Ten Months have already past by in the blink of an eye. Qin Wentian have have already became a [ Qi Establishment Stage ] with advancement of his body tempering technique to [ Iron Body ] from [ Stone Body ]. He was also now more familiar with human cultivation realms so he could grasp some thing or two about their path. But his train of thoughts were disrupted by a anguish roar. When he came back to himself he found out that he was already into the depths of forest or the woods. ( I don't know what a gigantic and vast forest is so I would usually used the words woods or forest.)

Steely bastard's Technique and Manuals and divine arts are really troublesome. You have to this then the next moment do that then again this. It was truly confusing and the effort and time that would be consume if calculated would amount Qin Wentian's youth. And besides the most tragic part is that he is the one who is making all of that since some neglecting assholes left Jim to that shack just to die from starvation.

He immediately back off and ran as flash as he could but still since his body became a little bit muscular and his weight was increased by these passing days he have a hard time to run softly and quietly.

And he was still a eight year old child! Which he would always forget Whne facing beats just like when he was facing the [ Bull Eye Thunder Song Eagle ]. He forgot that he was still a child so his strength was basically being limited by some natural force. But for Qin it was like he was being challenged by god. And by god what I mean was of course his lovable frienemy ( Friend + Enemy = frienemy) Death himself. But surely he still defeated the [ Bull Eye Thunder Song Eagle ]. What was amazing and funny was that when he defeated it it didn't die but ran away leaving the weak as a sheep getting ready to slaughtered Qin laying on the grassy that now became muddy ground while panting heavily as he gaze at the tree neaeby.

There he saw fruits just like the red fruits that he got from that tree. And not just like that encounter he even net with an [ Level 1 Demon Beast ] which was named by some " powerful existences " of earth as the [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ], but in actual fact the beast didn't even resemble the features of a monkey much yet being the monkey it self. But since Qin didn't know how to distinguish a level one demonic beast from level six demon beast [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ].

Well in fact [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] and [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ] do want have much deference except [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] could use dews to attack while [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ] use kits very sharp tail to attack and lethality injure the enemy it fight. And their ways of thinking and their innate abilities. [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ] has a cunning mind while the other one have a simple but when enrage deadly mind. The [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ] have affinity towards metal and immunity while the other one have affinity towards wind and have immunity towards water since it uses water to attack. But apart from that they were mostly alike except of course their blood. [ Armor Pearcing Back Tailed Monkey ] have silver like blood just like proudly saying or stating that it have Addington towards metal while the other one have a colorless and translucent color of blood. In fact I'd you don't observe very closely you couldn't see blood from the wounds of a [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] if it was injured and it was not like other beasts that if wounded would emit a strong and high sense of blood that would lead some beats to it. [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] is the opposite when it bled any demon beasts that was near and could smell the blood of the [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] would feel discomfort and it's senses would be spontaneously weaken a little bit so no one would try to provoke this [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] in this forest. But god didn't make a problem without a solution! Because if there were madmen in human world there were also madBeasts in demon beasts world. And this ones are the one who would gladly court death. They were the branch family of the infamous [ Mad Tyrant Panther ]. They were the [ Gold Armor Panther ] and yes they were the lunatics that would gladly attack anyone and would love to hunt [ Heavenly Dew Mantis ] for fun and leisure.

There was one time that a [ Gold Armor Panther ] unleashed hell towards a city in earth when it was still on its phase of evolution or unsealing. It was also one of the many beasts that went out from the sealed plane or what humanity called [ Abyss Realm ].

A miserable cry suddenly sounded out. Qin immediately become tense. Because when he heard this kind of cries crisis would befall onto him immediately. So he deeply hated this kind of cries. Actually he is a demon who is very carefree since birth, but that was the time when he was still a powerful demon. Now that he was a weakling he have to be cautious.

He immediately flee as he caught a massive crocodile like creature lifting a wailing from pain kangaroo like beast. Usijgbits very formidable and powerful jaws the croc forcefully pulled the kangaroo towards a marsh or like that thing near the place on which Qin was at. In this world Qin really have no luck.