After registering as adventurer the trio decided to take quest,

After few times debating what quest should they take ,they decided to take D rank quest

[Exterminate Giant Toad]

kill 5 Giant Toad

Reward:15.000 eris per toad

Any extra kill rewarded 20.000 eris

Duration: 2 Day

- - -

Outside Axel

'jeez im starting to regret taking this explosion girl as party member, i mean what the hell she's thinking ??!! why she always tried to take dangerous quest like

[Exterminate Chimera]


Reccomend party: 8 people

Reward: 800.000 eris

or something like

[Kill Rookie Killer]


Reccomend party: 4 people

Reward:400.000 eris

'and when im asking her why she take that kind of quest , she just answer 'This kind quest is made for explosion master like me Ren kukuku you just have to carry me after i explode them' , What kind suicidal answer like that ?!?!?!?! i mean i dont want to die on my first day as adventurer its not even a few hour i registered on top of that i dont think i pick Re:Zero world i think i pick konosuba world though this is suppose to be slice of life calming isekai life for me'

' when i lost in my thought thank god the system warn me before that crazy girl running into the counter to take the quest'

Anyway arrived at the spot we plan our roles


2.yunyun:Damage dealer

3.megumin: uhmm AOE damager maybe??

so the plan is first i take aggro then yunyun gonna deal some damage while i keep the monster aggro and megumin gonna wait till i mob all monster in 1 place then she can cast 'explosion', goddamn im genius *cough

"okay thats the plan guys , yunyun pls considerate your damage so the aggro dont go to you and megumin pls dont cast you spell before i told you kay?"

"okay Ren"

"sure Ren but please hurry up and mob the Toad i cant hold my explosion any longer"

'my spider sense is tingling, pls dont raise troublesome flag like that'

'Anyway lets see the monster info'

[Giant Toad]



Note:High resistance agaisnt water element

Description:a giant toad usually eats farmer Goat.

'what do you mean usually eat goat ?!?!?! what kind scary creature is that'

anyway lets try to use my skill for the first time

" okay guys lets start i will use my cloaked skill so i can backstab the toad so i can calculate the damage output"

as i activate my cloaked skill i sneaked behind a idling giant toad, then as i stab him with my dagger a number suddenly pop up in the air

'CRIT -120' and after than my invisibility worn off i quickly slash him then a certain number pop up -40 -41 -43 -45 after a few times slashing and stabbing the giant toad drop dead after me and i got system notice

[Achievement Unlock 'First Blood']

Reward:dagger mastery skill book

' not bad just what i needed,i will look into that later tho'

Just when i was about to look at my stats the 2 girls running to me

And Yunyun suddenly talk to me

" hey Ren what kind skill is that? is that some kind invisible skill ?"

"uhmm yeah its quite common assasin skill tho why do u ask?"

before yunyun can answer my question megumin rebute in our conversation

"ughh please dont use it for peeking into woman bathroom okay i know i am a delicate beautiful young girl"

i keep my poker face while talking in my mind

'little girl you are so naive theres nothing to see in your chest area so why i would peeping you even if i want to peep someone its going to be your friend right there i mean how old is she ? 15 ? how can there so much different between you two , one girl is ermmm A cup maybe? or smaller ? and the other one is i can measure it with my eyes its kinda D cup or E cup maybe ? btw why would she wear so revealing outfit is it to lure horny dogs like m- i mean people?'

"oyy are thinking something rude ? dont you think i would not hit you pretty face of you!!!" "noope, im just thinking why both of you got similar face? are you sibling or something?"

"dont try to change the topic Ren!!!!, but yeah im also wondering why our clan got similar face"

'hmpf kids so easy to fools hahahahha,yeah you got similar face but your boobs difference is literally as different as sky and earth'

"anyway lets keep grinding till Noon"

- - -

Inside Axel

while piggybacking megumin who covered in slime mucus

"I already told you to not cast before i tell you!!!, you explosion maniaaac!!!"

While hugging my back she make thumbs up posture and said

"I regret nothing hmpf, i cant help it though when i see you mobbing 10 giant toad my explosion sense is tingling"

'should i dispose this girl into child care ?'

"say yunyun why you so quiet?"

