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 After that falling into the water incident, Zhi Ruo was reprimanded by her father and was kept on house arrest for a few days and was made to kneel in front of the ancestors' plaques.

Today, Xiao Jun would be going back home to await the marriage and she sighed before standing up quickly.

"Yue! Watch Mei'er for me, I'm going out to have some fun." she smiled, Yue gave her Princess a questioning look but just helped her get changed into a male's outfit.

"I'll be back by night. If she asks where I went, tell her I went to see someone."

Walking out the door, Xiao Jun climbed over a wall and secretly made her way to Yun Long's own private home, smiling to herself, she climbed over the walls of his home and then made her way to his study.

Yun Long sat inside his study alone as he had Yue Qi go out and run some errands for him. He was looking at the hairpin that he had given Xiao Jun that was now damaged.

Sensing someone outside, he stood up and exclaimed, "Who's there?!"

No one came and from above, a figure dropped down onto him wearing a mask. Quickly reacting, he grabbed the person and the person hugged his neck and then put their face close to Yun Long's.

"Hey, handsome. Play with me, alright?"

[A: one minute you're all blushing and shy but the next, you're all over him and acting shameless...]

Smelling a familiar fragrance, Yun Long pulled down the person's mask and his eyes widened.

Xiao Jun!

Suddenly smirking, he flipped them so he was carrying her in a bridal position and then leaned his face forward. "Alright, this handsome one will play with you."

Not expecting Yun Long to do this, Xiao Jun blocked his mouth with her hand and Yun Long chuckled, he rarely laughed and it shot right through Xiao Jun, making her heart race even faster.

Yun Long simply held her hand that was covering his mouth and kissed her fingers and palm.

"Since you started this, why not finish it? I don't like stopping halfway." he smiled, carrying her to his room that was connected to the study.

Her face flushed but she then just put her arms around his neck, "Alright! You're right, since I started this, I'll just finish it."

She was put on the bed and then she pulled Yun Long down, straddling him.

"I'll do this one improper thing before our wedding." she smiled, she put her hands on his cheeks and then leaned forward, placing her lips on his and then pulling away.

Standing back up, she gave a sly smile and then went to walk out but she was pulled back into a warm chest and soft yet rough lips clashed with hers, kissing her passionately as if he would never see her again.

Pulling away, the two were breathing heavily a bit and Xiao Jun hid her face in his chest, making him laugh loudly. "What's wrong? You were the one who was acting shameless first."

She pouted and then hit his chest lightly, pulling away from him and walking out the door.

"Go back to the guest home and change, I'll be coming to take you out to play." Yun Long said, following her briefly.

Xiao Jun didn't answer and just went back to the guest house.

"Big Sister! Did you go see the General? You're flushing so much." Mei'er teased, Xiao Jun sucked in a sharp breath and then said, "Oh! It's Yue Qi!"

Mei'er turned around and Xiao Jun ran inside, asking Yue for a new change of clothes, this time, women's clothing.

"Hey! You tricked me!" Mei'er pouted, "What happened?" a male voice asked, the girl's eyes widened and she turned to see Yue Qi in normal clothing with no weapons on him.

He looked like the son of a noble family in the robes he wore.

"N-nothing..." Mei'er stuttered, she examined his clothes, making Yue Qi shy as asked, "Does it look bad? I thought.. I'd take you to enjoy the festival..do you want to come?"

Her eyes brightened and she smiled before nodding, "Alright! Let's go~"

[A: Freaking Yue Qi is so cute ^u^]