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 Leylin return to his quarters to go take a bath and eat breakfast with his family.

Leylin:"Good Morning Mom and Dad."

Jacob/Leylin`s Father and Lia/Leylin`s Mom:"Good Morning Son."

Jacob/Leylin`s Father:"Son the carriages that will take you to the testing area will arrive in less than 3 months.Since it wont be too long for you to go I`m letting you do what you want to do.Son,what are your plans?"

Leylin:"Father,I want to go out for a while to get some materials and I want to go to the forest and try hunting some animals."

Jacob/Leylin`s Father:"I don`t have a problem with you going to the merchant hall but are you sure you want to go to the forest?"

Leylin:"It`s fine father,I won`t go too far away.I just want to train my senses to prepare my self on my journey to the Magi test area.You can just send some people with me if you are worried."

Jacob/Leylin`s Father:"Okay, just don`t stay too long out there."

Leylin nodded his head to show he understood.

No one talked after their conversation and the table stayed silent for the rest of the breakfast time.

After have breakfast, Leylin went straight to the door with a group of guards following him from a far to protect him in case of danger. Leylin plans to buy a custom-made sword and crossbow for his journey and a durable crossbow for his hunting trip to the forest.

After a long walk Leylin finally reach the merchant hall where he finds a talented blacksmith to forge his custom-made orders.

In these market,Leylin keep on looking the swords and crossbows on the stalls of these merchants but the materials use to make these weapons are of low quality.

It took Leylin half an hour to finally found a smithy where his/her weapons on the stalls are up to standards.

The blacksmith is a woman and just came out of her smithy shirt full of sweat and greet Leylin with a smile.

Blacksmith Woman:"Greetings esteemed guest!I am the owner of this smithy, please call me Becka the Valkyrie.We specialize in selling weapons and armors for knights or knights to be.The blacksmith woman smiled."

Leylin:"I want to order a custom-sword more like a katana i guess and a custom-made crossbow that can shot more crossbow bolts before I reload and a regular crossbow for hunting purposes."

Becka/Blacksmith Woman:"A custom-made huh, follow me.The blacksmith called Leylin in while wiping the sweat of her muscles."

Leylin:"I want you to make me a katana with extreme sharpness,great durability,extremely light and extremely slim.The slimmer the katana you make the better.For the crossbow like I said before I want a crossbow that can fire a lot of bolts before you reload.I would be glad if you can make it fire 5-7 bolts before you reload."

Becka/Blacksmith Woman:"Hmm,I could do it but it will cost you a lot. The blacksmith woman look at Leylin if he still wants to order it."

Leylin:"Price doesn't matter just tell me how much it cost,when can you finish the order because I need it within three months.

Becka/Blacksmith Woman:"The katana will cost 5,000 gold coins then the crossbows will cost 3,800 gold coins.The totals is 8,800 gold coins. I`m gonna ask for 50% down payment and I will finish it 2 months."

Leylin closes his eyes and ordered Ava.

"Ava,how much gold coins does 1 system points worth?"

[1 system points is equal to 300 gold coins]

"Ava,exchange 30 system points to gold please."

[Exchanging 30 System Points to 9,000 gold coins]

[System Points remaining:100,979,885]

[9,000 gold coins inside the inventory]

After exchanging. Leylin open his eyes and took the bag of 4,400 gold coins from his pants and handed it to the blacksmith.

Leylin:"Here is the down payment,you can check it.Ill be back in 2 months then.I want to buy a regular crossbow too,how much does it cost?"

The blacksmith look around the stalls of crossbows then pick one up and pass it to Leylin with 100 crossbow bolts.

Becka/Blacksmith Woman:"That`s 450 gold coins and dont worry with the money you pay I`m gonna finish it within schedule."

Leylin pass another bag of 450 gold coins to the blacksmith.

After the deal was done Leylin finally went to the forest.When Leylin saw that he was quite far inside the forest already, he starts to load a bolt to the crossbow while adjusting himself with the crossbow and finally starts the hunting.