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 It took quite a lot of effort but Xavier managed to escape the 3 of them. It was crazy to think that he spent over 5 hours playing around with them.

Rather than calling it playing around, it was more like being forced into the activity. He just wanted to leave and find something to do.

"Why are these girls so crazy? I mean, I'm not even that-good looking. Just a little above average," Xavier said as he entered a small restaurant.

He looked around and saw that only a few people was in eating which was perfect for him as he didn't like to be crowded.

Ordering a meal with the remainder of his money, he sat down and observed the people walking to and fro through the restaurant's window.

There was teenagers on their phones not paying attention to their surrounding and others that was walking together talking and laughing.

Some people were going to work while others while others had already started. Some people were just hanging out, probably going to the cinema, a restaurant, or to karaoke.

Xavier laid his head down while continuing to observe as his stomach grumbled. He couldn't help but compare the slums with this place.

Normally there would be tons of beggar trying to leech off of others who stood in the heat or cold all day for food and money. Mothers were barely able to feed their self let alone their whole family.

Fights wasn't rare either. Beggars fighting other beggars for their food or money. Not a single car drove down their roads. There wasn't a single police officer to control them.

But here, everything was peaceful. It was routine to have fun and go to work or to school.

He fell into deep thoughts when his thighs was squished by another. Someone had sat down with him. That broke his thoughts.

Turning his head but not bothering to lift it up, he saw a girl in a suit. She had medium length black hair, sharp black eyes, long natural eyelashes, a pretty face and a slim body.

Xavier didn't know what she wanted but she was here for a reason as she laid her briefcase onto the table. Taking out a key, she unlocked it and started looking for something.

Confused, Xavier lifted his head up and turned his body to face her without having to hurt his neck. He was going to wait for her to introduce herself and then he was going to ask his questions.

Searching the briefcase, she took out a black card with golden words and a logo on it. It wasn't flimsy despite it's slim size.

She closed the briefcase and put it down to the floor.

Handing it over to Xavier she introduced herself, "I'm Yakima Shoko but you can just call me Shoko."

Xavier grabbed the card from her and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you-Shoko, I'm Xavier Reho but my first name Xavier is fine." He read the card and it had a phone number, an address, and Shoko's name on it.

There was a golden dragon taking up the edges of the card. Xavier asked, "What's this?"

Shoko explained, a little surprised, "This card is a business card for Double Dragon Modeling Agency." She puffed her chest like she was proud of the card that she had given to him.

Xavier flipped the card around and looked at the back. It was another phone number but this one wasn't professionally printed onto the card, it was written with a white marker.

Flipping the card back he asked, "What does this company have to do with me?" Xavier could guess her intentions but it wouldn't hurt to confirm them.

Getting back into a professional position, she said, "I'm here to recruit you for our company. I noticed you from my seat and thought to myself that you look like the perfect person to join us."

Xavier had his guess confirmed. "Are you sure you would want to recruit me? I mean-there's a thousand really good lookin guys in this sixty alone," he tried to inform her.

Shoko shook her head before she responded, "Our company has very high standards. We only accept certain people and you're the perfect person that we want. I mean, you're probably the best looking dude in this world."

Xavier thought she was trying to flatter him but she had a serious look on her face. Clearing his throat he asked, "Can I get some time to think about this?"

Shoko picked up her briefcase, stood up and bowed. "I have to go back to work so I have to end out conversation early. If you come to a conclusion call that number above the address. And if you haven't come to a conclusion but feel bored, call the one on the back."

Xavier greeted her out as he sat back down. His pho was brung over to his table. He was more than ready to bite in.

Filling up his stomach, he was thinking of what Shoko had offered him. They wanted to get him to model for their clothing brand Double Dragons.

He was thinking about it and realized that if he accepted, he would have his first job with stable income. But thinking about it harder, he felt in his guts that if he accepted, he would regret it.

Xavier finished his pho and paid for the meal as he walked out. As he didn't have a home, a job, nor friends, he didn't know what to do.

Xavier felt like just exploring the city that he always had avoided. An hour later and his pockets was full of phone numbers.

While he was walking down the streets, pretty ladies, young adults, high school girls, workers, and even mothers had gave him their phone number one way or another.

Xavier didn't know what to do with them as he didn't even have a phone to call them. The change he had left was barely enough to call Shoko once, let alone every phone number in his pocket.

Sitting down on a bench, he felt like enjoying the city and what they had to offer him. The air was clean and clear. The only sounds that could be heard was small conversations and the sound of vehicles passing him.

He shifted his body and laid down staring into the blue sky. The clouds was moving at a slow pace. The sun was up high shining on the buildings.

The tree by the bench gave him shade and the sound of grass waving made him feel sleepy. He thought to himself, 'A shower would be fine but it's not like I took daily showers back in the slum.'

He fell asleep thinking about food.

It was close to sunset when he woke back up. He sat up and saw that there was girls with their phone out taking pictures and laughing.

He thought that they were making fun of him but they were waving at him with a smile. That wasn't signs of someone making fun of another person.

He wanted to keep sleeping but he was afraid that he had spend too much time at the park and if he was caught by a police, he would be removed.

It wasn't legal to sleep in government owned places.

He got up and noticed that the girls was walking closer to him. They had their phones out and had excited looks on their face.

Xavier greeted them with a wave and they chuckled. He was really confused as they just stood a few meters away while looking at him.

