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 [Friday afternoon, at a beach house by Miami]

Four gaming stations were set up in the spacious and airy living room, where the glass wall system towards the backyard pool was rolled up like a garage door.

Ricedoctor: "Yo duuuuuude, we are not dropping at Pochinki again..."

Givemethatchicken: "Oh no, is our Young Master Phantom Pen15 trying to break the team kill-count record again?"

Dildo Swaggins: "No, I think he's trying to refresh our record on how fast we can get f*cked in the ass."

Phantom Pen15: "Alright, if we can break the team kill-count, we will be doing a stream giveaway of 10,000 dollars! Let's go guys!"

The group four jumped out of the airplane as it was approaching the most popular drop zone on the map, a town named Pochinki.

After lurking around in the industry for years mostly in the form of mods, battle royale games finally burst into the mainstream in 2016 with Daybreak's H1Z1, and was later taken to staggering heights with PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) and Fortnite.

The idea of this genre is simple, the last man or team standing in a shrinking play zone wins. All players start off basically butt-naked, and they have to scavenge for survival and combat-purposed items. Players can play solo or be in small teams, and the ultimate goal in each match is to kill everyone else that's not on your team.

These four were sitting in the living room, starting their daily routine stream. As PUBG went mainstream, many PUBG fanatics were able to join in to share the spotlight.

Streamers, in particular, are players that live stream their gameplay for people to watch, and many were able to make a comfortable living playing the games they love.

There are many reasons a streamer could become popular. There are those that could stun any player with their godlike reflexes and skills, those that could give viewers helpful tips and tricks, those that could explore new heights of toxicity or humor in the game (Tyler1, saving League since 2018), and of course, you also get those with big boobs and pretty faces.

This young man that goes by the online alias, Phantom Pen15, was one of the biggest streamers in the industry.

Actually, besides the big boobs part, he embodied all the characteristics of someone that could make it in the streaming profession.

Insane gameplay, hilarious character, this handsome young boy was also a helpful mentor that gives useful tips and tricks. All in all, all kinds of people made it a daily routine to watch his stream, whether they were on the toilet, at the table, on the bed. Some bars and foodie hotspots even began broadcasting his stream to spice up the overall atmosphere.

Ricedoctor, Givemethatchicken, and Dildo Swaggins were best friends with Phantom Pen15 since kindergarten, and it was fortunate enough that the four could now stick together to make a comfortable living playing any games they love while still attending high school.

The squad quickly dropped onto the second floors of some house at the center of Pochinki.

To make the stream more exciting, Phantom turned on public voice chat, and they were bombarded by random people's voices, crying about how excited they were to be in the same match with the legendary Phantom Pen15.

Yep, they noticed his custom parachute when they were jumping off the plane. As one of the biggest promoters of PUBG, the developers agreed to give him and his squad four custom parachutes that says Big D Brings Spring on it.

Random: "Yooo, let's gang up on Phantom first!"

Random: "I saw them landing into the middle of Pochinki!"

Random: "Alright, let's team up and don't shoot each other first."

Random: "Yeah, it's easy to recognize them, they are all in those custom black outfits that say 'Big D' on the back!"

Hearing this, Phantom Pen15 shouted domineeringly, "I will take on all you impotent virgins at the same time! Come at me!"

Then, he quickly switched to squad-chat only and said, "Hurry, take off our clothes first!"

Ricedoctor, Givemethatchicken, Dildo Swaggins were all speechless. Well, so much for that domineering declaration of war on the pubs. Now, off went their dignity with their custom outfit.

But since their stream was on, the players inside the game immediately began shouting, "They naked now! The naked dudes are Big D!"

Ricedoctor: "AK"

Givemethatchicken: "P92"

Dildo Swaggins: "P1911"

Phantom Pen15: "You guys serious? There are more than 20 people out there wanting a piece of our ass, and two of you only have a pistol? And not even a good pistol?"

Ricedoctor: "But yo, Phantom, what did you get?"

Phantom Pen15: "Alright let's move forward. We will head east, there's a UAV by that watchtower."

On the stream, the readers began spamming the chat with laughing emojis as they watched Phantom Pen15 crouching along the wall with just a crowbar.

Phantom Pen15: "Oh hey, Uzi, my favorite."

[Uzi: DMG 26, SPD 350 m/s, TBS 0.048]

Note: DMG - Damage, SPD - Bullet speed, TBS (Time between shots at maximum fire rate)

Dildo Swaggins, "Wait, didn't you say you hate that gun?"

Phantom Pen15, "Beggars can't be choosers - Rice, second-floor window, 195, Dildo, roof, 210"

(Note: In PUBG, players can see the compass bearing at the top of their screen, allowing them to refer to locations by the bearing number, with North at 360, East at 90, South at 180, and West at 270.)

Da da da, pew pew pew.

[Ricedoctor killed Herpes_Free_Since_03]

[Dildo Swaggins killed In_Jail_Out_Soon]

The two enemies were quickly finished off.

The squad quickly moved towards the East direction, and they were only three houses away from the vehicle by the watchtower. Although Phantom Pen15 originally wanted to drop in this popular zone to try and break the kill-count record, he immediately changed his mind upon hearing that they would be up against at least 4-5 hostile squads that were teaming up against them.

Maybe for comedic effects, maybe he didn't want to embarrass himself on stream for dying right away, he was the reincarnation of the biggest p*ssy right now.

Well, a pretty skilled p*ssy actually, with great leadership skills.

Phantom Pen15: "A man's gotta do what he's gotta do, and sometimes that involves playing cautiously. Quick, plan B."

Givemethatchicken dazed out for a bit. "Wait, what's plan B?"

Ricedoctor: "Be a B*itch."