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 Chapter 10: 9th Stage of Dantian Formation

Van felt the pill go down his throat and dissolve into his Dantian.

A fiery energy flooded his meridians and widened them to the point of almost breaking.

A few of the minor meridians were growing cracks unbeknownst to Van.

A searing pain drove Van to his knees and Yu Lin helped guide the energy to the right places.

After 3 hours, Van had reached the 6th Stage of Body Fortification. He gritted his teeth as his meridians continued to stretch, crack and widen.

After a day, he was at the 10th Stage of Body Fortification and was ready to start the breakthrough.

Yu Lin gathered the Qi next to his Dantian and compressed it until most of the remaining energy from the pill was used up.

"Are you ready?"

Van was covered in a pool, ten feet in diameter, full of black waste that his pores had excreted from the rapid refinement of his body.

Van nodded his assent and Yu Lin directed the energy to attack the gate.

The energy crashed into the gate relentlessly causing Van to cry out in pain each time.

After about thirty minutes, the gate opened a bit and green light shown through. He laughed in delight, but the Qi didn't stop there.

It continued to push against the gate with a little bit flowing through each time.

Van convulsed and spat out a wad of black blood every few impact.

After a few hours, the pain was to great and Van blacked out.

Van woke up feeling reenergized and ready to try out his new abilities.

He used his newly found spiritual sense to find his outer Dantian. He found a large puddle of Qi in his slightly transparent outer Dantian.

"9th Stage of Dantian Formation..."

Van muttered to himself. A year ago, this Stage would've been only a dream.

"Great! Now you must control your energy so that you don't reveal your true cultivation. You must also refine away the pill toxins and consolidate your foundation so it doesn't hurt you in the future."

Yu Lin reminded Van.

Van sighed and withdrew his aura within himself.

"Now, enough sitting around. You need to get out there into the world. I'm tired of getting fought over by low level Beasts."

Yu Lin walked towards Van and placed a finger on Van's forehead.

Van felt a cold energy enter his body as he was transported outside of the dodecahedron.

He woke up to the newly transformed Sanji staring straight into his eyes. He jolted up with a startled yelp but fell because of his body's lack of use for the past year.

"I guess I'm 13 now. I wonder how my aunt and Ghan are doing."

Van took a deep breath and looked at Sanji.

"Are you ready to go back?"

Sanji nodded and got into a sprinting position.

Van grinned.

"On your marks! ... Get ready! ... Go!"

Van dashed off with Sanji on his heels. The Fierce Beasts all ran off in terror as the duo made their mark on the forest surrounding the crater.

Van's figure left behind an afterimage, that faded away after a few seconds.


"Crap! I forgot to hide my foundation base!"

He was already a short distance of 10 kilometers away from the city and was detected by the City Lord.

Despite being detected, the city lord was currently bowing to a woman clothed in a modest blue robe with a lavish body and many well defined curves.

"Sovereign Zhao Lan an expert has arrived within the bounds of the city."

Author's Note: Not the actual cultivation stage

The woman continue to stare into the distance before standing up to leave.

The City Lord was used to the sovereign's strange and erratic behavior and continued to kneel watching the sovereign fly off into the distance.

The sovereign has a cultivation base of Emperor and would be a greatly respected expert anywhere she went in the Fire Rock Continent, but, strangely, chose to stay in this city as if she were waiting for someone.

"I finally found him."

A whisper could be heard as the sovereign's lips curved into a genuine loving smile.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Van were flying at fast speeds towards the city.

Van suddenly felt warm inside when he suddenly spotted a figure up ahead.

It seemed to be a woman dressed in a dazzling blue robe that seemed to contain the stars.

While he was mesmerized by the woman, Sanji delightedly squeaked and sped ahead of Van.

Shaking himself out of the trance, Van angrily berated Sanji as he tried to catch up.

The woman tailed after the two a warm smile, with a hint of humor, could be seen in her expression.

They finally reached the wall where there were two guards at the 4th Stage of Body Fortification were posted.

Van had already pulled out a sword to make it look like he was still in Qi Condensation.

"Halt! State your name and provide your identification."

The guard was a burly man with black hair and a goatee with a generous amount of facial hair.

Van pulled out a jade shop and quickly handed it over to the guards.

He couldn't wait to show off his new cultivation base to his aunt and Ghan.

The Mouse had already hidden away in his sack and was busy eating away at what was left of their supplies.

At that moment, the Sovereign arrived landing on the ground, causing the dust to part from the gravel the road, making it shine.

The Guard's jaws dropped as they watched this goddess descend from the sky.

The younger one was arrogant and new to his job. Swaggering, he took a step forward and stayed with confidence and without much honor.

"Hey, Lady! If you want to get into town, I can get you in for free if you warm my bed."

The older guard didn't pay attention for only the Upper Echelons of the city would know of the Sovereign's existence.

The lady was about to say something when Van turned around and started to berate the man.

"You shameless corrupt limp dick! All you can do is prey on vulnerable women. I bet even the god of reincarnation would refuse your soul if it was sent his way!"

Both guards stood there stunned as they watched the youth's outburst. The woman put a hand to her mouth as an enchanting laugh escaped her lips and a reminiscent look appeared on her face.

Van then proceeded to beat up the two guards, forcing them to apologize.

"Don't worry! As long as I, the Noble Van Nguyen is here! No one would dare harass you!"

He took a heroic pose, putting one foot on a rock and his arms on his hips.

The Woman had a humored look in her eye as she replied.

"Well, I guess I'll take you up on that offer than."

While Van continued tell stories of his past acts of "bravery" and "honor", the woman thought to herself.

"I can't tell him yet. It's too early. I need to get close to him and bring his cultivation base up first."

The guards stood up, wiping the dust off their clothes and rubbing their bruises. They cast looks of fury at Van and vowed to get their revenge by reporting him for assault to the Guard Lieutenant.

Van walked inside the city and continued to talk about his exploits that he had done in the past.

"I have waited 70 years for this. I have finally found him."

She smiled as Van continued to sell himself to her.