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 Today Maximus woke up earlier than usual. The excitement of knowing that he could finally start cultivating didn't even let him rest well. Even when he was on Earth he would fantasize some times of being able to fly or have super strength. He went to the kitchen to grab some fruits to eat. After finishing, he ran at his fastest speed to the river bank.

"Good Morning Master" said Maximus exited

"Hoho you seem very exited today. And you also came earlier than usual, the sun has barely come out." In the last couple of days Maximus always came in the morning to say good morning to his Master.

"How can I not be? Today is the day of my Awakening Ceremony, I will finally be able to start cultivating."

The old man looked at Maximus in the eyes and said "Well then sit down and let Master explain what the awakening ceremony is all about, and the different stages of cultivation" said Bluemoon.

Maximus nodded, he had so basic knowledge about the process, but he knew that the old man could explain it better for him.

"Well as you may have heard the awakening ceremony happens on the day of the seventh birthday, because the soul is finally strong enough to enter in resonance with the universe, only on some rare cases can it happen sooner."

"In what cases?" asked Maximus.

"Well it's usually happens to those who come from strong Bloodlines like the descendants some powerful expert or divine beast. They usually have their awakening ceremony at age of three because their souls have strengthened enough. But that is not important for now." then Bluemoon continued "When the awakening ceremony happens, the soul will enter in resonance with the universe and their souls will tune with the law that is easier for the person to train in, this way the person will have a cultivation technique provided by the universe to train. To perform the ceremony you usually need an awakening ceremony formation powered by enough energy stones, you don't't have to worry about that because will provide with all that" said Bluemoon with a smile.

"There are more things but for now you don't have to worry about that. Now let Master tell you about the different stages of cultivation. After the awakening ceremony you will be in coma for one day, when you wake up you will be a Spirit Master, a 1st level one. There are nine levels for spirit master, from level, 1 to level 9. It this stage you just accumulate energy and strength your soul so that you can advance to the Saint stage. After you become a Saint you gain the power of will, which allows you to communicate with the universe, at this stage you can use this power to better shape your body so it becomes powerful enough to handle the power of your law, when that happens you will naturally advance to the next stage, Regnator. Regnator can be considered the downfall of many geniuses, this is the stage where you try to understand and shape the law to better suit you, but this stage is just to far away for now, so don't worry about it." then the old man paused, as if to let Maximus process the information. After a while Maximus looked at the old man and asked. "But master when I was in the castle I was used to hearing the guards say that they wanted better martial techniques, what is that about?"

"Well that are just technique that powerful Martial Artists devolved from their respective laws for those weaker people have more attack power or defense. You can call them Martial Arts but not cultivation technique." said Bluemoon.

"Old devil I already made all the preparation necessary we can begin"

Maximus was startled by the sudden voice, he turned around and saw a beautiful silver haired man smoking a long golden pipe walking slowly in their direction. Maximus didn't know how to react.

"Maximus this is Master friend, he is here to help with your awakening ceremony"

Maximus bowed to Argenti and said "Thank for your help Martial Uncle"

"Let's move then" said Bluemoon.

At the tree house, Genetrix was there with Dux and all the saints and Regnators that she could gather. "Lord Argenti told us to just stay here and be on high alert and if necessary be ready to enter in defensive formation."

"Look there they come, the two Lords and the boy" said Genetrix.

"Well everything seems to be ready, let's start. Maximus go in the middle of that circle and sit down cross-legged"

Maximus nodded and did as he was told. The circle wasn't very big, it had four points were bright white stones were put "Those must be energy stones" thought Maximus to himself.

"Close your eyes and calm your hearth. I will now start the formation." then, old man Bluemoon started making strange hand symbols, then he pointed at the formation and it started glowing.

Maximus mind started to drift, he entered a strange state of trance. He started to have a strange dream, like his eyes could cover every part of the universe, he could see the past, the present and the future. Every second was like an eternity and all the eternity seemed to pass in a second. Then Maximus seemed go outside time and space itself drifting in the great dark.

At this point in time the sky started to get darker, there were signs of thunder forming in the sky. Then the earth and the sky started to tremble at the same time.

"Old Devil, what is happening here, I never heard of something like this happening in an awakening ceremony!?." said Argenti.

"I also have no idea, this is also my first time seeing something like this!"

The trembling got stronger and stronger until it stopped. Then there was a loud BANG and then the sky started to get ripped apart.

"Your Highness wha... what is.... happening here??? I saw plenty of awekening ceremonies, and the only thing that usually happens is that a little cloud with the color of the law appears and sometimes a natural phenomenon, but nothing like this" said Dux with disbelief and fear in his voice.

Then a pair of giant hands appeared in the cracks in the sky trying to reap the heavens apart. As the cracks got bigger and bigger a titanic body appeared in the sky. The body seemed to contain all the planets, stars, and galaxies in the universe inside of him. Then it imitated Maximus and sat cross-legged in the sky.

On the floating island in the sky in the temple.

"Lord!!! Urgent news from Dryadales. There appeared a giant in the sky"

"A giant in the sky? Interesting" then the old man diapered,

On a beautiful city build on water, the city of Lympha.


"Your Majesty"

"I felt a strange overbearing energy coming from Dryadales, go there and investigate, if necessary use force. Find the source."

Similar scenes were playing all around the Empire, one old monster after another were going to investigate the disturbance that Maximus provoked with his awekening.

At this point in time the giant was starting shrinking and getting closer and closer to Maximus until it was overlapped with Maximus. Suddenly Maximus opened his eyes, and they shoot of dark purple light

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Maximus screamed as he clenched his head before fainting.

"Old Devil there are guests approaching" said Argenti

"Humph let them come."

Then both Argenti, and old man Bluemoon soared in the sky

"Genetrix, activate the defensive formation on the entire forest, and also don't let any harm come to the boy" Argenti transmitted mentally to Genetrix.

"Yes Lord Argenti!" then she turned to everyone else and said "Half of you activate the Gaia formation, the other half will stay here with me and Dux and protect the boy"

"Yes your Highness" said all the elves in union.