Out of the 5 girls, one of them mustered up the strength and asked him, "Can we take a picture with you?"

Xavier, confused but nevertheless, he replied, "Umm-sure. Why not?"

The other girls came over and took out their phones and had it in selfie mode.

"Which phone do I look at?" Xavier asked as he was overwhelmed by the amount of cameras facing at him.

They all replied telling him to look at which ever one he wanted to. Xavier looked at the one in the middle.

After they got their pictures, they thanked him and started to walk away. Xavier had a sudden realization and called out to the group of girls.

They stopped and turned around. Xavie walked over to them and asked, "Do you guys know where the train station is?" There was a little silence for a moment. "I'm new to the city as I'm only here for my job. Traveling by taxi was how I got here but I here that it's hard to find them at this time of the day."

The girl who was the one to ask him for the pictures was the one to help him. She said, "I can show you the way to the train station. It's not far. Girls go on without me, I'll catch up later."

Xavier tried to tell her, "There's no need to come with me. I just need directions."

The girl stayed persistent as she said, "Don't worry about it. Can't have you getting lost."

Xavier unable to refuse sighed and said, "Thank you. Show the way." The girl smiled as she walked over to him, turned around and waved her friends goodbye. For some reason, the others had a salty look on their face.

She grabbed Xavier by the arm as she started showing the way. They turned the corner and walked a little further when Xavier was pushed by the girl into the forest part of the park.

She pushed him against a tree that wasn't visible to the city and started making out with Xavier.

Xavier who was being led by her could feel her tongue in his mouth. Confused but in the mood, he started kissing back.

This went on for a few minutes before Xavier grabbed her and swapped their positions. He had her pin against the tree as he started fiercely kissing her.

He grabbed her ass while in the midst of making out. Xavier scooted his body so that his bulge was rubbing against her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Xavier pulled up one of her legs by the knee. After another minute, another leg came up.

The girl was now being being carried by Xavier. She unwrapped her arms not afraid to fall as she had her back against the tree still.

With her hands now free, she unzipped Xavier's pants and pulled down his boxers through the hole.

With quite a bit of effort, she fit his penis through the hole. Her next move was to give him a handjob.

Her hand was skilled as it went back and forth, rotated, and had the correct amount of pressure on it.

It was a little difficult to get the whole thing in her position but she tried her hardest.

Xavier stopped kissing her and put her back down to the ground. He pulled off her pants and panties but stopped at the knee. With his newly acquired experiences, finding the correct hole was easy.

He teased the hole for a little bit before slowly shoving it in, inch by inch. This girl want loose to the point that it took forever to fit her insides to fit his cock but it did take a while.

When she was ready, he started moving his hips.

"Wow! It's so big!" The girl screamed as she felt the huge cock enter her body. There was places inside of her that she didn't even know existed until this day when he reached all the way to the womb.

Her back was scratching on the tree but the pleasure she was being given outweighed the pain.

"We need to stay in contact after this. I don't think my boyfriend's small cock can satisfy my need anymore after this," she said as she moaned. Her eyes was closed and she was breathing hard.

Xavier a little guilty, moved at a quicker pace trying to finish as fast as possible. He could've put a time limit but he felt that finishing with an ejaculation was the most healthy.

The reason for trying to rush it was being it was being done in the public. Taking too long would risk getting caught so not taking the time to enjoy new positions or different speeds was the correct decision to make.

After 5 minutes of raw and fast sex, he was at his limit. It was quick but it wasn't as quick as the girl, who had already orgasmed. "I'm pulling out now."

However he was stopped by Risa, the name of the girl he was having sex with at the moment. She asked him to finish inside her.

It was hard enough to have a boyfriend with a small penis but to have a boyfriend who didn't want children was worse.

Risa has wanted to be a mother for over 2 years and she felt that Xavier would be able to do it either today or the next times they met.

Xavier couldn't decline a request so he cam inside. They stayed still for 10 seconds staring at each other.

Risa thought that they were done and was ready to show him the rest of the way but Xavier asked her to get on her knees which she listened to and started cleaning up after herself.

When they were done, their clothes returned back to the way they were before. The only difference was that Risa's pant was damp.

They leaved the forest and Risa was going to show him the rest of the way when he said, "Just give me directions to it. Don't want to get suspected by your friends right?"

Risa felt a little disappointed but she told him the rest of the way. Before they separated, she had a passionate kiss with him.

Xavier started making his way to the train station.

Risa turned the corner and saw that her friends was at the bench waiting for her. She smiled and waved as she called to them.

They turned over to her and sighed. She didn't even have sex with Xavier. They didn't feel like waiting and started walking away from her.

Risa could infer why they were mad but she didn't feel like correcting them. She stopped where she was and looked over at Xavier's direction.

When she returned to her apartment that day, she sat down with her boyfriend and broke up with him.

He tried to convince her but she was determined to leave. Realizing that she had fell out of love and that she had another interest, he sighed and left the apartment.

Risa laid down on the couch and felt her shoulders get lighter.

Her ex was sitting down at the stairs of the apartment crying his tears out but she couldn't hear a single thing.

He took out his phone and called for his friend to pick him up.

The night for him was going to be long and gloomy.

On the other hand, Risa's night was full of orgasms as she played with her vagina in bed imagining Xavier's massive cock in her again.