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 Hey! Author here! Sorry I didn't release any chapters over the past few days.

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I also won't lie about how I needed to get some inspiration and had to get over writer's block.

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"Oh Sh*t!!!" Max shouted as he ran as fast as he could.

*Mission Requirements*

*Escape the gym*

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GO!!!" Juel howled as his spit flew over the faces of all the buff guys.

"Y-Yes Sir!" They spoke in unison before they all turned and ran after Max who was dashing for the back door of the gym.

"Sh*t Sh*t Sh*t!" Max was shouting at the top of his lungs as he ran.

*Host is advised to not look back.*

"That's not helping!" Max shouted as he heard heavy footsteps near his back.

The bodyguards were nearing him and they were only a few feet away now. A little more, and Max would be captured as that rich kid's plaything.

"Hup!" The fastest of the four buff guys yelled as he tackled Max.

"Ack!" Max tumbled to the floor with his feet held by the buff guy.

"System! Purchase a skill I can use!" Max shouted at the top of his lungs.

*Purchase made. Most efficient skill identified.*

"Quick! How do I use it?!" Max shouted as he saw the other three approaching him at high speeds.

*Host should roll to the left.*

"I can't roll!" Max said as the bastard on his legs was slowly crawling up to hold him even tighter.

*Just roll you idiot!*

Max cursed and rolled his eyes before he tried to roll left.

However, since he was held down, he simply shoved his little brother into the face of the poor guy holding him down.

*Groin Smasher Activated*


Max's member glowed with a red and ferocious light as a miniature wind current was formed and the entire area a few meters around him had an earthquake.

"AAAAH!" Nearby students fell onto the floor like dominoes with screams of horror.


Max heard the sound of bones cracking, as he looked down to see his little brother standing high and robust, while the buff guy's jaw looked deformed.

"Holy F*ck!" Max yelped as he saw teeth flying from the guy's mouth.

"My little brother is a god!" Max shouted while smiling madly.

"FEEL MY WRATH!" Max shouted as he began moving his hips back and forth to pummel the pitiful man's face.


"GRAAAAAGH!!" The man's teeth dislodged in loads and he could no longer feel his jaw.

"FINAL SMASH!!!!" Max shouted as his entire member grew twice in size and a magnificent red light filled the gym.


The man's clothes shattered into little bits before diminishing into ash, and he flew backwards off of max in his pink speedo underwear.

"YEAH FEEL THE POWER!!!!! YEA-! Wait Wha-..." Max stopped still on the floor as the people around him looked at him with eyes filled of terror and dread.

"WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO?!!!" Max shouted in horror as he came back to his senses.

*Host was having a wonderful time thrusting his banana into the jaw of a man.*

*It seems Host is becoming homo...*

"What?! Why the hell did I just do that?!" Max yelped as he questioned his system.

*Answer. Side effect of groin smasher is that it drives the user insane with the feeling of being powerful.*

"Holy Sh*t! What a scary skill!" Max screeched.

*Host is advised to continue running.*

"Huh...? Why...?" Max asked bewildered.

*The threat's accomplices are about to continue pursuing you.*

"OH SH*T! I FORGOT!" Max realized that his insanity surge probably made him forget the situation he was in was really bad.

Max rolled onto his legs and began running again.

The buff guys behind him looked at him in horror, and stood still before realizing that they needed to catch him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET HIM!" Juel shouted, as he began running after Max as well.

There were three buff guys including Juel running after Max now, and he wasn't even close to the backdoor yet.

Mr. Kaz had already left the gym to go to the office, so Max had no one to rely on right now.

Max looked behind himself in terror and saw a giant mountain forming on the hips of the rich kid. Drool slowly dripped down his angled jaw as he was breathing heavily and his red eyes had tears forming in them.

The pants of the rich kid were tightening, as his member would continue to grow in rapid bursts.

"AAAAAHHH!!!" Max yelled as he ran like a madman.

Max was flailing his arms around while students nearby were running away from the scene like it was a plague.

"System! Do Something!" Max shouted once more, as he realized that a buff guy was in tackle range.

*Fear not host. The accomplices of the threat are too afraid to attempt anything anytime soon.*

Max looked back and saw the buff guys all had eyes filled with dread and fright as they were cautiously jogging behind him.

"Haha! Maybe that skill was a good thing!" Max cheered as he ran full speed ahead.

*Host enjoys thrusting his banana into other men's jaws...*

"What?! No! That was the skill!" Max cursed at this twisted system.

*Host was celebrating the triumph of conquering another man.*

"What conquer?! I'm straight!" Max shouted as he began to hate this system once again.

*Threat is nearing the host.*

"What?" Max said as he looked behind him again.

"RAAAAGGHHHH!!! YOU'RE MINE!!!" Juel was roaring like a rabid lion, and running at mach speeds as wind currents formed behind him.

