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 I have been walking for hours, but I've finally arrived at the foot of the starship. My only illumination is a torch that I made with a piece of my shirt, stick, and a black sticky substance dripping from a thruster. It probably wasn't oil, but it sure was flammable, The sun had long since set, and I was starting to get colder. Those dark clouds on the horizon are looking menacing, threatening a storm was coming.

When looking at the ship from my vantage point earlier today, it seemed like a flat triangular cone, kind of like a flat ice cream cone. It also was at least the size of a modern airplane or possibly even more significant. But yet it was my duty to get it facing upright again. Currently, it was leaning with the top facing the wreak while being supported by the port side of the ship. The reason why I think my plan will work is that of how precariously balanced it is.

Glancing to the right of me, I noticed the remains of a wing just close enough to the ship that I might be able to get up there. Walking up to it, I carefully started climbing the side. While trying not to cut myself on the jagged metal sticking out from the surface, reaching the top, I precariously reached out with my hand and grabbed onto the skirt of metal on the back part of the ship. Standing on top of the vessel I inched my way when to the middle of the craft I placed my torch a few feet to my right. I put my feet on the base of a radar dish and shifted my back onto the massive starship and pushed for all I was worth...

The ship beneath me groaned in protest in a foot from the wall, but it wouldn't budge any further. I stopped pushing against the giant mass, and it slammed against the wall. 'Well, it was worth a shot.' 'Maybe I can get a rope and pull it down that way... Looking to grab my torch, I move my eyes to where I placed my light, but it was gone, glancing to the crack between the ships I saw the last sight of my torch fall over the edge into darkness. 'Crap.'

The ship started shaking underneath my feet, getting the clue to run I jumped to the wing the helped me get on turned back to see what was happening. I heard it be before I saw it, the entire vessel started tilting to the left. My mouth gaped open in shock, 'Just how in the world is it down that?' The next thing I heard was a loud whining sound like a jet engine was spinning up right next to me.

Moving my eyes to the source of the noise, I saw a giant stream of fire shooting off the port bow of the ship, I smacked my hand to my forehead 'my torch must have ignited one of the thrusters, that's how I swear I'm so dumb sometimes. The dense mass finally slammed into the ground, throwing some of the looser parts of the ship a couple of feet away, the thruster continued to burn for a couple of seconds more and then burned out.

My only illumination was the two moons of this planet, a bigger blue moon, which I've proudly named Bob, and a smaller yellow moon which I've named George. I chuckled to myself, laughing at my names for them. I walked over to my soon to be, new home, hoping for shelter, food, and water, ok maybe not food, any food I'd find would probably not be good anyways.

I ran my eyes along the side of the ship, looking for some sign of an entrance. There were lots of windows along the port side, and some broken windows, but no sign of entry. Going over to one of the broken windows, I swiped the glass off the lip of the window with a piece of scrap, then lifted myself over the side. 'Not exactly the front door, but its close enough.' Although after getting onto the window and peeking into the space, I only saw a deep void of darkness. 'Guess I'm going to need my torch, at least, if it hasn't already vaporized.

I quickly found my torch and lumbered over to the window, I climbed back onto the window, and walked forward into the darkness. Swinging the light along the walls of the hall, I saw wires strew about, metal fragments, and surprisingly a chair. 'Now if this is a real-life spaceship, which is already cool enough, it should have a bridge, from where I should be able to find out what's wrong with the ship and how all of this came destruction came to be conceived. At least, if there's any power, just before I could continue any further into the ship the blue glow of my new accessory flashed in my peripheral vision, curious, I lifted my arm to open up the system.




"Congratulations on getting your first Starship.

+2,000 experience

+gained skill Mechanic

+gained skill Pilot

+gained skill Programming

"Congratulations on leveling up to level seven, you currently have 28 unassigned characteristic points to distribute, please do so within the next three days or they will be randomly assigned for you. Error, your current Intelligence stat points are not enough to unlock level one of programming, please raise Intelligence to 18 to unlock. Error your current Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence are not enough to unlock level one of Pilot, or Mechanic, please raise the list stats to 15, 13, and 17 respectively before continuing."


'Wow, I swear this day just keeps getting better and better.' I see how Mechanic and Pilot can help me, but why programming? Shrugging my shoulders, I opened up my status page and assigned the points. After the screen closed an immense pain overtook my whole body, grabbing the sides of my head I screamed in pain. Blackness overtook my vision, and I collapsed to the floor.