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 " Hmm... Why are you smiling?" Mei Hua mumbled as she traced the outlines of his chiselled jaw.



No matter how hard she tried to disturb the sleeping log beside her, there was no movement whatsoever.

This was not the first time Mei Hua met with such a scene. Sighing in defeat, Mei Hua got up from the bed and ordered the servants to prepare a bath and food. It was bright outside and Mei Hua was sure that it was noon, the realization hit her hard as she remembered the two little boys who are a splitting image of their father.

' Oh No! Ah Min and Ah Yan must be worried!' she cursed under her breath as she hurriedly cleaned herself. Putting on red silk robes and curling her hair into a simple bun, Mei Hua hurried to wake up her husband.

The scene she met made her purse her lips so as to control her laughter. There he was lying on the bed with his arms and legs sprawled all over the place. His hair was all over the bed with the white sheets barely covering his modesty. The faint blush on his cheeks spoke of volumes and Mei Hua was sure that he was dreaming something erotic about her.

Yes! Khang was dreaming about his wife, when he felt a strong force kicking his butt. He wanted to continue dreaming about Mei Hua, but the sharp pain in his butt jolted him awake.

A huge wave of irritation swept over his body and preparing to scold the person who disturbed his beautiful dream, Khang opened his eyes and a fierce light flashed in his eyes only to disappear in a whiff when his orbs fell on the enchanting figure before him.

Dressed in bright red robes which were hugging her dainty figure and with a natural blush colouring her cheeks, his wife looked like a beautiful peony with her entire being giving off an air of royal elegance.

All his anger disappeared in an instant only to be replaced by a gaze of longing and love. A smile curved on his lips as he chirped " Good Morning, my lovely wife!"


" Ouch! Why did you beat me with that wooden brush?!"

" It is afternoon, not morning my dear. You must be very tired. How about I give you a massage?" Mei Hua spoke in a sweet voice which sent chills down his spine. His wife was outspoken and a cheerful girl, what was with this sickly sweet voice?! He preferred his unruly wife ah!

And his wife giving him a massage?! The sun must be rising in west today, he was sure about that.

" Hua'er, please stop speaking like that ah!" Khang rubbed his nose while exclaiming in a low voice.

" I will, provided you fulfill a condition of mine." Mei Hua declared in a domineering voice.

It was not as if he had any choice, anything she asks his heart was bound to fulfill it.

" Anything you wish for my dear." he replied without any hesitation.

" No physical intimacy between us till I give birth."

Mei Hua's words sounded like hell's verdict to his ears. When his wife was pregnant with his two devilish sons, she did not forbade him from her bed. Why now?! He cried silent tears and felt stifled unable to vent his frustrations.

The constipated look on his face made Mei Hua's heart to go soft and mushy. How could she not understand what her perverted husband is thinking? But, there was no change in her heart. She had her own concerns to reject him.

" It's a girl this time. I don't want her to be a bigger pervert than both of us. So, keep your hands off this lady. I don't want our corrupted thoughts to affect my daughter. "

" Girl! " Forgetting the initial feeling of being wronged, Khang exclaimed in excitement.

He had longed for a daughter. His wife had already blessed him with two boys, two devils to be precise. It's not that he hated boys, but daughters are precious. Yes, truly precious!

Just how these boys cling to their mothers, daughters are fathers treasure! The thought of carrying a cute little girl on his shoulders is very tempting.

His wife always predicted the gender of their unborn kids right on the mark. So, he was pretty sure that he is soon going to have a daughter.

How good it will be if his daughter inherited his good looks and his wife's brains. He did not dare utter this out loud, lest he suffers the wrath of his wife.

A man should never comment about a woman's looks, age and weight! He learnt about this universal truth long back.

"Hua'er let's tell the boys that they are going to have a little sister soon." Khang stood up with renewed vigor completely forgetting that he is stark naked under the sheets.

"Just go and dress up. I will be waiting with the boys." Mei Hua rolled her eyes before leaving the room in an unhurried manner.

With excitement surging throughout his body, Khang quickly completed his cleaning routine and dressed up in black robes with golden embroidery making him look majestic and of a noble bearing.

He took long strides towards the dining area his face radiating an expression of pure happiness.

As his foot stepped into the room, two tiny figures rushed towards him in a flash and threw themselves on to his legs almost knocking him down in the process.

" Father! Is it true that I am having a younger sister?" Little Min, a boy of about seven years chirped, his cheeks radiating a rosy glow and his little face sporting a huge grin. He had enough of his little brother. Though little Yan was cute, he would be nothing in front of a chubby girl.

" Father, finally I am going to be a big brother! " Little Yan chimed in, patting his chest as if declaring to the world how proud he is in becoming a big brother.

Khang laughed out loudly on seeing his youngest son's haughty look. The kid always admired his elder brother, so it is only natural that he would be bursting in happiness on learning that even he can be a big brother someday.

" Yes! And I am finally going to get rid of you nosy brats! " Khang smiled smugly at his sons.

" You are thinking too much father. As if we would hand over our sister to you!" Little Min retorted with an expression rivaling his father's. Though Little Yan did not say anything out loud, his pout and glaring eyes spoke of volumes.

Khang stared at his sons with a sullen look on his face. Damn these kids! He would make sure to steal his daughter away from these brats!

Mei Hua had a knowing smile on her face as she watched the three kids fighting. She knew one thing for sure, her daughter is going to be spoiled rotten by all of them.