"Holy F*ck!" Max cursed with terror and picked up his pace.

"COME HERE!!!!" Juel screeched like an angry monkey, as his hips began thrusting back and forth energetically, causing his speed to pick up even more.

"Sh*t! It's like he's flying!" Max cursed as he saw Juel leaping several feet with each thrust.

Max's very soul was in terror at this horrifying scene behind him, as he ran with all his legs could muster. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last long however, as his worst nightmare was gaining on him faster than he could sprint, and his door to escape was too far away.

"URAAGGGHHH!!!" Juel shouted, as he leaped the distance between him and max with one mighty thrust. His member stood like a mountain at nearly a foot tall, and his pants were wet and stretched so far they could snap at any moment.


"AAAAHHH!!" Max yelled, as he tumbled over from colliding with the mad beast.

Max tried to get up to run again, but the horrifying beast in front of him whooped like a wild animal and crawled over at the speed of sound.

"GOD! JESUS! BUDDHA! ANYBODY! HELP MEEEE!!!!" Max wailed as much as his lungs could muster, but to no avail.

"YEESSSS!!! MY TOY! YOU'RE MINE NOW!" Juel shouted, as he held Max down with a strength that may have put even a certain green radioactive beast to shame.

Juel began thrusting in the air madly, as his head whipped back and forth, spitting drool all over Max.

"OH GOD! HELP ME!!!" Max screeched, as he tried to shove the beast off of him but his shoulders were held down with its inhumane strength.

*Host is advised to use a purchase.*

"JUST DO IT!" Max yelled as he was squirming back and forth to try and escape the grasp of the beast.

"YES TOY! BEG ME FOR YOUR USE!" Juel screamed, as he smiled with a face full of ecstasy and began rubbing his cheek against Max's nipple.

"NOT YOU! AAAHHH!!" Max yelled in terror as he was kneeing Juel in the groin with every last bit of strength he could muster. Juel's member was like a raging mountain, causing Max's knee to feel sore after a few bits of kicking.

*Trap Mode purchased.*

*Host is advised to consider the use of this.*

"I DON'T CARE! JUST USE IT!" Max shouted.

*Sigh... Host is j-*

"USE IT!" Max screeched in terror as he was busy trying to get a rabid rich kid to stop biting his nipple.


Max felt his hair growing, and his chest enlarging as his hips grew wider, and his stomach tightened. Max's little brother slowly shrunk until it was all gone, and his face reshaped into a gorgeous look which put even the school's number one girl to shame.

"AAAAGGGHH!!!" Max screamed in pain as his entire body felt like it was being ripped to bits and sewn back together repeatedly.

*Skill Finished. Host will return to original state within 10 seconds.*

"What the hell?!" Max shouted but only a girly voice came out.

"WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY TOY?!" Juel screeched, as he leapt off this random woman, and spat in disgust.

"I HATE WOMEN! BEGONE!" Juel shouted, as he kicked Max towards the door.

"Agh!" Max bellowed in a girly voice, as his side that was kicked felt like it was bruised.


"Huh...?" Max said bewildered as he looked at Juel with a stupefied face.


"OH SH*T!" Max yelped as he got up to his feet and ran to the door, realizing what was going on.


Max ran faster than he ever thought he could. As his muscles felt extremely light for some reason.

He felt weaker in strength but faster and more agile in this new body, as he ran towards the door while Juel was busy prowling around in the background trying to find his lost prey.


Max dashed towards the door as there were only a few meters left, and he didn't want to know what would happen if he didn't make it in time.




"OPEN SESAME B*TCH!!!" Max roared in a girly voice at the top of what he could manage, as he body slammed the door, and flew outside.



Max realized his foot was still in the gym, as he quickly yanked it outside and rolled behind the door so no one could see him anymore.


*Ending transformation.*

"F*ck! AAAGGGGHHH!!!" Max screeched as he felt like his body was being ripped apart and sewn back together repeatedly like before.

His hips went back to normal, and his chest shrunk. His little brother sprouted and grew tall and mighty as it was before. His muscles grew in size and he returned to his old appearance.

"Hagh... Hagh... Hagh..." Max breathed heavily on the floor as he cradled his painful body in his arms, and rolled around slowly.

"That... Was scary..." Max began to feel emotional and his eyes started shining with water in them.

*Host has become a crybaby. It is recommended to stop being depressed quickly*

"F*ck you and your sh*tty missions! That was horrible!" Max shouted in anger, as he closed his eyes to stop any tears from escaping, and stood back up.

*Host should thank me for giving you missions.*

Max only cursed when he heard this and ignored his system.

*Mission complete.*


*100 Virgin points*

*1 mission dice*

*2 health potions*

*1 chi potion*

*1 mana potion*