of the mountain, because it happens to be in a tree canopy."

Cheng Yang was stunned, he hurriedly said, "Then how come I didn't discover it a moment ago?"

Yu Kai laughed heartily, "To see that item, you must have a telescope. The day before yesterday, one of the member from my team found a military telescope in the field, it was also in working condition."

"Your luck is really good!" Cheng Yang sighed.