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 In the morning the next day, Dante curses are newly awakened sex drive. Being forced to spend two hours just to a peace his painfully throbbing rode before being able to walk around isn't something he would be proud of.

-Fuck that growth potion!- Dante thinks while being forced to run through the stone halls into his first class. Rushing into the classroom he runs right into Professor Shock who is about to greet the students.

Seeing the old women face he mutters under his breath. ''That was bloody brilliant.''

Smiling wickedly, slightly distorting her face Shock tells him. ''Thank you for that assessment, young Mr. Elcraft. Maybe if I were to transfigure your cock into a pocket watch, maybe you would be on time.''

Defensively shielding his flaccid but still enormous cock Dante says. ''The growth potion was laced and I got lost.''

Smiling even more Shock asks. ''Then perhaps a map?. I guess not, I trust you don't need one to find your seat.''

Sitting down Dante sits down triggering his [Eye of Arcana (Lv. max)] by touching the scar behind his right ear. Looking at Shock Dante is shell shock at what he discovers.

[Professorin Ursula Shock:

Lv.?; Class: Dollmaker; Health: ???/???; Stamina: 75/75; Mana: ???/???.]

''All of the censure or take out your wants and open 'Hexes and Curses'' on page 3.'' Commands Shock forcing to take out his own version of Atreus Jung's book as well as his notebook. Opening his notebook Dante ignores Shocks round of questions and checks out his Stats.

[Character stats:

Dante Elcraft (aka Gaukler)

Origin: Noble Bastard

Level: 9 (811 £ to level up)

Soul Echos (£): 28

Lifes: 2

+ Primary Stats

- Vitality: 4

- Endurance:5

- Inside: 5

- Strength: 3

- Skill: 4

+ Secondary Stats

- Health: 125/125

- Stamina: 50/50

- Mana: ???/???

- R-Hand: 0.25 +X

- L-Hand: 3.5

[X depending upon selected Arcane]

+ Defencive Stats

- Physical Damage Reduction: 10 %

- Magical Damage Reduction: 25 %

- Evasion: 50 %

- Resistence: 0 %]

-Wow seems like my Investments in certain Stats finally paid off.- Thinks Dante before one of Shocks questions are at last aimed at him.

''Young Mr. Elcraft care to tell us the difference between Hexes and Curses?''

Knowing the answer form both his previous lives Dante answers relaxed. ''The fundamental difference is the power source. Hexes are powered by Mana Manipulation while Curses are created by actively going against the Will of the World and creating a backlash.''

-If only you guys knew that you are actually going against the will of my already ascended into godhood brothers and sisters...-

Baffled by Dantes easy to understand and competent explanation, Shock just says. ''Very well. 10 Points for the Ascended...''

Having the focus shift away from him Dante relaxed only to find Maria Pinehurst as well as Emma Wats staring at him with, both sparkling eyes.

''What never heard the difference?'' Dante asks the Sexy Smartass.

''Actually, I didn't. I read some books that tackled the topic but they all...'' Try Emma to explain, but Maria ends her sentence by saying. ''... don't make it as clear cut as you did.''

Nodding in agreement, Emma and Maria return their attention back to Shocks lecture.

Ignoring the girls turned a woman and most of the lecture, Dante checks out his [Skills/Abilities].


+Active (2):

- Doge (Lv. 4)

- Quickstep (Lv. 2)

+Passive (7):

- Basic Gunmanship (Lv. 1)

- Basic Swordsmanship (Lv. 1)

- Dollmaking (Lv. max)

- Fast Learning (Lv. 1)

- Mana Absorption (Lv. max)

- Mana Control (Lv. 5)

- Mana Refinement (Lv. max )

- Recovery (Lv. 1)

- Puppetmaking (Lv. 4)

+Arcane (2):

- Bound Weapon [wand] (Lv.1)

- Eye of Arcana (Lv. max)

+ Hexes/ Curses (1):

-Manashield (Lv. 2)]

-Wow. By only attending one lecture I already earned two passive abilities and my very first Hex.- Dante thinks when entering Professor Serpents dollmaker class this time together with students from the dollmaker house. Contrary to the previous class this class is held in the cooled underground dungeon of Worthington Academy.

