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 Chapter 561: You are Instigating a War between Both Races!

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The girl in front of him was about six or seven years old. Her snow-white princess gown wrapped around her petite figure, while her skin looked so delicate as though it would be torn apart by a cold wind. Dark purple hair reached down her shoulders, as a pink headband was tied into a butterfly knot. From a cursory glance, they looked like a pair of standing cat ears. An ahoge stuck out her hair, adding a hint of moe to her.

Her facial features remained prepubescent, making her a little tender and childlike but even so, the sky-blue eyes and the pink lips that looked as thin as a cicada's wings, as well as that natural and unmatchable beauty, would leave anyone gasping at the perfection and exquisiteness of her facial features.

If the Creator had any work that He was happy with, it had to be this panicking and weeping beautiful face. Perhaps, it was an unfinished work that needed time to complete it.

Shi Xiaobai instantly fell into a daze as he looked at that face.

The reason for his shock was not because of the girl's astounding beauty but because her hair, eyebrows, eyes, and looks were nearly identical to Kali's.

Although their ages were slightly different, Kali, whose looks had forever been fixed to a particular point in time, still looked thirteen. Her facial features had yet been fully developed but the childlike look of hers was gone, replacing it with the pretty features of a young teenage girl.

An age difference of six to seven years would not result in phenomenal changes, especially with so many similar and identical signs. Regardless, the girl in front of him resembled the child version of Kali.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai could not help but mutter 'Kali!'

"Baddie! How do you know my name!?"

The girl who had turned fearful after encountering a stranger in a forest that forbade entry to outsiders immediately panicked when she heard the human call out her name.

Her grandmother had once told her that humans were the worst of all living beings. If she ever encountered humans, she had to flee immediately. Otherwise, she would be captured by humans and brought far away, a place where she would not be able to see her grandmother and elder sister.

How did this human know her name?

Could the human be here to capture her?

Upon coming to this thought, the girl trembled as she took a few steps back.

Shi Xiaobai was immediately dumbfounded.

Not only were their looks similar, even their names were identical?

Was this a coincidence?

Or could it be...

Shi Xiaobai was confounded with alarm. It was not only the girl, the strange forest with ancient trees interspersing one another was a mysterious place for him as well. He did not even know why he had suddenly appeared here.

"This King..."

Shi Xiaobai was just about to inquire when the sharp sound of air being pierced through was heard. A sharp arrow shot through the gaps in the tree leaves as it headed for Shi Xiaobai's shoulder from a tricky angle.

Shi Xiaobai did not see the arrow coming from a blind spot but with his sharp senses and premonition for danger, he subconsciously moved his feet when he heard the whistling air. It was almost instinct for him to use Crab Steps.

The youth's body that could not be discerned by the naked eye only swayed for an instant but he perfectly dodged the arrow. The arrow finally slammed into a tree trunk behind the youth with a loud ring.

"Scram! Stay away from Xiaozi!"

The angry scolding of a teenage girl sounded from afar. Following that, the sound of brisk running came over like a tidal wave. Following that, a fiery-red figure charged out from the deep depths of the forest.

The moment the figure charged out with a whoosh, it shielded the young girl behind it.

Shi Xiaobai focused his eyes and realized that it was a red-haired teenage girl dressed in a red short dress.

She had unparalleled beauty and exquisite facial features. Her beauty did not resemble a human's. Her two sharp ears reminded Shi Xiaobai of Kali.

The girl angrily and warily stared at Shi Xiaobai. Her body was tense as she held her bow and arrow that was aimed at him. It was a warning pose.

"Human! Scram back to your country. This is not a place you can come!"

The red girl's voice was as cold as frost water.

"Sister Cherryblossoms!"

The girl yelped in pleasant surprise. She ran behind the teenage girl as though she had met her savior. Her tiny hands grabbed the teenage girl's dress tightly as though it would ease her mind more.

Moments later, the girl carefully probed her head out to look warily but curiously at the strange human that addressed himself as king.

The red-haired girl lowered her head to the young girl that had tears welling in the corner of her eyes. Her cold gaze immediately turned warm before she gently said, "Don't worry, Xiaozi. Sis is here. I'll absolutely not allow that despicable human harm you."


The girl nodded firmly as she raised her hand to wipe her tears. Following that, she stole a glance at Shi Xiaobai with her puffy eyes.

Shi Xiaobai was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry. He had clearly not done a thing and the person that had made the first move was the young girl that resembled the child version of Kali. Although he had used a little 'violence' to reveal the young girl who had hidden among the shrubs, he had only done so because he was suddenly sneaked up upon by an arrow while strolling in the woods.

But now, he appeared to be labeled as 'Big Baddie.' Shi Xiaobai could not recall what evil deeds he had done that merited such a label.

Could it only be because he was human?

"Ahem. It seems the both of you have some misunderstanding of humans?"

Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask.

"Shut up!"

The red-haired girl's response was abnormally intense. She glared at Shi Xiaobai coldly, her entire being suffusing great animosity. Her taut bowstring was vibrating slightly as though it would shoot off its payload at any moment.

Shi Xiaobai rolled his shoulders, indicating that he had no ill intentions. Although he felt that the girl's pose was filled with flaws and he could close the gap between them with Crab Steps's proximity chasm to attack her, Shi Xiaobai did not wish to worsen the misunderstanding.

Shi Xiaobai said helplessly, "Although This King does not know the misunderstandings between you and humans, This King has no ill intentions towards you. Nor does he wish to harm anyone."

"This King?"

The red-haired girl seemed to hear a sensitive phrase. Her body clammed up like a frightened wildcat. "You are the king of humans!?"

The red-haired girl observed Shi Xiaobai with an alarmed and wary gaze. Moments later, her tensed body gradually relaxed as her panicked expression was replaced with a mocking sneer.

The red-haired girl scoffed. "A weakling at the Postnatal realm dares call himself king? Do you think you can assume the authority of the Human race's king by calling yourself king? Hmph! Granny was right. Humans are indeed most despicable and cunning but they are also the stupidest race!"

Postnatal realm?

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback. He recalled that the realms were split into the Psionic Mortal Realm, Psionic Soul Realm, Psionic Might Realm, Psionic Domain Realm, and Psionic Imperial Realm. He had no recollection of a Postnatal realm.

"Human, immediately leave the Pixie Forest! Although I do not know how a weakling like you passed through the Sacred Tree's domain and into our forbidden land, your actions have violated the rules of the alliance. Your actions are instigating a war between both races!"

The red-haired girl suddenly exclaimed, "Although we pixies are weak, ranking eleventh in the twelve-race alliance, you humans aren't even qualified to be part of the alliance. If you instigate a war, you will not only face the pixies but also the other eleven races that are more powerful than you humans! Human! Scram out of Pixie Forest! Now!"