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 Kaylee sat on the chair as she waits for her grandmother. The graduation ceremony is about to start, but there's no word from his grandmother yet. "Kaylee, let's go inside." Kaylee looks at her and smiles. "Go ahead, I'm waiting for my grandmother." The girl smiles back and heads inside the hall.

Kaylee was about to call her grandmother when she receives a message.

1 New Message Received from Aria:

"Go home, grandmother died!" The moment she read the content of the message, her whole system has dropped. She knew someone went to her and saying something, but she didn't understand. Her surroundings went dark as if she was about to collapse.

'Grandmother died? How come?' When she comes back to her senses, Kaylee stood up and left the graduation hall. It's her graduation day yet her grandmother died! This is so unfair! She wanted to show her diploma to her grandmother once she graduated, but now, there is no way she would see it.

When Kaylee returned home, there's no one in the house. "Grandma..." Her tears are falling down from her face as she calls her grandmother, her aunt, and Aria. There's no one in the house. She took her phone in her pocket and try contacting Aria and her aunt, but they didn't answer her call. "G-grandma, I'm sorry."

Kaylee slowly opens her eyes as her tears falling down her face. Until now, she didn't know where her grandmother is. Her aunt didn't even let her see her grandmother one last time. After her grandmother died all she does is to do the household chores, and she was not allowed to leave the house. On the day her grandmother died, her life completely changed!

Since her aunt and Aria was on a vacation, Kaylee goes down to the living room and open Aria's personal computer. She knew Aria didn't set the password on her computer because she always forgot her password. It's her only opportunity to find a job. She really wanted to leave the house, but she doesn't have a place to go. She holds her breath as she browses to a job-hunting site.

She sighs as she read the qualifications for the jobs. None of them fits her. She was about to close the tab when a new job was posted. She looks at the clock and was shocked, at this hour? It's 11:30 pm.

She happily read the content and her reaction slowly change as she read one after another. SERIOUSLY?

URGENT HIRING: Personal Assistant


Well Educated

Well Organized

Willing to move in.

Work hours schedule: 24/7

No health problem!

Can do household chores!

Prepare meals from breakfast up to dinner!

Are they really looking for an Assistant, not a wife?

Even though she's not sure, Kaylee sends her resume. The work schedule is a bit too much and the requirements are sort of weird, but at least she didn't have to stay in this house. She can also have her monthly salary and start her new life, far away from this house.

Kaylee goes back to her bedroom and lay down on the bed as she closes her eyes when her phone suddenly rang.

"Unknown Number's Calling"

Huh? Kaylee didn't think much and answer the phone. "Hello?" There was silence in the other line. Kaylee frown. "Hello?" A man's light cough was heard from the other line.

"This is Miss Kaylee McCain, right?" The man on the other line said. Kaylee subconsciously looks at her phone and put it back to her ear. "Yes, and you are?" The man didn't respond for a couple of seconds. "This is Liam, I believe you pass your resume to apply for a personal assistant." When Kaylee heard that, she was stunned. 'That fast?'


"This is to inform you that you have an interview, tomorrow at JCrystal Hotel. Just look for Liam Griffin, and they will lead you the way." There was a moment of silence before the man on the other line then said. "Miss McCain?" Kaylee comes back to her senses and calmly said. "Yes, thank you."


"Yes, thank you." Liam looks at Christopher stunned. Someone actually applies for a job, with those kinds of requirements? Christopher opens his eyes and raises his head. "Let's go." Liam tosses Christopher's phone back to him. "You have-"

"Clear my schedule for tomorrow." Liam didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Inside his unit at JCrystal hotel, Christopher enters his room and lay down on his bed and close his eyes. He was about to sleep when his phone rang. "Hello?" His eyes widened when he hears the sweet voice on the other line. "Hello!" There was a long silence on the other line. Christopher didn't speak again as he waits for the girl to speak. "This is Mr. Liam right?" Christopher frown "No, not at all." After she hears that, Kaylee didn't speak again.

She doesn't know what to say, her hopes are gone. Christopher sighed and he said. "What is it? You can tell me, I'm his boss." The moment Christopher said that Kaylee's mouth dropped wide open. She took a deep breath and said. "He said I have an interview tomorrow, but he didn't say what time." Christopher bites his lower lip as his breath deepen. He gulps as his grip into his phone tighten. "You can come anytime." He said and ended the call. Kaylee blinks twice. What just happen?