The students are chattering, sitting near empty operating tables. The door slams open and Serpent comes rushing in, closely followed by Vincent and a barely clothed Elenor. Seeing her son sitting in the crowd of students Elenor hesitates to enter the classroom but is forced to enter by Vincent.

''There will be no foolish trials or silly in this in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to enjoy the subtle science and exact art that is dollmaking. However, for those select few...'' Serpent explains looking at Vincent, who is all smiles before continuing. ''... who possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to revive the body and bind the souls of the dead. I can tell you how to reframe the mind, purify a soul and even revive a skeleton...''

Letting his work gain effect Serpent sees Dante not taking notes and in, his view, not paying attention at all to his words.

''... Then again, maybe some of you have come to Worthington in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough to not... pay... attention...''

A student nudges Dante in the ribs forcing him to look up.

''Bastard Elecraft. Our...new...celebrity. Tell me, what would I get if I remove this woman's soul from her body? What would I get?'' Serpent asks Dante, caressing Elenors jugular.

-You touch her another time and it will be your soul that I will be refining.- Dante thinks totally enraged, not saying a word, just following Serpents finger dance over his mother.

Seeing Dante totally ignore him the dollmaker teacher says. ''You don't know? Vincent?''

''One would get just a puppet. But if one refines her soul, one get an obedient doll.'' Answers Vincent maliciously staring at Dante, who neither looks nor reacts to his taunts.

''Correct. Five points for the dollmakers. Well, let's try again...'' Serpent says pointing his wand at Eleonors forehead, casting a sell. ''... Bastard Elcraft, would you please tell the class what spell I used and what uses it has?''

Seeing his mothers dilated eyes, Dante knows her to be under a spell. Barely controlling the impulse to just attacking he thinks. -The next guy who touches her dies.-

Seeing Dante remain silent and assuming his incompetence Serpent one again asks Vincent who gladly answers.

''The spell that was just cast is called the 'Living Doll' it is very useful to take full control over a soul and command the body like a doll. For example, Elenor remove your clothing!''

Hearing Vincent's words Elenor instantly begins removing her clothes. Seeing his mother efficiently undress in front of the whole classroom, Dantes' face gets visibly distorted.

Ignorant about the intensity of the situation Serpent continue his pointless questioning. ''Which organ has to be removed in accordance with the 'Doll Accord'? Show it to the class on this woman.''

Seeing Dante remain silent Serpent mocks. ''Pity. Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it? Vincent?''

Knowing his brother is about to explode any second, Vincent draws out his answer by making a pervert expression while checking out Elenors bare body. ''The organ that has to be removed is the reproductive organ...'' Letting his right hand hover over Elenors breasts and down her front, Vincent knows that Dante is at any moment about to stick.

''... by male bodies that would be the ball sack, by a woman...'' Vincent says, stopping his hand directly over Dantes mothers recently shaven folds, not touching her.

''... that would be the uterus to prevent pregnancies.'' Vincent maliciously says displaying a wicked smile while caressing Elenor, finally making contact with her body.

In that exact moment, Dantes rage boils over. Triggering both [Doge (Lv. 4)] and [Quickstep (Lv. 2)] simultaneously, Dante instantly closes the distance between him and his brother. Integrating the momentum of the movement into his attack, Dante casts [Manashield (Lv. 2)] slamming it right into his brother in an upwards thrust. Without any protection and taken totally off guard, Vincent is instantly sent airborne. Coughing out blood the moment the child hits him, a second time when his body hits the sealing and a third time when his mingled body hits the ground, Vincent already unconscious upon the first contact.