Yunyun who walking while daydreaming suddenly answering my question

"nothing Ren hehehe im just feeling so happy , its my first time doing quest with a party back then in our village i always doing anything alone if megumin not around"

'errr im wondering why people avoid this girl ,hmmm she cute enough though i can rate her bod- i mean face 8/10 i would date her though she good girl, cute enough to pat her head, well minus Loner trait it can be covered by her big boobs though *cough'

"errr glad you happy then i wish we can keep our party for long time, anyway lets take a bath after that we go deliver our quest"

'oh yeah maybe i will check my stats later because i feel i leveled up'

After take a bath in public bath house

"Aaaah its really feels good to have milk after taking hot bath, hmm isnt that the useless goddess? wheres is her owner? well its not gonna be hurt to talk to her right now also both of megumin and yunyun still taking bath"

While aproaching the infamous goddess i realise that ,she is kinda cute to be honest if minua her annoying personality hmm decent 'Cup' C cup maybe? wait i will not get curse for checking up a goddess right?

suddenly she looking at me while making smug face

"Hey you , yeah you why you looking me like that ? are u checking me so you can ask me out?

well you face is decent though if you give me enough offering i will consider it"

'what a narcissism girl,what do you mean offering ? isnt that for master slave type relationship?'

"ah you must be mistaken miss im just wondering why you sitting here alone near fountain while its already time to dinner"

"Reallly?? are you not gonna ask me or say 'what a beautiful girl this young master must get this girl' "

'i think i know why people hate her now, she is so delusional.... , what do you mean young master ? this isnt wuxia novel -_-'

"errr first of all i think thats wrong word in this kind type world setting , please dont read too much wuxia novel miss by the way my name is Ren Kazama what is your name?"

" oh sorry i was reading my wuxia novel when i descent into this world goddamn that scumzuma im almost finished my novel!!! , thou shall be rewarded by giving thy name is Aqua Goddess of water and axis cult"

'oy oy oy that was dangerous thing to say to stranger what you gonna do if some people know their goddess is just rotten NEET'

"errr nice to meet you aqua-san btw wha are gonna do after this? are u interested to have dinner with me and my party ?"

"Aha i know that you fall for me from the first sight ? well i cant dissapoint you then i take your offer btw do mind adding 1 more person? because i cant leave that guy alone though"

"errr whatever aqua-san well im also waiting for my party to finish their bath"

after saying that i can see both my party and scu-kazuma with slap mark on his face walking toward us together

" Hey ren can you believe that this guy trying to sexual harrass yunyun while taking bath?!??!?!?!"

"itsss misunderstandinnggg i got wrong room who knows that i cant read this world word that goddamn goddess so useless she cant even give me translation skill, Ahhhhh there you are bimbo goddess"

"what do you mean im useless hikki-neet??? its your own fault for that incompetence , well whos fault is that you pick me instead cheat like ability"

while their arguing i can hear yunyun murmuring

'mom dad im sorry i cant get married anymore im soiled'

'what do you mean soiled? its just seeing naked , i remember when i was 8 or 9 old i was taken to public bathroom by my mom and there this 1 auntie tells me 'ara what a cute boy you are, fufufu if you have time please visit auntie to play okay',wait im pretty sure that auntie is shotacon... '

"errr what kind shitty situation is this??, what ever hey you two stop fighting like a kid and you boy you better apologize to this girl just you know this girl is below 18 yes i know age just a number and jail just a room but u can get your reputation back right?"

after calming down this 4 trouble some children

we go to adventurer guild to deliver quest and have a dinner

"you total reward is 175.000 eris congratulation for completing you quest for the first time Ren-san"

'hmmm its good that i got blood storage to store giant toad corpse so i dont have to pay for transportation , i mean 20.000 for transport??? what the hell our reward already this tiny and i should split between 3 well i cant complain about low level quest tho'

After splitting the reward between 3

we decided to have a dinner

"hmmm why everything is so expensive? 15.000 eris for meal + drink its equal to 1 giant toad right?, btw you two what job are you ? do u want to join our party?"

while chewing frog leg aqua replied

"well *chew*i*chew*dont*mind*chew about it*gulp, but this guy right here is just a weak job adventurer"

"hey what do you mean weak job? just so you know im better than some retard arch priest who levelup her party skill rather than useful skill"

"i dont mind taking you two and i dont mind taking adventurer because right now we need meat ba- i mean lurker into our formation until we got proper tank"

"oy hear that you almost slipped out meat ba-"

"i add 10% reward for you until a we got proper tank"

"Are you trying to bribe me ?just so you know i a man of my-"


"Deal, Happy cooperation partner"

And just like that my first night in this another world end..